Ellie and Morgan Pt. 03

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Ellie was in her happy place. Under Morgan and hanging on for dear life with both arms and legs while he pounded away, driving his incredible dick as deep into her pussy as he could! She had already cum several times and was building toward another climax while he worked tirelessly above her.

Morgan’s ability to cum multiple times, to slam his almost inhuman fuck stick so far up Ellie’s greedy cunt always drove her to experience multiple orgasms. Each one bigger than the last. She often fainted from the ecstasy. Which only encouraged her to repeat the experience as soon as she could get Morgan erect again! She had never been fucked so well or so often!

Morgan was using foot long strokes and there was still a couple of inches of the thickest dick Ellie had ever heard of securely socketed in her weeping pussy. Sheets would be changed before they went to sleep. They had put down a plastic cover after having to replace two mattresses in a couple of months. So much cum! So much pussy juice!

“OH, fuck! FUCK! Ellie your pussy is going to pull another load from me! Your hot, tight cunt is so fucking good! It feel so good! Where should I put this load? Your cunt, hunh. Your mouth, HUMPH! Between you huge tits? OHHHhh! Here I cum you magnificent SLUT!”

“My tits!” screamed Ellie as she convulsed into another orgasm. “I want to feel you blow your load between my huge titties!” She slammed her breasts together around his dick as he dropped it between her gigantic orbs! He started to shoot rope after rope of cum! The first two shots landed over her face and into her hair before Ellie had his cock secured between her breasts.

After emptying his balls between her tits Morgan slid off to lie next to Ellie.

He caught his breath as Ellie tracked down as much of his cum as she could find. Licking her fingers clean of his jism she turned to him and snuggled herself against him.

“I’ve been thinking, honey, what would you say if I were to expand my tits some more? I love having big tits! The attention I get from all the men that see me? The way you always get so big and hard when I tease you with these huge solid Double L titties! Maybe if I got bigger I could get you to fuck me harder and more often! Would that excite you? If my titties grew larger and larger?”

“Bigger?” Morgan asked in disbelief. “Bigger? You are already the biggest breasted woman I’ve ever imagined!”

“Maybe so,” Ellie giggled. “But your dick got hard in a hurry when you heard me talk about it!” She was slowly stroking his rapidly hardening cock.

“Now let me slip on top and fuck your huge cock while you play with my big tits! And you can imagine what it would be like if they were even bigger!”

The rest of the night passed in an orgy of sucking and fucking. They got a couple of hours sleep before they had to go to work.

That morning Ellie dropped by her friend Lovie’s lab. They were friends from way back and Ellie knew that Lovie’s lust for busty women was the key to her getting what she wanted. She had dressed for the occasion.

“Hey, Lovie, How are you?”

“Doing well, Ellie. And you?” Lovie tried to be discreet as she stared at Ellie. Ellies nipples were rock hard and poking thru the thin sweater she had chosen that morning. Her lab coat was spread wide by the massive rack that proceeded her everywhere she went.

“I’m fine. Mind if I take off the coat? You keep it so warm in here!”

“Sure, hang it over…there.” Her voice died off as Ellie dropped the coat onto the indicated hook. The short, tight mini skirt barely covered her butt! The sleeve-less sweater was long enough to reach the skirt but it concealed almost nothing! From the sides, the arm holes revealed massive side boob bulging out of an over-worked bra. The front view was cleavage out to here, with erect nipples. It emphasized her slender waist as it clung desperately to the amazing curves that Ellie so proudly displayed!

“What do you think,?” asked Ellie as she spun in front of her friend.

“My GOD! You’re going to destroy that outfit! How can you breath?” wondered the shaken woman.

“Shallow breaths, shallow breaths. Because other wise…” Ellie pulled her shoulders back while inhaling. With a quiet sigh her sweater gave up the struggle. Rips appeared here and there across the fullest part of her bust as the sweater shredded itself! Her demi-bra was revealed, her nipples becoming even stiffer as they were exposed to the air.

“Oh, holy hell! Ellie, you can’t go around like that!” Lovie’s hands were shaking as she leaned forward.

“Go ahead, I know you want to!” Ellie instructed. “I want to feel your hands on my big titties! And your lips on my nipples. If you treat me right I’ll have an orgasm right here in your lab!”

Lovie was licking her lips as she leaned into the largest gaziantep escortları breasts she had ever encountered. Lovie had managed the multiple treatments Ellie had undergone to expand her breasts. Those treatments had brought Ellie to her present breath-taking proportions. And Lovie had had several chances to sate her breast lust with her friends gigantic Double L cup boobs.

