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Hello, my name is Scott. I met my wife, Brenda, in high school and we married after high school graduation. We have 2 daughters, the oldest is Beth and Andy (Andrea) is two years younger. I worked construction after high school and eventually formed my own company which is very successful. Brenda and I enjoy sex and expanding our sensuous side. We have swapped with other couples on a rare occasion and Brenda enjoys being bi with the right person. Other than that we are your average upper middle class white couple. Brenda and I are both in our thirties, stay in great shape, and look more like we are in our late twenties. Work keeps me in shape while Brenda works out daily in our home gym. Beth and Andy are typical teenagers who think they know more than their parents and Beth thinks she way cooler than Andy since she is older.

Every summer we go on family vacations and we have provided a wide range of experiences to our kids. Sometimes, we would go the beach on either coast, to the mountains out west, big cities, but this year we rented a private condo on an island off the west coast of Florida. Work for me and school for the children had been hectic this year and everyone wanted just to relax and get away. It was a great place, very private, very quiet, and very secure where the children go be on their own and we didn’t have to worry. It was about the middle of the week when we were on the beach when a thunderstorm struck. We headed back to the condo with the black clouds came overhead and we had just got in when the downpour erupted. The storm lasted only a half hour and moved on but the storm caused a power outage on the island. After awhile it seemed that the outage would be more than a few minutes so we put all our beer, soda, a few sandwiches, and ice in our travel cooler. We went back to the beach and played until it started to get dark. As we headed back to the condo, we could see that the power had not been restored. I went to the car and pulled two flashlights from the trunk. We climbed the stairs to the second floor and luckily the condos still used real keys not electronic entry cards. We entered the condo and the air was warm. I placed the switched on flashlights butt end on the dining table where the two beams on light bounced off the ceiling and gave an almost candle light effect to the room. I opened the glass doors to the screened porch and soon cooler air off the ocean filled the room. I brought the cooler over to the dining table and passed out the sandwiches as the rest of the family sat down. Brenda and I had a beer while the kids drank the last of the soda. It was almost like being around a campfire with the dim light from the flashlights, the darkness outside, and the sounds of crickets coming from the open doors.

“No electricity sucks” said Beth, “I mean there is no TV or radio. What are we supposed to do for fun, this is our vacation.”

“I sure the power will come back on soon. Morning by the latest” I said, “That storm wasn’t strong enough to do a lot of damage. This won’t kill you”

“We get to spend some time together and we can play some games” appeased Brenda.

Both daughters just rolled their eyes at that idea.

We chatted some more and finished our sandwiches. I opened another beer and handed a cold one to Brenda.

“Dad, can I have a coke?” asked Andy

I looked in the cooler and replied, “I’m sorry those two were the last ones we had”

“Oh great, now what are we supposed to drink?” responded Beth.

“Well how about a beer?” I joked

“Ok” said Beth testing me.

I looked at Brenda who had enough of Beth’s whining and nodded her head yes. I opened one and handed it to Beth and gave another to Andy who looked surprised to get a beer from Dad. Beth was drinking hers and Andy took a few sips but I don’t think that she really liked it. Everyone talked more about the day and the power being off until Brenda asked “What games do you want to play?”

Brenda and I were coming up with suggestions that the children thought were boring or too childish. Beth grinned and exclaimed, “How about truth or dare?”

“Let’s play that! shouted Andy, “I like that game”

Brenda and I looked at each other and smiled. We had played truth or dare before but we were going to play dumb for awhile. “OK, tell us how to play” asked Brenda..

Beth explained the rules and explained to Andy that hers’ were the right rules not the ones Andy had played by. Brenda and I were satisfied with how Beth wanted to play and let her start. The game started out being very innocent and playful with the questions going around the table twice. Beth asked for another beer and I gave her a cold one while Brenda and Andy were still working on theirs. It was Beth’s turn again.

“This is for Andy” grinned Beth, “Truth! Have you ever French kissed a boy?”

Andy’s face blushed and she said, “Yes”

Beth looked quizzically at Andy and said, “I don’t believe you. I’ve never seen you with any guys. Challenge! bursa eskort bayan Let’s see you french kiss Dad.”

