Educating Kyra

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Educating Kyra”Kyra, would you mind joining me in my office? I’d like to discuss some details of the paper you handed in last week.” Mr. Markman’s voice interrupted Kyra as she stood up ready to leave the classroom. The bell had just rung and she only wanted to leave that place, but once she had gathered her stuff, Kyra looked up at her Sociology professor and a pleasant shiver ran through her 18 year old body. Mr. Markman was the youngest lecturer in the school and in addition, he was very handsome. He was always very attentive, but Kyra blushed every time he came near her.”Sure… No-no problem.” Kyra stammered nervously and the teacher gave her a warm smile.”Great, follow me.” He instructed and Kyra followed him out of the classroom. They walked down the corridors of the St. Catherine’s School for Girls under the curious stares of Kyra’s friends, who stared at her in disbelief.As she politely accepted the offer to lead the way out of the main building, Kyra ducked her head to hide her blush as Mr. Markman waved at the principal. He then turned his eyes to the young woman walking ahead of him and his penis hardened at once. He had been planning this for a long time; it was the perfect chance to awake this naive girl to the pleasures of life and he would NOT waste it, even if his job depended on it.John Markman was a 35 years old Sociology professor who had been lucky enough to get a job at St. Catherine’s less than a year ago. The school was very popular between wealthy families all over the country and parents sent their young and virginal daughters there to be educated, but little did Mr. Matheson -Kyra’s father- knew about John’s plans of taking his little girl’s education a bit further… and far away from the theoretical matters he instilled in the classroom.The wind blew Kyra’s long brown hair and his already stiff cock hardened a bit more. Damn! It was hard enough to control himself during his lectures, now… Now it was impossible! It was a torture to hide his erection every time he laid his eyes on the attractive Kyra. She was a beautiful girl with long brown hair and round, innocent hazel eyes that he longed to see beaming with lust for him and a body the school’s uniform did nothing to hide. Sweat beaded on his upper lip whenever he noticed her young, firm breasts pressing against the white shirt, her nipples temptingly poking against it or when her green and blue plaid skirt rode up her smooth thighs as she sat down on her seat right in front of his desk. Now, as he stared at the gentle sway of her hips, he let out a low growl.Kyra heard it and she turned around with a concerned expression.”is everything alright, Mr. Markman?” She asked and John smiled at her.”Sure, don’t worry. Just keep on walking.” He instructed her and she gave him a little smile.They carried on walking in silence for a few seconds until the teacher’s dorms came to sight. Kyra stopped in her tracks and then turned toward him with a scandalized expression in her face.”I can’t go in there, Mr. Markman.” Kyra said. “You know the rules.. We are not allowed to enter in that building.” She added and John cursed inwardly. Of course he knew the rules! Maybe someone had seen the problem of putting beautiful young girls and horny teachers together a long time ago and then had come up with that ludicrous rule, but he was determined to break it.”I thought we were going to your office.” Kyra added and John stepped closer to her with a friendly smile on his lips.”I’m sorry, but my room is the only place available where we can have some tranquility… Something’s being fixed at my office and there’s no way we could even listen to each other there.” He explained, hoping Kyra would believe that crap.She gave him a insecure look and then sighed.”Alright… I just don’t wanna have any troubles if anyone sees me in here.” She murmured and John grinned as he led her inside.Kyra followed Mr. Markman up the stairs and then he showed her the way to his room. “Just in case you need it.” He had said…Once Kyra stepped into his room, John closed the door behind him and silently locked it, in case someone had the bad idea of showing up in a wrong moment and saw him doing naughty things to her. He didn’t want to be kicked out of the school and lose the opportunity to enjoy of Kyra’s delightful body for as long as he could. He then turned around with a smile in his lips and told Kyra to sit down.Kyra obeyed and once she sit down, she stared at him as he fumbled with some stuff that lay on a nearby chair. Biting back a sigh, her eyes studied his dark blonde hair, his blue eyes and his handsome features. He was so attractive… Her gaze slid over his strong, well-built body and she blushed as the memories of a dream she had had not too long ago rushed back to her mind. Kyra had heard some of her dorm friends talking about sex and how they did it with their boyfriends and Kyra’s imagination had taken care of the rest. That night, her dreams had been filled with images of a naked Mr. Markman…Kyra snapped back to reality and she forced herself to look away from her teacher. She glanced around at the room ad just then, she noticed the big bed across the room as she sat at Mr. Markman’s desk. The four posts bed was very comfortable looking, and she wished at once she could lay down on it for a while. Continuing with her investigation, she noticed that several big mirrors were located all over the room, the most of them strategically placed around the bed. Little did Kyra know that the next time she saw herself reflected on those mirrors, she’d be deeply impaled on his cock… and enjoying it as nothing ever before!”Do you like it?” Mr. Markman’s voice took her out of her daydream and she looked back at him.”Yes-yes.” She stammered again and he smiled reassuringly at her.”Why don’t you leave your things on the desk? This might take us a while.” He offered and Kyra nodded. She left her books aside and then her hazel eyes went back at him as he sat down in front of her, his desk between them.”Do you know why I asked you to come here today, Kyra?” John asked and Kyra shook her head.”Not really…” She answered shyly and he smiled at her.”Last night I was reading the paper you handed it on Tuesday and I found that it isn’t clear enough, as if you rambled a lot without actually getting to the point.” Jon explained and Kyra’s eyes grew wide. Oh my God! She couldn’t fail! Her father would kill her! He was incredibly strict when school was concerned.”You mean I failed?” She asked weakly and Jon smiled inwardly. There it was… She had given him the perfect excuse. With a serious look in his face, John leant back on his chair and rested his elbows on the armrests as his blue eyes probed into hers.”You haven’t failed, Kyra; at least not yet. But it worries me to see that such a great student as you can fail in such an easy subject like this. I don’t want to do this, but I’m afraid I’ll have to let your father know about this.” Jon explained and Kyra gasped. She leant forward with a worried look and his cock twitched when her breasts pushed against her shirt.”You can’t tell my father!” Kyra begged with a teary look. “He’s very strict… He wouldn’t forgive me if he knew that I failed… You don’t know how horrible he is…” She murmured as a round tear slid down her cheek.John couldn’t believe his luck; if he had been aware of how things were, he wouldn’t have taken this long to finally do this! Kyra was desperate and he knew he’d never have a better chance than this one.”Please listen, Kyra… It can’t be that bad.” He tried to calm her with a soothing voice, but he didn’t succeed. Grinning inside, Jon took another step forward. “Come here.” He instructed and Kyra gave him a surprised look. He nodded and she stood up and walked toward him, standing right beside his chair.Jon studied her and his mouth watered at the mere sight of her. Her breasts jiggled with her bated breath and one of her thighs softly brushed his elbow, sending electrical shocks to his shaft.”My dad will kill me…” Kyra mumbled and Jon reach out his hand. He posed it on her arm and gently rubbed it up and down.”I want to help you, Kyra.” He said lowly and she stared at him. “Will you let me do it?” Jon added and Kyra nodded. “I’ll help you, but you have to do as I tell you, ok?” He warned her and Kyra nodded profusely.”Yes! I’ll do whatever you ask me to!” She exclaimed and Jon grinned.”Come and sit on my lap, then” Jon said and Kyra gasped in disbelief. Jon pulled a serious face and added in his best teacher’s tone. “I thought you wanted your father to remain ignorant about this.”Kyra nodded and with a low sigh, she sat on her lap. As she did, her heart skipped a beat. Her skirt had ridden up a bit and the skin of her legs brushed against the fabric of his slacks, sending shivers down her spine, but she kept her eyes low and her hands on her lap as his hand smoothed up and down her back.Jon smiled and softly posed one hand on her bare knee, testing her. She didn’t react, so he slid his other hand around her shoulders.”I’ll help you, Kyra… I promise I will.” Jon mumbled in her ear, making her shiver pleasantly. “Look at me.” He ordered and Kyra obeyed.”Will you tell my father?” She asked softly and Jon shook his head.”Only if you’re not a good girl.” He answered.”And why do I have to do, then?” Kyra said and Jon grinned.”You have to let me kiss you.”Kyra stared at him in disbelief, a bright flush covering her cheeks. He wanted to kiss her! The most handsome teacher in school wanted to kiss her! And if she let him, her father would never find out about her failing in school. She really wanted him to do it, so why shouldn’t she let him? It was just a kiss…Facing him, Kyra nodded softly and Jon smiled broadly. She was in for a roller coaster ride…Pulling her closer, Jon posed his lips on her and kissed her innocently for a while, feeling how her body warmed on him. But as he kept a caste kiss, his hands began to wander. The hand on her knee moved just an inch upward, and the one on her back moved around her and now his fingertips were gently brushing the curve of her breast.Suddenly, Kyra pulled apart with a marveled expression in her face.”Wow..” She mumbled and Jon laughed.”That was nothing, Kyra.” He replied. “Do you want me to show you a real kiss?”Kyra’s eyes sparkled and then she nodded excitedly, her body bouncing up and down and making his cock swell even more. Jon moaned and the pulled her closer, his tongue now probing into her mouth. He felt her own tongue dancing against his and once he heard her moaning for the first time, he knew the time was right. He moved his hand from her knee to her neck and before she could stop him, Jon was kneading at a full, ripe breast. Kyra gasped in surprise and then pulled apart.”What are you doing?” She asked with an amazed tone, her eyes wide. Jon didn’t answer, he just buried his face in the hollow of her neck and began to kiss the sensitive skin there without stopping the fondle of her soft mound through her shirt.”Oh, Mr. Markman…” Kyra sighed. “It feels so good…”Jon groaned and a little smile tugged at the corner of his lips.”I’ll make you feel even better… Is that what you want, Kyra?” He asked and Kyra nodded arching her back against his hand. “Unbutton your shirt.” Jon commanded and Kyra gave him a weird look.”You mean like… Getting undressed in front of you?” Kyra wondered and Jon nodded solemnly.”Don’t worry. No one will ever know… Just remember your father” He reminded her. Kyra sighed and slowly undid the buttons of her plain white shirt, showing a simple white bra covering her breasts.Jon feasted on the sight in front of him. Her breasts were slightly tanned and he suddenly wished to see more of them. His hands moved to her back and in one swift movement, he took her bra off.Kyra shrieked and her hands flew to her breasts trying to cover herslef, but Jon didn’t let her do it. As he stared at those full curves, Jon’s shaft throbbed painfully in his pants and he softly rubbed against her thigh. Then, his hands flew to her tits and began to knead them gently.Kyra moaned instantly. His warm hands made her feel wonderful things, and once his lips went back to her neck, it got even better. Closing her eyes, Kyra threw her head back and let him work on her.Jon moved his lips downward from her neck to her chest as his fingers delicately pulled at her nipples for a while. He then looked down at them and smiled when he saw them turn into two hard and reddish buds that begged for his mouth.”Do you like it, Kyra? Do you like the way my hands are fondling your tits?” He asked and Kyra groaned when he gently pinched at one of her nipples. His hands and his dirty talk were driving her insane. She nodded silently as she eagerly pressed her throbbing pussy against his leg.Hearing her silent plea, Jon moved one of her hands to down her stomach and leg, just to pose it on her inner thigh and then move it upward in a slow motion.”Spread your legs a bit, sweetie…” He murmured in her ear and Kyra obeyed. Slowly, Jon moved his hand until he reached her panty clad pussy. He gently cupped it through the garment and Kyra let out a loud cry.”Mr. Markman…” She moaned and that excited him even more. She would call him like that even if she were riding his cock in the bring of her orgasm!”Your pussy is so wet, Kyra… I can even feel it through your panties. That means that you like what I’m doing to you, did you know that?” Jon asked and Kyra shook her head. “I wanna touch it, baby… Can I?”Jon was loving it. He was making her beg for relief… He had never imagined Kyra would be this horny!”Touch me, professor… Please!” She begged and without second thoughts, Jon slid his hand under her panties and slid one curious finger along her slit before parting her folds and gently stroke her all over. “God!” Kyra exclaimed as she arched her back, offering herself to his finger.Jon teased her for a while before he finally stroked her where she needed it the most. He first took one taut nipple into his mouth and suckled it for a while and then he began to trace slow circles around her clit.”How does it feel, Kyra?” Jon asked as her nipple slid out of his mouth with a low plopping sound. He looked up at her and saw that her eyes were closed, and her breasts jiggled with her up and down motion as he shamelessly humped her pussy against his finger. “You little slut… You like it, don’t you?” He groaned as he bit softly on her nipple. Kyra cried out in pleasure and Jon’s cock felt about to explode.”Yesssssss” Kyra hissed and Jon moaned.”You’re a slut, aren’t you?” He murmured as he stroked her clit faster. “You need a big cock in you… My finger won’t be enough, right? I’m gonna give it to you… yes… I wanna feel your little pussy around my big fat cock!”His words, along with his finger, excited Kyra beyond belief. She felt her body boiling there where her professor was touching her and when she thought that she wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore, her world exploded as her first orgasm shook her over.Jon stared at her as she came and he had to use all his strength to not come himself in his pants. Her body wriggled on his knees and her juices coated his hand as he traced slow circles around her love button as he waited for her breath to calm down a bit. When she finally opened her eyes again, he saw the marveled expression in them.”That was… that was.. AMAZING!” She exclaimed and Jon couldn’t help but laugh at her.”I know!” He answered and gave her a slow, passionate kiss.One thing was for sure: Kyra wasn’t now as half as shy as she had been when she entered in his room a short while ago. She willingly responded at his kiss and her tongue surveyed his mouth. When they pulled apart, Jon removed his fingers from her throbbing pussy and Kyra groaned in disappointment.”You little slut!” Jon hissed, but Kyra simply frowned.”I liked the way you made me feel.” She said c***dishly and Jon laughed. He planted a hot kiss on her full lips and then murmured.”The best is yet to come, you little bitch… Now stand up!” He ordered and Kyra obeyed grumpily. He preferred to have his fingers touching her pussy as he called it than standing up, but she knew she had no choice. Kyra stood up and Jon stared at her; her breasts naked and her nipples hard and wearing only her plaid skirt and her shoes.”I’m not done with you, Kyra… I still can tell your father.” He murmured and her eyes grew wide.”I’m sorry…” She murmured and Jon grinned.”Good. Now take of your shoes and socks.” Kyra obeyed and once she had tossed them aside, she looked back at him. “Turn around.” He ordered and Kyra did as he asked. “Now bend over the desk, rest on your elbows and spread your legs.” Jon said next. Once she was in the position he wanted, Jon studied her for a few seconds and his eyes beamed with lust. Her short skirt had ridden up her legs and her moist white panties were clearly visible and he had to hold himself