Dorm Dick Discipline

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Dorm Dick DisciplineI had always been a respectable girl, fairly modest and not at all forward. Not that I was a virgin or anything, but hardly what anybody would call promiscuous. So how was it that I was now being taken by three boys at once, while a fourth was standing over them and whipping my naked back with his belt? It had started out as a typical fraternity bull session in the dormitory. It was Mike, Tom, Bill, Holace and me, sitting around doing nothing. Holace was a perv, usually looking at porn on his laptop, or trying to pick up chicksoff craigslist. He was no more than a bit annoying most timesunless the guys were really bored, then he would come up withsome hairbrained idea about finding a freshman slut to be their sex slave. He would read us erotic stories about making chicks submit. After the first story I would say he was hopeless andgo to my room to either lay in bed and listen to my roomate fuckher boyfriend yet again, or they’d be at his place and I would go online and read more erotic stories and masturbate while thinkingabout my ex-boyfriend or whatever guy i was crushing on.Today the guy’s were really bored. “This is boring,” Holace said. “Let’s do something.” “No,” Mike said. “Let’s not.” “Holace’s right,” Tom said. “What we want is a good oldfashioned orgy or something. Isn’t that what college is for anyway?” “Right, an orgy,” Mike said. “How about it, Laurel? Want to orgy with us?” He said mockingly.”No thanks,” I said. “Party pooper,” Mike said. “Sorry, guys,” I said. “I’m not the orgy type. I’m sure there is some Freshman slut Holace can convince to do it. He’s at least has to have his batchelors in Dominance, with the encyclopedic amount of literature he’s read on the subject” She said with a laugh.”How about playing truth or dare then?” Tom said. “Or strip poker? That sounds like fun.” “No, thanks, anyway,” I said.”Damn,” Tom said. “I haven’t had sex in months and I’m horny too. Right nowyour even looking pretty good to me, Laurel.” “Gosh, thanks,Tom. You are so suave with your words, i’m shocked that womenaren’t beating down your door.” I quiped. “I’m not k**ding,” Tom said. “I’d love to mess around with you. I haven’t seenyou with any guy since you and your ex broke up. Your pussy’s got to be getting the twitch. How about it?” “Come on, guys, enough.” I said. “You do have a nice bod, Laur. I gotta admit, i’ve wacked a few loads imagining you sucking my cock” Holace said. “Can’t blame a guy for thinking about it.” “What is this all of a sudden?” I said, uncomfortably smiling. “You guys always tell everyone i’m just one of the guys. I’ve never received one complement or advance from any one of you guys, since i’ve known you, besides saying good game b*o, when I beat you playing play station. Did i suddenly grow a J-Lo ass or something?” I wanted to switch topics.”Look, why don’t we go to a movie or go to the beach or something?” “You do have a little booty actually, and a sexy mouth, too, now that I look” Tom said. “A Terrific mouth,” Mike said. “How did I miss your dsl’s all this time? Gives a guy lots of ideas.” “Mike!” “What? Don’t you like sucking cock, Laurel? You ever do it?” “That’s enough!” I said. “Just cut it now, okay? Did you guys do some d**gs or something?” “I just want to say it,” Mike said, “that I’d love to have you get down on your knees in front of me. With that mouth-yumm!!!