Driving to Her Rescue

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I was spent, my cock was slowly deflating, still wrapping loosely in the sticky condom. My wife lay snoozing beside me sent to dreamland by a late night fucking. This was an anomaly in our household. Monthly sex in the morning or early evening was our typical fare after five years of marriage, two kids and never enough time.

But that night I was horny as hell, groping my wife at every opportunity, pressing her into corners just outside our kids gaze, whispering dirty words into her ears and making her blush. What got into me?

It was the day of our daughter’s third birthday party. Family and friends came, and overall it was pretty successful. Enough kids and toys to let them mostly to themselves, and give the grown-ups time to chat.

One late arrival, was our kids long time late babysitter, Sandy, up from college. We had witness her blossom into a beautiful young lady and missed her being around to babysit the kids. She was in town and stopped by for the party, looking as hot and pert as usual in a pair of tight jeans and unseasonal t-shirt. She had long red hair, big tits and a tight athletic body. Her green eyes and freckles might make you think she was four years younger, but her body was clearly adult. I had seen her grow from a early developed adolescent, to a stacked teen, and now a curvy adult. She was my cousin’s husbands little sister, so I knew her before she was our babysitter.

When she was in her early teens, I would banish any dirty thought I had when she would bend over showing off her blossoming breasts, or when she was wearing those tight sweats that were the rage a while back. In her teen years, I would look away when she showed up in a belly shirt and low rise jeans. Later, a couple of years into her babysitting, I would more brazenly gaze upon her beauty as I drove her home, counting on her to assume no man my age would even look. I sometimes asked her questions about boys and such, dancing around questions of sex and lacing my thoughts with innuendo. She was, by all accounts, the measure of a pure and virginal girl. A devout Mormon, with a desire to do things right. I wanted her then, but, the absurdity and perverseness of it, kept me at bay. What 18 year old could be attracted to a stout 30 something? At best, it would cost me marriage, at worse some jail time. So I kept my dirty old man routine to something I could plausibly deny, a mere healthy interest in her wellbeing. She eventually went off to college, and we saw little of her except holidays and such.

I had been feeling horny all day, I don’t know why, but I caught myself watching her across the room and decided to leave her proximity, lest I betray myself. I wound up in the kids’ room, watching them and trying to clean up after them. It was like trying to control the chaos in the kids playroom, picking up toys as yet another box of them was burst open. As the only adult in a room full of kids I was about at my wits end. Then, I felt a presence behind me.

Leaning down she said in a normal voice. “Steve, you are looking really good. How much weight have you lost?”

I felt a small blush, she was pretty close behind me. Nearly touching, her mouth close enough to my ear that she could have bitten it, if she chose to.

“About fifteen pounds, last I checked.” I managed

I had begun a low effort diet, mostly just avoiding snacks, desserts, and seconds. And it was paying off. Moreso than I imagined.

“Well, you look really good. Really” She said in tone of surprised discovery, like ‘what have we here?” Her hand was touching my back and lingering for a moment. I didn’t respond. She was barely nineteen, and I was happily married right? But I felt a stirring, there in the playroom, that I was afraid to address. If she noticed anything, she didn’t betray it. Perhaps she thought I was coming off coldly to her. Maybe it was best she did.

But all those nights imaging her hot body under, atop or around mine had built up a fantasy that the slightest provocation could set off. I pretended not to notice, as she broke contact and headed back to the party.

The rest of the party went as usual, I played host, and tried to keep things in order. Eventually people started leaving. She was among the first to go. She gave everyone bigs hugs, and when she came to me. She moved in close and her lips seemed to brush against my neck. As we hugged one of my hands strayed down her back and lightly touched her ass as we parted. It was like one of my fantasies, but it was never supposed to happen. It felt as amazing I imagined, but I quickly withdrew my hand fearfully. She couldn’t have not noticed it. But she said nothing, she didn’t even look at me. Perhaps she had other dirty old men groping her, and had learned to shrug it off. I felt guilty as sin as she left the house.

That was several hours ago. We’d cleaned the house, put the kids to bed, and fucked like bunnies late into the night. I will say that whiled fucking my wife, I thought only of her. But I wouldn’t have felt Küçükköy escort so passionate if it weren’t for Sandy and our touches.

