Em’s Panties Pt 1

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Em’s Panties

My sister Emily (Em as we call her) is a grade behind me in school. We never used to be that close growing up even though we were so close in age. She had her nerd friends and I hung with the jocks. Em is a plain looking girl compared to most. We are close in height, both have dark blonde hair and blue eyes, however her hair gets much lighter in the summer and mine doesn’t, and we have athletic builds. Em really hasn’t developed like her friends have. I’ve definitely noticed her best friend Krista has got a set on her in the last 6 months or so. They certainly grew! Em is curvy but never got a rack. Our mom is the same way.

About a year ago I was grounded for talking back to my mom. Our Dad is in the Air Force and has some strict rules about how we conduct ourselves. Anyway I was forced to stay home on a weekend and do the laundry, clean the house, mow the lawn…. All the crap I hate but was forced to do as punishment. That afternoon I was loading one of the bathroom hampers into the wash and I smelled something musky, strong, and VERY attractive in there. Instead of just dumping everything I was curious and started going through piece by piece. There toward the top was a pair of Em’s yoga pants bunched up, almost like they were rolled all the way down her legs, and inside them was a small black thong and the source of the delicious smell. I immediately went to inspect them. I’d never really been around a girls panties before. I had fumbled with a bra once on a date and barely got one boob out before she stopped me and sent me home high and dry, but panties were new to me at the time. I held them up and was amazed that someone could find them comfortable enough to wear. So small. And a small line of fabric up your ass? The real treat was the small crotch area. That’s where I found my treasure that day, and the beginning of my panty obsession. Nothing happened that day besides me getting a quick education in panties, and the smells that come with them. But from that day on laundry became my bitch.

About 2 weeks later on a Saturday I was up early and went for a run with my Dad. When we got back Mom was up and making breakfast.

“Keith, go check on your sister please. Tell her breakfast is almost ready and make sure she’s up please?”

“Yes, ma’am.” I replied.

I headed up the stairs and politely knocked on my sisters door. “Em you up?” I asked. “Em?” I opened the door a crack and she wasn’t in bed. I then took a look to the side and saw the light on in the bathroom we shared. I could faintly hear the shower going. I was about to leave when I saw her nightshirt on the floor and just a peek of black lace sticking out. I felt a rush come over me, and I was suddenly aware of how hot and sweaty I was from my run. I quietly closed the door behind me and snuck over by her bed. I could faintly hear the shower so I figured I’d be ok for a min to investigate. I separated the panties and pulled them directly up to mu nose. I inhaled DEEPLY and that wonderful scent filled my lungs. It was amazing. My dick immediately twitched and started to fill. Nothing to that point in my life turned me on SO quickly. I heard Em cough and the shower turn off. I panicked and put the panties in my pocket, and quietly left the room.

Once I got to my room I I stashed the panties under my mattress and waited for the bathroom light to go out. My heart was in my throat. I wanted nothing more than to spend a few minutes of quality time with the panties.

“Kids, let’s go, breakfast” Dad yelled up the stairs. Withing seconds I heard Em’s door open and her bound down the steps. I waited a few then followed.

“Oh Keith, you didn’t change yet?” Mom asked.

“No, I was about to when Dad called us for breakfast.”

“Well, I need to start laundry before I head out for the day, and now I’ll be running behind.” She was clearly annoyed.

“Well mom I can do it for you if that would help?” Every head raised from the breakfast plate like I’d just burped aloud or something. “What?” I asked as everyone looked confused, “I don’t mind.”

“Aren’t you helpful” Dad said with a smile. I could sense the sarcasm. “You learned something while you were grounded? About how hard your Mom works around here?”

“Yes sir,” I could see there was an opening here. “Just figured I could help is all.”

“Good” said Dad.

Shortly after eating my Dad went to base and Mom and Em went shopping. I waited until I was sure they were gone and ran to my bedroom. I pulled my hidden treasure out and took a deep whiff. It was intoxicating. Not as strong as her yoga workout ones, but these had a slightly sweeter smell, and not as strong. My cock was stiff in seconds. I dropped my pants and boxers in one swoop and sat on the edge of the bed. I put the panties up to my face and starting slowly stroking myself. I would time the inhale to when gorukle escort my fist got to my head, and exhale down my shaft. My head spun. I was on cloud 9 and it took all of 10 pumps and I shot cum everywhere. Ropes went flying. I had never cum so hard before. I’d been masturbating for a few years at least and this was so different.

