Driving Me Crazy

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Blake and Dani had been on the road for 3 hours. He’d promised to drive all the way to Atlanta when he was drunk the night before. Bravado, fueled by a few beers, had been the voice that promised to go that long without a break. It wasn’t even the stress or mental strain. It was just so boring and mindless. He needed a distraction.

Dani stared out the window, her boredom eased by the ability to look places other than the road ahead.

“Wanna switch soon?” asked Blake at 11:30. Only another hour to go.

“I though you were going the distance,” Dani said flatly.

“Well, yeah, i can do some more.” He was owning up to his promise from the night before. Plus, he didn’t want to seem like a baby. Dani was a friend that he’d met at a college party, and they went pretty far back…but she still wasn’t quite a friend that he wanted to look like a huge pussy in front of.

“Good, ’cause I really don’t wanna drive until the way back.” Dani flipped down the passenger visor and took her over-sized sunglasses off. She fixed her blonde ponytail and tucked a few stray strands behind her ears, then picked at some flakes of her suntan that had burned a little. Blake tried to stare ahead, but he did sneak a quick peak down at her legs, which were only covered by some short jean shorts.

After a while, Dani broke the silence again. “Wanna make a bet?” Dani asked, more excited than Blake felt. He wasn’t really in the mood for playing games, but he did need the distraction from the road. How do truckers do this for a living, he wondered. Amphetamines. That’s how.

“What kind of bet?”

“I’ll bet I can find a way to get you to drive all the way to Atlanta,” Dani said with a slight hint of a dare.

“I’d like to see what you have in mind,” Blake laughed, confident he was so sick of driving that no price would match his desire to make her take the wheel.

“Well I could promise to drive the whole way back?” said Dani, who got a dismissive snort from Blake, as if to say, “you’re definitely doing that.”

“I could give you a handjob?” countered Dani.

“While I’m driving?” Blake said, mildly surprised. “You wanna make me crash the car?”

Dani didn’t hear him. “Have you ever gotten a handjob on the road? I don’t mind. I think it might be kind of fun. But you have to keep driving or I’d have to stop,” she said, sounding like she was arguing why he should accept. “Isn’t that what friends do for each other, give them handjobs and blowjobs, things like that?” Dani seemed to enjoy the prospect.

“Well what if I blow my load right away and then we have to switch?” Blake countered.

“Ha, what if you ‘blow your load’ right away? really, Blake?” she was laughing gaziantep escortları at him now, mocking the crude slang he’d used. Things had just gotten a little awkward. “If you ‘blow your load’ right away then I just might have to forget about how cool you looked last night volunteering to drive for four hours,” she said, an annoyed, maybe dismissive hint to her tone.

She turned her attention back to the passenger side window. “Let me know if I can do anything to keep you entertained, then,” and she was done talking for a minute.

The minute was a short one though, and soon boredom took over. “You ready to quit driving yet?” she teased.

“I think I might be,” he replied seriously, almost trying to make her forget about her idea.

Dani became slightly worried she’d missed her opportunity. She wanted this, and she thought maybe she’d pushed him just a little too far with her teasing. “Blake, I didn’t mean to give you shit, I just thought we could have some fun, that’s all,” she said with a half smile.

“No, no, that’s OK. You just have to make it up to me with that handjob you mentioned,” Blake answered as calm as before, ready to get jerked off on the road, for the first time. Shoot his cum all over the steering wheel. Coat her hands with his hot, sticky spillings. She made fun of him for the phrase ‘shoot my load,’ but he was going to just that if she was willing to follow through.

“Oh, so he’s decided to accept my bet,” she said to herself, pleasantly surprised, not quite realizing that the bet was not the point anymore, it was almost a second thought to the idea of whacking off his cock.

“Yeah, if you want to,” Blake said, almost insistent that she not feel pressured.

“Well I have to uphold my half of the bargain,” she said with a devilish grin. She leaned over and crossed that invisible line between passenger and driver, and searched for his waistband, fumbled, searched some more. She gave up with a happy sigh, saying, “Blake, you’ll have to scoot forward and help me with these pants.” He was happy to help, and he got to stretch his legs too.

‘She works fast,’ he thought as she tugged his shorts down, as his half hard dick flopped out of his pants and fell to the side. It brushed against her warm arm as she lifted it away and it gave him a shiver. ‘Our first contact’ he thought. She sat and stared at his cock, a simple, half-hard member that pulsed slightly with the beat of his heart. Blake didn’t quite know what to do. They’d wasted about 15 minutes but there was still upwards of 30 left before they exited highway 85.

