Drama 101 Pt. 01 Ch. 01

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As the final bell rang Lacey grabbed her bag and headed for her locker; after dodging a hall full of students her locker came into view. She mumbled to herself as she turned the dial on the rusted lock; she gave it a quick tug and heard the click but it didn’t open. Glaring at the lock she recites her combo in her head 04-20-69. Thankfully this time it opened. At this rate she would be late for drama…for the third time this week, her teacher would not be happy. After dropping her Algebra book off and slamming the dingy teal metal door she took off running down the hallway. Her large breasts were threatening to pop out of her bra as she ran down C corridor.

Lacey’s dark denim mini skirt was so not meant to run in. She skipped stairs all the way down to the first floor losing a flip flop as she swung the auditorium door open. The creaking of the door drew the teacher’s attention as he turned his head toward the opened door. Mr. Davies was wearing his usual white dress up shirt that was loosely tucked into his black jeans. His hair glistened from his overly used gel. He practically glues every stand to his head. Only the anger on his face made him seem slightly psychotic.

“Miss Lacey, late again I see.”

Lacey ducks her head as she drops her bag into a theater seat.

“I am sorry. It won’t happen again; I even rushed to get here. I lost a shoe outside the door. May I go get it?”

He looked up from taking attendance, “after class, right now, you owe me your full, undivided attention, and I will not waste my time or repeat any of these lessons, is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

Sighing and praying her mother doesn’t get a phone call she climbs up on the stage ignoring the stairs. She simply swings her leg up and crawls, but as she does her skirts raises a little flashing her teacher her pink lace panties. Scrambling to her feet she adjusts her skirt and takes her place next to the others. He stared at where he had caught the flash for a few seconds then continued on to begin teaching the class. He kept looking over at lacey, secretly hoping to get another glance at those panties.

She was getting fed up the entire class was full of the same old shit; students standing on desks, throwing paper and the same lecture from the same boring teacher. Scowling to herself she glared at the clock to the left hand side of the stage; 10 more minutes left.

He sat down at his desk; “alright class, everyone listen up. All of you will be free to go when the bell rings. Except you Lacey; I need to Cebeci Escort see you after class.”

Groaning she slammed the play on the stage, “Can’t I stay after tomorrow because tonight I have to…” she needed an excuse fast she did not want to stay after there was only 3 weeks of school left.

“I don’t care about what you have to do tonight, you are going to stay after, I’m sure your mother will agree if I call her up.”

“No please don’t call her. I can’t get grounded.”

His voice was hushed, “Then you’ll hush about staying after won’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

She couldn’t risk her mother knowing she was told to stay after; she would get grounded from now till next school year. She looked at the clock again 1:55, only five more minutes. She had to readjust herself. She spread her legs just long enough to wiggle. He eyes immediately looked between her legs to see her panties again if they showed. She didn’t notice him looking, but she crossed her legs leaving a limited view of the pink laciness. He smirked to himself, he was going to see them again, no matter what, and he now glanced at the clock, not wanting to wait any longer. The clock ticks on agonizingly slow till the bell echoed thru the room. Lacey stood up then looked back at the teacher, who motioned for her to sit back down. She watched everyone else file out the double doors free to go home while she was stuck here.

His lips curved into a devilishly handsome smile, “now, just us.”

“What are you going to make me do? Scrape gum off the underside of the seat?”

“No, nothing quite so nasty.”

He leaned back on his desk, and then patted a spot next to him. “Come over here.”

She gave him a questioning look as if to ask why, but she complied she was in enough trouble. She sat in the seat next to him crossing her legs in modesty.

“So why are you late to my class everyday, Lacey?”

She looked up then back down as she answered, ” The class I have before your is on the fourth floor. I don’t mean to be late really. Then with the kids in the hall. It’s a goddamn clusterfuck. It takes three minutes just to reach my locker then I have two minutes to get to your class.”

She looked down at her lap, dragging her thumb over her textbook. Her pale blue eyes catch a glimpse of the paper on his desk.

“Well Lacey, you have three absences in my class, something got to be done about it. Now, after three I’m supposed to contact your parents.” Çıtır Escort

She looked up at him, horrified. “NO! Please, Please do not do that my father will kill me.”