back; there was nothing he wanted the most that pulling her panties down and fuck that innocent girl senseless, but he had seen a hint of the slut she could be and he wanted to make her beg for his cock.Kyra noticed his silence and frowning slightly, she did her best to look back at him without changing her position. Turning her head around, Kyra’s eyes grew wide when she saw Mr. Markman’s eyes fixed on her backside while his hand slowly rubbed his groin.”Mr. Markman…” Kyra whined softly and Jon looked up at her with lustful eyes.”Turn your head, Kyra.” He ordered hoarsely and Kyra obeyed, wondering what he had in mind now.A few seconds later, she heard him standing up and before she knew, his warm hands were stroking the sensitive skin of the back of her thighs. She straightened her head up, but Jon’s soothing voice relaxed her a bit.”Easy, Kyra… Haven’t I made you feel good as I promised?” He murmured and Kyra nodded silently. “Then let me do this. This will be even better.” He promised and Kyra rested her forehead on the cool wood, silently allowing him to do as he pleased with her.”That’s better, baby…” Jon said as his hands cupped her bum cheeks.”Professor…” Kyra moaned, feeling her groin tingling again as it had done just minutes ago.”You like it, don’t you?” Jon asked as his hands rubbed her butt and her inner thighs shamelessly. Kyra nodded and he stopped his fondling for a while until Kyra groaned.”Please…” She begged and Jon, keeping his hands on her butt cheeks, pressed his hard cock against her exposed cunt and then bent forward so his mouth was at level with her ear. “Tell me that you like it, slut! I won’t go on if you don’t.” He hissed and Kyra swallowed hard. She licked her lips and then her soft voice left her parted lips.”I like it when you touch me, professor. Your hands feel great on my legs and my…””Say it, bitch!” Jon commanded sensing her hesitation, now rubbing his cock against her panty clad pussy.”My ass!” Kyra exclaimed as she felt something hot probing against her pussy. “You make my ass burn with your hands, professor!”Jon groaned and pinned her against the desk with his shaft. Damn her! She was so innocent that those words coming out of her mouth made him even more horny. Jon licked her ear and then he busied his hands on removing her panties. Kyra hesitated for a short while, but once she felt her panties rolling down her thighs and then Mr. Markman’s hand touching her cunt again made her forget all her fears.”Mmmmmmm… I like it, professor.” Kyra groaned as Jon’s fingers explored her pussy.”You’re such a slut!” He grunted as he stood up and looked down at his hand. His fingers were shiny with her pussy juices and her pink flesh was the most exciting sight ever. “Let’s see what you think about this.”Kyra moaned when he left her clit, but a loud cry escaped from her throat as his fingers entered her.”God!” She exclaimed and Jon sketched a self-satisfied smile. Her pussy was hot and wet, and so soft that his cock ached with the need to be rammed in her. He moved his fingers in and out of her a few times and then stopped, removing his probing fingers off her. Jon massaged her clit for a while and then his hand left her hot cunt.Kyra groaned in desperation.”Please, Mr. Markman… I need your fingers in my pussy… It feels so hot down there.” Kyra begged innocently and Jon grinned broadly. He pinned her against the desk with his lower body one more time as he slid her panties down her legs and then ordered.”You will have to do something for me first, Kyra. I too want to feel good.””What shall I do, professor?” Kyra panted as her hips danced against his, his own cock thrusting against her core.Jon stepped back and sat down on his chair.”Stand up, Kyra… And come to me.” Jon instructed and Kyra obeyed at once. With a wanting look in her eyes, she fixed her eyes on him.”Tell me, professor… I’ll do anything!” She murmured fervently and Jon stared back at her.”Anything?” He asked as if testing her and Kyra nodded right away; she didn’t want him to think that she didn’t like what he did to her! Jon nodded as well. “Kneel down… right between my legs.” Kyra did as he asked her and Jon took her hands in his, posing them right on his stiff cock. Instinctively, Kyra squeezed it softly and her eyes grew wide when she saw him throwing his head back and groaning in delight.”What’s wrong, Mr. Markman?” Kyra asked worriedly. “Am I not being good?”Jon chuckled and then he pressed her hands closer to his shaft.”Oh no, you’re great… I knew that there was a slut deep inside of you.” He explained and Kyra blushed. She didn’t know why, but every time he called her like that, her whole body tingled and her pussy -yes, she was even getting used to call it that way- grew hotter.”What should I do now, professor?” Kyra inquired lowly and Jon grinned.”Unbutton my pants and pull the zipper down.” He ordered and Kyra gave him a wide-eyed look, but she obeyed. She slowly, but surely, did as he asked her and then pulled both sides od the zipper apart, leaving his hard bulge exposed to her curious eyes.”What is that?” Kyra asked innocently as she looked up at him and Jon felt his penis twitch at the naive look in her eyes.”That’s my cock, Kyra… Do you wanna touch it?” He offered and Kyra’s eyes grew even wider.”Can I?” She murmured and Jon nodded. With a interested look, Kyra tugged his underwear until his hard rock cock sprung free, pointing to the sky. Her mouth dropped open as she studied the first dick she ever saw in her life. It was long, about eight inches long and it looked really hard. Its head looked shiny as some liquid oozed from the little slit at the top. Not wasting a second, Kyra wrapped her hand around its base, marveling herself at its thickness.”God, it is so big!” She exclaimed softly and Jon groaned as he began to pump his cock into her fist, forcing her to stimulate him without noticing it.”It is, my little slut.” He added. “Now I want you to take me in your mouth.”Kyra gasped and then gave him a surprised look.”Is it… is it possible?” She asked naively and Joe moaned. Damn, her innocence was too much for him! He needed to fuck her so badly!”Just suck me, baby!” Jon growled and Kyra nodded obediently.Jon stared at her as she opened her mouth and slowly lowered her head until the head of his shaft was warmly wrapped up into her mouth. Jon let out a loud groan as he felt her tongue playing with his cock’s head, lapping at it and licking it as it if were a popsicle. With a few instructions, Jon taught her how to suck him and before he knew, he was furiously fucking her mouth, driving his dick as deep as possible into her hot mouth. For being a first-timer, she was giving him one hell of a blowjob! He had a strong grip of her hair as he helped her moves. Her lips almost touched her balls and judging by the little grunts that managed to leave her mouth every now and then, she was really enjoying it. Jon felt himself swelling to bigger proportions inside her mouth and he murmured.”I’m coming, baby… You better take it all, slut! I want you to swallow… all of it… Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jon exclaimed as he spurted his cum into Kyra’s mouth in a mind shattering orgasm.Meanwhile, Kyra was trying her best to swallow all of that salty substance Mr. Markman’s cock had sprayed in her mouth, but some of it slipped down the corner of her lips. Before she could wipe it off, Jon grabbed a hold of her brown hair and pulled her head up.”You bitch… look at you! You’re a real cocksucker now! You even have my cum dripping down your face…” He growled. Forcing her head down, Jon tilted his head so he could watch as he slid the head of his now soft cock over her chin, picking his cum of her and taking it to her lips so she could take it in her mouth. Surprising him, Kyra didn’t hesistate; she even grasped his dick with her lips and began with the sucking all over again.Kyra was loving it. She didn’t know why, but the feeling of Mr. Markman hard penis against her tongue made her feel bad. She had never been bad in her life; her father wouldn’t approve that. Now, as she played with her professor’s balls, she realized of how good being bad could be.Jon let her suck his cock for a while until it was hard again and then pulled her up. He stood up right in front of her and stripping of his clothes, he told Kyra to sit down on the edge of the desk.”Spread your legs, slut. Touch your cunt!” He ordered and Kyra’s pussy throbbed. She managed to spread her legs as much as she could and then her insecure hands went to her core. Kyra gently pulled her lips apart and a curious finger traced her damp flesh. She played with it for a while and once she stumbled with her clit, she let out a loud moan and worked on it a bit harder.”Yesssss.” She mumbled and Jon grinned at the sight in front of him. He couldn’t believe that the girl that had stepped into the room a short while ago, who didn’t dare to look at him in the eye, was now fingering the hell out of herself. Her head was thrown back and her finger was too busy playing with her clit, while her breasts were pulled forward and her skirt was now rolled up around her waist. Stroking himself, Jon walked toward her and putting her hand aside, he gently rubbed her burning cunt with the tip of his cock.”I knew you were a fucking slut, Kyra… I only needed to prove it!” He hissed against her lips. He kissed her sensually and then added. “You’re burning with desire for my cock, aren’t you? You need a hard dick in that dripping pussy of yours, right? You need it all the time… I’m gonna have to fuck you every day, Kyra… Maybe twice a day so that cunt doesn’t go around looking for any other cock than mine.”Kyra groaned at the combined feeling of his cock teasing her most sensitive spot and his exciting words. It was as if he knew exactly what to say to make her pussy ache with need.”Do you want me to fuck you, sweet Kyra? Beg me, then!” He exclaimed and Kyra moaned.”Fuck me, professor! I need your cock… Please fuck me! FUCK ME!” Kyra exclaimed and Jon let out a self-satisfied laughter.”Sure I will, you bitch!” He murmured before inching his cock in her virgin pussy. He knew it was her first time and no matter how badly he wanted to fuck her, he didn’t want to scare her; he only wanted Kyra to be his little slut forever. He slowly slid himself into her pussy, popping her cherry without too much of a trouble. Soon enough, his cock was buried to the hilt into her hot cunt.”FUCK!” Jon exclaimed, her tight pussy clamping him hard. He had to use all his strength to control himself.Kyra panted hard. She could feel his hard cock deep inside her, stretching her wide, almost until it ached. But it was a nice pain… She could feel how hot, how hard he was… She could feel every bump and vein of his cock pressing against her inner walls. Now she knew what the other girls meant when they talked about being fucked… It was pure heaven and Kyra somehow knew that from now on, she’d do everything she could to have a big cock in her pussy as often as she could.”Oh God… Mr. Markman… You’re so big!” Kyra murmured and he groaned.”You like my cock, don’t you?” He asked and Kyra looked up at him.”Mmmmmmmmmmm…” Kyra answered as she slightly pushed her hips against his, sliding his shaft even further into her body. “You’re so hard and it feels so good in my pussy… Fuck me, professor!”Jon couldn’t say no to the plea of his best student. Groaning, he slid his dick out of her until nothing but his head remained in her and stayed motionless for a few seconds. When he finally heard Kyra growling in disappointment and groaning, he rammed his cock in her.”Shit!” Kyra exclaimed as her favorite teacher pumped his cock hard into her needy pussy.”You’re so fucking tight, Kyra… I love tight pussies!” Mr. Markman hissed in her ear, making her pussy clamp him even tighter.Lifting his head, Jon looked over Kyra’s head and searched for the small red light of the hidden camera that was recording his whole banging session. He’d love to watch this later that night… If Kyra wasn’t there to keep him entertained, that’ it…Kyra was beside herself with pleasure. She was laboriously matching Jon’s humps with her own hips and she was loving the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her. Jon spent a while fucking her in that position, but the images that had been going on around in his head for months were shouting at him for something else. With a wicked grin, he cupped her butt in his hands and roughly pulled her up, his cock still deeply impaled within her. Kyra let out a surprised gasp and then a low moan when he sat down on his chair and his cock slid into her even more than before.As they sat motionless, Kyra stared at him, not knowing what to do. Jon smirked at her expression and then spoke.”Ride me, slut…” Jon ordered. Kyra felt little electricity jolts at his words and a bright blush covered her cheeks, but determined obey him, she posed her hands on the back of the armchair and then rose on her knees, his cock almost slipping out of her. Kyra moved clumsily for a while until Jon, with a frustrated growl, gripped her hips and led her moves as he lifted her skirt so the camera hidden behind her could catch the image of her exposed ass and his cock sliding in and out of her cunt.”Yes, bitch…” He moaned when he felt her sitting on his shaft, a delighted expression in her face as his balls touched her tender ass. “You like it, don’t you? You like my big fat cock.” He murmured and Kyra moaned. “You enjoy riding a big cock… That’s what you were made for.””I love your cock, Mr. Markman!” She exclaimed as her breasts bounced up and down against his face. “It’s so big and so hard… I love to feel it inside of me! You fill me so perfectly…” She murmured, finding out that talking dirty to him made the both of them even hornier. Her mind whirled with the memories of her friends’ stories and Kyra found herself longing to try every single one of them.Jon threw his head back, enjoying the feeling of Kyra’s cunt clamping him tighter with every passing second, his hands pulling her down to him so he could shove his dick deep into her. When she suddenly stopped her motion, Jon opened his eyes with a command ready to leave his lips, but when he saw the determined look in Kyra’s hazel eyes, he remained speechless. With lust beaming in her eyes, Kyra murmured.”I want you to fuck me doggy style, Mr. Markman… I want to feel your cock from behind.”Jon almost came at her words. Groaning, he told her to get up from him and walk to the bed. Kyra obeyed an as she walked, she felt her pussy tingling both in excitement and need. She couldn’t believe how much she needed his dick!Jon stared at her as she walked, her plaid skirt swinging with her hip motion and her tits bouncing lightly. She turned around and gave him a shy smile, but her next actions stunned him. Surprising him, Kyra lay on her hands and knees, her legs spread wide and bucking her hips so her pussy lips would open up to expose her hungry cunt as her skirt rode up her hips, a sly grin in her lips. Jon grinned at her, knowing that she was acting out of instinct, which proved his theory that inside the candid, shy Kyra was a real slut begging to be released.”My pussy needs your cock, professor.” Kyra murmured longingly. Jon stood up and walked toward her, his rampant cock glistening with her juices and his hand stroking himself. Kneeling down behind her, Jon gave her a long, lustful look and he felt his dick swell in his fist. Kyra looked every bit the fantasy he had: a horny school girl willing to please her teacher, showing off her cunt barely hidden by the plaid skirt; the exact image Jon had been dreaming with for months. Prodding at her entrance with his cock, he leant forward so his mouth was at level with her ear.”You bad girl! You need a punishment… You know what that punishment is gonna be?” He asked and Kyra looked back at him with mock fear shining in her eyes as he pulled her skirt up, exposing her curvy butt.”What’s my punishment gonna be, Mr. Markman?” Kyra asked fearfully, playing her part perfectly and driving her teacher mindless with desire.”I’m gonna have to fuck you, Kyra… I’ll fuck your brains out, bitch!” He groaned as he rammed his cock in her. Kyra growled and threw her head back as she instantly began to buck her hips back to welcome his thrusts, a low moan escaping from her lips every time his balls slapped her sensitive clit.”Oh, I love it so much, professor! I’ve been such a bad girl! I need to be punished… Please fuck me, Mr. Markman!” Kyra exclaimed as she looked back at him. She then moved her head to look forward again when the sight of them fucking reflected in the numerous mirrors around his bed caught her eye. Now she knew why they were there… Staring closely at them, she saw the way her professor’s dick slid in and out of her hungry cunt, his shaft shining with her juices. Kyra loved the way she could see Mr. Markman fucking kaçak iddaa her as well as feel him stretch her wide