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Soon after, Donald and Emma go to bed.  As he holds her close to him, which he seems to do to automatically now, Donald thinks about what he is planning for Emma tomorrow.  Neither of them has any appointments, obligations or must be anywhere, so it will be a full day of preparing her and playing this new game out.  He only hopes that she will enjoy it.When they wake on Thursday morning, Donald tells Emma to go tan and get massaged. Now, nicely tanned, and even the suit marks disappearing, she only uses the bed a couple of times a week.Donald sends a message to Karen to take extra time over Emma, so she is limber and relaxed.  Emma loves the attention and almost falls back to sleep from the massage.  Feeling all her limbs so relaxed, she returns to the bathroom.She sees Donald at the sink counter stirring something in a cup.  He turns and smiles at her and leads her to the shower.  He washes her over and over, and then shampoos her hair, she feels his fingers massaging her scalp as he does.Then he has her sit on the shower bench and begins to paint the concoction in the cup over her hair.  Donald explains it is a henna mix, dark brown, but with some golden henna too to make her hair really glow today.  He assures her that henna does not last that long, but enough for the weekend ahead.Emma is a little confused about this but smiles at him as he so carefully covers her hair.  He sits down next to her then and tells her that it needs to set for a few minutes.  The warm steam from the shower running, but not on them right now, is nice and relaxing.Donald puts his fingers into her cunt and begins to play with her up and down her slit.  Oh, it feels so nice.  Emma swoons at his touch whenever it happened unexpectedly.  And right now, she feels herself already starting to throb as he slowly plays her.  She is his instrument to make wonderful music on.  She leans her head back some, and a slow, intense song escapes her.Donald watches her start to redden in her neck and chest, a sure sign that Emma is moving towards a climax.  He presses a couple of finger in her vag and uses his thumb to rub her clit as her song continues.  She is in a wonderfully special place right now.The warm water falling on their legs, being brought to a climax with just his fingers, Emma closes her eyes and lets the final crashing of orgasm overtake her.  She cries out in exhilaration. She is panting over and over as she does.  That her Donald ankara escort can take her to such heights so quickly at times amazes her.When she calms enough, Donald tells her to stand as they need to rinse the henna off her hair.  He rubs his fingers through her hair to help rinse it off, her back to him, leaning against him to stand.  She is still feeling the after waves of just cumming.Once finished, Donald helps her from the shower and dries her off, throwing a towel over her hair now to soak up the wetness.  Once her body is dry, keeping the towel on her head, he has her stand in front of him as he sits on the stool by the counter. Donald brings out a jar of lotion which Emma has never seen before.  And as she watches over his shoulder in the mirror, he begins at her neck to rub it all over her.  It feels so nice, but as she observes, she sees that there is something glittery in the lotion which against her tan skin is giving her a golden glow all over her.Donald does not miss a spot, except her cunt.  Yes, over her mons, but not in her precious cave.  But over her ass cheeks and thighs, down over her feet.  When it is all on, he has her now sit on the chair, and he rubs a little more of the lotion over her face.The sunny glow coming from her whole body is mesmerizing to Donald.  Right now, Emma is facing away from the mirror, so she does not know what the final effect is.  Then Donald begins to towel her hair dry. When he moves the towel away, even though still wet, Emma’s golden-brown hair matches the glow of her body.  He begins to dry and style it carefully.  It turns out perfect.Then her makeup, in brown and golden tones today.  When he finishes, he takes some black shadow and rubs it over the end of her nose.  Emma looks at him quizzically as she feels him do it. He puts a headband which has two floppy ears sticking up from it on her head, then brings out the gold nipple and clit claps and laces them through her necklace down and on her.  She moans from their tautness.  He then tells her to lean on the counter, her back facing him.  She does get to glimpse at herself then and is in awe of what she sees.As she watches, Donald squirts lube on her asshole and up in it, then picks up this unusual plug, which has a soft furry golden-brown tail hanging from it.  He lubes that also and then presses it up in her. Emma feels the soft fur rubbing against her thighs, and then suddenly, she feels the tail ankara escort bayan flipping back and forth across her thighs and cheeks, and then this slow vibration in her ass.  