“Now calm down” He placed a hand on her shoulder, “I can help you…but you have to help me first.”

She had no clue what he meant but if it kept her from being ground she would do it. It couldn’t be that bad he would probably have her clean and organize the storage closet.

“What am I going to be doing?”

He smiled and slid his hand down her arm and took hold of her hand, he then moved it over to his crotch and held it there. Brushing her hand over the obvious bulge in his jeans. She pulled her hand back staring at him.

“W…why did you do that?”

“Because,” he moved in front of her as he took hold of her waist pushing her back further on his desk.

“I am what you’re going to do. I haven’t had a good fuck in a while.”

His hands slide from her waist down to her thighs, he was letting his fingers slowly trail across her thighs. She immediately slid back and pulled her legs up to her chest, looking completely embarrassed and confused.

“I …I can’t. I am a virgin. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“I can show you, and besides, unless you want your parents to get a call, you will do it.”

She was being blackmailed plain and simple. “But…” she stammered with her words not knowing what to say to get her out of her current situation. She wasn’t ready for sex. He had his gaze fixated on her. Lust glazed over the deep green of his eyes.

“Here are your options: one you fuck me and don’t get grounded. Or two don’t fuck me and get grounded. So take your pick.”

She slowly slid forward parting her legs. The pink lace material barely covered the most intimate parts of her. She couldn’t look at him, this was beyond humiliating.

“See, I knew you were a smart girl.”

He grabbed her chin and turned her to look at him, his eyes were deep green and glazed over with apparent lust. His lips brushed against her cheek before he pressed them to her red stained lips. She fought with him, his lips tasted like cigarettes and soda. His hand made it’s way to her neck as he squeezed her windpipe. He kept the pressure till she gave in and kissed him back. She couldn’t get away and she knew it. He soon forced his tongue past her lips and into her mouth as his hands slid up underneath her skirt.

Her stomach was in knots and her mind Demetevler Escort was racing. She shuddered as she felt his hands creep under her skirt. She bit down on his tongue in an effort to get it out of her mouth. He quickly pulled back.

“Fuck…you little…”he slapped her hard. “Fucking bit my tongue.”

An unexpected pain exploded on the right side of her face. Instinctively she raised her hand to her face. He stood there with a not so happy look.

“Don’t you bite me; I’m trying to help you out here. Now, are you going to cooperate this time?”

As he was talking, he was unbuttoning his shirt.

Taking a deep breath she looks at him, “yes sir.” The words rolled off her tongue like a curse.

“Then get off the desk and on your knees.”

Nodding she stands and sinks to her knees. Knowing what will come next she reaches for his jeans. Her hands shaking like a leaf blown from a tree. Her dainty fingers numbly undoing the button, before taking hold of the zipper dragging it down. The grinding of it made her want to vomit. He just watched her with a perversed facial expression.

“Oh good, the little slut already knows what to do, saves time on my part.”

She grimaced and shook her hair out, letting the auburn waves cascade down her back.

“If you are not careful with your words Sir your tongue will not be the only thing I bite today.”

He peered down at her, “If you aren’t careful with your mouth slut that slap won’t be the only thing you get today.”

With a scowl she yanks his jeans down. His partially erect cock hanging at mouth level. With a glance up she wraps her left hand around his shaft, dragging her tongue over the swollen tip of him.

“Good girl.”

He leaned back; placing his hands on his desk as the warmth of her mouth slid over his cock. Her nervousness washed away as her tongue swirled around his cock. She pulled away long enough to look up at him. She never noticed that Mr. Davies was actually kind of hot. He had muscles but they didn’t stand out in that shirt he fancied.


He cleared his throat drawing her attention back to his hard member that rested against her lips. He leaned back on the desk, closing his eyes as she drew him back into her mouth. Her free hand taking hold of his precious balls.

“There you go; you got the hang of it.”

She stopped what she was doing, “Oral is not all that difficult.”

He looked down at her, “says the eighteen year old…so whose cock have you sucked before?”

“No one’s sir. I am a fast learner I suppose,” with a slight smirk she rolls his testicles between her lips. He smirked, “Well, no one’s going to complain about that.”

She gave a slight nod dropping her head between his things to take the softness of his balls into her mouth. She still could not believe what she was doing.

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