After I cleaned up I collected hampers from the house and started laundry. I took a shower and folded and stacked laundry. I’d never put clean clothes away but it struck me as a good excuse to see Em’s other panties in her drawer. I put Mom and Dads stuff folded on floor by their door. We weren’t allowed in the master bedroom. Then I went to Em’s room. I saved the bra and panties for last as a treat. She has 2 drawers for underwear. One was bras and panties, and the other was panties and socks. I was curious so I pulled other panties out to see. She had so many I was lost. Some silky, some cotton, some thong, some not. She had all colors. I was amazed. I had 10 or so boxers, all fatigue green. It was wonderland to me and I spent well over an hour looking and touching. I made a mental list of faves and then cleaned up.

The following Saturday Dad had been called in for some big wig visit and so I slept in a bit. I got up and Mom was cooking so I went down and talked to her a bit. She asked if I’d be a warrior and do laundry since I’d done so well last week and she was in a hurry. Of course I said ok.

“Let Em sleep in if she wants, and tell her breakfast is in the oven. Ill be back in a few hours.” Mom said.

Once she left I went upstairs and collected hampers. Dad had left theirs in the laundry room so all I needed was the one in our shared bath. I went in through my door and flipped the light on. I started to pull the hamper up and wanted to see if maybe there was a treat for me in there that I could jerk off to before my shower. I found 2 pairs of white full coverage ones that didn’t have any smell. I was almost to the bottom when I saw a bright red pair. My heart skipped as I knew these were the res satin/silky ones I’d seen last week. I pulled them out and up to my nose. Jackpot! Oh they smelled so good. Sweet and pugent, a lite crust on the crotch that had dried. My dick sprang to life. There was a tent in my boxers and a wet spot of my own where the tip was pushing to get out. I was taking one last deep sniff before retreating to my room when her door opened.

There, through sleepy, half opened eyes, Em got the view she could have least expected. Her big brother, sporting wood, sniffing her dirty panties out of the hamper.

“WHAT. THE. FUCK KEITH!” she yelled

“No no no,” I started. “It’s not what you think. I just..I was just..”

“What smelling my dirties? You fucking creep! Dad will kill you. KILL you,” Em was heated. Her face was bright red.

“Please wait I can explain. I was just collecting everything and I… it was an accident.” I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to run. Just run as far away as you can. I knew my father would skin me alive. I’d be sent to some non-de*********** military school he sometimes threatened me with. My life was over.

“Please” was all I could mutter. “I’m so sorry.”

She pulled the panties from my hand. “Why” she asked. “What’s wrong with you?” She seemed to calm a bit.

“I don’t know.” I said meekly.

“GET OUT” she yelled. I started to gather all the clothes and she yelled again “GO. I have to pee and your in the way. Just leave everything. Now! GET OUT!”

I retreated to my room as she slammed the door behind me. I sat on my bed and started to realize the gravity of the situation. I was a dead man. I though about running away but we lived so close to base that there wasn’t much else around for miles so I wouldn’t get far. I though if I could reason with Em maybe I could stop her from telling.

I knocked lightly on the bathroom door. “Em? Breakfast is in the stove. I’m going downstairs. Can we talk?”

The door opened and she appeared into my room. She was still in her sleeping shirt but her eyes were wide open now. Her face was still red.

“Why Keith?”

“I’m sorry” I started, “It just happened. I was curious. And they smelled and I wanted to know more. I just didn’t think I was doing anything wrong, really. Just, I dunno, I could smell them and I was curious.”

“So you could SMELL my dirty panties so you decided to sniff them? I’m your SISTER.”

“Please. Please do not tell mom and dad. Please. I’ll do anything. I’ll do laundry forever.” I was desperate.

“The last thing I want, Keith, Is you touching my laundry.”

“What can I do? How can I make this right?” I begged. “Please don’t tell them.”

“God boys are gross. I won’t tell as long as you stay away from my stuff. Don’t be such a pervert. AND YOU OWE ME!” She slammed the bathroom eskort bursa door. I stood there defeated. I was relieved she wasn’t going to say anything to our folks.