with his thick dick.Jon felt his balls tightening and he knew he’d soon be coming. Knowing that Kyra would hardly be on the pill, he slid his hand under her body until his fingers found her pussy. He gently parted her moist lips and soon enough began to tease her clit. He wanted her to come… And so he did! Before he knew, Kyra began to buck her hips wildly and with a loud cry, her pussy exploded around him, gripping him so tightly that he almost came in her. Once her orgasm was over, he pulled his cock out of her and made her turn around. After a few strokes and some gentle licks coming from Kyra, Jon groaned and sprayed his cum all over her face as she whimpered in pleasure.After a while, Jon looked down at his niece and he felt his groin tightening at the sight of her first facial… The first of many to come, now that he knew what a slut she really was. Lightly slapping her face with his cock, Jon tugged at her hair and Kyra opened her eyes.”God, Uncle Jon!” She exclaimed in surprise and Jon laughed as they both lay down on the bed, him spooning her from behind, his hand playing with her pubic hair. “Is it always like this?” Kyra asked in amazement and Jon nuzzled her ear.”It’ll only get better and better, sweetheart…” Jon answered as he noticed how her pink tongue savored the cum that had fell on the corner of her lips. “And I’ll show you how…”Kyra looked around and grinned; the coast was clear. Tightening her light gray raincoat around her body, she hurried her pace until she reached the steps of the teacher’s dorms building. Glancing around her once again, Kyra entered in the building and quickly climbed the stairs, running toward her Uncle Jon’s room.Once she stepped in front of his door, Kyra stopped there for a second, a grin playing in her lips and a tingling in her pussy as her mind went back to what had been happening between them in the last month. Since that day when he had asked her to come with him to his room, she had experienced a 360º change. Not that anyone other than her uncle had noticed it, no… Kyra was smart enough to not show that change to everyone else. Her friends still thought her their innocent, virgin friend who blushed at their stories, but little did they know that Kyra had tried in just one month more than they would ever try in years! Her uncle Jon had made sure of that.As she stood there, a wandering hand strayed into her coat, parting it and sliding downward until it reached the hem of her short skirt. Lifting it, Kyra’s hands delicately rubbed her naked pussy. Her uncle loved it that way; he loved to see her wearing her school uniform, looking all cute and innocent but knowing that under that green and blue plaid skirt, her pussy was exposed, ready for him to fuck her in any minute. And as much as Jon loved it, Kyra loved to tease him every time she could. There was nothing Kyra enjoyed more than seating right in front of his desk while they were in class and delicately spread her legs until he could see the brown curls that protected her core and how her pink folds parted like a flower. In moments like those, Kyra could see how sweat beaded in his upper lip and how his hard on pressed against his slacks, knowing that once they were out of class he would fuck her like a madman in any secluded corner they could find, just lifting her skirt and fucking her from behind in the way the both of them liked it the most. Kyra felt her pussy instantly wet and she smiled. She loved being her uncle’s slut!Taking her hand from her pussy, Kyra knocked at the door and then entered in the room before she heard a response.“What the-“ Jon exclaimed and then turned around with an angry look that slipped away as soon as he saw Kyra leaning against the closed door.“Good morning, Mr. Markman.” Kyra greeted sensually and Jon felt his cock hardening at once. She was surely a sight that would make any man hard; she was wearing a short raincoat that barely hit her above her mid thigh open in the front, showing an extremely short baby blue skirt and a white shirt that hugged her upper body nicely. “Are you ready for our trip?” Kyra added and Jon pointed the open suitcase that lay on his bed.“Yes… You?” He asked and Kyra nodded as she walked toward him. Resting her hands on his stomach, she looked up at him and wetted her lips with her tongue.“I already packed last night… I wanted to have some time off today.” She answered as her hand moved downward to finally cup his cock in it. Jon groaned and then his hands went to her butt, stroking her naked flesh under her skirt.“What were you planing to do this morning, Kyra?” He asked knowing fully well what she had in mind. Softly squeezing his cock, Kyra murmured.“I thought that you might let me… suck you, professor.” She explained and Jon grinned. That was an offer he couldn’t say no to! Kissing her, Jon backed off toward the bed with Kyra in his arms and then sat down on it, leaving Kyra free to accomplish her task. She quickly fell on her knees and swiftly unbuttoned his jeans, freeing his cock from its prison with an appreciative cry before hungrily wrapping her luscious lips around its tip to suck his precum off.Jon entangled his fingers with her long hair and let her work in her own. Kyra was now an expert cocksucker; actually, she was somehow an addict… Every time she could, she would have his cock in her mouth, sucking it masterly. As she had told him several times before, the feeling of his cock in her mouth made her feel bad and slutty, and that was the reason she loved it so much.As her lips touched the base of his cock, Jon took a brief moment to wonder how he’d manage to stay away from Kyra now that he was taking her home to visit her father and he had decided to come along to pay his half-brother a visit. Yet again, if everything went as he planned, they wouldn’t have to stay away from each other at all…That was his last conscious thought; Kyra’s mouth was sending him to paradise and he wasn’t going to miss that with silly philosophy… He began to pump his cock into her mouth and before long, Jon spurted his semen in her, enjoying the delighted sounds Kyra made as she swallowed his cum. Kyra then licked his shaft clean and once she was done, she looked up at him with her eyes shining with lust.“My cunt is burning, Mr. Markman.” She said lowly and then gave his dick one long lick from its base to its tip and he groaned.“Stand up, slut!” Jon ordered and Kyra grinned inwardly as he obeyed him. She walked toward his desk and then posed her hands on it, leaning forward and spreading her legs so her coat and skirt rode up her hips exposing naked pussy. Looking over her shoulder, she gave her uncle a provocative look.“Do you think my father would mind if I don’t wear panties around the house?” Kyra asked and Jon grinned as he walked toward her. His hand easily found its way to her cunt and his fingers swiftly entered in her as she moaned in pleasure.“I’m sure your father will love to see your naked pussy right in front of his eyes, Kyra… Maybe you’ll have to show him that you’re not a little girl anymore.” Jon muttered in her ear as he finger-fucked her. As he did, an idea crept up in him, looking more perfect with every passing second. He kept pleasing Kyra and when he felt her inner walls beginning to contract around his fingers, he stopped his actions and Kyra cried out in frustration.“Please, uncle! I need to come so badly!” Kyra begged and Jon smirked.“Only if you promise me that once we’re at your house, you’ll do your best to have your daddy fucking his little slut!” He murmured hoarsely in her ear and Kyra’s head bolted up.“My dad?!” She asked in disbelief, but then an image of her father fucking her appeared in her mind and it was so erotic, that she could feel her body shuddering with the beginnings of her orgasm.“I will, uncle Jon… I promise! Now please make me cum!” She exclaimed and Jon rammed his fingers into her pussy, making her come with a loud cry.Jon continued moving his fingers in her until Kyra begged him to stop. He took them out of her pussy and then she turned around, a satisfied expression in her face.“I love it when you finger fuck me, uncle John!” Kyra exclaimed and then threw her arms around his neck, pressing her body tight against his. Jon gave her niece a hearty butt squeeze and then gave her one playful spank.“Get ready now, you slut… Your daddy awaits.” He ordered and then planted a deep kiss in her lips. She nodded and then ran out of his room to get her own suitcase from her room.******************************Kyra shifted in her seat as they made the few miles that separated St. Catherine’s from her father’s house in a neighbor county. Jon was busy driving, but Kyra couldn’t help but thinking of what he had asked her to do. How would she make her father fuck her? He barely paid any attention to her, to begin with! Besides, it couldn’t be right; since when a father would fuck his own daughter? It was a sin!But no matter how sinful it might be, her brain wouldn’t stop picturing images of her strong, handsome father fucking her. Kyra had all sort of pictures in her mind; with her father on top, or him ramming his dick in her from behind with his hands playing with her nipples, some others with her on top riding her dad’s big cock. Each of those mental pictures was very exciting, and Kyra found herself looking forward to the task her uncle had given her.Meanwhile, Kyra needed to do something about the moistness she could feel between her legs. Startling her uncle, she parted her legs as wide as she could in the limited space of the car and began to play with her clit.Jon stared at her without believing his eyes. Kyra had surely turned into the slut he wanted her to be, he just couldn’t believe it hadn’t taken him more than one or two sessions of “teaching” to develop her hidden personality. Grinning, one of his hands left the steering wheel and joined hers.He teased for a while before she murmured lowly.“I need your cock, uncle Jon… I need to feel it inside of me!”Kyra moved a bit and with just one simple twist of her hand, she had his cock in her fist, pumping it fast. Jon slowed the car a bit so he could enjoy of her attentions without getting the both of them killed. As he stared at her, Kyra unbuttoned her shirt with her free hand and Jon groaned when he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any bra. Kyra noticed his look and smiled sensually.“I don’t like to wear underwear when you’re around, professor.” She teased him.On one second she was unbuttoning her clothes and the next, she was straddling his hips and sliding his cock into her dripping pussy, surprising Jon. Kyra didn’t give him a chance to complain; soon enough she was riding him as if there was no tomorrow. Jon thanked God that the road was a lonely one… He didn’t want to be the comment of the neighborhood!As her breasts bounced against his face, Jon saw the Matheson mansion in the distance.“Kyra… We need to… stop!” He exclaimed as she gripped his cock with her inner muscles. “Fuck!”“I can’t stop now, uncle Jon… I need your cock so badly!” Kyra said lowly as she slowed the pace. Jon mumbled something in disappointment, but he couldn’t stop it either… Her pussy was a sweet paradise for him.Jon took the last turn in the road and as if she knew, Kyra slowed the pace once again until he stopped the car in front of the intercom at the big iron gates. He pressed a button and once a voice came through it, Kyra began to move faster again. Moaning lowly, he said into the intercom.“Jon here, James… I have… Kyra… with me…” He panted as he answered the butler’s question.Meanwhile, Kyra was gently sucking his neck as she rode him, driving him insane with pleasure and as they slowly made their way to the house, Jon spurted his cum in her pussy, making Kyra come as well.Kyra squealed in his ear and then left his lap at once, going back to her seat and buttoning her shirt. She then stretched her hand to give her uncle’s cock a few strokes and then gently tucked it into his pants, so they could look half decent when they met her father.“God, uncle Jon.. It’s gonna be so hard to stay away from you while we’re here! These are gonna be two long weeks… ” She murmured and Jon grinned inwardly. If his plans came true, Kyra would enjoy of two long weeks of good fucks!***************************Kyra finished cleaning herself and then left the bathroom, allowing Jon to go in right after her. She fixed her clothes in front of the big mirror in the reception, staring closely at her reflection to check if there was any signal of what had happened in the car… She wanted to look like the picture of innocence for her father.Jon walked out of the bathroom and they both followed James, the butler, who waited for them in the opposite corner of the room. They walked along the long corridors of her house and Kyra looked around, but without really seeing it. Her mind was focused in her plan.“Remember what you promised me.” Jon murmured in her ear and Kyra gave him a sly grin.“I would never forget it, Uncle Jon.” She answered simply with a lustful spark in her hazel eyes.James knocked at the door of her father’s study and a low voice instructed them to come in. As they entered in the nicely decorated study, Kyra stared at her father. How come she hadn’t noticed how handsome he was? He was in his early fifties, but he still looked fit and elegant. His brown hair showed no trace of gray and his green eyes didn’t miss a single detail. Kyra felt a familiar tingle between her legs as her eyes slid over his body. He had broad shoulders and a plain stomach; a body most men his age would kill for. Once James stepped aside, Kyra decided to begin with her plan at once. Putting on the most c***dish grin she could come up in her lips, Kyra ran toward Andrew Matheson and threw herself in his arms.“Hi, daddy! I missed you so much!” She exclaimed as she pressed her breasts against his chest, hoping he’d start noticing that his daughter was no longer a little girl. She placed a kiss on his cheek, quite close to his lips and then looked up at him with a big smile. “Did you miss me?”Andrew stared at his daughter with a stunned look. Kyra had certainly grown up since the last time he had seen her about six months ago. She was a beauty and as far as he could say by the way she had pressed her young body against his, he could say that she was a full-grown woman now. Her ripe breasts pushed against his chest and as he gave them one quick glance, he noticed that without being enormous, Kyra had nice sized breasts that would please any man and the thought struck in his head like a lightning. Was he lusting after his own daughter? Luckily, Kyra stepped back and walked toward the nearest armchair. Andrew busied himself greeting his half-brother and then he turned his attention back to her daughter.Jon could barely hold his smile back as he stared at Andrew. He was studying his daughter with plain lust shining in his eyes as Kyra made a show of leaning back on the armchair, arching her back until her nipples poked against her shirt. Kyra smiled at her father and then invited him to sit down beside her as Jon sat down on a comfortable armchair beside them to study Kyra’s movements, his cock beginning to swell.***************************As time went by, Jon could see Kyra tearing each and every one of her father’s barriers down. She would hug him, kiss him, acting as any other loving daughter would do, but Jon could see the way she pressed her breasts against his arm, or how her hand would occasionally rub his knee or pat his thigh. He had noticed the way Andrew gave her breasts quick, subtle glances and he knew that his brother had noticed that his little girl wasn’t wearing a bra.“Uncle Jon!” Kyra’s giggly voice took him out of his daydream.“Yes, darling?” He said and he noticed the sly spark in her eyes.“Do you want a drink? I will bring daddy some whisky… What can I bring you?” She asked and she parted her legs a bit, showing him her naked core. Jon shifted in her seat and murmured.“I want some whisky too.”Kyra gave her father one last kiss and then stood up, walking toward the bar at one side of the study, swaying her hips for both men’s delight.Kyra looked around, but she couldn’t find any bottle near. With an innocent smile, she turned to her dad and asked.“Dad, where are the bottles?” She asked.“On the other side of the bar, darling.” He answered and she gave him a radiant smile.“Thank you, daddy!” She said and without further notice, she leant over the bar to take the bottles from the inside, giving both men a gentle display of her naked butt.Andrew’s eyes grew wide at the sight of his baby girl’s exposed ass. Fuck! His cock grew to even bigger proportions in his pants when she posed a foot on one of the skirting boards of the rustic brick bar to help herself and causing her pussy lips to open up, showing him some of her pink flesh. Was she aware of that? He gave his half brother a quick glance to check if he was enjoying of the same sight, but he was busy looking out the window. Turning his eyes back to Kyra, he saw her smiling at him, so he gave her a reassuring one back as she walked toward them with two whisky glasses in her hands. She handed one to her uncle, giving Andrew another glimpse of her ass and then she turned toward him, leaning forward and showing a fair bit of her cleavage.