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Subject: Double teamed -4 Mike woke up first early the next morning. While Jason and Gary slept soundly on each side of him, he quietly eased out of the tent careful not to wake them. The morning was cool with a misty fog hanging over the river. Somewhere on the other side of the river in the trees Mike heard two screech owls bickering with each other. Their shrieks and cries echoed across the river. Because it was cool outside the tent the first thing Mike did was to pull on a T-shirt. He walked over to the fire pit to stir up the still glowing coals from last nights campfire. When he finished doing that he added some tinder and kindling to the coals to get the fire going that he could boil up some water for breakfast that morning. When he had a nice little fire going he added a couple of more pieces of wood to build the fire up even more. He then hung a pot of water to boil on the tripod above the fire. Walking back over to his backpack he took out some oatmeal packets and hot chocolate for breakfast that morning. When he had everything ready for breakfast sitting on the picnic table, Mike walked back over to the tent. Drawing back the flap he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Last one out of the tent gets double teamed!” Jason and Gary quickly rolled out of their sleeping bags. It was a fight between the two brothers to see who would get out of the tent first. Mike couldn’t help laughing watching the spectacle as it was unfolding. In the end it was Gary who was able to crawl out of the tent first. “Guess what Jason.” Mike laughed when he finally popped his head out of the tent. “You’re going to get double teamed later on this morning.” “Yes! Me and Mike get to do thing that we want to you!” Gary shouted with glee giving Mike the high five. “Just you wait.” Jason growled. “Let’s go you two, breakfast is on the table.” “When are you going to double team me?” Jason asked. “Sometimes this morning.” Mike answered, but he wouldn’t go into any detail about when. Breakfast went by smoothly, as did cleanup. By the time everything that needed to be done around the campsite was finished the boys decided to go fishing until the morning warmed up some. As the sun rose in the east the temperature rose also. Before long the three boys had their shirts off. They caught several nice fish and were talking about cooking up some fish for dinner, but they didn’t have what they needed to fry the fish up with. They released most of the fish that they had caught that morning. As the morning progressed time seemed to go by even faster. Before long it was almost lunchtime. As hot as it was now getting with the combination of heat and humidity, swimming after lunch was definitely on their agenda. When the heat and humidity became almost unbearable, they headed back to the campsite to eat lunch. Lunch that afternoon consisted of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and potato chips. It was right after lunch that Mike decided that now would be a good time to double team Jason. Looking over at Gary, Mike asked, “You ready to double team your older brother Gary?” “You bet I am.” Gary answered with a lopsided grin. “I thought that you two had forgotten about me?” Jason pouted. “No, I didn’t forget.” Mike said. He turned and walked over to the tent pulling out the blanket that they had been using from istanbul travesti under their sleeping bags as a ground cloth. With Jason and Gary tagging along Mike took the blanket over to the sandbar where he spread it out on top of the warm sand. “Do you want to go first Gary?” Mike asked. He was curious to see what Gary would do to this older brother. Gary nodded then darted into the woods. He returned a pine cone off of a long leaf pine tree. The pine cone was about 10″ long and had a smooth textured surface and a nicely tapered end. Walking over to the blanket he squatted down. “So what are you going to do to me?” Jason snickered. “Take your pants and underpants off.” Gary said. Mike smiled inwardly to himself. He was enjoying this interaction between the two brothers. He watched as Jason pulled his pants down stepping out of them. His underpants followed. Since Jason had studied him real close last night it was time for him to do the same thing to Jason. Looking directly at Jason’s midsection he noticed that his circumcised penis was flaccid, looking more like a soft helmeted nub then anything else. He saw that Jason had a few scraggly wispy pubic hairs sprouting at the root of his penis that he hadn’t noticed yesterday when they were all skinny dipping together. “Get down on your hands and knees.” Mike heard Gary say. Jason dropped down on his hands and knees. Gary moved behind him with the pine cone in his hand. Mike watched as Gary parted one of his older brothers well rounded smooth bottom cheeks with his left hand exposing the pink puckered opening of his gaping bottom hole. With the pine cone in his other hand he pushed the tapered end into the opening. Jason moaned in response, then cried out even louder when Gary started pushing and twisting the blunt tapered end slowly in sinking a good two or three inches deep into Jason’s tight inner depths, stretching the puckered ringlet in the process. Jason grunted rocking forwards a little as the pine cone was slowly impaling him. Watching all this, Mike could not believe what he was seeing. The Kiplinski brothers were full of surprises he thought. He watched as Gary started to piston the pine cone in and out of his older brothers tight rectum. Each time the pine cone drove into him they could hear Jason grunt. Soon Jason’s grunting became louder and louder. Beneath his pants Mike had become rock hard watching what Gary was doing to his older brother. Surprisingly watching the interaction taking place between Gary and Jason had become very arousing to him. After a few minutes of fucking Jason with the pine cone Gary finally twisted the pine cone out, tossing it into some nearby bushes. “Now roll over and lie down on your back.” Gary directed. He had an almost devious grin etched across his face. Gary wasn’t finished yet, Mike thought. When Jason rolled over onto his back it didn’t surprise Mike any to see that Jason’s penis was fully erect jutting out a good solid 4″ in length. The tip of Jason’s penis glistened with pre-cum. Moving around a little Gary had repositioned himself so that he was now kneeling besides him. “I see your getting a little hair down there.” he stated. And to prove his point he grasped one of the longer wispy hairs sprouting at the root yanking hard so that he could pull it out. kadıköy travesti He held the inch and a half long hair between