So here I was enjoying the post coital bliss of some teen induced eros. When the phone rings. I glance at the clock 2am. My wife stirs a little, I pull myself out of bed and answer.

“I am so sorry to call you. But I didn’t know who else to call. My jeep broke down, I am stuck in the middle of nowhere!” She was sobbing.

“It’s okay, of course, you can call us.” I reply trying to sound awake “Do you know where you are?” I ventured.

“I think I saw a sign for exit 234 on I40.” She answered. “It’s raining and the car won’t start, and it is so dark, I’m scared.” She sounded panicked.

“Who is it?” My wife called from bed, “What do they want?”

“It’s Sandy, She’s stuck in the rain, her jeep broke down.”

My wife got up and and got to the phone. She tried to calm Sandy down and coax some more information from her.

Meanwhile, I got up and pulled some sweatpants on.

“She’s just past Bolton.” My wife said. “About 45 minutes. Do you mind. She can’t call her Mom, because she is Florida.”

I sighed, pulled on a shirt and sweatshirt, and a jacket and headed out.

It was not a pleasant drive, hard rain, pitch-black, and nothing on the radio. But eventually, I got closer and saw the flashing lights of her Jeep on the side of the road.

I pulled over and got out. I pulled my jacket close, but the rain was beating down hard, and I could feel it getting under my clothes and getting me wet. My socks were soaked by the time I got to her window. She was frozen into her chair, eyes glued ahead. I tapped on the glass and she jumped. When she saw it was me, she pushed the door open and jumped from the car.

“Let’s get out of this rain!” I yelled, and the two of us ran to my car. She hopped in and sat there shivering. She must have gotten out before I got there because she was soaked to the bone. In the dim light of my dashboard I could see her stiff nipples poking through the thin fabric of her bra and t-shirt. She didn’t seem to have a coat. I pulled mine off and gave it to her, but she was still shivering.

“Thank you so much! I can’t believe you drove all the way out here for me.” She gushed, her teeth chattering through the words.

I turned on the engine and cranked up the heat, but before I pulled into traffic, I paused.

“No problem. But listen, Sandy, I don’t mean to be weird or anything, but I think maybe you should take off those wet clothes. You can have my sweatshirt I offered.”

She didn’t say anything but immediately began to pull off her jeans, not an easy feat as they were tight before they got wet, now they were practically glued on her. Eventually she struggled out of them, giving me a glimpse of her white g-string, transparent with wetness, a few matted red hairs poked through. My breath caught a little short. She stopped, looked at me, then proceeded. She pulled off my jacket and peeled her t-shirt off. I turned away as she presumably removed her bra as well. I heard her pull on my warm sweatshirt and then turned around. There she was, the bottom of my sweatshirt barely covering her thighs, her large breasts visible in the open neck of the large shirt. She didn’t seem to notice or care. I stole a few glances and then turned to the road.

“So where I am taking you?” I asked. She didn’t want to go all the way back to college without her car, and home was a long way off. We decided to head to the next exit and see if there was a motel.

“I was so scared. Every time I saw a car drive by I thought someone might pull over and kidnap me or something. I can’t tell you how grateful I am you came down here. You must be exhausted.” She said gratefully.

“You’re like family.” I offered

“Carla is so lucky. You are the best guy ever.” She said looking at me with big green eyes, her legs up on the dash and her knees stretching the fabric of my sweatshirt. I could see the bottoms of her thighs as she did this, and my cock started to rise in my pants. She glanced down at my crotch and then turned quickly away.

There was an awkward silence for the next few minutes as the miles passed and the rain continued to pelt the vehicle.

She let out a sort of resolved sigh and adjusted her legs so the hem of the shirt rode up her thighs further and further, until it was barely below her waist. The way she was sitting I couldn’t see between her legs, but I could see all of one leg, all the way up past her hips. Again my cock twitched pitching a tent in my sweat pants. I immediately regretted not wearing any underwear in my haste to leave the house. She definitely seemed to notice this, and she bit her lip a little. I could feel my heart pounding. I was about to apologize when she turned my direction and leaned forward, again affording me a view down the wide neck of the sweatshirt to her large unclad breasts heaving against the soft fabric Mecidiyeköy escort bayan of my sweatshirt.