Later that day I tried to talk to her but she told me to fuck off. She did the laundry, including mine. I went to the park to clear my head. I was still nervous when I got home but only Moms car was there and I reasoned that if she told on me, Dad would be there too.

The following week went by very slowly. Dad ended up being needed out of state and left us on Thursday that week. Friday night I was supposed to have a date with a girl from school but she bailed on me. My friends from school had gone down to the lake for a long weekend so I was left home with the female side of my family. Mom had a second glass of wine with dinner and we knew that meant she’d be in bed by 8. After dinner my mom asked Em to do the dishes. As soon as she left the room Em looked at me.

“Do the dishes,” she said.

“Yeah, ok.” I was just happy she even spoke to me. “Anything else I can do?”

She didn’t respond. Em went into the living room and put the TV on. I went to the kitchen and started cleaning. Afterwards I left Em alone to watch TV and I went to my room.

The next morning was Saturday and so I got up and went for a run. Without my dad pushing me it took longer than usual but was none the less exhausting. When I got pack Em was in the kitchen and Mom was already gone. I was soaked in sweat and wanted to go right to the shower then after maybe eat. As I headed for the stairs Em motioned to me.

“Keith. Come over here, please.” Her tone was soft but unfriendly.

“Hey I was going to shower. What’s up?” I asked.

“I need you to clean the kitchen. Now.” She was more forceful this time.

“Em, I’ll be glad too. Can I just shower first? I’m soaked and I stink.”

“Shower after,” she offered. “You need to do this now so it’s done.”

“Can I at least throw these clothes in the wash and grab something dry? Then I’ll come back out and do kitchen shit?” I really was gross in those clothes. She just nodded and I ran off at a trot to the laundry room which was an offshoot from the living room. I closed the door, and shed all my clothes. I opened the wash and froze. There was a load in there that was ready to go and sitting right on top was a pair of Em’s yellow thong panties. I didn’t know what to do. My mind begged me to grab them and sniff. My dick urged me to do the same and started to rise in anticipation. I didn’t dare touch them, but they were only a foot away and so I leaned in and sniffed. I got a good amount of all the dirty laundry. I decided to quickly grab them, sniff, and throw them right back. Just a second or two and I’d be set. My cock was leaking in anticipation. As I brought them up to my nose the door flung open.

“I knew it I knew it,” she scolded. “You fucking perv you couldn’t stay away even for a second!”

My hand immediately tried to cover my throbbing member. In doing so though, I hadn’t let go of my prize and Em’s eyes bulged when she saw the panties and hands go to my meat.

“I’m sorry!” I blurted.

“Eww get my panties away from your thingy!” she screamed. “Don’t touch them with it”

I dropped the panties and tried to grab something to cover myself. On top of the dryer was a blouse that was my moms and it was all I could find to cover myself. Em was flush red and mad. Mad as hell.

“Go sit on the couch” she said after a moment of silence that felt like eternity. “Go NOW.”

I ran to the living room and sat down of the large couch. I threw the shirt to the side and covered myself with a throw pillow. I could feel my heart in my throat. I was nervous.

“Keith,” she started. She was behind the couch and walked around on the kitchen side. “What is your problem?” Her voice was calmer now. But she was still red in the face and had an annoyed look on her face.

“Why are you excited by your sisters panties?”

“I’m sorry.” I said.

She looked at me sharply, “No you aren’t. If you were sorry this wouldn’t have happened AGAIN. I knew you couldn’t help yourself. But I didn’t expect to see you naked and with your thing at attention. And then you touched my underwear with it. With you, THING.”

“Penis. Cock. Whatever but not thing. It sounds stupid.”

“Whatever you call one,” she said. “I’ve never seen one so I’m not familiar with the terms Keith.”

“Wait you never a guys junk?” I asked. “Really?”

“Stop. This isn’t about me,” She said. “Why can’t you stop touching my intimates? Do I need to lock away my clothes so you and your THING won’t invade my personal space? Why can’t you jerk it to porn like boys are supposed to?”

“I’m sorry Em. Honestly, I can’t help myself. I saw them and I had to smell them. I lost karacabey escort control. What are you going to do?”

She sat there for a minute. Her breathing slowed down as she calmed herself. When she spoke her confidence wasn’t there like before.