Now she was going to do it again. Lovie just adored big breasts. She worshipped them as much or more than any man! And Ellie was now the proud possessor of the biggest tits Lovie had ever encountered!

After massaging, kissing, sucking and otherwise playing with Ellies hugeness Lovie finally came up for air.

“Lovie, I know that you wondered why I wanted to expand myself. Why I wanted to do it again and again. Why don’t you come over to my place Friday night and I’ll explain, and show you, my motivation. I think you will understand. Okay?”

So it was that on Friday evening Ellie opened the door to give Lovie entrance to the apartment she shared with Morgan.

Lovie doffed the trench coat she was wearing. Her outfit was form-fitting and sleek. Her Triple D boobs were displayed in the clutches of a strapless haltertop that was matched with a mini-skirt that showed off her legs!

“Wow, you should dress like that at the Hospital,” Ellie said as she ogled her friends curves.

“Well, I have to admit that I took the same regimen that you did. I just didn’t have the same extreme reaction. Unfortunately.” She sounded just a little sad. “But still, going from an A-cup to these Triple -D’s was exciting! I get a lot of attention now at the bars, you know!”

“I brought some stuff, too. I hope that it’s okay.” she told Ellie. She held out a tote bag labeled “Forensic Evidence”.

Inside Ellie discovered strawberry jam, whipped creme and a number of toys including an almost foot long dildo.

Morgan came into the room as Ellie was laying things out on the coffee table. Ellie waved him over as she looked over Lovie’s trove of toys.

“These look like a lot of fun,” Ellie remarked. “I really like the cute little dildo!”

“Cute? Little? Ellie, the El Toro Magnifico is one of the largest dildo’s on the market. I can’t help myself, just as I love big titties, I also adore big cocks! I guess that makes me a bi-sexual size queen!”

“Good to know, Lovie. Now come here and let me show you why I began to grow my boobs!” Reaching out she unzipped and dropped Morgan’s shorts to the floor. As usual he was going ‘commando’. Exposed to Lovie’s staring eyes was a flesh and blood truncheon that was longer and thicker than her favorite dildo! And it was not yet at full strength!

“When I discovered what Morgan was packing in his cargo shorts I just couldn’t resist! I made him my boy toy almost at once! His immense equipment is matched or exceeded by his stamina and output! If you know what I mean!” Ellie winked at the still gaping visitor. Lovie couldn’t take her eyes off the massive cock and balls that was on display!

“At that time I was a paltry B-Cup! Barely 36 inches in size and wearing a 34 B-cup. I couldn’t even enclose his cock between my tits! I tried, I really did! But I couldn’t squeeze myself around him! I couldn’t give him the tit fuck that we both wanted! So I came to you! Three times I took the treatment and now look at me!”

Pulling her sweater over her head, Ellie posed for both Morgan and Lovie to appreciate all that she had to offer! Swinging her shoulders she caused her tits to bounce and rebound for them. Her nipples described complex patterns while she showed off her gigantic mounds.

“Now I measure just over 48 inches and rock a Double L-cup bra. When I wear one that is! And Morgan springs a huge hard-on when I show off for him. Just like now! See how big he is? So FUCKING BIG! Morgan and I tit-fuck all the time! It’s one of our favorite things to do! But I want to be able to do an even better job of getting his cock to spurt between my tits. And if I was bigger, I know that he would cum more!

“So, won’t you help, Lovie? Won’t you help me get bigger so I can do a better job with Morgan’s massive cock? If you do, I’ll let you play with my boobs as much as you like! I’ll even talk Morgan into letting you experience what he has to offer!” She knew that wouldn’t be difficult to do. Morgan liked top heavy women and Lovie qualified in that regard.

“Guh, guh, gosh, that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen! I had no idea…” Lovie’s voice died away as her hand started to reach toward the gigantic shaft in front of her.

Ellie reached out and swiftly pulled Morgan out of reach. “Do we have a deal, Lovie? Will you help me get bigger?” She enfolded Morgan’s dick between her tits while she waited for Lovie to respond. Morgan groaned as Ellie beat his dick with her boobs.

“Oh, hell, yes! How big do you want to go, Ellie?”

“Bigger! BIGGER, Lovie! At least a few more inches! Maybe 55 or 56 inches! And you can have your way with them as often as you want if you help!”