She comprehends that this is a remote vibrating plug and tail.  She sighs in contentment.  It is good.The Donald brings a leash over to her and clips it to her necklace also; he pulls her to stand, and pulling that way does make the nipple, and clit clamps tighten against her.  She groans in delight.“Emma, you are now my pet totally.  You will be so for all of today,” Donald tells her.  Then he lifts some knee pads up onto her, and then fingerless padded gloves over her hands.He stands behind her letting her gaze in the mirror at herself in the role of his pet for a few minutes.  Emma realizes she has been transformed into his special little pet dog, for him to do with as her as he wants.  And she smiles wondering what will be ahead.He leads her back into the bedroom, and Donald opens that one dresser drawer and takes the crop he bought and used on her in the basement.  He dresses in just some shorts and hooks the crop over one of the belt loops.Donald tells Emma to get on her hands and knees, as that is how she will be ‘walking’ today.  She does as she is told, and he pulls at her leash just a little and tells her to heel.  She quickly comprehends that she must crawl at his side, a little behind him as they head out of the bedroom and down the hall to the kitchen.As they enter it, Emma sees what Donald has been doing while she tanned and was massaged.  There is a mat on the floor near his chair at the table and a crystal bowl of water sitting on it.  He takes her up to it and tells her to sit.  She leans back on her calves and lifts herself with her arms outstretched.  Yes, she is being his perfect pet.He fills a silver bowl with some scrambled eggs, and places it next to the water bowl, and tells Emma to eat.  It takes her a few seconds to understand what she must do but lowers herself on all fours and leans and begins to eat the eggs, taking little bits in her mouth to swallow.  She does also lap at the water some.  It is an amazing and so different experience for her.Donald watches her eating and drinking as he eats his breakfast too.  He is enthralled that Emma is so willing to lower herself to such a state.  And such a neat and sweet pet she is being, only taking a little of the eggs in her mouth, licking them up with escort ankara her tongue to take it into her mouth to swallow — the same with her lapping up the water to fill her some.This might be a game they will have to play from time to time.  Especially as he watches her tail flip back and forth, and knowing the vibrator is twirling in her ass, he hears her now and then moans with pleasure from it.Donald finds himself getting hard watching Emma be his puppy for the day.  She adjusts to it so well and seems to be enmeshing herself in this role-play.  When she has finished eating and lapping up about half the bowl of water, spilling some as she does, Emma crawls to him and sits at his feet.He smiles down at her and scratches the top of her head.  Emma whines with delight at this attention, and places her chin on his knee, nudging against his hand to do more.  Donald laughs at her antics.With all the prep time and breakfast, it is now past eleven o’clock.  Donald picks up Emma’s leash and leads her to the back door to the yard.  Emma has never seen it before, and now as she crawls along at Donald’s heels, it is a slightly skewed view of the yard.She sees to the right the cottage which Karen’s and Julie’s home must be.  But Donald does not let her linger long as they pass it.  He keeps her on the soft, warm grass to walk which helps as even with the knee pads and hand mittens; the cement is a little hard to crawl on.Emma did not realize how large Donald’s property in the back was.  Large flower beds incircle the yard and some trees for shade.  There is a forest at the back of his property allowing for total privacy, and high wooden fences on the sides to block anyone’s view of the yard. As they walk along, wanting to see all the exotic flowers now blooming in the beds, Emma pulls ahead of Donald to try to see them.  She feels a smart smack to each of her ass cheeks from the crop Donald is carrying and lets out a whimper from the surprise and sting.“Puppy, you must stay heeled for the most part, unless I tell you that you can run ahead,” Donald explains as two more spanks with the crop dust her cheeks.“Woof,” is all Emma says in response to let him know she understands and moves back to being in the heeling position.Donald lowers his fingers and scratches her head to let her know that she does understand.  Emma whines with pleasure.Donald does take her over to the flower beds, and they walk around the yard so Emma can see all that is blooming, and what will be soon.  When Emma sees a flower which totally pleases her for its uniqueness and beauty she barks a few times.  Donald is coming to comprehend what Emma is trying to tell him.

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