I was taken back as Beth said this and looked over to Brenda. My wife leaned over and whispered in my ear to go ahead. Brenda did not want to let Beth have the upper hand on this game. Andy was turning red as I moved my chair next to hers. Brenda looked curiously as she watched and Beth was giggling like she really pulled something over on the rest of us. I put my arm over Andy’s shoulder and looked at her face. Andy was

a slim young lady with her mother’s blue eyes and long brown hair. I gave her a soft sensuous kiss on her lips to break the tension. I had never kissed Andy like that before but her soft thin lips felt very nice. Andy kissed me back and moved her small tongue between my lips. Andy was very exuberant with her tongue as if to show off to Beth and I enjoyed every minute. Unconsciously, my other hand rested on Andy’s thigh as my tongue played with hers. Brenda was starting to rub her leg against mine as a signal that it was time to stop. I slowly pulled away and said to Andy, “That was very nice.”

Andy smiled and turned to stick her tongue out at Beth.

Beth was still giggling as it was Brenda’s turn to play. Brenda said, “This is for Beth.

Dare! French kiss me!” The smile just slid off of Beth’s face.

“Mom!” exclaimed Beth

“A dare is a dare, dear” grinned Brenda as she moved beside Beth and placed her lips on her daughter’s lips. Andy watched as she smiled and I was watching curiously. I had seen Brenda kiss other women before but it was the few times we had swung with others.

My tanned, blue eyed, blond haired wife was slipping her tongue into my oldest green eyed daughter. Brenda’s hand combed through Beth’s shoulder length black hair as Beth started to kiss back. I never was sure if Beth was getting into it or was just showing how cool she could be but Beth started to work her tongue into Brenda’s mouth. Brenda was getting very passionate as I rubbed her leg with mine as a signal to stop. They broke apart and just looked into each other’s eyes. Brenda smiled at Beth and moved her chair back.

It was my turn and I was somewhat at a loss for what to ask. I looked at Andy and said, “Truth, Are you a virgin?”

Andy smiled somewhat and said, “Yes, I am.”

Beth blurted out, “I can believe that!”

The turn went to Andy now. “This is for Beth. Truth! When was the last time you played with yourself and what did you use to get off?

Beth blushed very slightly and smiled, “I did the night before we left on vacation. I used my fingers and I enjoyed it. So there!”

Andy giggled some while my wife and I just smiled. We are open minded with our children and never discouraged masturbation as we felt it is a natural part of exploring one’s sexuality. It was now Beth’s turn.

Beth looked straight at me and said, “Dare! Show us how a guy jacks off!”

I thought what now. It was getting beyond playful so should I end the game or take the dare? I looked over to Brenda who looked somewhat shocked too but then broke into a wicked smile. She looked at me and said, “A dare is a dare, dear.”

I walked over to the couch. Beth was clapping in rhythm and shouting “go Daddy” and Andy was starting to giggle. I was getting into the play and the thought of stroking my cock in front the ladies in my family was getting me hard. I faced them, slid my swim trunks off and stood before them with my cock sticking straight out. I know that my daughters had seen a cock before or more but I was eight inches and I don’t think they had seen one that big. Andy stopped laughing and just stared while Beth had become quiet too. “Damn” was all I heard her mutter.

I laid on the couch with one leg hanging off. I looked up as my right hand started to slowly stroke my cock. Beth had moved a cushioned rattan chair in to front of the couch and sat down to watch. Brenda had taken Andy by the hand and led her to the easy chair positioned in front of the couch. Brenda sat down and as Andy sat on her lap, Brenda wrapped her arms around her daughter’s waist. I looked over to see Brenda with a big smile and our two daughters watching intently. I was very turned on by this and my precum was flowing from the head of my cock. I needed the lubrication as my rubbing was starting to burn. Beth put her elbows on her knees and placed her chin over her hands as she watched her father pump his cock. Brenda had her face on Andy’s shoulder next to her daughter’s face with one hand around her waist and the other was caressing Andy’s thigh. Brenda whispered to Andy, “Isn’t Daddy’s cock beautiful. Isn’t it big.” My hand was feeling oily smooth and wet as I stroked myself. I looked over to see Brenda move her hand from Andy’s thigh and slide her fingers into her daughter’s bikini bottom. Andy offered no resistance as I could see her mother’s fingers under the cloth explore her daughter’s pussy. bursa otele gelen eskort bayan I started to pump harder as Brenda’s fingers were busy moving about. It wasn’t long before I saw Andy’s eyes roll back, moan slightly, and a glow of ecstasy come over her face. Brenda slipped her hand away and held her daughter. Beth hadn’t noticed the show in the next chair as she intently watched as my hips bucked up and a stream of white hot cum shot in the air. It felt so good that I continued to play with my cock for a minute after I had finished coming.