“Thank you, Kyra.” He murmured hoarsely and Kyra sat down beside him.Kyra pressed her body against him and gave the glass a longing look.“Daddy… Can I drink some?” Kyra asked with a slight c***dish tone and Andrew gave her a curious look.“You’re too young, Kyra.” He answered in an admonishing tone and Kyra gave him a surprised look.“I’m 18, daddy… In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a woman now!” She answered and Andrew shifted in his seat, his cock almost in pain in his trousers. “I’m sure I can manage some whisky!”Jon chuckled lowly. She was such a natural! She would have her father eating from her hand, or rather fucking her mindlessly in any minute.Kyra stood up and walked to the bar once again and took the bottle in her hand, absently stroking the neck of the bottle as if it was a small cock. She gave her father one pleading look and with a loud sigh, he nodded in resignation.“Thanks!” She exclaimed and poured some whisky in a glass. She swallowed the amber liquid in one gulp under her father’s astonished stare.“It seems that your little girl has grown up, Andrew.” Jon said and Andrew nodded silently as he stared at the way Kyra ran her tongue over her luscious lips.“Can I have some more, daddy? Please?” Kyra begged and Andrew nodded. Kyra took another big gulp of whisky and then sat on one of the tall stools with a big smile. “Now I know why you like to drink this thing so much, daddy… It’s delicious!” She said cheerfully and Jon laughed.“Take it easy with the whisky, Kyra… People always do wild things after having too much alcohol.” He murmured and Kyra had to hold back her laughter. He was giving her a clue, but she was doing this too well by herself.“I’ll try to control myself, uncle Jon, but this is the best I’ve ever had in my life!” Kyra exclaimed naively and she then saw her father shifting in his seat. With a wicked grin, she parted her legs a bit, making her skirt roll up her thighs and giving her father an unspoiled view of her pussy. Andrew didn’t disappoint her; his eyes flew to her exposed flesh and stayed there for a few seconds.Kyra did everything she knew to arouse her father. She spread her legs, her hands running up and down her thighs and she pushed her breasts a bit forward so her already hard nipples were noticeable through the fabric of her shirt.Meanwhile, back in the armchair, Andrew was having a hard time hiding his erection from his daughter and his brother. His baby girl was driving him insane, every time he caught a glimpse of her naked flesh he wanted to do nothing but fuck her mindlessly, driving his big cock deeply into her while pinching those perky nipples that were begging for his mouth. Forgetting that his brother was around, he gave Kyra a sided, lustful grin and she giggled in return.“What’s wrong, daddy?” She asked, imitating perfectly the slightly drunken accent.“I’ve just noticed what a beautiful girl you are now, Kyra.” Andrew answered and Kyra smiled.“Thank you, daddy.” She murmured standing up. She pretended to stagger her way back to the armchair and once she passed in front of her dad, she mocked a stumble and fell on Andrew’s lap. Laughing lightly, Kyra began to move over him, brushing her ass against his cock as she clumsily tried to stand up.“Oh daddy, I’m so sorry!” Kyra exclaimed as she finally sat up, her panty-clad ass fully on top of his poking cock. With a sigh, Kyra rested her back against Andrew’s chest and then lay her head on his shoulder as she posed his hands on her belly. She shamelessly rubbed her ass against his hard on a few times and then closed her eyes.The three of them remained quiet for a while; Jon staring at his niece with a raging hard on, Andrew doing the best he could to not fuck his daughter in front of his brother and as for Kyra, she loved the feeling of having both men insane with desire for her.Suddenly, Andrew’s hands began to lightly caress Kyra’s tummy through her shirt, enjoying the feeling of the flat surface through the fabric. Kyra grinned at his actions. Silently, she posed her hands over his and then encouraged him to move them upwards until he was playing with the undersides on her breasts.“Mmmmmm, daddy… I like that…” Kyra murmured longingly, giving her uncle a lustful look, his pussy boiling when he saw him shamelessly rubbing the bulge in his pants.“You like it?” Andrew murmured in her ear, posing a light kiss in her neck. “Do you want me to touch you some more?” He asked and Kyra felt her heart hammering against her ribs.“Please….”Andrew gave Jon a quick look. His brother was softly rubbing his cock through his slacks as he stared at them and Andrew realized that they must be one very exciting sight. Jon didn’t seem to care that Andrew was fondling his daughter in front of his eyes and neither did Kyra, so… Why would he stop?Grinning, Andrew moved his hands and softly cupped her breasts, making his daughter moan in his ear. He began to play with her breasts for a long while, pinching slightly at her nipples every now and then through the fabric and making her wriggle on his lap.“Does my baby girl like this?” Andrew murmured excitedly in her ear and Kyra nodded, all her fakeness gone now. She was enjoying her daddy’s attention way too much; having her own father making love to her while her uncle watched them was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced so far!“I love it, daddy!” She exclaimed softly, pressing her pussy against his hard dick.Andrew looked up at his half brother and asked.“Why don’t you unbutton Kyra’s shirt, Jon? I’m sure she’d appreciate your help.”Jon felt his cock twitching. He had expected this to take a few days and he had NEVER expected his brother to ask him to join the fun, but what the hell! He wouldn’t miss the opportunity!Standing up, he walked toward Kyra and once she stepped in front of her, Andrew moved his hands from her breasts, as if giving him the chance to feel her up as well. Locking his eyes with Kyra’s, Jon fondled her breasts for a short while before taking care of her shirt. A few seconds later, the shirt hung open on each side of Kyra’s chest, her full breasts naked for both men.“Touch me, daddy.” Kyra begged fervently. Andrew obeyed. His warm hands moved to her tits once again, now teasing her naked nipples.“Why aren’t you wearing any underwear, Kyra?” Andrew asked suddenly, pinching her nipples between his thumb and index finger and making her arch her back, pushing her pussy against his cock.“Did you want us to see your pussy?” Jon added. “That’s why you kept spreading you legs all the time, right?”Kyra was beside herself with pleasure. Never, not even in her wildest fantasies, she would have imagined having her daddy and uncle playing with her.“I’m a slut, daddy…” Kyra said longingly. “I wanted you to see my pussy… I want you to fuck your little girl so badly!”Andrew pinched her nipples once again and then spread his legs so Kyra sat between them. Leaving her tits, his hands moved to her legs, parting them and lifting her skirt in the process. Positioning his knees between hers, he spread them as wide as she could go and then looked back at his brother.”Eat her pussy, Jon.” Andrew ordered huskily. “Let’s fuck her royally!”Jon groaned in excitement. Who would have guessed Andrew would accept this? Kneeling down in front of them, he gave Kyra’s parted pussy lips one long look and saw her juices dripping from her vagina, her clit hard and swollen.“What a beautiful cunt you have, you little bitch!” He murmured huskily. Kyra moaned at his words and him, gripping her hips, maneuvered her so her pussy was in the right position before feasting on her like never before.Kyra let out a loud cry. She would love to have a mirror to see what they were doing to her… They must be one hell of a sight… Her father playing with her nipples and her uncle eating her raw. Her hips began to a crazy dance, offering herself to Jon’s tongue as he plunged it deeply into her.“Oh, uncle Jon!” Kyra murmured wantonly. “Oh, yes!!!!!” She exclaimed when he nibbled at her clit.Andrew pinched her nipples one more and she squealed.“You slut! Look at you! All you need is to be fucked all the time, right?” He asked in her ear and Kyra nodded silently as she humped her hips against Jon’s mouth. “I’m gonna fuck that little cunt of you so much and so hard that you won’t be able to sit for a whole week, you whore!”Kyra moaned, her whole body in fire. She loved the dirty talk during lovemaking and his father knew exactly how to do it.All of a sudden, Jon stopped and Kyra cried out in disappointment.“Uncle Jon!”Jon laughed and then looked at Andrew.“I think she needs a cock.” He said huskily. “I want to fuck her.”Andrew felt his groin tightening with excitement as his cock grew harder against Kyra’s lower back.“What does my little girl say about it?” He murmured in her ear. “You want to be fucked by your uncle? I really wanna see him between your legs!”“Let him fuck me, daddy… I need his cock!” Kyra begged and both men laughed.Grinning, Jon unzipped his slacks and then his cock sprung free, hard as a rock. Kyra moaned appreciatively and wetted her lips at the sight of his uncle’s dick.“I want to suck you.” Kyra murmured suddenly and Jon’s eyes grew wide. Andrew laughed softly.“What a slut my baby girl is…” He mumbled as his mouth ravished her neck, his hands still in her breasts. “Let her suck you, Jon… I wanna see what a slut my daughter can be.”Jon nodded. He gave his dick a few strokes and then moved closer to her. With her head still resting on her father’s shoulder, Mia took Jon dick greedily into her mouth, sucking it with all her might.Andrew stared at his daughter being deep-throated by her uncle. She was enjoying it, considering the little whimpers that came from her. The first time he saw Kyra’s lips reaching the base of Jon’s cock, Andrew almost came in his pants. When had his girl turned into such a slut? And what was even more important… How had he missed that???Jon threw his head back with a low grunt, feeling Kyra’s tongue swirling around his dick. Fucking her in front of her own father was even more exciting than fucking her in the school’s bathrooms!After a few minutes, Jon took his cock out of her mouth a loud plopping sound and a disappointed grunt coming from Kyra.“Easy, slut!” Andrew scolded her and Kyra moaned. Looking at her father in the eye, Kyra grunted.“I want a cock… NOW!”Andrew smirked and motioned to Jon to go on. Kneeling down again, Jon took his saliva-coated dick in his hand and swiftly buried it into her pussy until his balls touched her ass cheeks.Kyra cried out in pleasure as Jon began to pump furiously into her. She threw her head back as her ragged breath came out of her lungs, but soon enough Andrew began to kiss her, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth. Kyra melt against him, loving the feeling of her daddy fucking her mouth with his tongue in the same way her uncle was fucking her pussy.It didn’t take Jon or Kyra too long to reach their pleasure peak. Before they knew, they both were crying their orgasms out as Andrew shamelessly rubbed his clothed cock against his little girl’s butt.Jon left his dick inside of her until he felt the last of her contractions gripping him tightly. Meanwhile, Kyra was limp in her dad’s arms, her uncle on top of her and deeply plugged inside of her. The best of all was that she LOVED the feeling!After a few seconds, Andrew’s hands left her breasts and then spoke in her ear, his voice husky with desire.“I need your pussy, baby girl… Daddy wants to fuck you.”Kyra felt her pussy tingling once more. Jon grinned and moved off from her, taking his limp dick out of her tender pussy. With a little moan, Kyra stood up and then looked down at her dad. He motioned for her to undress him and so she did, kissing him all the while. Once he was naked, Kyra’s pussy tingled at the sight of his well-toned body. Damn, she’d love to have him humping between her legs!Andrew took her shirt and skirt off and then ordered.“Lay back on the rug, Kyra. And spread your legs… I wanna see the pussy I’m fucking!”Kyra shivered pleasantly and then lay back as she had been told. Lifting her knees, she parted her legs and her pussy lips spread gently, showing her glistening juices mixed with some of Jon’s semen.“You’re leaking your uncle’s cum, slut… Do you like that?” Andrew asked stroking his 8-inch cock.Kyra stared at his dick and she answered.“I love being your little slut, daddy.”Andrew grinned as he kneeled down. He then positioned himself between her legs and gave her pussy a few strokes with the tip of his dick.“Mmmmmmmmmmm…. Daddy!” Kyra moaned wantonly as Andrew prodded at her entrance. “Please… Mmmmmmmm… Please….” She begged as her daddy teased her clit mercilessly.“Fuck her, Andrew.” Jon murmured. “I wanna see her being fucked by her daddy… and enjoying it!”Andrew and Jon shared an understanding look and a second later, Andrew buried his throbbing cock in his daughter’s pussy.“OH YES, DADDY!!!!!!” Kyra exclaimed as he entered in her, her eyes wide as her father’s cock burnt in her cunt.Andrew threw his head back with a loud moan, enjoying the feeling of his little girl’s pussy clamping him hard.“Shit!” He exclaimed lustfully. “Why didn’t you tell me she was so tight?” He asked as he glanced at Jon.“Why? Don’t you like it?” Jon inquired with a grin in his lips, knowing fully well what his brother’s answer would be.Meanwhile, Kyra’s fingers played with Andrew’s chest hair and pinching his nipples, she murmured.“Don’t you like my tight pussy, daddy? I do like the way your cock stretches me so wonderfully… You’re so big, daddy…”Andrew looked down at her and his cock hardened even more. Kyra was the perfect picture of innocence, all cute eyes and pouty lips; but what made her the most exciting sight ever was that she kept on pushing her slender hips against his in search of his cock as she looked up at him.“You slut!” Andrew exclaimed as he rammed himself in her. “I’ll teach you a lesson… Now you’ll learn what happens to slut girls that tease their daddies.”“What happens to them, dad?” Kyra asked with a mock fearful look in her eyes as her hips kept on fucking him non-stop.“They get their cunts fucked until they can’t fuck anymore!” Andrew growled and grabbed her ankles, lifting them high in the air and spreading her legs wide in the process. With that simple movement, he found himself sliding into her deepest corners, the tip of his shaft touching the entrance of her womb.Kyra shrieked in pleasure. She had never been fucked so deeply before and she loved the feeling of Andrew’s cock filling her to the hilt.“Ummmmmmmm, daddy…. Ohhhhhhh yes!” Kyra moaned, her face contorted in pleasure.“Mmmm…. You have such a soft pussy, baby girl!” Andrew murmured as he pumped furiously into his daughter. “I’m gonna fuck you so good, Kyra… Your daddy’s dick is gonna make you come, right sweetie?”Kyra groaned wantonly in response. Jon stared at them from the armchair, extremely turned on by the sight of his former innocent young niece being royally fucked by her own dad. He could see Andrew plunging his shaft deep into Kyra’s cunt, see the drag of her flesh as he slid out; Jon had been in that pussy so many times before that he knew perfectly well how it felt. Kyra kept moaning non-stop, arching her body so her father could get even more into her as her fingers tugged gently at her own nipples, making them grow red and hard.A few minutes later, the change in both of them was suddenly noticed. Andrew’s pumps were even faster now and his moans matched Kyra’s in intensity. Her breasts were bouncing with the power of her father’s thrusts when she opened her eyes and looked up at him.“Come in me, daddy.” Kyra coaxed him as they moved. “I wanna feel you spurt your cum in me…”Groaning, Andrew thrust in her one more time and they both came at the same time. Andrew threw his head back as a huge load of his semen filled his little girl’s pussy and Kyra moaned with every jet of cum that hit her now over sensitive core.Andrew collapsed on top of his daughter and remained there for a while until they both caught their breath. He then began to kiss her, his tongue entering deep in her mouth and rubbing her clit with his finger.“God, baby…” Andrew exclaimed in amazement as he looked down at his now slutty looking daughter. “You’re so fucking great! No one has ever made me cum so hard!”Kyra smiled cheekily and then arched her hips against him, making his dick stir in excitement.“Save kaçak bahis your strength, daddy.” Kyra murmured as her fingernails softly scratched his butt cheeks. “I’m gonna be here for two weeks and I want this gorgeous cock all for me, you hear me?”