-” “Damn it!” I yelled. “Stop it right the fuck now! Okay?” “But it’s so erotic,” Holace said. “I want to see it. I’d love to see you sucking Mike’s cock. Wouldn’t you, Bill?” “I’m hard now from just thinking about it,” Bill said. “Look,” I pleaded. “If you guys don’t shut up I’m going to leave, and not come back okay?” “You don’t want to do that, Laurel,” Mike said. “I think you want to suck Bill’s cock. While all of us watch you.” “I think you want a punch in the face,” I retorted angrly. Not moving. And then Mike said, “We could make you do it.” There was absolute silence in the room. “What did you say?” I asked. “I said we could make you do it,” Mike said. “There’s four of us and only one of you. Four guys and one girl. We could make you suck Bill’s cock. We could make you suck all our cocks. Couldn’t we?” “Sure,” I said nervously. “And I could have you all put in jail, too.” “You wouldn’t do that,” Mike said. “Why wouldn’t I do that, Mike?” “Because you want it,” Mike said. “Don’t you, Laurel?” “Mike, I think you better leave, you must not be feeling well or something.” I said. “Okay.” Mike got up, but instead of moving to the door he stopped in back of my chair and swiftly and suddenly caught hold of my pony tail with his right hand, pulling it backwards and downwards so that my head was twisted back, my neck straining, and my mouth opening and emitting a startled cry of pain at the cruel pull of my hair. Mike twisted the hair in his hand, increasing that pain. “Aahh!” I cried. “Stop! What are you– Don’t! Aahh!” Mike didn’t let go, but twisted some more. My face was a mask of fear. I felt tears rise up into hiltonbet giriş my eyes.”Stop! Please!” I was twisting in the chair, and trying ineffectually to hit back at Mike, but my position in the chair did not allow my hands to reach him. Bill, Tom and Holace watched with various degrees of surprise and wonder, but they watched. “Laurel,” Mike said, still twisting my hair. “Please don’t,” I said. “Stop. Please. don’t do this, please–” “Laurel,” Mike said. “Get down on your knees.” “Why are you doing this to me?” I painfully asked. “Jesus, is this really going to happen” Holace said. “Shut up, Holace,” Tom said. Bill said nothing. “Go on, Laurel,” Mike said, his hand in my hair. “Go down onto your knees. On the floor. Like the good little slut you truly are. Go on.” “No, Fuck you. Mike twisted harder. “Aaahh! Don’t!” You dick!!!. “We want you to go down to your knees, bitch,” Mike said. “And you know you want to do this fo us also. Don’t you?” “No!” “Yes, you do, you have wanted any of us to ask you to since we first met.” Mike said. “Just make things easier and do it, Laurel. Do it for us. Your best friends. Stop resisting. Kneel down on the floor. You know once we just get this over with, we will never be bored, lonely or feel left out of the college sex life again. Go on. Be our slut tonight and you know we will always take care of you. Hell we already do.” For a long moment there was silence except for my loud rapid gasps. Nobody said anything. Mike still held my hair. And then, without looking at anybody, slowly, gradually, I began to slide forward in the chair. Mike still held on, but his hand moved with me. I slid to the edge of the chair and hesitated. Mike waited. As did they all. And with a sound like a gasping sigh, i figured to just get it over with, so it doesn’t get violent. Try my best to make them cum quick and then leave and never talk with them again. So I slid off the chair and sank down to my knees on the floor. I was pissed, sad, confused, hurt, angry, curious and kind of getting slightly turned on for some reason that confused me more.”That a girl, Laurel,” Mike said, his hand in my hair holding my head up. “I knew you secretly wanted to do this. And now you finally get to suck Bill’s cock, isn’t that right?” Holace gasped. “I–No,” my voice confused and quivering. “Not like this.” “Bill,” Mike said. “Get over here. Sit in this chair, right in front of Laurel. She wants to suck your cock while we all watch her.” “Not really,” I said softly. “I can’t do this guys. Please.” Bill was now sitting in front of me. Mike began to twist my hair. I cried out in pain. Mike said, “You want to do it, Laurel. You know it. I know it. We all know it. We’re all watching, Laurel. Do it. Say it, Laurel. Unzip Bill’s pants and bring out his cock and put those pretty lips on it and suck him off. Show us how much you love sucking it.” I was breathing heavy and my body was shaking. Mike’s hand was still in my hair, but not as tightly; it held on but allowed room for me to move. They all watched, rigid with anticipation and suspense. And