‘I wish I could thank you.. properly.” She said as she moved a hand to my leg.

I felt embarrassed by my body’s betrayal. I turned to her and began to apologize.

“I’m sorry Sandy, it’s just, you look so damn hot.” I apologized my face getting redder.

“Don’t be sorry.” She consoled me. The hand on my leg moved up and started to grip my growing erection through my sweatpants. The other hand began to pull at the strings holding them up. I should have told her to stop. I should have said something. But I didn’t.

“Wow. Carla, really is lucky!” She marveled, running her fingers up and down the eight fat inches of cock she had pressed through the fabric. A little bit of moisture was leaking through the material at the tip of my cock.

With a quick flick of her other hand she yanked my sweatpants down to mid thigh and my cock sprang into the air. A droplet of pre-cum landing on her wrist.

She flicked at it with her tongue and then bent over and sunk her mouth over my swelling cock. The fact that I still had my wife’s juices drying on my cock didn’t seem to occur to me, and if she noticed, she didn’t say anything. Instead she began bobbing up and down on my hard shaft with growing speed and vigor. My image of her as a religious and chaste little girl was rapidly disappearing. This girl knew how to suck cock.

I did my best to pay attention to the road, but I knew I couldn’t keep this up if she did. Soon I spotted a rest stop and pulled us into it. She kept going as if nothing changed. As the car stopped in the deserted parking lot, I was able to lean the seat back and give her some more room. She shifted position and forced another inch or two into her mouth. I could her little gasps for air as she nearly choked herself forcing me inside her. Girls were never like this when I was 19 I thought briefly as I enjoyed the blowjob. After a few more minutes, she took a long pull on my slick rod and let it pop out.

“Damn. I’ve never had a guy last so long.” She said exhaustedly.

“I guess age has some benefits.” I offered, holding back the fact that I had cum twice in my wife already that night.

“You’re not that old” she chided and she maneuvered her body over me, until she was straddling my legs. It was a bit uncomfortable, a Camry is not the world’s most spacious car, but all I could feel her bare flesh on mine. Her sweatshirt rode up even further and I could see a small patch of red hair between her legs. She put her hands on either side of my head and leaned forward. My hands slid under the sweatshirt and reached those enormous orbs. She cooed in pleasure as my palms rolled over her thick nipples, and my hands stretched wide to encapsulate the whole breasts. Don’t get me wrong, my wife’s breasts are very nice, a hefty handful, especially after being pregnant. But Sandy’s breasts were both bigger and still had the firmness of a nineteen year old. They were a delight to hold, and they seemed hardwired to her wet pussy because the more I fondled and gripped them, the more she shivered and rocked her pelvis over my legs. The motion was slowly but surely bringing her wet snatch in contact with my hard cock. A little at first then more and more. Soon her pussy was sliding over my cock gripping it slightly as though trying to get purchase. My hips were rising and back was arching to meet her movements.

I let my hands slide down to her ripe ass cheeks and tried to lift her higher so the tip of my cock would connect with her open hole. That tight firm ass so athletic, both cheeks neatly fit into my outstretched hands. I could pull them and spread them with ease. She moaning in time with our movements.

Finally I felt the slippery wetness of her hot cunt move over the tip of my cock. She enthusiastically if ineffectively tried impaling herself on my big fat head, but having some more experience in this matter, I slowed her down. My hands steady on her ass pulled her up and lined up her body for an easier entrance. My head firmly wedges in her tight opening, I rocked her back and forth. The tip of my cock pressing against her clit and down to the opening of her wet pussy.

Slowly I pressed into her as I let her weight down on me. The thick head of my cock slowly forced it’s way in between those tight wet lips. She was holding her breath in a combination of pain and pleasure. As the head finally pushed through she let out her breath and her body slid down several inches atop my rock hard member.

She seemed momentarily alarmed, my cock was wedged to deeply, so quickly, she didn’t know how to handle the myriad sensations coursing through her body. I was feeling the same. Her pussy was like a slippery vise touching every part of my cock simultaneously and alternatingly tugging and squeezing it. She started to pull away, but I tightened my grip on her ass and ground my penis deeper inside her. Escort Merter The force seemed to push any resistance away, and she sort of gave a sigh and slumped a little, as though low in the saddle. I began to pump in earnest now, and she rode me like a champ. Our bodies began to move in sync undulating like a wave. I kept kneading her ass as my cock pistoned in and out of her. Her chest rose and fell in heavy motions, her glorious tits bouncing before my face. I would lash out at them with my tongue as they passed and she press them deep into my lips.