She continued to sit and stare. ‘Any time now,’ thought Blake, feeling mildly sheepish for not having seen this coming. For no real purpose but to tease him, she was going to make this last for the duration of the ride. ‘Don’t wanna finish too soon and have to switch drivers’ he thought in his head.

“It looks so big,” she said, after a moment. “Such a nice looking cock. I can’t wait to have it in my fingers,” she teased.

“Any time,” replied Blake nervously. Traffic was getting thicker as they approached the city.

“Oh, I guess I can begin stimulating you now,” Dani said with a sultry, low voice. “I can take you into my hands and motivate you for the drive.” This teasing and strangely reserved way of talking about his cock was making it grow. She reached over and took hold of him slowly, her fingers curling around the shaft and encircling him. Unlike her arm, the fingers were colder, stronger, controlling. They squeezed his cock and let go. squeezed and let go several more times.

Blake let out a deep sigh. He was finding it hard to focus on driving, which he expected, but he didn’t expect to get so turned-on just from the raw danger of the situation. They could be spotted. They could get in an accident. Any number of things could happen, and this was a major turn-on. He wondered silently if she was as turned on as he was.

She hadn’t started stroking yet. Just gentle squeezing. The cock in her hands was hard, almost unbelievably hard. She adjusted her weight in the seat and turned to face him directly. Her left hand held the looser skin down tightly, her right hand twisted in slow circles. The anticipation was churning inside him, and her slow workings were keeping him hard and straining for more. Up slowly, very slowly and around, then back down quickly, to the base, before starting the painfully slow journey to the top…

He had lost track of time. He realized suddenly that she was stroking him more urgently. Up and down, the loose skin had now become a sheath for her to stroke his inner nerves with. He was bulging up at her, straining for more. The hands were rough on his skin, pumping faster, harder. He needed release, but couldn’t get in the right position to get it. She only had access to the top half of his erection, the way he was sitting in the car.

“I can get some lotion, Blake,” she offered. He nodded vigorously, and for the first time she realized how turned on he was. Lotion was the answer, and she reached in her bag for the right one.

“I’m gonna get a nice big dallop, OK?” She coaxed him, but still couldn’t find the right lotion. “Hang on,” she said with a little laugh. He had been close to orgasm earlier, but was losing it fast as a glaring reality set in: they were nearing the exit toward Atlanta. After this they’d be in stop-and-go traffic, and it would be too busy, in the bright light of day, to be getting jerked off in a car.

“Hurry, Dani, we don’t have much longer,” he stammered.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it right here,” she said as she turned, squeezing a healthy amount into her right palm. “Ready?”

A wave of relief washed over him. It turned into a wave of pure pleasure, as the first silky strokes sent feelings through him he’d never felt before. She was moisturizing his cock as he drove down the highway at 75 miles an hour.

“Is that what you needed?” Dani said with a smile. She started stroking him steadily now, and he simply nodded at her, in sensory overload. He was conscious of their exit approaching too. Fast.

“Dani, we only have two miles left to go,” he said, concerned.

“That’s alright,” she said slyly, “just relax and watch for the exit and when you’re ready, I want you to shoot your cum for me.”

With a smile, between gasps, Blake continued driving while she milked his length. Her hands were sliding up and down, making a loud sucking sound. Only one mile to go. There were cars all around. her hands were moving quickly but so was traffic, and he couldn’t slow down.

“I’m gonna cum,” he spat out, as the final sign for their exit approached. Dani turned a little, trying to see where they were, and missed a stroke. “Shit,” she yelled as she grabbed his slick shaft and resumed her stroking, but she had set him back slightly, by maybe five seconds. five crucial seconds. Blake hit the turn signal to the right and gripped the wheel. The exit was coming fast; so was he. He had just enough time to point his sedan down the exit ramp and move his foot to the brake as he let out a moan and his orgasm hit. 45 minutes of pent-up energy and stimulation burst forth like a fountain, and he spilled semen on his shirt and pants in an explosive series of bursts, the strength of his orgasm carrying on and on.

Dani was cooing at him, and giving him soft little ‘oohs’ of approval. He coasted to the stop at the red light at the end of the ramp, and Dani got out a towel and wiped semen off his shorts, buttoning him up hastily. She blotted at his shirt, but she could only get so much of the cum. There was still an obvious stain on the from of his clothing.

“You’ll need to change-” she started, before Blake burst out a long breath, exclaiming, “Oh my God that was incredible. That was seriously…I don’t…I don’t even know what to say right now.” He couldn’t feel his legs.

“You don’t have to explain,” Dani laughed, “but you might have to return the favor on the way home,” she said in the same teasing way that she’d started this whole adventure with. The light turned green, and he pressed down the gas pedal. With that, they drove off into the afternoon sun, toward his Atlanta.

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