slowly, i saw my hands start to move. Looking at nobody, I slowly unzipped Bill’s pants. And tremblingly brought out his cock. And then I was lost to the urges i hid inside, I drew a long, deep, shuddering breath. “Oh my, now looking at what i was holding, my lust took over. “God.” Bowing my head and opening my mouth I hungrily put it around Bill’s penis. Bill gasped. I drifted into my fantasy world, No one existed, just me and a cock, my mouth was bobbing up and down, slowly, deliberately, moving up and down with Mike’s hand still in my hair, guiding me, I really was sucking Bill’s cock, like a true slut would kneeling on the floor and sucking his cock as four boys avidly and astonishingly looked on. “That’s it,” Mike was saying. “That’s it, Laurel. Look at that, guys. Watch how Laurel likes sucking cock. We’re all watching you, slut. All waiting for our turn.” I began moaning around Bill’s cock now, moaning and kind of sobbing, being degraded like this was sort of turning me on.I was overwhelmed with emotion as well as the lust, I was just starting to enjoygivng oral to my boyfriend when we broke up. I had fantasized doing it for over 6 months now. I didn’t have only one cock to practice on but 4. “How is she, Bill?” Mike said. “Is she a good cock sucker? Is she using her tongue on you?” “She’s great,” Bill said. “She’s so fucking good. You’re damn amazing, Laurel.” “I thought she would be,” Mike said. “I always thought you’d be a good cocksucker, Laurel. I can’t wait for my turn.” I moaned again, but didn’t stop. Up and down my head moved, sucking and slurrping as my mouth slid on Bill’s cock. Slowly and now faster. Until Bill said, “I’m going to cum,” and Mike said, “Do it right in her mouth and let her swallow it. Swallow it all, Laurel, we’ll all watch you, show us how you like it.” By now Tom and Holace had moved to sit closer so they could have a good view of hiltonbet yeni giriş what my mouth was doing. I began whimpering now as Bill’s cock was spasming and jerking, and then Bill shouted out with pleasure as his jism spurted out and into my sucking mouth. I began gasping, as I swallowed. Tom and Holace and Mike watched avidly. Bill was spurting again and again, and I just kept swallowing and swallowing, my face flushing wildly as I did so. Until Bill penis slid slowly out of my mouth and sat back panting. “That was awesome!” he said.I was panting as well, and gasping and still kind of sobbing. But I didn’t move. I stayed just as I was, on my knees. Almost imperceptibly Mike took his hand from my hair. I still didn’t move. “That was fucking hot, Laurel,” Mike said. “That was epic. Wasn’t it, guys?” “Damn right,” Tom said. Holace said something also. “And now, Laurel, you’re going to be fair and do that for all of us, aren’t you?” I caught my breath but said nothing. “Laurel?” Mike said. “Yes,” I said softly, breathlessly. “Yes, I’ll do it for all of you. Yes.” “Because you want to, don’t you, Laurel?” Mike said. “Yes,” I said finally. “Yes, I want to. I want to do it to all of you. Suck each of your cocks. I want to swallow all of your cum, while you watch me do it.” “What else would you like to do for us, Laurel?” Mike said. “What?” “What else, Laurel?” “Nothing,” I said. “That’s not true, Laurel,” Mike said. “Is it now?” “Please, i just want to suck tonight,” I said. “Tell us what else you want us to do, Laurel.” “Anything you wish,” I said in a low voice. “What’s that?” Mike said. “I can’t hear you, cum slut.” “Anything,” I said again. “I will do anything you want me to. I want you to make me do it.” “I know you do,” Mike said. “That’s because you’re a slut, isn’t that right, Laurel? A dirty filthy slut whore. Am I right?” “Yes,” I said. “Tell us, Laurel,” Mike said. “Tell us all about it.” I started to cry. “I’m a dirty filthy sluty whore,” I said, sobbing. “I’m a bitch with a cunt and a mouth and I want to let you do what you want to them. Please, please, please just use me.” “Lie down, oral Laurel,” Mike said. “Lie down on the floor.” So i did, lying down on my back. Mike crouched