Dr May Reid’s Reunion Dinner Ch. 02

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For the next six weeks, Paul got into a routine with May. He would see her on a Wednesday afternoon, usually for two or three hours. Then again on a Saturday and Sunday afternoons after work for a quickie. The lovemaking had improved remarkably. They were both much more relaxed, they were both comfortable with each other. It was now the evening of Reunion Dinner, he had driven to her apartment at seven. She opened the door, and she looked stunning in a bright red evening gown. Sue was right, her tits looked massive. He complimented her on her dress and her total appearance. Her hair and makeup were incredible.

The highlights in her hair made her look gorgeous. She told him that she had taken the Platinum Package at The Pampered Lady. It was an excellent package which covered everything. She told Paul that she had paid for the same treatment for Sue and would give her the voucher for her birthday next month. Paul knew that the birthday was coming up but didn’t know what to get her. He asked, “May, help me here. I wish that you had told me about the Platinum Package and I would have got it for her. What can I get Sue for her birthday? I have been buying her wines and Champagne, but I want to get her something special.”

May replied, “I got this gown in the Pampered Lady, they do everything, and they do it well. Sue was looking at their lingerie and also some of their clothes. I know that Sue buys her underwear in Marks and Spencer, but she was paying a lot of attention to the stock in the Pampered Lady. I would get her a voucher for a couple of hundred pounds, and I am sure that she would love that. They have a special offer this now if you buy a voucher for five hundred they give you a voucher for six hundred. She would love that.”

Paul then knew what he would do tomorrow. They arrived at the Hotel at seven-thirty. They were at table Five. May knew everyone at the table apart from their partners. She was happy that she was sitting next to Carol and Jim Blair. Carol was a good friend of May. Jim was fifteen years older than Carol. He was a Consultant in the first hospital that Carol had worked in. They had an affair, and she got pregnant. They married and now had two grown-up children. Jim had been doing nothing for Carol sexually for over ten years.

Paul was a perfect gentleman, he got May a bottle of Champagne and a bottle of Apollinaris Medium Mineral Water for himself. The table was now full, and the introductions started. Carol and May were the creme de la creme of the table. Carol was tall with massive breasts too. Jim was not allowed to drink alcohol, so he drank some of Paul’s mineral water. Carol was drinking the Champagne and loving it. Within five minutes Paul realised that Jim was nothing but a self-opinionated bore.

The meal was served at seven-forty. It was excellent. The speeches started just after nine. Paul found them funny. People were reminiscing about their time at University twenty-five years ago. May had left her smartphone at home as it was bigger than the evening bag that she had. She had asked Paul to take a lot of pictures. Just after ten the Duo, which was the band, started playing. They were excellent, playing music from the seventies, eighties and nineties. They were on their third bottle of Champagne and Mineral water, and everyone had gone on Paul’s tab.

May and Paul were on their tenth dance and Carol had not had one dance. May said, “Jim is an asshole, he won’t dance with Carol. Ask her to dance, I want her to enjoy herself. I wish that she would have made him wear a contraceptive all those years ago, she could have done so much better. I won’t even speak to Jim when we get back to the table. Let me know what your tab is, and I will give you the money later. He won’t even buy a round of drinks. Apart from that, I am having a great time. I am thinking of the fun we will have later.”

The next series of three dances were slow ones. Carol felt good in his arms. She was pushing her puss against his leg. She said, “Please excuse my husband, I should have come alone. He is talking about leaving early. Thanks for buying all the drinks. I will get the money to May in the next days for them. If I say anything like, buy a round, he would throw a tantrum, it’s just not worth it. By the way, that thing between your legs feels wonderful against my leg. Let’s try and get to the other side of the dance floor as he is watching every move that I make. I can get a lot more intimate if he can’t see me.”

