Drøbak Ch. 01 – How it All Started

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Anyone reading my previous missives may have wondered how it is that I am so determined that the other participants in my encounters should enjoy the experience at least as much as me and also maybe what set me on the path of sexual pleasure. I freely admit that I can also be rather manipulative.

After thinking about it for a while and remembering early events in my sexual life I am now ready to write about my first encounter and how it has influenced my preferences ever since.

As you may recall I was sent to live with my uncle in Norway when I reached secondary school age. My uncle was a career man and strongly driven to do his best for the family business that he inherited. He had been late to marry as he didn’t have time for relationships but when he did it was to a bride much younger than himself. The problem with the arrangement was that he was still driven by the business and had little time for his marital duties, other than paying for a beautiful house overlooking Drøbakk Sund. A very exclusive area popular with shipping magnates.

When I arrived in the house Aunt Marit paid me special attention. I suppose I was the child she never had although there couldn’t have been more than 15 years age difference. The situation remained that way until I reached the age of 18.

She had already started to introduce alcohol free beer and wine into my diet. I got used to the taste but not how to control my intake. She only ever gave me one glass with my meal.

My birthday came and we had a party at home. Me, some friends and my aunt. My uncle, of course, was on a business trip, I think to London. While Marit was out of the room my friends commented about how plain she was. I didn’t think so. She was my fantasy woman.

When all my friends had left, my aunt and I relaxed on a balcony overlooking the water. As the evening drew to a close I realised I was quite light headed. I took it to be because of the excitement of the party but now believe that my aunt had switched to real wine after my friends had gone. I excused myself and went to bed.

A while after I had lain down, naked as always, Aunt Marit came in. I wasn’t startled because she sometimes came to say good night. I saw that she was wearing a scanty nighty. She came over to me and stroked my hair, then she started to wonder down my neck and back before moving round to the front. I was enjoying the new sensations more than I had imagined in my youthful fantasies and didn’t complain, even when she started to touch my penis. I was already pretty erect before she got that far.

She took my hand and guided it to her inner thigh, just above the knee. Nothing to shock me too much. She guided my movements as I stroked her and gradually moved my hand up her leg. I remember very well how my excitement level jumped bursa escort when I felt altogether softer and different flesh. I was encouraged to press and stroke in a rhythmic motion. My aunt’s hand guided my middle finger into a cleft and I felt a wet warmth that was totally unexpected. My other fingers pressed on the soft flesh on each side. This was a milestone.

Rather than just enjoying the unexpected sensations I got a strong urge to have sex. My friends and I often talked about finding a willing woman and having sex all night, not that we knew anything about it except what we learnt about human reproduction in school and general student gossip. Aunt Marit continued to rub up, down and around my penis, intermittently gently stroking the front. With her other hand she was stoking my balls and the gap between them and my anus.

I shot a load of semen onto my stomach and up to my ribs. Some got on her hand and she licked it off before kissing my forehead again and saying she hoped I had a wonderful birthday and liked her little extra treat. She then turned and left the room. I was curious about her licking her hand and had a taste myself. It was a bit odd but ok.

After a short rest to recuperate and let the evening’s experience sink in I went to the bathroom to clean up. On the way I passed my aunt’s room and heard moaning. I stopped by the door to listen. I didn’t understand what I was hearing but I was transfixed until I heard movement and rushed away. My aunt (and uncle, when he was home) had their own bathroom, so there was little chance of us encountering each other.

Things weren’t the same between me and my aunt after that. I was too shy to do anything about it but I was constantly hoping that more of the same would follow. I don’t know how I managed to concentrate at school. I didn’t mention a thing to my friends. This was too special.

I wanted to learn more about sex and tried out various men’s magazines. One that I found particularly informative was a small publication called Forum. It was in English, but that was ok for me. There I learnt a lot about sexuality and women’s parts but couldn’t quite picture the relationship between them. There were very few illustrations.

Armed with a new self confidence I walked up behind my aunt one afternoon, while she was in the kitchen, and put my arms around her. My instant erection strained against her buttocks through our clothes. One of my hands slid down to the top of her thighs and between her legs. Obviously at the time I hadn’t learnt about the subtle approach. I hadn’t thought through what reaction I might get and wasn’t surprised when she turned her head and started to passionately kiss me.