“Slut…” Andrew said with a smile before kissing her.“Indeed.” Jon said from the armchair, making the both of them to look up.Kyra grinned when she saw her uncle stroking his hardened cock.“Is there anything you can do for your uncle, Kyra?” Andrew asked and Kyra gave him a sly smile, her pussy already tingling. She had never been fucked so often, but damn if she’d lose the chance just out of ignorance!Moving aside, Andrew slipped his limp member out of her. Kyra kneeled on the rug and then crawled on her hands and knees toward her uncle, her tempting body enticing both men.Kyra reached her uncle’s spot and he spread his legs, giving her access to his shaft. Kyra took it in her mouth and sucked it eagerly for a short while, before letting in plop out of her mouth and looking up at him.“Ride me, Kyra… I want your daddy to see what a whore his little girl can be.”Kyra smiled and quickly got herself on the armchair, straddling his hips at once. Looking over her shoulder, Jon could Andrew’s eyes fixed on his daughter’s cunt and he slid his dick deliberately slow inside of her.Once his hard shaft had slipped completely into her hungry pussy, Kyra stayed motionless for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of being fucked for the first time in such a short period of time.Andrew got close to them and then posed his hands on her hips, compelling her to move.“Fuck your uncle, baby… I wanna see you ride his cock.” He murmured in her ear and Kyra groaned, all her nerves extremely sensitive now.Moving his hands to her butt cheeks, Andrew made her rise on her knees. Just when she began to lower herself down, he spread her cheeks apart, making her cunt to loosen a bit and helping Jon’s cock to reach new limits in her. Both Jon and Kyra groaned and Andrew grinned.“That’s it, you little vixen… Now move up again.” He instructed pulling his body close to her back. Kyra did as he asked her to but this time, instead of spreading her cheeks open, Andrew squeezed them together, making her pussy even tighter. Jon and Kyra groaned in ecstasy, loving Andrew’s attention.He kept on teasing them like that for a long while before he spoke in his daughter’s ear.“I want you to suck me, Kyra… Daddy needs to be in your mouth.”Kyra moaned wantonly and Andrew left her to stand in the couch right beside her, his cock at level with her eager-to-please mouth.“You have such a beautiful cock, daddy!” Kyra murmured as she carried on riding Jon’s dick. “I can’t wait to feel it in my mouth…”Surprising Andrew, Kyra grabbed a hold of his red swollen shaft and slid the hot tip of it in her mouth, her tongue lingering in the slit and tasting his precum.“Mmmmmmm… You taste so good! As good as I thought you would.” She said lowly as she stroked him.Andrew felt his balls boiling at her words and he was too horny to be gentle. Grabbing her hair, he roughly slipped his hot length into her wanting mouth and she moaned a bit, but she quickly began to suck him.Kyra was in seventh heaven. She had a big cock fucking her pussy and another one fucking her mouth. She could hear both man grunting with the pleasure she was giving them and that made her crazy with want. Sucking Andrew’s cock as deeply as she could into her mouth, he felt him hit the pillowy corners of her throat and it made him groan.Slowly slipping his dick out her mouth, Kyra looked up at him without stopping her movements.“I want you… To fuck my… My ass, daddy…”Both Jon and Andrew stared at her in disbelief, but with their cocks twitching in excitement at the thought of the innocent Kyra being fucked by the two of them at the same time.“Please, daddy…” Kyra begged and then she threw her head back, the dick inside her pussy making her moan. Andrew took advantage of that and kissed her roughly, his manhood almost aching with want.“If that’s what my baby wants…” Andrew murmured as he pulled apart. He gave her one last, lustful kiss and then moved down the armchair, positioning himself behind her. Knowing he needed some help, he told Andrew to pull out of Kyra and then he plugged himself in her.Noticing her surprise, Andrew spoke in her ear as he fucked her from behind.“Don’t worry, baby girl… I only need some lubrication.”Kyra matched his movements and suddenly, as quick as he had entered in her, he left her pussy aching for more. But she had no time to complain; before she could even groan, Jon slid himself into her and Kyra felt herself filled to capacity. That thought made her a little scared; if she could barely take their cocks in her cunt… How would she manage her dad’s shaft in her ass?Sensing her thoughts, Andrew began to stroke her ass cheeks as he kissed the back of her neck.“Easy now, sweetie… I won’t hurt you.”Kyra nodded and then she felt her father’s wet finger teasing her most hidden corner. The feeling wasn’t that bad… He was being gentle and she also had the help of Jon’s cock to keep her distracted of her doubts!Slowly, Andrew slid a finger into her, first up to his first knuckle, then up to the second and before he knew, his whole finger was inside of her and Kyra hadn’t even complained. Grinning, he moved the saliva coated finger in and out of her for further lubrication and then took it out, hearing Kyra’s disappointed moan.Kyra’s reaction didn’t last long. She was about to beg her father to fuck her when she felt something hot poking at her puckered rosebud. Her body stiffened a bit and Andrew then murmured, his breath tickling her neck.“Relax, Kyra. I promise I’ll be gentle.”Kyra breathed deeply and then, slowly, Andrew’s cock slid in her, but nothing but the tip of him. Kyra’s breath got caught in her throat, the pain in her virgin ass too much to bear.“It hurts, daddy!” Kyra exclaimed and Andrew found that really exciting, almost too much to control himself. He wanted nothing but to ram his dick in her, but he slowed down a bit so she could grow used to his intrusion as he pinched her nipples from behind.“Don’t fight it, baby girl…. Daddy wants to fuck your ass… Don’t you want that?” Andrew coaxed and he felt Kyra beginning to relax.Kyra had to accept that now that the initial pain was gone, it didn’t feel that bad! Now her surrender to her father was complete and the thought was really erotic. Pushing her butt back to him, she panted harshly.“More, daddy… More”Andrew growled and he slowly slid his whole dick into her, grateful for the lubrication. He could feel her tender ass giving way to him and once his balls touched her skin, he knew the worst was already done.With a loud grunt, Andrew threw his head back and then pulled his daughter close to his body.“Does it hurt, love?” He murmured in her ear and he noticed at once Kyra’s ragged breath as he began to slowly thrust into her.“It…. OH! No, it doesn’t-ungh… hurt… ungh” She answered, letting out short shrieks every time her father thrust into her.Andrew glanced at Jon over Kyra’s shoulder and Jon interpreted his look at once. As Jon pulled out of her pussy, Andrew slid himself further in her ass, making her shriek in pleasure. Slowly, Andrew slid out of her and then, Jon thrust into her.Kyra let out a loud cry. She was barely able to bear with the complete pleasure both men were giving her… Jon was firmly fucking her pussy just like her dad did with her ass, but their hands weren’t idle! Jon kept squeezing her butt cheeks and easing them apart to make Andrew’s attentions even easier. Meanwhile, one of her father’s hands tugged at her nipples as the fingers of the other began to tease her clit, making her cry out oblivious of everything else but those dicks deeply buried in her young body.“Oh my God!” Kyra cried out as she rode both men faster, her pussy contracting around Jon’s shaft. “I’m… Oooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I’m cum-I’m cumming!!!!!!!!” She screamed and then her body squeezed both cock in the highest peak of her pleasure.Jon felt her muscles clamping down at him and he growled. Pulling her hips closer to him, he spurted his semen into her pussy for the third time in that day in the same time Andrew did his own thing in her ass.Kyra let out a loud cry as she felt both men cumming in her. Instinctively, the two of them did their best to thrust their cocks as deep as they could into her body filling her to capacity.As the three of them remained motionless trying to catch their breaths, Kyra grinned even in her tired state. Two weeks like that… Damn she was gonna enjoy it!“Mmmmm… Oh, yeah…” Kyra moaned as her uncle Jon entered in her warm, wet pussy. Gripping the iron headboard of her big bed, she arched her back and spread her legs wider, doing everything she could to help her uncle to fuck her doggy style.“You’re so wet, baby!” Jon grunted in her ear, lowering his head so his mouth could be at ear level with her. Grabbing a hold of her tits, he began to knead them, pinching and tugging at her red, hard nipples.Kyra felt Jon’s ragged breath brushing her ear and that made her even more excited. She loved being fucked from behind, and she especially loved this position, in which her uncle –or her dad, she thought with a faint smile- could bury their cocks into her to the hilt.“Mmmmm yes, uncle Jon…. Give it to me!” Kyra exclaimed and Jon thrust hard, his balls slapping against her clit making her niece squeal in pleasure. “YES!!!”“My little slut…” Jon murmured in her ear, his cock sliding in and out of her dripping cunt. “You so love to be fucked, don’t you? You crave for a big cock buried in this soft, tight pussy of yours all the time, right? I’m gonna fuck you hard and fast, Kyra… So hard and so fast you won’t be able to sit for a whole day!”Kyra groaned in ecstasy at his words, instinctively pushing her hips back to him to welcome his rough thrusts.“I love a big cock, uncle Jon…” Kyra panted. “It makes me so hot to think of you and my daddy fucking me at the same time!”Jon grunted and one of his hands left her breasts to move down her body, following the trail of her flat tummy toward the dark brown curls of her pussy. Gently, he spread her lips wide open and his fingers easily found her erect clit, teasing it merciless.“Oh yes!” Kyra exclaimed, not caring who might hear her. “Fuck me, uncle Jon! Fuck me hard! Play with my clit…. My pussy needs you so much!”Jon felt his balls tightening at her words. Stroking her love bud quickly and fucking her like a mad man, he made her come, her cunt squeezing him tight and his own cum spurting deep into her.Both collapsed on the bed, Jon spooning Kyra from behind, his cock still inside of her.“Good morning, sweetie.” He mumbled in her ear as he nuzzled her neck. Giving his cock one last squeeze with her vaginal muscles, Kyra answered with a smile.“Morning to you too, uncle Jon.”Surprising him, Kyra sat up on the bed and then placed herself on him, straddling his hips. Jon stared at her with an amazed look and he felt his groin starting to stir once again. She was one hell of a sight; her supple breasts jiggling with her movements, her knees on the thick mattress and her thighs spread wide above him, her pussy dripping her juices and some of his own semen onto his lower tummy.“Did I tell you how much I love being at daddy’s house, uncle Jon?” Kyra asked mischievously and Jon pinched one her of her red nipples. Kyra giggled and that made her breasts bounce again; the sight watering Jon’s mouth at once. “I love being fucked every day… In every room.” She explained and Jon grinned. With a cute smile, Kyra leant forward until her face was right above Jon’s and murmured. “But above all, I love having two big, gorgeous dicks at my disposal all the time!”Gripping her hips, Jon pushed her core tight against his body.“And there’s nothing that I like the most than watching you while your daddy fucks you, Kyra” Jon grunted as her niece began to rock her hips back and forth, gently brushing her clit against his skin.“Yes, uncle Jon… Tell me how you like it…” Kyra mumbled, her pace a bit faster now.“The look in your face every time you have a cock inside that tight pussy of yours is amazing, Kyra” Jon said. “You’re such a slut, baby girl… You love being fucked hard and often… I wonder how I’d cope when we go back to school and you only have me to please you…”Kyra moaned, her pussy dripping juices on his skin. She was so horny… Kyra always woke up feeling aroused and that was a huge problem when she was at school, but not here; here she had two men eager to fuck her senseless at any hour, in any place.Feeling her uncle playing with her hard nipples, Kyra groaned as her hips bucked faster. She had arrived barely four days ago, but she had already been fucked in every single room of the house. Jon had forbid the mansion’s employees to enter in a room whenever he, his brother and his daughter were together… Not that they cared about someone seeing them… Once they got down to the business, anyone could come in and they would never noticed it!Two days ago, her daddy had made a quick trip to the nearest city and had come back with dozens of bags, all filled with clothes for Kyra. A faint smile appeared in her lips as she carried on relieving herself against her uncle’s tummy. Every single outfit was made to tease; very short skirts, tiny tops and shorts, deep necklines, the most of them combined in just one outfit. Neither Andrew or Jon liked her to wear panties, but her father couldn’t resist the urge of buying her a single, skimpy piece of underwear: a pair of little black panties with a tiny piece of black satin in the crotch and a g-string in the back. Once on her the satin barely covered her brown curls, the fabric swiftly sliding between her pussy lips and her pert ass cheeks. The first night she wad worn it, it had lead them to a glorious threesome in Kyra’s room.Suddenly, Kyra snapped back to reality when Jon slipped two fingers into her wet cunt.“Ooooooooooohhhhhhh Yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!” She hissed in ecstasy, humping faster.“Cum on me, you slut!” Jon ordered as his fingers dived hardly in and out of her. “I wanna feel your juices on me!”Kyra moaned loudly and then an orgasm took over her body, making her quiver from head to toes.“That’s it, Kyra… You’re a good slut!” Jon exclaimed and Kyra smiled as she softly rubbed her dripping cunt against his skin. Pulling her down to him, Jon gave her one last, long kiss and then got up, leaving Kyra alone. She just played lazy for a few seconds and the got up, ready to take a shower.*********************It was early in the afternoon when Kyra heard a knock at her room’s door. With a curious look in her eyes, she stood up from her bed and walked to the door, letting out a big smile when she saw Andrew standing there.“Hi, daddy!” Kyra exclaimed throwing herself in his arms. “I thought you’d be away today?” She said questioningly and her father smiled as he slid his hands under her tiny white top to play with her nipples.“I was supposed to, but I decided to ask that O’Reilly guy to come here instead. It’ll make negotiations less stressful.” He explained as his fingers tugged at her nipples, making her wriggle against him. With a sly grin, Andrew added. “Besides, I couldn’t stay away from my baby girl for too long.”Kyra smiled lustfully at him and Andrew pulled her close for a deep, passionate kiss. After a while he pulled back, leaving Kyra grunting in disappointment.“Easy, slut.” Andrew commanded and Kyra pouted at him, her eyes moody. “I promise to give you a good fuck tonight. Perhaps we can ask your uncle to join us… If you didn’t wear him out this morning, that’s it!” Andrew said and Kyra gasped.“Did you hear us?” Kyra asked shyly and Andrew laughed. She was worried about him hearing them fuck when he had already seen them in action right before his eyes? He had to smile. Kyra might be the ideal fuck partner, but she was still innocent at heart!“Everyone heard you begging Jon to fuck you harder, baby girl… You shouldn’t be that loud.” Andrew smiled and his fingers gave her nipples one swift pinch that made her moan. Then, as quickly as they had come, his hands left her breasts and he stepped backwards. “Now get ready. O’Reilly should be here by dinner time and I want you to be there with us.” Andrew stared at his daughter with a critical look and then added. “Why don’t you wear one of those dresses I brought you from the town? I would love to see you looking all sexy for this guy!”“Daddy!” Kyra exclaimed with a giggle. She then moved closer to Andrew and asked in a low, sultry voice. “Should I wear panties?”Andrew smiled at her behavior and after meditating his answer for a while, he muttered.“I want you to wear your black g-string.”With that, Andrew left Kyra’s room, leaving his daughter wondering what her father had in mind.***************************Tom O’Reilly entered in the Matheson mansion and followed James, the butler, down the corridor toward the dining room where Andrew Matheson and Jon Markman waited for him. Once there, both men greeted him warmly and offered him to have a drink until dinner was ready. The three men had a nice chat –avoiding everything related to business- until Andrew exclaimed.