I got up and walked to the kitchen counter for some Kleenex and wipe up. As I passed Beth, I heard her say, “Wow, that was so hot!” and Andy just looked on with a silly smile on her face. Brenda slide out from underneath Andy and said “It’s my turn to truth or dare.” I was surprised that she was keeping the game going after that show. It did bring everyone back to reality as everyone stood up from their chairs.

Brenda smiled and said, “I hope you liked Daddy’s show. I sure did. It’s my turn and I have a dare for” and she paused while looking around the room, “Beth.”

“Well, what is the dare, Mom.” Beth awaited anxiously.

Brenda walking behind Beth and started to undo the clasp of her bikini top. “Get naked with me and you will find out” sighed Brenda. Beth’s bikini top landed on the floor and I saw Beth’s beautiful firm breasts for the first time since she was a child. They were about a 32 B, white outlined by a tan, and wonderful round brown nipples that were pointed. Before Beth could express anything, her bikini bottoms had been pushed around her ankles. Brenda forcefully pushed her nude daughter unto the couch. Beth was somewhat shocked by the move as she watched her mother stand in front of her of slide out of her one piece swim suit. Beth lay on her back and scooted up towards one end and she flinched as her back slid over a spot of cum that I had not wiped up. Brenda climbed on to the couch and hovered over Beth on all fours. Brenda lowered her head and nibbled on Beth’s breast. Beth’s mother moved lower and placed her head between Beth’s legs. Beth moaned, “Oh Mom” as Brenda slid her tongue across her daughter’s clit.

I was growing hard as Brenda started to click and suck Beth’s pussy. I looked over to Andy who watched in astonishment. I don’t think that she had ever seen two women together. I walked over and whispered to her, “You don’t want to be the only one dressed in the room.” I smiled at Andy and gave her a light kiss. Andy reached back and unhooked her bikini top and dropped her bikini bottoms to the floor. Andy looked so beautiful in the nude. Her tan showed off the whiteness of her breasts, her butt, and her pussy. Her nipples were small and pink and her pussy was a light pink with wisps of light brown hair around it. I sat in Beth’s chair stroking my cock as I watched my wife and my daughter on the couch. I glanced over to see Andy enjoying the show as she had her playful hand between her spread legs. Brenda was intently licking Beth’s clit as she pushed two fingers into Beth. I could tell that Beth was no virgin as Brenda’s fingers went up as far as her fist. Beth was moaning in pleasure as Brenda’s tongue and fingers moved in motion and the sliding of the fingers grew faster. Brenda started to exclaim a series of “Oh,oh, ohhh” and then climaxed with a scream of “Oh Mom!” Brenda eased back her face and watched her daughter in the throes of orgasm. She stood up and smiled at Andy and myself while wiping Beth’s juice from her lips.

“I think we need to all go into our bed” smiled Brenda. I nodded as I took Andy by the hand. I took one flashlight and walked Andy into our bedroom. Brenda took both of Beth’s hands and helped her stand. Brenda grabbed the other flashlight and walked a half dazed Beth into the bed room. Brenda and I stood next to each other as we watched out naked daughters lay about the king size bed. We placed the flashlights butt end on the dresser and climbed into the bed. The light bouncing off the ceiling gave a wonderful glow to the room.

The two girls were lying in bed smiling and giggling. Brenda and I were glad to see them happy. We never had sexual feelings or thoughts about our daughters but the truth or dare game brought them out. My wife and I were willing to push the envelope more if Beth and Andy wanted to.

Brenda sat up and spoke with our daughters. “This has been a lot of fun. Your Dad and I have had a good time and it looks like you enjoyed it too.” Beth and Andy smiled and nodded yes. “Your father and I don’t want to take this further if you two are uncomfortable and didn’t like it but we want to share our love with you.”

Beth spoke up and said, “Mom, Andy and I are cool. You have given me the best feeling I have had in my life. I want to do more with Daddy too.”

Brenda spoke again, “We love you kids and only want the best for you. We want you to feel good and bursa eve gelen escort learn all there is about sex. Now understand that you can’t tell anybody about this, not even your best friends. This is incest and society frowns on people who do this sort of stuff. All of us could be in big trouble. OK? Just between the four of us!”