They did that, and she held him so tightly. They flirted a lot, and both were enjoying it. The got back to the table, and the band took a fifteen-minute break. Paul took a lot of pictures of May and Carol. Jim was bonus veren siteler drumming his fingers on the table, but no one was paying any attention to him. Paul saw the band coming back after the break and approached the singer and asked if they could perform ‘Lady In Red’ for ‘Dr May Reid’ he told him that it would be their next song.

He then made the announcement, and everyone in the room applauded apart from Jim. Carol asked Paul for his smartphone so she could take pictures. She followed them around the dance floor. May was holding him so close to her. She said, “Darling, you make me feel so special. That was so thoughtful of you. Carol likes you a lot. I have no problem if you want to spend some time with her. She told me that she orgasmed when she was dancing with you. It could happen in the future that we have threesomes together. Would you like that?.”

He replied, “You are arousing me now, that would be fun, but I would like to spend time with her alone first. I think we both have enjoyed this evening. One thing that I have learned from this evening is, I don’t want to spend another evening with Jim.”

They went back to the table, and Jim was saying that he wanted to go home. Carol said, “Jim, I need to visit the powder room. We can go when I return.”

He said, “I need to go too.”

He followed Carol out of the room. Carol returned forty-five seconds later and asked Paul to dance. It was a slow one. They danced cheek to cheek. She whispered, “Paul, I have enjoyed this evening, you have really aroused me. I have taken the liberty of adding my mobile number to your contacts, under the name Carol. I am on WhatsApp too. If I don’t hear from you, then I will understand. I have told May that I would like to see you again and she has no problem with that. I would love to hear from you.”

He pulled her close and said, “I would like that too. You will hear from me tomorrow. You will have to let me know when you are available. I work every weekend, I still live with my mother, so we will have to plan our rendezvous carefully. I am so happy that I have aroused you. You have aroused me.”

They then kissed on the lips. Her tongue was buried in his mouth. He saw Jim coming back into the room he pulled back. He asked, “Do you still share his bed?”

She replied, “I haven’t for over twenty years, You can message me anytime. He still can drive a car, but that is a nightmare experience. We had better get back. I look forward to hearing from you. That was a thoughtful thing that you did for May.”

They got back to the table, Carol made a big thing of thanking Paul and May. She hugged and kissed both of them. Paul and May did not say a word to Jim. They then left. Paul asked May to dance. They held each other tightly, it was now twelve-fifteen, he said, “Darling, I am now on my fourth bottle of water, my bladder is nearly full, would you like to have some water sports when we get home. I don’t know if you have ever tried it, but it can give a lot of fun.”

She pulled him close and said, “I had when I was at University. I love a Golden Shower. We can do it in the shower. I would like it if you held enough back to give my clit a drenching at the end. I shouldn’t be telling you this, but Carol and I both love water sports. She should divorce him. She earns so much money. He had a stroke a couple of years ago, and it did a lot of damage. I think that he has prostate problems, but he won’t go for a checkup as he knows best. He was looking very jaundiced this evening.

They left shortly afterwards. There were only twelve people left in the room. A lot of people would have to work in the morning. In the car, May was very affectionate. She said, “When we get home, drink as much water as you can. The important thing is to pee directly on my clit. That drives me crazy. When we are in the shower pee for two seconds, that gets rid of any bacteria. After you have done that it’s safe to pee anywhere. I love it on my hair, face, mouth, tits and cunt but especially on my clit. I will spread my pussy lips for that so you can even pee inside my cunt. Then you can ride me. When you cum, I will pee on your cock. You will feel a wonderful warm sensation that you will never forget.”

They arrived at May’s apartment, the first thing she did was take off her red gown. Paul took off his Tuxedo. They were both naked in under a minute. May got a litre bottle of mineral water. Paul drank three-quarters of it, and he was full. His cock was flaccid so he could still pee. May then sat on a shower seat. She looked amazing. She said, “Pee for two seconds then start, remember the most important thing is peeing hard on my clit.”