“Here you are!”Tom looked around the room and finally his dark brown eyes settled on a beautiful young woman walking slowly, but sensually, toward them. She stared at him with a smile before turning to Andrew and posing a quick kiss on his cheek.“Hi, daddy!”Andrew slid an arm around her waist and pulled her closer… as close as you’d do with a lover, Tom thought. Easing that thought off of his mind, he turned to Andrew as he made the introductions.“Tom, this is my daughter Kyra. Kyra, this is Tom O’Reilly.” Andrew said and Kyra shook his hand politely as his eyes devoured her not too subtly.Since when Andrew Matheson had a daughter? Tom had heard someone talking about a shy, silent girl sometime ago, but this… This was quite different! Kyra was a beautiful girl with long brown hair and round hazel eyes that gave her an innocent look, but that also held a spark of something that made his groin stir.But what really made him hard was the ripe beauty of her body, barely covered by a short black dress that hit her way above her mid thigh and that showed a generous portion of her cleavage at the top. Kyra had long, sexy legs and Tom found himself wishing to feel them on a tight grip around his waist. Her breasts were round and firm, and as far as he could see, she was wearing no bra, because her nipples poked at her dress and they jiggled in an unmistakable way.“Nice to meet you, Mr. O’Reilly.” Kyra said lowly as she shook his hand, extremely conscious of his dark eyes fixed on her tits. Smiling, he gave the handsome man in front of her a good look. His tall, strong body seemed to fill the room and his dark hair and eyes, as well as his dark café-au-lait -like skin gave him an exotic look. As she studied him, Kyra felt a soft tingle between her legs. She had heard a story of a school friend once who had been fucked by a black man, how she had praised his enormous dick, rambling non-stop about how he had made her come several times in just one night. Now, as she studied his well-sized bulge between lowered eyelashes, Kyra felt the urge of experiencing that herself. If he was that big while calmed… How big could he be with a raging hard on?Noticing the exchange of looks between Kyra and Tom, Andrew suggested to sit down; dinner was finally ready. Staring at his brother, Andrew and Jon shared a conspiring look as they saw Kyra leading Tom to the seat right beside hers.“What do you think?” Andrew asked lowly and Jon smirked.“I think she’s curious.” Jon answered. “What do you reckon we should do?”Andrew rubbed his chin thoughtfully and then a sly smile played in his lips.“I say we let her have some fun. Who knows… Maybe they’ll let us join later!” He murmured and both men smiled as they walked toward the table.**************************Andrew observed his daughter during the whole dinner, watching her putting her antics in practice. She would lean close to Tom to speak to him or to hear whatever he had to say to her and she had managed to let him feel her body as much as she could, gently brushing her breasts against his arm, or pressing her thigh against his. She kept staring at him with an intense look and every time he lay his eyes on her, she would either softly lick her lips or lean forward to show off a generous bit of her breasts.Kyra was delighted with the way the night had developed. Tom only had eyes for her, she could see that whenever her dad spoke to him; Tom would do everything he could to ignore her for a few seconds, but his dark brown eyes would fly back to her anyway. His stare seemed to burn on her, sliding over her partially hidden body as if he could see through the fabric of her little dress and Kyra’s nipples were in a constant state of arousal, poking against the dress and causing him to lick his full lips. As for her pussy, her skimpy panties were soaking wet and the pressure the satin made against her clit was driving her insane. She knew she needed a cock soon or she’d go hysteric, but she was determined to have this man in her bed, no matter what she had to do!A few minutes later, they all moved into Andrew’s study for a late drink before going to bed. Kyra smiled broadly when her father asked Tom to sit down in the armchair right in front of her; that way, Kyra knew Andrew was aware of what she was doing and that he also approved it. Grinning, Kyra took a seat on the chair her uncle Jon had used their arrival day and gave Tom an innocent smile.A minute later, Kyra began with her teasing, knowing very well that Tom only had eyes for her, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. Sitting beside her daddy, Kyra spread her legs just an inch, lifting her short skirt up her thighs before parting her legs even more, giving Tom a full, unspoiled view of her back satin clad pussy.Tom swallowed hard as he felt his cock painfully pushing against his slacks as her womanhood came into view. He had found Kyra really attractive back in the hall, but once she began to provoke him, pressing her ripe, firm breasts against him he had had to fight all his urges back. He really wanted to flip her little skirt over her hips and fuck her senseless, but what could he do with Andrew and Jon around? His cock ached with the need of burying itself in that pink pussy Kyra was so blatantly showing off and spurt his semen in her.Tom had always had a soft spot for young, white pussies and Kyra’s was all he had dreamt of! His dark skin pushed most women away, no matter how rich he was, but he didn’t mind. There was nothing he liked the most than having a sweet, innocent young white girl spreading his legs for him to allow his big black cock to enter in their tight pussies. In other words, Kyra was driving him mad with need to fuck her right there and then, not caring about her father or her uncle. He wanted to know whether that cunt was as tight as it looked.Kyra moved her right hand to her thigh and carelessly let it drop to the inside of her leg, her fingers softly stroking the skin near her womanhood. As her father talked to her uncle, Kyra fixed her eyes on Tom and the moved her hand to cup her pussy through her skimpy panties. Dipping a single finger between her wet folds and the satin, she began to rub her clit, a pleased expression in her face as her tongue sneaked out of her mouth to sensually lick her lips. Kyra then fixed her eyes on him and swiftly slid that same finger into her pussy, fingering herself for a short while before taking it out and bring it to her lips to lick her juices off of it.Tom cursed silently. God, this girl really needed to be fucked and he would be damned if he ignored her pleas! She didn’t seem to reject him; in fact, it was quite the opposite, he thought with a sly grin. Thanking God he had accepted Andrew’s invitation to stay at his house for a few days, Tom glanced his wristwatch and wondered how long it would take them before going to bed. Once the house was silent, Tom would slip into Kyra’s room and make his fantasies come true between her pale, perfect legs.Kyra shivered at the intense look in Tom’s eyes. Damn, her pussy was so hot! She needed to be fucked right now, but she couldn’t drag Tom into it right there and then. Kyra knew her father didn’t mind her fucking the big black guy; in fact, he seemed to encourage her, probably excited at the prospect of a black stud humping between his daughter’s legs. But no matter what, Kyra needed to find release and she wouldn’t find it in Tom, at least not now. Tugging at Andrew’s sleeve, she made him lean closer to her with a curious look in his eyes.“What’s wrong, Kyra?” Andrew asked and Kyra licked her lips.“I need you to fuck your little girl, daddy.” She murmured wantonly and Andrew felt his cock hardening even more. Quickly, Kyra stood up and walked toward the bar, followed closely by her father. If her uncle and their guest found that strange, they didn’t let it show in their faces.Kyra walked behind the bar and taking advantage of a corner of it that was partially hidden behind a wall, she leant her forearms on the dark brown wood and then stuck her butt out, her legs spread wide, eagerly waiting for a big cock to fill her wanting pussy.Andrew stared at his daughter and smiled. Yes, they had created one hell of a slut… Damn he was gonna miss her once she went back to school! But he didn’t want to think about that now; not when his hard on throbbed wildly between his legs. Andrew gave the other two men a quick glance and then studied Kyra’s and his position. Jon wouldn’t see them because his back was turned to the bar, but he knew Tom would see them perfectly; if not by the direct view he had almost blocked by the wall, he would perfectly see their reflection in the big window beside the bar. He would only be able to see their upper bodies because the bar hid the rest of them, but he would catch a good glimpse of them. That would be enough to let him know that Andrew was fucking his little girl right in front of his nose, knowing quite well how much Tom wanted to bang Kyra.“Daddy…” Kyra mumbled lowly, her lust evident in her tone. Andrew turned to her and saw her bucking her hips, her big, innocent hazel eyes staring at him with a horny expression. “Fuck me, daddy… Fuck me hard…” She begged.Andrew didn’t need further encouragement. Unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants, he let his clothes hit the floor as he positioned himself behind her, rolling Kyra’s short skirt over her hips and then he stared at her, aching with need to ram his dick deep into her.“I knew you’d look amazing in these, you little slut!” He said lightly tugging at her g-string. The little piece was enticing, showing almost too much of her, but covering her in all the right places. Neither Andrew nor Jon liked her to wear panties, they both loved to have full access to her at any time, but he had to accept that the thought of Kyra wearing the small garment made him crazy with lust. Lowering his mouth to her ear at the same time he pressed his rampant cock against her butt cheeks, Andrew muttered in her ear.“I’m gonna fuck you baby… Out here… Just like a real slut like deserves!”Jerking her g-string, he lowered the garment just enough to give him easy access to her and then, taking his throbbing cock in his hand, he rammed it into her, almost making her scream with pleasure.“Why don’t you scream, you little whore?” Andrew murmured in her ear. “I know how much you want that black guy’s cock in you… Are you gonna take all that black meat into you? Will you be able to take it all? I so wanna see you being banged by that guy, Kyra! I wanna see my little slut with a big, black dick pounding her pussy!”Kyra moaned lowly as she bucked her hips, welcoming her daddy’s thrusts into her hot pussy. His talk was driving her insane and if he weren’t careful, she’d come long before him! Kyra was crazy with need for Tom’s cock in her and her father knew that.Without stopping his thrusts, Andrew carried on with his dirty talk in her ear.“Will you suck him, baby girl? Will you swallow his cum? He’s big, Kyra… Do you think you can take it all into your mouth?” Andrew murmured, feeling her body starting to shiver, her orgasm coming and making his balls so tight that he thought he’d explode. “I want you to deep-throat him, baby girl… Do you promise me you’ll do that? Just for daddy?”Kyra felt her cunt tightening around and she murmured.“Yes…. Yes!!!”Tom stared at them thanks to the window and he could barely believe his eyes. Andrew was fucking Kyra… And she wasn’t exactly pushing him away! Never in his life he had expected to see a man fucking his own daughter, but the sight was so damn hot that his cock threatened to break to confines of his slacks. She could see Kyra throwing her head back, welcoming her father’s dick into her and he wished it could be him fucking her right in her father’s nose. Jon kept talking to him, but he barely listened to his words; his dark eyes were fixed on Kyra’s and Andrew’s reflection. He could see by Andrew’s quickening pace, that they were close and a few seconds later he saw Andrew pinning Kyra against the bar and the both of them let out loud sighs as their bodies shook in spasms in their orgasm.Tom couldn’t believe it. He saw them remaining in the same position until they caught their breaths and then, in front of his stunned eyes, Kyra disappeared behind the bar and Andrew let out a low moan which told Tom that Kyra was, surely, licking her father’s shaft clean of her own juices.Tom took a minute to process what he had just witnessed. Was it true? Or was his lust for Kyra making him see things? But in that moment both father and daughter came out of their hiding and then he knew that his mind wasn’t playing dirty tricks on him. Andrew had fucked Kyra, his own daughter, right in front of their guest and his own brother. Fuck! Tom had never thought he’d experience such an exciting thing but now, as Kyra walked past him giving him a sweet, sated smile, he knew he HAD to bang her.Kyra went into the nearest bathroom and cleaned herself up before going back to her father’s study. Staring at her reflection in the mirror, she saw a sated but lustful young woman that would soon need another cock in her pussy. The only difference was that, this time, she needed a big, black dick in her eager cunt.Walking out of the bathroom, Kyra made the short way to Andrew’s study, but she let out a surprised gasp once she entered in the room.“Oh, here you are, Kyra.” Andrew exclaimed softly with a smile. “I need you to do me a favor, baby girl.”The only mention of those two words made Kyra’s pussy tingle. He only used them while fucking her and he knew very well the effect they had in her.“Yes, daddy?” Kyra asked with a smile.“Why don’t you show Tom the way to the guests room? He’s ready to go to bed now.” Andrew instructed and Kyra turned to Tom. He gave her a crooked smile and she knew at once what would happen that night.“Sure, daddy.” She answered joyfully. Then, smiling at Tom, Kyra asked. “Would you please follow me, Mr. O’Reilly?”************************“So… How long will you stay here, Mr. O’Reilly?” Kyra asked politely as she led the way up the stairs, a wicked grin in her lips. She knew very well where Tom’s eyes were and what she wanted to do to him, but she decided to carry on with the charade for a while.“Two days, maybe three… It all depends of how well my business with your dad go.” Tom answered, his dark brown eyes fixed on her swaying hips as she climbed the steps before him. The skirt was so short that if he looked closely, he could see her ass cheeks showing up every now and then. His eyes moved downward over her long legs and then to her feet, barely covered by the thin three straps that her stilettos in place. Tom had always had a thing for fit legs and delicate feet and having these beautiful pieces so generously displayed before him was really enticing. Everything in Kyra was just perfect; her body, her sluttish attitude… She was the kind of girl he would love to fuck!“It’s nice to know that we’ll have guests.” Kyra said taking him out of his daydream. She then gave him a quick glance over her shoulder and added. “It can be pretty boring with only daddy and uncle Jon around”Tom grinned. Boring? He didn’t know what Jon knew about Andrew and Kyra’s adventures, but he doubted she got the time to get bored.They walk down a nicely decorated corridor until Kyra turned around and faced him.“The third door at the right is the guests room.” She explained as she smiled at him. Tom returned the smile.“Is this your room?” He asked curiously, pointing at the door they had stopped at.“Yes. It’s late and I’m pretty tired, so I’ll go to bed.” Kyra answered. She posed her hand on the doorknob and was ready to enter in her room when Tom suddenly pinned her against the door. “Mr. O’Reilly!” She exclaimed suddenly scared. What if she had teased him over the limit and what had started as a game ended in something she wouldn’t enjoy at all?Tom didn’t waste a second. His hands moved to her breasts and cupped the supple curves in his palms.“Don’t be so scared, Kyra.” He murmured reassuringly in her ear. Tom then placed a soft, lingering kiss on her lips and then added lowly. “I want nothing from you that you’re not willing to give away, little girl… I just want to fuck you… Nice and slow… Until you beg me to make you cum.”Kyra moaned as his fingers softly tugged at her nipples through the fabric of her dress. She could feel her pussy already tingling in excitement at the idea of what this man could do to her, but she decided to play a bit.“Oh, Mr. O’Reilly… We really shouldn’t…” She tried to push him away and Tom smirked.“Don’t lie, illegal bahis sweetie. I saw your daddy fucking your brains out back in the study and I know you want my cock. Why shouldn’t we do it?” He coaxed as he moved her hands away from her breasts and down her back toward her butt. He cupped her ass cheeks and then brought her close to him, pressing his hard on against her lower tummy.