I could feel the tension growing her her body as her languid movements became more and more urgent. She was lifting a little at every push so as to meet the next one with the force of gravity, my fingers were gripping her tight enough to leave marks. She was moaning softly, almost plaintively, a soft mewling, as though she were struggling with something. Our tempo increased as did the pitch of her cries.

I was deaf to my own animal-like grunts and groans, all thought was gone, my passion and lust in charge. I had this amazing body glued to me, and I was going to enjoy it. She seemed totally committed to the moment, no hesitancy, no fear, maybe she was feeling the same thing as me. Honestly, at this point I didn’t really care.

Her movements continued and I was beginning to sense in her frantic movements a need to cum on her part, she was rubbing her body hard against mine, one hand of hers had begun tweaking her nipples to speed her relief. Having cum twice already that night, I was a long way off, but I accelerated none the less, far be it for me to deny a lady her wee deserved orgasm. My cock rammed harder and harder into tight pussy, each time eliciting a cry of pleasure. So the cries were a scream, then her whole body seemed to come apart, her legs spasmed with her hips and cunt. Her arms flailed in the air like a woman swatting at imaginary bugs before her, her eyes had a look of panic and then tearful calm. After what seemed like several seconds she collapsed atop me whimpering softly. My cock still rock hard inside her.

I held her there, her body felt half the size of my wife, and easy load to bear, and with the slightest of effort my legs and hips maintained a subtle rolling that kept the tip of my cock moving just enough to feel, just enough to keep me hard. She didn’t seem to notice at first. She lay there drenched in sweat, her body pressed against mine, and hair a tangled mess draped over my head.

After a bit as her body seemed to relax a little, I let my movements become little by little more pronounced, until she was slowly again rolling like a wave atop me, in gentle small arcs. She pushed herself up from me, her breasts dropped and then bounced with perfect elasticity. I gazed happily at them as they described tiny circles. She adjusted her position and then looked at me with wide eyes.

“Are you serious?” She said in wonder.

“Well. I said, if it doesn’t hurt, I can go on a bit more.” I said quietly.

“Oh my god. Where were you prom night instead of that minute man Bill?” she laughed.

“I was out buying you condoms as I recall.” I said. My wife and I worried about a naive school girl with a conservative parent partying at modern school prom, so we dropped a package into her purse before she left our house, just in case. As I said the words a small worry crossed my mind. Not that I slowed the rocking of my pelvis in the least, but she must have sense the worry on my face.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ve got that covered now.” She said, alluding to the pill, I guessed.

I let that worry slip my mind and kept moving, she looked a little dizzy from the motion or the emotions, and let her head drift back as though dancing to a soft beat.

I felt her fingers curl around the base of my shirt and pull it over my head. Then she mashed her body against mine. Those enormous tits pressed hard into my skin. I jumped a little at the feel, and she let out a little squeal.

“I want you to cum inside me Steve, I want to feel it inside me.” She said this in such an authoritative way, she hardly seemed like the little girl I watched grow up, the pimple-faced girl I left my babies with. She seemed truly a woman on top. With that she started to take control. Her hips growing taut and lax pulled my cock inside her, squeezing it tightly, then pushing it out. I let her lead me. She began to accelerate her movements, lifting her amazing ass off my legs and slamming her pussy down atop my aching cock. Again and again she fell the whole length of my cock until my legs were buckling and my balls were boiling. With each little hop, her big firm tits rolled past my face and down my chest. Her hard nippled scraping against mine. Finally I began to feel the burn. I could sense the cum rising in my balls and ready to blow. She seemed to sense this too, and redoubled her efforts.

“Oh god Steve! Yes, Fuck me. Fuck my tight pussy!” She cried, egging me onward.

My body reacted with equal force, rising to meet each assault. My fingers gripped her ass cheeks and prodding at her her tiny rose bud. This seemed to push her to greater heights of pleasure. She wasn’t just trying to make me cum, she was well on her way as well. The sedan was rocking and rolling from the energy we imparted into it.

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