“We’ll get started Monday morning, okay Ellie? Now can I feel what that giant pole feels like?”??”Here ya go, Lovie. Morgan, I want you to let Lovie play with your massive cock! Give her a good going over! Let her know what I’ve been enjoying for the past months.”

Morgan, as always, followed Ellie’s instructions. It was several hours later that Lovie staggered back to her car. She was, she admitted to herself, fucked out!

‘Fucking hell! What an experience,’ she thought to herself as she settled into the driver’s seat. ‘I’ve never been treated like that before! What a lover! He made me feel things that I’d never felt before! He made me cum even before he started to drive that humungous love stick into my poor puss-puss! It was as if I was a toy for him! He treated me like a plaything, teasing me, taking me to levels of pleasure I had no idea I could feel!

‘So big! Longer and thicker than any cock I’ve ever imagined! So FUCKING BIG!

‘GOD, I’ve never cum so often or so hard in my life! And he’s still in there driving his immense cock into Ellie after dumping load after load into my pussy, over my titties and down my throat! I’ve got to feel that again and SOON,’ she swore to herself as she drove away.

The next Tuesday Lovie called Ellie.

“Ellie, I think I may have discovered one reason that you had such a big reaction to my treatment. More of a reaction than any one else!”

“Wha, uhh, what, uhh, what did you, huh GOD, discover, Lovie?” gasped Ellie.

“I found out that there is something about Morgan’s semen, Ellie. Ellie, are you listening?” There were unusual sounds coming from the other end of the line.

“Uhh, yes. I’m uhh, listening! Keep talking, honey!” Ellie panted.

“Yes, well, when I measured myself this morning I had gained a cup size! I’m now having to order G-cup bras to replace my Triple-D’s. I’m so excited! And the only thing that was different was that Morgan fucked hell out of me Friday night!

“Yeah, um, ahh, he told me! Umm, ugh, huh! Fucked you! HARD! Huh, hard!” Lovie could hear bed springs squeaking in the background as she listened to Ellie.

“Is he there, Ellie? Is Morgan there now? Are you getting FUCKED while we talk?” Her voice cracked with excitement as she imagined what might be happening on the other end of the phone.

“Is Morgan FUCKING you with his gigantic cock? Now? How much has he driven into you? Have you taken all of it? Lucky bitch! I wish i could feel it right now! When he was deep inside me Friday I came like a rocket, I can tell you!”

“He’s huh, huh, here! Ugh, you know, humph, know how, huh, huh, huh, how he gets!” Ellie had to stop to catch her breath. Morgan had been pounding her for at least 20 minutes and he was still going strong!

“You know what a man, oh, God, I’m cumming again!” Ellie broke off the conversation as she convulsed thru a massive series of orgasms.

Lovie was playing with her twat as she imagined what she would see if she was in the same room as Morgan while he drove his partner to ecstasy. ‘What a fuck he is’, she thought as her fingers played with her clit and she achieved a small orgasm.

“Listen, Ellie, ask Morgan to visit me at my lab tomorrow, will you? I need to get some samples to be able to test my theory, okay? Will you tell him for me?” She was almost pleading.

“Um, slurp, whatever,” responded Ellie who was too busy licking up Morgan’s excessive shower of sperm.

But nonetheless, Morgan knocked on Lovie’s lab door the next afternoon. Wearing his usual cargo shorts and a Unix t-shirt no one would have looked at him twice. But Lovie, who knew better, smiled warmly and ushered him into the lab clutching his arm to her.

“I really appreciate your coming to visit today! I think I’ve found something exciting that will help me to assist women to expand their breasts. I know that you like big titties so I imagine that you want to help me in my research, don’t you darling?”

“Sure thing, Lovie! Ellie didn’t tell me much yesterday but that you wanted to have me come over and help out. Something about some specimens?”??”Yes, that’s right! I need to collect some samples to use in testing and developing a new serum. Let’s get ready, honey!”

After leading Morgan to a sofa in the far corner of the lab, Lovie had him slide out of his t-shirt.

“You are so muscular, Morgan! I just love the way your abs flex when you move!” Lovie was running her hands over his torso while licking her lips.

“Now I want you to try to not cum too quickly. I think that your sperm is more potent if you store it in your balls as long as possible. Okay, honey? Try not to spurt too quickly. Besides,” she admitted, “I like to play with your immense cock! It’s so big! So long! So thick and hard! It’s so exciting!