his thumb and forefinger twirling it around. “Ow!” Jason yelped. “You better stop or when I get to double team you I’m going to do you in real good!” Jason warned. “Sure you are.” Gary smiled. dropping the hair. He then made a tight fist around his brother’s shaft then squeezed upwards watching as a little more pre-cum trickled out from the tip down over the mushroom shaped head. Running the ball of his thumb over it, Gary smeared the pre-cum around. “You’re leaking so that means you’re about to get right?” Gary smiled. “Just you wait.” Jason vowed. Giggling Gary squeezed the shaft upwards one last time causing the slippery circumcised head to flare outwards. He finally relingushed his grip from around Jason’s shaft leaving him hanging. Looking over at Mike he said,” I’m done, do you want to take over?” Mike knew exactly what he was going to do to Jason. Jason had done it to him last night so he thought that instead of leaving him stranded like Gary had just done he might as well go ahead and return the favor. Besides he was curious to see how much cum Jason could actually shoot. “Don’t move, just lie there.” Mike said, squatting down besides him. With his thumb and three fingers he grasped Jason’s throbbing erection right beneath the pre-cum smeared head then started stroking his fingertips up and down around the upper shaft. His other hand moved down between Jason’s legs to cup and roll his hot clammy almost full grown balls.The throbbing shaft felt warm and smooth within Mike’s three fingered grip. As aroused as Jason was, it didn’t take long for it to happen. His breathing had become rapid and deep, the muscles in his lithe body tensing. He arched his back, his legs stretching, his toes curling. Closing his eyes he let out a little cry. A second later he climaxed. His erection bolted between the stroking fingertips. Mike watched as a rivulet of colorless semen trickled out from the twitching head spilling down over the rapidly pulsing shaft coating his fingertips. A few seconds later it was over and Jasons penis slowly wilted between Mike’s still stroking grip. When Jason was completely flaccid Mike let him go, leaving him lying there on the blanket gasping for breath. Slowly his tense sweaty body began to relax. “You don’t cum very much in you, do you Jason?” Gary said somewhat sardonically. “At least I can do it, you can’t.” Jason barked, sitting up. “It won’t be long before I can do it.” Gary quipped. “Yeah, we’ll see!” Jason said Anyway I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to go swimming right now.” “So am I.” Gary agreed. “I’m done, so let’s go ahead and do it.” Mike exclaimed. Jason shot to his feet. Since he was already naked he took off running to the river. Gary pulled off what clothes he still had on then took off after his brother. He paused momentarily then looking back at Mike shouted, “Are you going to go skinny dipping with us?” After what happened last night and just a little while ago, Mike answered, “Sure, why not! You talked me into it.” He took off the rest of his clothes then ran naked down to the river diving in right behind Gary. For the next couple of hours the three boys had the bakırköy travesti time of their lives swimming in the Altamaha River. They played tag and Marco Polo, but what they enjoyed the most was the close physical contact that went on between them. And there was plenty of that. As the afternoon wound down, Mike informed the two Kiplinski brothers that they were going to have to get out of the water soon and get a fire started again so they can cook dinner. Taking what Mike said in context, Jason got out of the water first. He turned to face the river then shouted at the top of his lungs, “Last one out of the water gets double teamed.” There was a mad scramble between Mike and Gary to see who could get out of the water first. Mike was the winner of that contest. He ran over to Jason just as Gary was finally getting out of the water. “You’re getting double teamed this time Gary!” Jason chided. “And I’m really going to take care of business with you. Sticking a pine cone up my ass and fucking me with it! You must have thought that was really funny or something. Just you wait until you see what I have in store for you!” Gary sighed. Knowing his older brother as well as he did, Gary knew that he wasn’t kidding. He looked over at Mike who just shrugged. “I can’t help you. I guess your brother has a right to get some get back as well, just like I have a right to get some get back on you.” Mike chuckled. He couldn’t wait to see what Mike had in store for his little brother. Pouting Gary walked away much to Mike’s amusement. “He’ll be alright. He gets like that sometimes.” Jason.said “So, what are you going to do to him?” Mike asked. “You’ll see, what are you going to do to him?” “Probably the same thing that he did to me last night.” “He’ll love that. I’ll get him softened up for you but I won’t bring him off. I’ll let you do that. So when do you want to take care of business with him?” Jason asked. “We need to get some wood so that I can get a fire going to boil up some water with. We’re going to have freeze dried beef stew for dinner tonight. Then afterwards we’ll take care of business with him. “Sounds good to me.” Jason grinned. Heading back to campsite they noticed Gary by the fire pit stirring up the coals to get a fire to flare up. “There you are, I thought that you were mad at us.” Mike said. “I’m not mad, just hungry.” Gary replied. Within seconds he had the fire going. Quickly he added some kindling and wood to build the fire up even more. “Since we have a fire going now we might as well go on ahead and get this double teamed taken care of before I boil up the water for dinner.” “Alright.” Jason said. He walked over to the sandbar, picked up the blanket then shook the sand out of it. When he finished he took the blanket over to the picnic table spreading it out on top of it. After he had laid out the blanket he walked over to some nearby pine trees returning a few minutes later with a large white egret feather that he had found on the ground. He looked over at Gary then shouted,”Come on over here Gary, I have something for you!” Gary walked over to the picnic table where Jason was waiting for him. Mike joined them over at the picnic table as well, wondering what Jason had in store for his little brother. Whatever it was, he would soon find out. When they were all together Jason looked over at Gary saying, “Get up on top of the picnic table and lie down on your back!” Obediently Gary did what Jason had just told him to do. Since he was already naked he prepared himself for the the worst….

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