He bedava bahis peed for two seconds then peed on her head, she turned and took it in both ears. She opened her mouth and took a mouthful which she then spat back around his cock. She held her massive tits, and he sprayed on her hard nipples. She then used two fingers to open her cunt lips. Her clit popped out. He directed his flow onto her clit and increased the pressure. She used her two hands to hold open her cunt lips so he could pee inside her cunt. He was then empty. She said, “I’m so horny, that turns me on so much. I enjoy it occasionally, it’s not a thing that I would do every day. When you sprayed on my clit, I orgasmed. Now I will suck you until you are hard then I want you to fuck me doggy style in my hot cunt.”

She had him hard in two minutes. He then turned her around. She bent over the shower chair and used it to balance herself. He soon had a powerful rhythm going. He was grinding into her. Twenty-five minutes later they both climaxed simultaneously. He said, “I’m cuming.”

Then he felt the warmth of her pee on his hard cock. It was a tremendous feeling. It highlighted his orgasm. She was gripping his cock. She released him and turned around and kissed him. She said, “Thank you for this wonderful night.”

They then showered. They were both asleep five minutes later. They woke at six-thirty, they had another session they May cooked breakfast. They both left the apartment at eight-thirty. At ten-thirty he had a message from Sue, it read, “Darling, thank you for looking after May. She is over the moon. Can you WhatsApp me the pictures? Especially the video of you dancing to Lady in Red which Carol took. Carol is a patient of mine. Jim, her husband, is an asshole. I have no time for that supercilious twat. I bought some lovely Lemon Sole this morning, so that’s what we will have for supper. I am dying to see the pictures of how May looks. She had the Platinum Package from the Pampered Lady. She has bought me a voucher for the same package as a birthday present, that’s so kind of her. How was the night for you? May said that you were a perfect gentleman. Send me the pictures, and I will see you around five. Love Mum.”

He replied, “I had an excellent evening. I really enjoyed it. Carol and May were drinking Champagne. Jim and I were drinking mineral water. I bought four bottles of each. Jim did not buy one round. I didn’t mind buying for Carol and May. Carol can’t stand Jim. She gave me her mobile number, but I haven’t contacted her yet. May has no problem if I do. That’s good as she has the message that we can have sex and still be friends. I liked Carol, do you think that I should contact her? I will be home around four this afternoon. I love Lemon Sole. I will have a glass of wine when I get home as I had nothing yesterday and tomorrow is Friday, and I can’t drink again until Monday. How is your day going? Would you like Champagne tonight? May looks fantastic, you will see from the pictures. You should have it done. What would you like for your birthday? Some hints would be helpful. Where do you want to dine? Love P.”

She replied, “That was so kind of you paying for the drinks. I can’t stand Jim. You must treat Carol the same way as you treat May. Make sure that she realises that all you can give her is sex with no strings. You must also be careful with Jim, he is an evil bastard. You must be very discreet where you have sex with her. Probably, the best place is in our apartment. Then, if anything happens, she could say that she was visiting me. May was telling me that she thinks that he has serious prostate problems. May looks stunning in the pictures. I have now booked my Platinum Package for eight on the morning of my birthday. I am taking the whole day off. I would love to go to the Italian restaurant for dinner, but I am free for lunch too.”

“I would love it if you could spend the day with me. A hug and a kiss are all I need. Yes, let’s have Champagne tonight. May’s makeup and hair highlights are excellent. I have booked the same stylist as May says that she is the best. Paul, if we can lunch and dinner together that would be an excellent day for me. I was thinking that you would probably be seeing May as you usually have a session with her on a Wednesday. The thing to remember with Carol is that she is married, not happily but still married. May is a widow, there’s a big difference. See you around five. Love Mum.”

He then messaged Carol, it read, “Hi Carol, I enjoyed meeting you last night and was sad when you left. If you are interested in meeting, then let me know how your diary is, and we can work something out. Weekends are not so deneme bonus good for me as I am a Duty Manager for a car hire company. I can offer you sex with no strings, the same as I am giving May. I have no problem with our age difference. Would you like me to WhatsApp some of the pictures that we took last night to you? You look stunning in some of them. Regards, Paul.”