Beth and Andy both nodded and smiled. Brenda began to play with my hard cock while the two girls looked on. Beth was lying on her side with her head on her crooked arm watching as her mother leaned over on put my cock in her mouth. Beth moved her hand between her legs and Brenda licked the head of my cock and slid her lips up and down my shaft. I motioned for Andy to come over and instructed her to straddle over my face.

I could no longer see Beth or Brenda but the world looked very pink and inviting from my view. I spread open her pussy lips and run my tongue along them. How sweet she tasted and it was tastier than the first time I ate my wife in high school. I could hear the “ohhs and ahhs” coming from Andy as I began tonguing her clit. I massaged my fingers on Andy’s pussy and knew that she was indeed a virgin. I was in heaven licking my daughter’s tasty pussy while being sucked off by my wife. I could hear a cry of orgasm from Beth as she masturbated. I felt Brenda’s lip leave my cock and then whisper in my ear, “I hate to take Andy from you but I want to see you fuck Beth!”

Brenda eased Andy off of my face and I could see that she wanted to continue. As I moved over, Brenda eased Andy flat on her back and started where I left off. I looked down to see the closed eyes and big smile on Andy’s face. Beth had rolled flat on her back after cumming. I lay next to her and kissed her while roaming my hands across her body. She turned her head and began to French kiss me. Our tongues danced together while one hand was between her legs feeling a very wet pussy. I broke off our kissing as I tongued my way down her shoulders and homed in on her breasts. I was sucked on her delightful hard nipples while her hands caressed and stroked my cock and balls. I could hear Andy’s cries of pleasure and glanced over to her body shake from her mother’s tongue lapping. I was exploring one finger into Beth’s tight pussy as she whispered in my ear. “Fuck me Daddy” whispered Beth. “Fuck me now.”

Brenda helped Andy sit up in order to watch us. I eased on top of Beth and teased her clit by rubbing my cock on it. I stroked my cock back and forth on her clit several times and then lowered my aim. I positioned my cock head at the entrance of her pussy and held it there for a moment. Then I eased forward and slowly slide my cock into my oldest daughter. She was very tight and I could feel her muscles constrict any the entire length of my shaft. I heard her moan as I could tell that she never had cock this big in her. I laid still for a moment as Beth wrapped her legs around mine. Soon we rocking in motion as my cock was pumping in and out of her pussy. It felt so good and so wicked to be fucking my own daughter and she was enjoying every moment of it. I looked over to see Brenda smiling approvingly and Andy watching intently. I could tell that Beth’s legs were getting tired and eased them off of me. I slid out for a moment and rolled Beth by her hips placing her on her knees with her head on a pillow. I moved between her legs and returned my cock to her pussy. We began to move in a nice easy rhythm of my cock pumping Beth and Beth moving her body back and forth. Andy was watching Beth’s breasts sway back and forth. She reached underneath her sister and began to massage her sister’s breasts and nipples. Beth moved her face to one side on the pillow with a look of sensual contentment. As I began to pump faster, I opened her butt cheeks that I was holding. I could see her beautiful small asshole and began to rub my finger around it.

I reached underneath and massaged her clit which elicited some moans as I dampened my finger. I reached back over and massaged my wet finger around her asshole. I thought the one day I am going to fuck Beth in the ass too. I was close to coming and Beth was already in lala land. I pulled out with a pop and rolled Beth back on her back. I put her ankles over my shoulders and pumped my cock back in her pussy. I could feel my cock swelling in my daughter’s tight pussy and I lunged hard, shooting my cum in her. It felt like I would never stop shooting cum as my brain felt on fire with pleasure. However, I did stop and I lovingly relaxed on Beth easing her legs to the bed. I could her Andy say “Wow” as I eased out of Beth. She was smiling with pleasure but was out of it. My cum was dripping from her pussy as she laid there.

“That’s what I want from you Daddy” whispered Andy, “I want you to be my first!”

“All in good time” reassured Brenda, “It’s been a long and exciting evening for us but I think we should get some rest. We have all the time tomorrow. We slowly one by one fell

asleep with Beth being the first. I woke up the next morning to find the electricity restored as the air conditioning was running. I was going to switch off the flashlights but the batteries had been exhausted being on over night. I walked into the kitchen and close the doors to the screened porch. At least I can make coffee and opened the refrigerator.

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