As she was talking Lovie had lowered his shorts. Once again Morgan was going “commando” and his elephantine penis flopped out into the open for her to regard in amazement. Not hard yet, he was almost a foot long and as thick as her wrist!

“Here, hold this!” She handed him a Pyrex beaker. “When you’re ready to cum I want you to be sure to aim it all into this container!”

“Uh, okay!” Morgan was starting to get the idea that this collection of samples might be different than other times!

Snaking one hand between his legs to cup and massage his gonads from behind Lovie started to stroke his dick to full extension with her other hand. Neither hand could completely handle their objective. His ball sack was much too large to be handled with only one hand. And his shaft was so thick that one hand was completely inadequate to encircle him. But she persevered. Fondling his ball sack Lovie encouraged his gonads to churn out more and more cum while her other hand stroked and squeezed. She provided him with an expert hand job.

“Remember, I want you to hold off cumming as long as you can! And don’t forget to cum into the beaker! I need to collect as much as I can from you, Morgan! Empty your balls when you cum! Give me as much as you can!” Her eyes were sparkling with excitement as she watched him expand and enlarge under her ministrations!

“God, you do that so well, Lovie! So good! I’m going to cum! I don’t think I can hold off anymore! Here I cum, Lovie!” With a grunt Morgan’s abdomen flexed strongly and, while he thrust his hips forward a massive spurt of cum was launched into the beaker that he barely managed to get into position.

Again and again cum jetted out to land in the beaker! When he finally stopped he had almost half filled the beaker.

Breathing deeply Morgan collapsed onto the sofa.

While he fought to catch his breath Lovie stored the beaker in a small fridge. She grabbed another vial and strutted back to her subject. Standing in front of him she slowly took off her blouse and bra.

“Like them, lover? I’ve gone from a Triple D to a G-cup in just a couple of days! And I plan on getting bigger and bigger too!” She shook her shoulders to cause her tits to jump and cavort on her chest.

She knelt in front of him and pulled his dick between her big fat titties.

“I know I’m not as big as Ellie just yet. But I bet I can give you a really good tit fuck, Morgan! And I know you like that! So, here, hold the beaker while I bring you off again! I know you can cum a lot more! And I want as much of you as I can get today!”

Five minutes later Morgan was erupting like a volcano between Lovie’s magnificent breasts! She was giggling and laughing as she watched him shower her with cum. And then while grinning into his face she collected all that she could and placed it in the second beaker.

Never letting go of his hard-on Lovie kept him at a full erection while sliding over him and pulling his hard-on into pussy.

“Oh, my God, Oh MY GOD! So big! So hard! So thick and strong! No one could be as good a fuck as you, Morgan! I love the way you feel as I manage to sink deeper and deeper onto your gigantic cock! It feels so good as you reach deeper in me than anyone else ever has!

Lovie pounded herself up and down for the next ten minutes. She reached several peaks of ecstasy while Morgan groped her G-cup bosom as it thrashed above him! He squeezed her nipples in that special way that he had which brought her to a screaming climax!

Finally she slumped forward and slowly managed to pull herself off his rampant erection. Slowly she maneuvered herself so she could suck on his mighty erection until he came again in her mouth. She made no attempt to save this ejaculation! Instead she savored every morsel and swallowed it down. Then while licking her lips to be sure she got it all she used both hands to beat him off!

“Ugh, oh, Lovie, how much, umm, how much do you need?” he wondered aloud.

“Oh, Morgan, half of that wonderful first ejaculation was twice what I needed. But you taste so good, you feel so good as I swallow you down, I just don’t want to stop! I know from Ellie that you’re a cum making machine! And I want as much of it as I can get! It’s going to help me expand my chest, you know! And I want to be a big as I can possibly be! I may never match Ellie, but bigger is better and if bigger is better then gargantuan is best! So, yes, I want to be gargantuan! Just like Ellie is now!”

“Now roll over here and spend some time pounding my pussy to pudding! You magnificent stud! What a man!” She groaned in excitement as Morgan positioned himself and began slamming his overly large erection into her cunt!

Several orgasms later Lovie was kneeling in front of Morgan fucking back at him while he tirelessly worked on turning her pussy into a swampy frictionless chasm that no other man would be able to satisfy. It would take weeks for her to be able to recover her normal snug fuck-hole.

She didn’t care. She thought she would be able to arrange another assignation almost any time she wanted to. Morgan was enough of a man to satisfy both Ellie and her! He’d been with Ellie all morning and now had spent most of the afternoon fucking hell out of Lovie!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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