Before I knew it I was being guided to the master bedroom and the giant bed there. My aunt started bursa escort bayan to remove my clothes and I began to take off hers. I got stuck at her bra as I didn’t know what to do until she demonstrated how it unhooked. I was now almost uncontrollable. I had never seen or touched a naked woman before. I pushed her back on the bed and tried to find my way in to penetrate her. The excitement and friction on my penis as I moved about on her was not only deliriously overpowering but more than I could withstand. I shot my load all over her thighs and the bed. I was mortified. I had blown my chance and shown how incompetent I was.

Marit was so understanding and supportive. She told me not to worry and that I would do better next time. Then she took some tissues from by the bed and cleaned herself up before getting hold of my flaccid penis and gently kneading it before doing something I had never thought would happen, even though I had read about it. She put my now slightly turgid member in her mouth and proceeded to suck and lick as I rapidly hardened again.

She then took my hand and directed it between her legs, instructing me to do as I had on my birthday. I started to rub back and forth and in circles. I tried to remember the things I had read and to try to understand the bits I could feel. When she was very wet my aunt told me to lie on my back and proceeded to sit astride my stomach. The view was astounding. Her lovely little breasts, tipped by erect nipples, above a little bush of hair. She slid back, lifting herself slightly as my penis slid under her. Then she started to slide back and forth, her wetness coating me and the head of my penis stroking against the point where her lower lips joined. It was so strange and erotic seeing my own penis darting in and out of that cute little bush.

It was heavenly and I’m sure I would have come quickly again if Marit hadn’t been reading me and adjusting the pressure and pace to stop me going too far. Oh my God, this was so wonderful. When she was ready she raised herself up, got hold of my manhood and sank down on to it. My mind was in utter turmoil. The heat was overpowering, the slippery stroking was paradise, the feeling of being engulfed was beyond my wildest dreams.

I came again almost instantly. Marit stopped on top of me like that as the pulsing and involuntary thrusting subsided and remained almost stationary as I gradually shrank again. I’d had two powerful orgasms in less than half an hour and felt exhausted. I was also ecstatic. I wasn’t a virgin any more. I felt great. I was so happy. It didn’t occur to me that Aunt Marit hadn’t been satisfied yet, but she seemed to realise that this was my special occasion and didn’t push for more. She just snuggled up to me as I dozed on her bed.

I don’t escort bursa know how long I had been lying there but it was still daylight when I woke to find that my aunt was again at work on my penis. By the time I realised, it was already hard, so I must have been fast asleep not to notice earlier. I saw that she was vigorously rubbing herself at the same time. Once she saw that I was awake Marit instructed me to rub her clitoris, showing me where it was. I had read about clitorises but this was the first time I’d concentrated on one. I must have been rubbing it before as part of my previous ministrations.

To allow me to reach easily she moved round so that her thighs were by my shoulders and her mouth was working on my manhood. Then she asked whether I would like a better view. Without waiting for an answer she straddled me. That was both very educational and arousing. Her lips were wide open and the inner parts highly visible for my enjoyment and additional learning. Afterwards she explained to me what all the parts were but for now I was just rubbing as instructed.

Her next instruction was very unexpected. She told me to put a finger into her opening and firmly stroke the front surface. I wasn’t about to argue about that! Meanwhile I could feel my tired penis pass the point of rather nice to truly randy. Aunt Marit was now thrusting against my finger and breathing heavily. In hindsight she must have been frustrated too that my amateur ministrations on her clitoris went off course nearly every time she thrust. Whether in frustration or not she changed position and lay on her back, instructing me to get on top, support my weight and penetrate her with my penis. This I managed with some fine navigation from Marit’s hand.

Now I was to thrust as I had initially planned when we went up to the room. I set to work, enjoying the new sensation. I was told to move up a bit so that the base on my penis rubbed her clitoris with each inward thrust. Marit thrust in time with me for a while and then set her own pace. I continued like this for several minutes.

Marit started moaning, arched her back and convulsed against my penis. Up to that point I think I could have gone on quite a while longer but the convulsions triggered something and I only managed a couple more thrusts before I was again ejaculating into her. Marit lay back satisfied at last. She had a huge smile on her face and upstanding nipples on her almost flat chest. She looked more beautiful than I had ever seen before. That was my first lesson in satisfying a woman and I found it exceptionally satisfying too, despite my previous activity.

I vowed that I would always minister properly to the women in my life. A vow I have kept.

Now that I had opened Pandora’s box there was no stopping my aunt. I don’t know how long she had been involuntarily chaste but there was a lot of pent up desire and frustration there. She seemed to make it a personal campaign to teach me all there was to learn about sex, and certainly not just for my pleasure. More details to follow …

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