“You’re so hard, Mr. O’Reilly!” Kyra exclaimed softly as her own hands rubbed his taut nipples through his dark shirt.“You wanna feel it, baby girl? Do you wanna have it all inside of you?” Tom muttered in her ear as he massaged her ass. “I sure want to stick it all up your pussy!”Kyra moaned as he lowered his mouth to kiss her sensually. Without breaking the kiss, she managed to open the door and lead him into her room before he kicked the door shut. Raising his head, Tom ordered huskily.“Undress me… NOW!”Kyra shivered pleasantly. She gave the tall man in front of her a good look and her lust grew stronger. He was thin but not weak, with broad shoulders and strong legs she was dying to feel between her own. Taking one step forward, she unbuttoned his shirt and then posed her warm palms on his dark chest before sliding them up his shoulders and easing the garment off him.“You’re so strong… I couldn’t say no to you even if I wanted to, uh? I’m sure you could force me without breaking a sweat!” Kyra said in admiration and her pussy tingled at the thought of being forced by this particular man.“Not tonight, Kyra.” Tom stated and Kyra grinned. “I know you want this as badly as I do.”Still grinning, Kyra’s hands moved to his trousers, swiftly undoing the top button before lowering the zip. She left his pants alone for a while as her hands played with his lower tummy, enjoying the crispy hair below his navel as she softly scratched through it with her fingernails. Kyra could feel his muscles tensing up beneath her hands and she smirked, loving the power she felt right now.Before Tom could tell her something, Kyra lowered his trousers to his ankles and he kicked them off quickly, standing proudly before her stunned eyes.“God!” Kyra exclaimed in sheer surprise. “Are you really this big?” The sight of his erection poking against his underwear was quite shocking for her!Tom laughed lowly at her innocent look.“Why don’t you check it out by yourself, baby?” He said and Kyra swiftly hooked her fingers in the waistband of his boxer shorts. She gently tugged them down, kneeling down herself in the meantime.Kyra’s mouth went dry when the black, swollen cock sprung free from its confines. Tom was big; bigger than she had ever thought a man could be. His dick was 10 inches long and about 2 inches wide and Kyra wasn’t sure she’d be able to take all of him into her. At the same time, a growing need began to gnaw her insides. She HAD to have that cock no matter what!“Scared, sweetie? Am I too big for you?” Tom asked in amusement. She was quite the contradiction; a real slut one second and a scared little girl the following one. It was an interesting combination and Tom loved it!Kyra swallowed hard and then looked up at him from her spot, where his dick stood in attention mere inches apart from her face.“You’re big… But I’m gonna take it all inside of me no matter what!” Kyra answered fervently and Tom laughed softly at her determination.Looking around, Tom studied her room, grinning at the sight of the big twin mirrors that hung on the walls, one located on the wall above her bed’s headboard and the other strategically hanging from the opposite wall, both a bit bent over so the bed could be clearly reflected in both mirrors.Kyra noticed his expression and grinned as her hands stroked his thighs.“My dad put them up yesterday after I told him that I love to watch while I’m being fucked.” She filled him in and Tom looked down at her.“I take it as what I saw in the bar has happened before, then?” He asked and Kyra smiled broadly as she nodded. She the turned her attention back to his hard cock, studying it closely. A few veins traced its length and its purplish head throbbed with his heartbeat. Looking up at him, Kyra cupped his balls with one hand and giving them a light squeeze, she murmured.“I wanna suck you, Mr. O’Reilly.”Tom ran a hand through her long, brown hair and pulled her close to his cock. Instinctively, Kyra took the tip of his erection in her mouth but kept it there without moving; she just looked up at him with her mouth full of his dick.Tom stared at her and he could feel his cock swelling even more. Kyra was one fine little slut… She had almost begged him to let her suck him; how could he ever say no to that? Now, the sight of her pale face against his dark brown skin, her pink lips firmly locked around his thick shaft was the most erotic sight he had ever seen in his whole life. With a lustful smile in his lips, Tom backed toward the bed, his hand holding a strong grip of her hair and his cock firmly planted into her mouth as they moved. He finally reached the bed and leaning back on the thick pillows, he made Kyra to kneel between his legs before ordering briefly.“Suck me!”Kyra didn’t hesitate. Always starving for a big cock in her mouth, Kyra lapped the swollen head of his penis, tasting his precum as it oozed from him. She let out a low moan that made his dick vibrate in her mouth and Tom grunted, his grip on her hair growing tighter.“Yeah, slut… Suck me… Yes… Just like that.” Tom instructed as Kyra found nice pace, taking almost the half of his cock in her mouth before lapping at its head one again.One of Kyra’s hands played with his balls, running her fingernails through the hair there, loving the feeling of his sac in her hand. Her tongue kept licking him up and down, but what clouded Kyra’ mind was the thought of taking his whole length into her mouth. Could she do it? What if he was too big?As if reading her mind, Tom gently pushed her head against his crotch, gently but firmly forcing her to take more of him in her hot little mouth.“God, you’re one fine cocksucker!” Tom exclaimed and Kyra smiled without leaving his shaft.Tom stared at this attractive young girl kneeling between his legs. Her head bobbed up and down with her sucking motion and with every movement she did, more of his thick dick slipped into her mouth until he felt himself touching the pillowy depths of her throat.“Oh, yessss… Take it all, you slut!” He growled, his free hand tracing her back. Looking up, he noticed that Kyra’s butt was generously displayed in the mirror hanging from the opposite wall. Tom could see her legs parted as her skirt rode up her hips, her little panties sliding between her pussy lips before turning into a thin string that dipped between her ass cheeks in a delicious way.“I love your panties, little girl… You should wear them all the time.” He murmured as his free hand cupped one of her butt cheeks, giving it a hearty squeeze. Kyra raised her head and his cock left her mouth with a loud plopping sound for the first time since they had entered in the room.“My daddy doesn’t like it when I wear panties.” She explained as her hand stroked his hard on non-stop. “But he bought me these anyway.”“Oh, naughty daddy!” Tom joked and Kyra smiled before engulfing his shaft once again. “Oh yes, baby…” Tom claimed his agreement in a low moan.As Kyra sucked his cock, Tom began to play with her as well. Letting go of her hair, both his hands flew to her butt and pussy, spreading her open for his curious fingers. One of them dipped under the black satin and found its way into her cunt, making her groan loudly.“You’re so fucking wet, baby… I hope your pussy feels as good as your mouth!” He murmured hoarsely as he dipped another finger into her, fucking her hard.Kyra was mindless with pleasure. She had a fine cock in her mouth and Tom was finger-fucking her hard, making her pant against his length.Tom felt her mouth almost touching the base of his cock and he sat back, wanting to watch as she deep-throated him.Kyra was having a hard time taking his whole cock in her mouth, but she found out that if she relaxed her throat muscles, he would slide deeper in with no effort. The tip of his dick kept hitting the back of her throat, and his thick base made her lips stretch to bigger limits.“Yeah, baby….” Tom groaned in pleasure, his hands going to the back of her neck and gently helping her movements. “You like a big cock, don’t you? You love having my fat dick in your mouth… I love the way you suck me, baby girl… Just like that, Kyra… a bit more… just a bit more…”Tom kept staring at her with a mix of wonder and lust in his dark eyes. No other woman he had ever been with had been able to take all of his black cock into her mouth, but now Kyra was changing that. With every sucking motion she made, she would take more and more of him. He was constantly hitting the back of her throat and that made him horny as hell. Tom could feel himself in the brink of an orgasm and he wanted to be as deep as possible into her when he came.“Take it all, you slut!” Tom growled and with a grunt, he pushed Kyra’s head and the entire 10 inches of hard, thick black meat entered in her sweet mouth, making him come at once with a loud cry.“FUCK!” He exclaimed as jet after jet of his cum hit Kyra’s throat.Kyra was on fire. His pubic hair tickled against her nose and the only thought of that enormous shaft buried completely in her mouth was making her really horny. She pitied not being able to reach her groin to play with her clit until an orgasm took her over.She could feel Tom’s semen dripping down her throat, as well as his meat filling her mouth to capacity. He came for what seemed an eternity and in the precise moment Kyra began to think of pulling back, Tom slid his now limp dick out of her well-fucked mouth.Tom looked as his long shaft slid out against her lips and he smiled when he saw Kyra attempting to catch the tip of his cock in her mouth before he pulled it away.“You love sucking cock, don’t you Kyra?” Tom wondered aloud and Kyra nodded as she wiped her chin. Lowering his head, Tom caught her chin between his thumb and index finger and lifted her face to kiss her deeply and sensually.Kyra felt her whole body tingling with the kiss. Her pussy still ached in need and she only wanted to be filled with that hot dick. She already knew how it felt to have it in her mouth… Now she wanted to feel it fucking her pussy hard and fast.“Fuck me… Please…” Kyra begged once he pulled apart and Tom grinned. How could he say no to a young, horny girl?Getting up from the bed, he grabbed two thick pillows and placing one on top of the other in the center of the bed, he motioned Kyra to lean on them. Obeying him quickly, Kyra rested her hips on the pillows and she smiled when she noticed in what position that left her.Her face rested on a soft pillow, her fists tucked underneath it, giving her an innocent look. As for the lower half of her body, it was the living image of sin. Her butt stuck high in the air thanks to the thick pillows and her legs were pretty spread, showing her wet pussy perfectly.“What are you gonna do to me, Mr. O’Reilly?” Kyra asked in mock fear and Tom smiled wickedly.“I’m gonna fuck you, sweet Kyra. But first…. First I’m gonna have some fun.” He answered and Kyra shivered in anticipation.Climbing on the bed with her, Tom kneeled between her legs and the first thing he did was to make her spread a bit more. Kyra obeyed and soon Tom had an unspoiled view of her dripping, black satin clad pussy. He felt his cock coming back to life at the sight in front of him; a young, horny white girl spreading her legs for him to do with her as he pleased. Resisting the urge of stroking himself, Tom’s hands went to her butt, playing with her butt cheeks for a while, spreading them and pressing them together every few seconds, making Kyra moan loudly every time.“Mmmmmmm… Mr. O’Reilly…. I love it when you play with my ass!” Kyra murmured as her hips bucked wildly against his hands. Tom grinned and moved them downward, stroking her thighs for while before taking them to the waistband of her skimpy panties. Pushing his naked and hardening dick against her pussy, Tom leant forward and mumbled in her ear.“Do you want me to play with your sweet pussy, Kyra? I really want to stick my tongue up that tight little hole of yours!”Kyra moaned loudly and pushed her hips against his cock, letting him know without words how much she needed him. Groaning, Tom lowered her g-string as he moved off of her, but he left the garment a few inches below her pussy, not taking it completely off. He wanted her to feel just like the slut she was, as if he wouldn’t bother in taking off her underwear before fucking her. As far as he could see, Kyra wasn’t complaining; in fact, her body quivered in anticipation.Moving on the bed, Tom placed himself between her legs until his face was at level with her wet pussy. Grinning, he gave her a good look and his cock twitched at the sight of her pink flesh slightly parted before him, her juices dripping from her pussy down to the pillow. Her dark brown pubic curls contrasted against the pristine pillow and the sight aroused him beyond belief.Taking his fingers to her cunt, Tom parted her and Kyra let out a low, throaty moan.“Easy, slut!” Tom ordered as he kept his eyes fixed on her, smiling when her erect little clit came to view. A white pussy, Tom thought with a lustful grin before he lowered his face to her, licking his way from the very beginning of her slit to her aching entrance.“OH YESSSSS!!!!!!!!” Kyra exclaimed in ecstasy as she pushed her hips back to him. Tom laughed softly and then his index finger played with her clit.“Yes, baby…. Scream for me… I want your daddy to know how much you love being fucked by a black guy…” He coaxed her and Kyra moaned, loving his dirty talk.Kyra felt his tongue lapping her love knot and she let out a loud cry, unable to control herself. She loved this; she loved having this sexy guy eating her pussy with all his might and making her tremble in her passion.“Mmmmmmmmm… Yes, Mr. O’Reilly” Kyra mumbled clutching the pillow. “Eat my pussy…. Fuck my cunt with your tongue!”Tom obeyed at once. His tongue sneaked into her little hole, lapping all her juices and bringing on some more. His tongue moved in and out of her cunt a few times and Kyra whimpered in pleasure at his actions. Before she could say something, Tom took her little aching bud in his mouth and then nibbled it, making her cry out.“Make me cum… PLEASE!!!!” She begged shamelessly. “I wanna cum!!!!”Grinning, Tom lowered his face one more and his tongue attacked her clit, lapping and flicking it until Kyra came with a loud cry; her juices flowing into his mouth.It took Kyra a long while to regain her normal breath. As her body squirmed with the aftershocks of her orgasm, she felt Tom moving behind her and posing his big hands on her butt, gently parting her ass cheeks and her pussy lips in the process and making her moan.Tom was kneeling between her legs, his eyes busy feasting on the sight of her naked womanhood in front of him. Kyra’s pussy was spread open like a flower in the spring, her juices flowing free from her core to the pillow beneath her leaving a moist stain there. Her pale thighs were spread widely and her hips bucked slightly and if he looked closely, he could see her cunt muscles still contracting after a mind shattering orgasm. Yes, this was the kind of woman Tom liked to fuck!Moving his hips, Tom allowed his already rock hard cock to touch her pussy, making her squeal.“Can you feel it, baby?” Tom asked rubbing the underside of his cock up and down against her exposed cunt. “Can you feel how hard you’ve made me? This is all for you, baby girl… Feel it before I stick it up your tight little pussy!” He growled and Kyra moaned.Kyra squeezed her eyes shut in pleasure. She could feel that enormous dick rubbing up and down her pussy and that made her insane. She had come just minutes ago, but she already felt the need to be fucked until she couldn’t fuck anymore. That big cock Tom sported was driving her mad with need, wondering how long would it take until he finally slid all that black meat into her.“Do you want it, Kyra?” Tom asked in her ear; his shaft damp with her juices. “Beg me, slut… I want you to beg for my cock!”Kyra didn’t hesitate, she wanted him too much!“Fuck me, Mr. O’Reilly!!! Fuck my tight little pussy with that big, fat cock of yours!!! I want to feel it all inside of me… You’re so big… I want to feel you filling me up!” She murmured wantonly and Tom growled in her ear before straightening his back up.“I’m gonna fuck you until you ache, you fucking slut!” Looking down at her pussy again, Tom noticed that his cock was so hard that he wouldn’t need to use his hand to enter in her. Wanting her to feel like the whore she was, he murmured.“You’ve made me so hard, Kyra…. And you’re so fucking wet that I can slide my dick up into you without using my hands!”Kyra moaned as she buried her face in the pillow, but once she felt the tip of his huge erection aiming right at her vagina, her head bolted up and her blurred eyes searched for their reflection in the mirror, wanting to see him as well as feel him.Once her eyes found what she was looking for, Kyra let out a low cry. She could see the swollen head of his shaft poking its tip just a bit into her pussy, the black skin contrasting against her pink pussy. The sight of that piece of thick cock waiting eagerly to enter in her made her look for Tom’s eyes in the mirror and then she ordered huskily, her eyes fixed on his.