behind me. “Give me your hands, Laurel,” Mike said. “Put them back here and stretch yourself out.” So I did. Mike took my wrists in his hands, pinning them down to the floor. my clothes were stretched tight over my body, bringing out my perky breasts, hips and thighs. “Now, Laurel,” Mike said. “You’re going to fuck for me. Aren’t you? All of us. Aren’t you?” “Oh god,” I said. “I will tomorrow I promise, can I please just suck your cocks tonight, I will do it all night long if you guys want. “Yes you will but…,” Mike said. “You’re going to fuck us all too. Say it, Laurel. Say that to me.” “I’m going to fuck you all tonight,” I said, my voice straining. “That’s right,” Mike said. “You’re going to fuck Tom here. Aren’t you, cunt? Say it.” “I’m going to fuck Tom now, while you guys watch,” I said, not looking at any of them. “And you’re going to fuck Holace. Say that.” “I’m going to fuck Holace tonight to,” I said. “And you’re going to fuck me too, isn’t that right, whore?” “Yes,” I agreed. “I’m going to fuck you tonight as well.” “What about me?” Bill said. “And you’ll fuck Bill, won’t you, bitch? Say it.” “I’m going to fuck Bill with my pussy if he lets me,” I responded. “Because you’re a fucking slutty nympho, isn’t that right?” Mike said. “Yes,” I continued, crying. “Yes. That’s what I am. Yes. Thats what I always knew I was.” “Now it’s time for us to see your pussy finally, Laurel,” Mike said. “We’ve all thought about what you look like naked. We’ve all pictured you without any clothes on. Now we’ll know for real. You’d like be naked around, wouldn’t you?” I looked into his eyes. “Please,” I whimpered. “Say it,” Mike said. “Yes,I want to be naked and available when I am with you guys.” I said. Mike twisted my wrists. Once again I cried out. Mike said, “I want you to ask the boys to strip you. I want you to ask them nicely, all right?” Twisting my wrists again. “Don’t do that, I’ll do whatever you guy’s want.” I said. “Laurel,” Mike said. “We want you to show us your titties. Will you do that?” “Oh, Dear sweet fucking god,” I shouted. “Yes.” Mike said. “Ask Holace to take your blouse off. Ask him sweetly. Beg him to do it. Do you understand, cunt?” “Yes,” I said. “Ask him to unbutton your blouse,” Mike said. “And ask him to feel your tits while he’s doing it.” I was panting. My body was squirming as Mike manipulated my wrists. “Holace,” I gasped. “Please–please unbutton my blouse, Holace. Please.” “God!” Holace said. “And?” Mike said. “And please–please play with my breasts,” I said. “Do it slowly, Holace,” Mike said. And Holace did. Unbuttoning my blouse from top to bottom, touching my breasts, moving his hands over them. Eventually pulling the blouse apart to show my rising and falling breasts in a pink bra. hiltonbet güvenilirmi I was panting hard, almost sobbing. “All right, ho,” Mike said. “Ask Tom to rip that bra away.” I could hardly speak. “T-Tom,” I whispered. “Please… rip my bra away.” “OK!” Tom said, and grabbing up scissors from a table, did just that, cutting the bra apart, cutting it into strips, and pulling it away from my high round firm stiff-pink nippled naked breasts. “Our topless teenaged whore,” Mike said, as I writhed, moaning. “I want to see your legs,” Mike said. “All of them. I want to look at those luscious curvy thighs that you will be wrapping around my body as I fuck you soon, Laurel.” I was lost in the game. “Now,” Mike said, “I want you to pull your skirt up. I want you to pull it up slowly. As all of us watch. I want you to pull it up all the way, all the way up around your waist, baring your legs for us, showing us your thighs, and your panties, all of them. Will you do that?” moaning. “Yes,” I said. “Yes I will. I will show you guy’s everything, I’ll do what you want,I’ll show you my legs, my thighs, my panties, as you all look at me.” So I pulled up my skirt like the slut I was becoming. Slowly. Up. All the way. Slowly. Up over my calves. Up over my knees. Up over my thighs. Up over my hips. All the way, until I lay there with my legs bare and my panties