She replied, “Paul, thank you so much for your message. This morning Jim didn’t come down for breakfast. The housekeeper phoned me to the Clinic and told me that he was lying on the carpet struggling to breathe. My reception phoned for an ambulance, and I drove straight home. He has had another stroke. It’s not looking good for him. I have wanted him to have checks on his prostate for ages. He has said that he was OK and had no problem with his prostate. I will know later today the results as the Consultant was a year above me at University. Sex with no strings appeals to me. I have never seen May look so happy. She was glowing last night. Did you fuck her before the Dinner or was she anticipating what was coming later?”

“I am sure that we can work out something. In my Clinic, I have a small flat which I created four years ago so that I would always have a roof over my head. We can use that at any time. Yes please send the pictures, especially the video of Lady in Red. That was so considerate of you. May was so happy when they said the request was for her. I like your style. May told me that you have a Law degree. I may need you as I don’t trust Jim’s lawyer. Darling, I want to get to know you. As soon as I hear anything, then I will let you know. I don’t think that it’s good for Jim. Some prostate cancers are so aggressive, you are lucky if you have weeks after you have been diagnosed. I have thought of you all day. Lots of hugs and kisses, Carol.”

In the afternoon Paul visited The Pampered Lady, he bought the voucher for five hundred and got a voucher for six hundred pounds. He was impressed with the boutique side of the business. The quality was excellent. The lingerie was exceptional. He was happy that he had got Sue the voucher. Sue’s style was quiet, but he was sure that Sue would enjoy The Pampered Lady. If she enjoyed her visit, then he was happy. He got home and hid the voucher in his private place, he had six days to wait until he could give it to her.

He arrived home just after three. He decided to wait until Sue got home before he started drinking. His smartphone beeped, he had a message from Sue, it read, “Darling, those pictures and the video are excellent. Every spare minute that I have had today I have been looking at them. That stylist has transformed May. I am getting excited about going there on Wednesday morning. Could you transfer all your pictures onto my laptop? It’s on the dressing table in my bedroom but excuse the mess. There are no passwords needed. One of the assistants told me it could be done easily. I would like to eat around six. Is that okay with you? Love Mum.”

He went to her bedroom and couldn’t see any mess. Everything was in its place. He found the laptop and took the SD card out of his smartphone and put Card into her laptop. He created a folder in her Pictures folder. He called it ‘May’s Reunion Dinner’ it was all done in seconds. Lady in Red was also transferred. He checked her browsing history. Last night she had spent a lot of time at The Pampered Lady. She had spent time on the boutique looking at clothes and lingerie. The other exciting thing she had been browsing was holidays in the wine regions of France. Her older history was all about Dental care and treatments.

He replied to her telling her that it was done. He also said to her that he had messaged Carol and she had told him that Jim had another stroke and was in the hospital. A couple of minutes after he had sent Sue his last message his phone beeped, he had a message from Carol which read, “Jim passed away twenty minutes ago. What a great relief it is for me. My living nightmare is over. I have not had an easy life with him. What are you doing tonight? I would love to share a bottle of wine or two with you. I have thought of you all day. Carol.”

He was about to reply then Sue arrived home. He told her about Jim passing away. He also told her about Carol inviting him for a bottle or two of wine this evening. Sue said, “This is a great weight off Carol’s shoulders. I don’t know why she put up with him for so long. Message her back and tell her that you will be there around seven. That way we can have our Lemon Sole. I will spend my evening on my laptop studying last nights pictures. Offer Carol any support that you can give her. I will pack an overnight bag for you so you can go straight to the University in the morning.”

Sue prepared supper and packed his bag for him. He noticed that Sue was wearing very tight leggings. He liked her shape. They both enjoyed the Lemon Sole. He gave Sue a hug and left just before seven.

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