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Subject: dorm monitor 4 All I ever wanted cajuncock This is a work of gay fiction, the sole property of the author. If you enjoy the stories on this site please donate. Comments:cajunboi868@ Growing up as the oldest of six children there never seemed to be enough time for each of us to get any attention from our harried working parents. I was often left in charge of the others. I became an unpaid nanny. I never remembered anyone ever thanking me. My mother assumed that it was my duty. My dad,an only child himself, saw nothing wrong with it. There was no time for friends, for dating, for anything that resembled a normal teen life. As I grew up and went off to college my life changed dramatically. I was on my own now. The small town where the school was located offered little off campus activities. We used to joke that at 6PM they would roll up the sidewalks for the night. Even the local radio stations shut off at sunset. Being an all male college, like most at the time, we were left to our own devices. My dorm mates were casual in dress, very often wearing the minimum. A few of us set up regular card games and ordered take out from the town’s one Italian restaurant, usually sandwiches. We’d play cards, talk shit, and try to help each other with our studies. Our gang open showers soon revealed the vast differences in our bodies. Some of us were cut, others were still intact. Yes, we’d joke gaziantep escort about that too. As time went on the dress code became even more casual with nudity being common. I was not accustomed to seeing naked males my own age since my high school did not offer PE. I often had an obvious hardon as I soon adopted the new dress code. My roommate, a member of the wrestling team, often teased me about being a prude. So I adapted his naked style. It was not long before our card games turned to strip poker. Luckily, I was good at cards. But I did notice that some of the losers would pair up and leave early. Later, I found out that the price of losing was a bit of sex play. Naked cards soon led to naked pool games. When bent over to take a shot a guy might find a slap on his naked ass or even a finger roving over his exposed ass crack. Some would moan at the touch, others would push back on the intruding digit. Late at night I might hear moans coming from behind the closed door. At that point my nick name of Mr. Hardon had spread to the other floors of the dorm. I soon was invited to late night pool games with two or three other guys. They made the sex play a regular part of the evening. I’d often feel a finger graze my crack even when I was not trying to make a shot. Lights would soon go out and the wild sex would start. Men would find themselves draped over the edge of the pool suriyeli escort table. Others would be on their knees behind them preparing their holes for the penetration that all expected to begin. I soon grew used to the process. I even enjoyed the attention. One particular basketball team member with an extra long piece hanging over his plum sized balls was an ever eager late night pool player. I soon became used to his intrusions into my rear. One weekend when his roommate had gone home to his parents, he skipped the pool game and invited me to his room. I went to his room, and he locked the dorm behind me. He was dressed in his uniform. He turned on the radio proceeding to do a strip tease to a tune. As each item of clothing came off was down to just his jock he whispered “I’ve wanted to get you alone for so long. I need to show you how much I’ve wanted to make you my own.” Slowly the jock was inched down until his stiffness sprang out with just a glistening drop on the tip of his cut meat. I leaned forward inches from the wet tip. He moaned saying “Please show me how much you want me? I need to know that you want to be mine.” I stuck my tongue out just far enough to take the drop on his tip. As I licked off the drop he moaned and grabbed my head to pull me closer. I gagged on the long shaft as it touched my throat. He pulled out and raised me up rus escort to his face. He pressed his lips against my own in a deep passionate kiss. Looking into my eyes he asked ” Would you want to be mine alone? I want to please you in every way I can. If you will just let me.” I nodded my consent as he dropped my gym shorts to the floor. He lifted me up in his strong arms and laid me on his bed. He kissed me deeply as I felt his cock move against my opening. Slowly, slowly he entered me inch by inch. Each inch brought new sensations to me. This was not the first time he had entered my body. But this was somehow different. There was a totally different feeling as he made love to me. I responded by wrapping my legs around his hips and thrusting up to meet his fucke motions. We both moaned as my inner muscles held him tight inside me. His long cock touched places deep in my body. I looked at his smiling face and said the words that I had held back for so long “I love you.” He leaned down at hearing those words kissing me with a renewed passion. I felt his cock inside me throb as he gave me his seed. My own cock erupted untouched. We both screamed out at the same moment. He fell on to my body breathless, holding me tight. I had never felt love before, not like this. We rolled on our sides, him still buried deep inside me. He cuddled behind me holding me against his now sweaty chest. He moved to my ear whispering “I do love you so very much. Would you move in here with me?” I whispered a yes and felt him grow hard again. I asked quietly “Will you love me again?” He answered by slowly pumping his engorged shaft into the depths of my body while kissing my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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