showing, with a wet spot everyone could see, I kept grindingand twisting my hips, needing to either be sucking cock or being fucked at this point,I was shaking in heat as they looked at me. “You want to be fucked, don’t you, girl?” Mike said. “Tell us.” “I want you guy’s to fuck my wet pussy please,” I said. “Who would you like to take your panties off?” Mike asked. “Anybody,” I said, desperetly. “Anybody pull them off, please oh fuck please, please.” Tom did it with precision.. “Guy’s look at our naked whore cunt,” Mike said softly, as he kissed my mouth. “Spread those fucking slut legs open for us to see, Laurel.” So I spread my legs slowly apart. “Tom good buddy,” Mike said. “You ready to fuck this bitch.” I began crying as Tom lay on top of me and sobbing as he put his prick inside me and moaning as he began fucking me. “Fuck him back,” Mike said, and so I thrusted my hips back, arching and twisting and curling my legs around him and moving to his rhythm. On the floor with a cock in me as others watched and waited their turn. “What are you doing, slut? Tell us.” Mike said. “I’m…” “Say it. Say what you’re doing.” “I’m letting Tom fuck my pussy,” I groaned. “I’m being fucked, I’m fucking, I’m going to be fucking each one of you guys… your cocks will be fucking me…I want you to fill my cunt with your fucking cum…” “You love it, Laurel? You love it all. Tell us. Tell us what you love. Tell us what you are?” “Oh Yes. fucking yes. I love to get fucked, yes… yes I love it I love to swallow cum,I will suck it out from you guys every damn day…if you want, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuuucckk… yes.” “Tom looks like he is going to come in you, Laurel. Come with him. Come for us as we watch you. You love being a slut, don’t you, you fucking little exhibitionist, I just knew you were a sick little slut bimbo?” “Ohhhh yeeeesssss!” Laurel shouted. “God yesssssssss! I’m coming! Oh fuck I’m coming AAhhhhh!” “Passionate submissive cum swallowing slut,” Mike said as Tom got up. “Turn over, bitch.” Twisting my wrists hard until I cried out again. Twisting until I was forced to roll my body over. Mike had his cock out. “Give me that pretty whore mouth, baby girl,” Mike said, pushing my head down into his crotch. “Take me in that mouth and suck me. Suck it slowly and beautifully, Laurel.” I, moaning, took his cock deep into my mouth. “Okay, Holace,” Mike said. “You should use Laurel’s fine tight little ass.” I tried to say something, to raise my head. Mike didn’t allow it. He forced me to keep sucking him as Holace took me very painfully in the ass. This feeling of helplessness and being used had me involuntarily cumming, howling around Mike’s cock, making it so shortly Mike shot his jism down my throat. I gulped it down wontingly. Eventually it was my first all out gangbang. All night long. I kept accommodating all four boys with my body, with my mouth and my ass and my pussy. Two at once. Three at once. Until I was crawling and coming, coming and crawling, at one point Mike was standing over me as I straddled Holace fucking and riding his cock and Tom fucked my ass, taking Bill in my mouth yet again, Mike pulled his belt off and started whipping my ass and body with it. Quite hard. Anyplace he could reach. And I just was screaming and sucking and fucking and howling and hurting and coming and crying. Afterwards sprawling across the floor they all knew that I was theirs any time they wanted me. That I was at the beck and call of any and all of their wims. Anyway they wanted me, anytime, anyplace. “Isn’t that right, slut?” Mike said. Yes guy’s, please use me as you wish. “Prove it to us. Spread out, Laurel,” Mike said. “Right now. On your back. I’ll whip your breasts and then I’ll fuck the uncertainty out of you, if you have any.” I went on moaning and lying back and spreading out my pussy. “Look at me guys. Look at my cum drenched body. I’m your slave. I’m your slut. I’m all yours…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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