“Can I ask you something? Something personal since you are taking personal things from me?”

“Uh sure Em, anything. Should I go put clothes on though?”

“No,” she said too quickly, “It’s about THAT.” Her eyes went to the pillow. “About your penis or whatever.”

My cock twitched at the sound of my sister saying penis.

“Ok. What about it?”

Em shifted uncomfortably as she chose her words.

“So Jimmy from my study hall said his goes from small to hard, and back to small depending on what he thinks about. So I asked him what he thinks about and he says girls and boobs. He wanted to show me after class one day so we went to the woods behind where the seniors park. He said I needed to show him something before he would show me his thing, er penis, whatever. I said like what and he said he wanted to see my boobs.”

“Did you show him?”

“Well I started to unbutton my shirt but we both got nervous and he said we should do this on a weekend but he never talked to me again. What did I do wrong? Why don’t boys like me?” Her tone changed and she looked like she wanted to cry.

“Em boys are stupid.” I started.

“Yeah don’t I know that now. My own brother caught twice.”

“BUT,” I continued “Boys think with their dicks first. That’s why we get in trouble.”

Em sat for a second seemingly to contemplate this. “Yeah, I guess I don’t understand fully. Keith. Can I see it?”

“My penis?” I was beyond shocked.

“Yeah. I won’t tell mom and dad about your panty problems. I just want to see one for more than a second while it’s trying to hide behind my thong.”

We both laughed and all of a sudden the tension in the room left.

“Umm yeah. Yes.” I said.

Slowly I moved the pillow out of the way. My dick was flaccid and sad. I looked down then looked at her. Her eyes were fixated on it. No girl had ever seen it before and I wished I could make it go hard right away.

“Make it grow.” She said, clearly not understanding.

“I can’t. Boys need something to excite them first.”

“Wait I know.” She got up and left the room. 20 seconds later she was back with a grin. “Here perv.” She tossed the yellow thong from the wash at me.

Instantly my cock twitched and Em’s eyes went wide.

“Pick them up” She said

I did as I was told and took the panties in my hand. The feeling in my hand made my head spin. Instinctively I drew them up to my nose. My cock lurched. I inhaled, and I went to full erection in seconds. When I looked back at Em her eyes were glued to my member. She was fixated. All 7 inches of me was hard and on display. I sniffed and it twitched again.

“What ya think, Em?”

She didn’t reply she just sat there. Her face was flush again and her breathing sped up. I too was flush, and I wanted to pop.

“Em?” She broke her gaze and made brief eye contact before looking away, then back to my dick. “Em?” I asked again, “Would you like to see me do stuff with it?”

“Yes” she said too quickly. “Wait, like what?”

“Well. For starters, I can play with myself a bit. Like jerk off?” She nodded her head in approval.

With my left hand I raised the panties to my nose and with my right I started to slowly stroke, Base to head and back. Slowly. I heard her make a tiny gasp. She adjusted her legs in her chair and leaned forward a little. I continued another very slow stroke, up, pause, then down. I wanted to cum. It hurt I wanted to so bad.

“Em? Do you know what happens to boys when they jerk off?”

“In health class they said you ejaculate. Are you going to do that?”

“Cum Em, I’m gunna cum. But it’s going to be messy I need a towel or something to catch it all.” I was on the edge but holding on just barely.

“Softly she repeated the word. “Cum.” That sent me over the edge.

“Ugh fuck I’m cumming Em. I’m cumming!”

Without think Em grabbed the closest thing she could find it was my Moms blouse from earlier. She tossed it at me as I erupted. My first spurt went out onto the carpet and Em’s eyes were locked onto it the whole flight. The remainder wet into my moms shirt and onto the couch. I was shaking. I went blind for a second. As the trembling stopped and I came back to Earth Em just stared at me.

This time she was the one at a loss for words. “I.. I mean I never..That’s..” She looked up at me and smiled a little. “Are you ok? She asked.

“That was amazing I said. I’ve never cum that hard before. Thank you.”

“Me?” She said, “I didn’t do that. That wasn’t me was it?”

“Em baby. That was all because of you. Any time you want we can do that again.”

“NO. We probably shouldn’t Keith. We could get in so much trouble. You are my brother. What if someone at school heard? I’d be the lowest loser ever. Thank you for showing me but no that can’ happen again.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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