“Fuck me… NOW!”Tom obeyed, but instead of ramming his dick into her in one swift movement, he slid it inside her velvety pussy very slowly, letting her feel the way his thick shaft spread her little pussy wide, almost to an aching point.Kyra threw her head back with a long moan that lasted until his balls hit her clit. She could feel every bump and vein on him as he entered in her and she wanted that moment to never end… The feeling of that big, fat black cock filling her like no one else before was delicious.Tom hit the entrance of her womb with the head of his shaft and he himself threw his head back with a lustful groan. Kyra was so tight that she could have easily been a virgin and he loved the feeling of her pussy squeezing him so pleasurably. Tom could feel her inner muscles accommodating around his cock, almost as if the invasion were too much for her little cunt.“You’re so fucking tight, Kyra!” Tom exclaimed and Kyra, instinctively, clenched her vaginal muscles making him cry out in ecstasy. “You slut… I’m gonna fuck you good, Kyra… I’ll make you scream until your daddy hears us and comes to see his little girl being banged by a black guy… I’m sure he’ll love the sight of a black man between your legs!”With that, Tom pulled his hips back until almost his entire dick had slid out of her; only the tip of him remained in her pussy.“Oh, Mr. O’Reilly… Please… I want to feel your huge cock in me… Slid it all back in me… Please…” Kyra panted as her hips bucked looking for that cock that made her wild with want.This time Tom wasn’t as patient as before. With a low grunt, he rammed his dick into her pussy until his balls slapped against her clit, sending her a few inches up in the bed with the strength of his thrust. Moaning, Kyra grabbed the ironwork of the headboard of her bed to keep herself in place as she welcomed his powerful thrusts.“OHHHH YEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!” She exclaimed in ecstasy as he fucked her merciless, his 10 inches sliding in and out of her wanting cunt.“Do you like it, slut?” Tom asked with ragged breath. He loved the feeling of her tight pussy around him, as well as feeling the drag of her as he slid out, as if she didn’t want to let go of his dick.“I love it, Mr. O’Reilly… Fuck me… Fuck me hard!” Kyra panted as the bed squeaked under them with their crazy rhythm. Kyra knew her father could hear her because she was sure that he was near, and she moaned with the thought of both her father and her uncle hearing her cry out in pleasure as some other man fucked her royally and making her pussy burn with the biggest shaft she had ever seen.Tom was pumping mindlessly into her, his cock loving the warmth that surrounded him every time he rammed himself completely into her and stayed there for a few seconds. This was his fantasy; a young, horny white girl begging him to fuck her harder with every thrust as she took all of his black meat into her pink pussy. How could he ever stop himself? Tom could feel his cum boiling in his balls and he knew it wouldn’t be long until the both of them came and considering the shudder in Kyra’ body, so leaning forward, he murmured in her ear.“Are you close, baby? I can feel your pussy tightening around me.”Kyra nodded and the thought of her pussy trying to milk that amazing cock in her orgasm almost sent her over the edge.“Make me cum… Fuck me harder!” She ordered and Tom obeyed quickly. He instantly quickened the pace of his thrusts and soon enough he was ramming himself almost painfully in her, but Kyra didn’t mind… That was the price for having that glorious dick inside of her!Suddenly, Kyra felt her pussy muscles beginning to contract around him and before she knew, she let out a loud squeal.“I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!”As soon as Tom felt her pussy growing even tighter around him, he let himself go and the both of them came at once; Tom spurting a huge amount of semen into her pussy and Kyra’s juices overflowing her cunt.Tom collapsed on top of her, his cock still in her. His harsh breath tickled in her ear and Kyra welcomed his weight as well as his still semi hard cock.“You’re one fine slut, Kyra… Now I know why your father couldn’t resist the urge of fucking you almost in front of my nose!” Tom panted in her ear after a while, planting soft kisses in the back of her neck, but the answer that resounded in the room wasn’t Kyra’s, but a much deeper voice.“I take it as you enjoyed fucking my daughter, then?”Both Kyra’s and Tom’s heads bolted up at the sound of Andrew’s admonishing voice. Tom tried to get off of her, but the clenching in Kyra’s vaginal muscles kept him in, not caring about her father AND uncle staring at them from the door.“What are you doing here, daddy?” Kyra asked fearfully. Andrew seemed genuinely angry and she couldn’t understand his reaction. He had almost begged her to fuck Tom… What was wrong with him now?“Well, it was hard not to hear you screaming for more cock, Kyra!” Andrew snapped and Kyra lowered her head shyly.“And look at you!” Jon exclaimed. “You can’t let go of his dick, not even with your father in front of you!”At that, Tom tried to pull back, but Andrew directed him to stay where he was. Walking toward the bed, Andrew studied them closely. Not being able to resist himself, he pinched one of Kyra’s nipples, making her moan.“You looked so sexy while being fucked, baby girl…” Andrew murmured. “We could hear you begging to be fucked hard… We had to see it!”Tom looked around, not really understanding what was going on. Wasn’t Andrew angry? He had banged his daughter right on his nose… What did they have in mind?“Did you like your first black cock, Kyra?” Jon asked and Kyra nodded enthusiastically.“I loved it, uncle Jon! He fills me up perfectly!” She exclaimed eagerly and both Andrew and Jon laughed. Somehow, Tom could feel his cock hardening even under those weird circumstances. After all, they hadn’t allowed him to pull his dick out of her… How could they expect him not to react to that sweetness around him?Andrew locked his eyes with Tom’s and said.“I want you to fuck her ass.”Both Kyra and Tom gave him stunned looks; Tom not believing his ears and Kyra with a hint of fear in her eyes. Could she really take that thick meat up her ass?“He’s too big, daddy…” Kyra murmured hoping to convince her father, but he shook his head.“That’s a fair punishment for taking this guy to your bed, baby girl.” Andrew explained and then grinned, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “Besides, I really want to see your ass stretched wide to take his dick. You’re gonna love it, sweetie.” Andrew coaxed her and Kyra closed her eyes. She really enjoy anal sex, but taking her father’s or her uncle’s cock in her ass was one thing; taking Tom’s huge shaft was something very different!Surprisingly, the only thought of him pumping his black cock into her butt made her horny. With a cheeky grin, she locked her eyes with her father’s and then wriggled her butt against him, impaling him even deeper into her cunt.“You’re hard again, Mr. O’Reilly.” Kyra pointed out rather casually and Tom laughed, ready to enjoy the treasures of her ass.“That’s because of your sweet cunt, Kyra.” He murmured as he began to slowly thrust into her, basically to get some more lubrication to ease his intrusion in her backside later. “I can’t help but get hard at the only thought of your tight little pussy, baby girl. Is your butt as tight as your cunt?” Tom asked and Jon grinned, his hands stroking his own hard on through his trousers.“Even tighter, Tom… You’ll love her ass.” He explained and Tom smiled, thrusting his cock deep into her and making her moan.“Fuck her ass… NOW!” Andrew ordered and Tom nodded. He slid his dick out of her pussy with an audible plop and the three men stared as her vagina gaped open for a short while after such a big invasion.“Slut…” Andrew murmured at the sight and Tom smiled at he stared at her puckered rosebud. It looked almost insurmountable and he wondered whether he would hurt her badly in the process. With a serious look in his dark eyes, he slid one finger in her pussy and then lubricated her entrance. He did that several times until he finally poked only the tip of his finger into her ass.Kyra reacted at once. With a low, sultry moan, she bucked her hips back and forced his entry until his whole finger was buried into her. Tom lubricated her ass as best as he could and then he took his pussy juice coated dick and pressed the head of it against her asshole.“Are you ready, baby girl? Are you ready to take my big fat cock in up your ass?” He murmured and Kyra nodded.“Fuck my ass, Mr. O’Reilly… I wanna know how it feels to have such a big dick in me.” She mumbled as she tucked her fists under the pillow and buried her face there, spreading her legs even more to make his entrance smoother.Groaning, Tom slid the swollen head of his cock into her and Kyra moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure.Tom could feel her sphincter grabbing a tight hold of his cock but not exactly pushing him out. Kyra relaxed her muscled and let him work his way into her. Before they knew, Tom had his 10 inches buried in her tight little ass and Kyra had her face hidden in the pillow, gasping for air due to both the pleasure and the slight pain she was feeling.“Do you like it, baby girl?” Andrew asked suddenly, his hand stroking her back, but before she could answer, Jon elbowed him lightly in the ribs and the three men lowered their eyes to Kyra’ ass. Her previously puckered asshole was stretched to its limits, and the sight of the hard, black cock intruding in her in such a way made both Andrew and Jon to take their stiff dicks out of their pants to stroke them.“Fuck her, Tom… Make her feel like the slut she is!” Jon instructed and Tom obeyed. He slowly slid the most of his erection out of her making Kyra groan just to thrust it back home making her shriek in pleasure.Kyra was beside herself. The initial pain was gone now and Tom had found a nice pace, thrusting into her rather quickly and barely giving her any time to breathe. She was gasping for air as she gently bit the back of her hand, little grunts escaping from her throat as Tom’s thrusts sent her inch by inch up in her bed; her head was now almost hitting the headboard.“Please…” She begged lowly, but the three men heard her clearly. “Harder…”Neither of the them there could believe their ears. Kyra had a monster cock in her ass and it was obvious that the experience was in the brink between pain and pleasure, but she still wanted to be fucked harder! Kyra certainly was a dream come true for them…Tom obeyed. He settled a nice, rather rough pace thrusting his cock deep into her ass and then sliding all of his meat almost out of her. A few times he would pull back completely, just to enjoy of the sight of her gaping asshole, pleading to be banged.Grinning, Andrew patted Tom’s shoulder.“Lift her up.” He said. “I wanna fuck her pussy.”Kyra looked up and Andrew smiled at the sight of his daughter. Her whole body shook with the strength of Tom’s thrusts and her breath was harsh, but she still managed to give him a sensual smile.“Fuck me, daddy…” She moaned as Tom grabbed her from her shoulders and forced her body up, his cock deeply impaled in her. Tom sat on the thick mattress as Kyra sat on his cock, ready to take her daddy’s into her pussy.“Look at you, baby girl…” Andrew moaned and Kyra looked up to see her reflection on the mirror.She was certainly one hell of a sight; a big cock buried to the hilt in her as her spread legs offered her pink pussy to her father.Andrew lay back on the bed after tossing his clothes to the floor and his cock stood proud pointing to the ceiling, waiting for an eager cunt to shelter itself in. He wasn’t going to be disappointed, of course…A few seconds later, Kyra’s pussy engulfed his whole length, making him moan at her tightness. Andrew grabbed a hold of his daughter’s hips and began to pump furiously into her as Tom thrust his big meat up her little ass, playing with her tits at the same time.“OH YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!” Kyra squealed, loving the feeling of two big cocks in her. Andrew and Tom had a perfect timing, thrusting into her at the same time and filling her to capacity.As she rode those two dicks with all her might, Kyra opened her eyes and saw Jon standing there, stroking his cock. He noticed her and grinned.“Is there anything you can do for your favorite uncle, love?” Jon murmured and Kyra grinned.“Come here.” She mumbled and Jon stepped on the bed, his dick mere inches apart from Kyra’s mouth. She gave him a cheeky smile and then took his shaft in her hand. “Do you want me to suck you, uncle Jon? I love sucking your cock!” She added enthusiastically and Jon smiled, grabbing a handful of her brown hair and pushing her face near to his dick.“Suck me, baby!”Kyra couldn’t say no to that. With a big smile, she slid her uncle’s cock in her mouth, lapping at his precum first and then taking him in until he hit the back of her throat.“Ohhhh yesssss….” Jon hissed and Kyra would have smiled, but his cock didn’t allow her to.Kyra couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She was being fucked in every possible way… at the same time… and she loved it! She had Jon’s cock in her mouth and she was sucking on him as if it were the last dick she would ever have in her mouth for the rest of her life. Her daddy was deliciously fucking her tight pussy with his big shaft and playing with her clit at the same time and as for Tom, he was having a great time in her ass, banging her now as easily as he had done with her pussy. Who would have guessed that a holidays at daddy’s house could be this… exciting??Groaning, Kyra increased the pace, She could feel her orgasm beginning to build in her and she wanted the three men to come in her at the same time. None of them needed too much encouragement anyway…“Do you feel it coming, baby girl?” Andrew asked and Kyra nodded, Jon’s cock still rooted in her mouth. “We’ll fill you up, baby… You’ll be leaking cum for days!” He growled as he flicked at her clit making her cry out against Jon’s cock.“Oh yes, Kyra… Suck me, baby… Play with my balls!” Jon instructed, his own orgasm not too far away.Tom pinched her nipples and then murmured in her ear.“You’re one hell of a slut, Kyra… You have three cocks in you… Do you ever have enough? Do you want me to come in your ass? I really wanna fill you up with my cum!”Kyra moaned again, her body barely able to stand the pleasure the three cocks were giving to her. She could feel them thrusting harder into her and she knew they weren’t too far away, so she began to hump her hips faster and before she knew, her pussy was clamping hard on Andrew’s cock, making her cum as well.“Take it all, baby girl… You slut!” Andrew hissed as he pumped his cock into her, his cum hitting her womb.Somehow, that triggered Tom’s orgasm and pinching her nipples harder, she rammed himself as deep as he could in her ass and spurted his semen in her, moaning in her ear all the time and driving her mad with pleasure.Jon posed his hands on each side of Kyra’s head and then pushed his cock into her mouth as if it were her pussy, and his cum hit the back of her throat.Kyra moaned continuously as the three men came in her. She was feeling like the worst slut on Earth, but damn if she didn’t love that!“Fuck, Kyra!” Tom murmured hoarsely, his semi hard cock still deep in her ass. “You’re gonna kill me!”Andrew laughed as his finger still teased her clit.“Nah… Once you know what she’s able to do, you just can’t stop fucking her!” He said and then flicked at her clit, making her cry out. “Isn’t that right, baby girl? Daddy loves to fuck you!”Jon pulled his cock out of her mouth and he grinned when she refused to let him go.“And she loves to suck cock, don’t you Kyra?” He joked, but his smile was soon gone when Kyra took his limp cock in her mouth, sucking him for a while.When the three men finally pulled their cocks out her, the four of them lay spent on the bed; the men’s hands touching Kyra everywhere as if they hadn’t had enough of her.“How long will you stay here, Mr. O’Reilly?” Kyra asked suddenly.“About two days… Why?” He murmured.Kyra smiled.“I was just wondering how much time left I had to enjoy that big cock of yours up my ass.” She answered simply of the men grinned at her wantonness.“Slut!” Andrew hissed as his finger found her clit and began to play with it.Kyra closed her eyes and sighed contently, loving the feeling of six hands playing with her body and looking forward to the next two days.The End.

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