Enchanted Evening

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She groaned beneath him, her receptive body felt so soft silky and warm. She kissed, licked and nipped at his shoulders and neck as he slowly buried himself into her. He withdrew just as slowly, circled his knob around the inside of her entry as her pussy lips closed just behind the head in an attempt to keep him in her. He pulled his cock right out, slid it back and forth along her slit and then upward along her belly until his balls rubbed her pussy.

“You’re such a tease,” she whispered in his ear, “but I love it, my time will come.”

He pulled up over her, his knees each side of her hips, dragging his penis and balls up along her belly to slide it between her gourd-shaped breasts. She smiled up at him as he slipped his cock back and forth between her tits. He groaned in pleasure, not only at the feel of her silky breasts around his shaft, but at the sight of it all, a beautiful woman gazing languidly up at him using her hands to clasp her tits around his shaft. She released her breasts and bent her head down and pulled his knob up to her mouth. Her tongue flashed out to circle the knob before grasping it with her lips. He lifted her head up and slow fucked her mouth with half of his cock.

He pulled it out and she smiled lasciviously, “A little pre-cum, what a delightful mix of tastes.”

He rolled to his side beside her and she immediately turned towards him and slung one leg up over his hip, positioning herself to allow his cock to slide in along her greasy slit. He lifted a breast up to his mouth, teased and circled the nipple with his tongue before inhaling the nipple and part of her tit deep into his mouth in a hard suck. She pushed her belly hard up against his, enjoying his breast play while her pussy continued to wet the top of his shaft as she moved her hips sensuously back and forth.

She pushed him to his back and mounted him, her knees each side of his thighs and hips, pressing her pussy down as she slipped it back and forth along the bottom of his shaft. She leaned over him; her arms braced each side of his head as her elongated tits swayed over his face. He grasped them, rubbed the nipples together before licking and sucking each one in turn. “Oh, I love that,” she moaned.

She moved upward along his body, dragging and rubbing her pussy on his thigh and then up along his belly. “I can tease too,” she said as she gazed down on him, her pussy wetting his nipples. She pushed up to her knees in anticipation.

Her bush, trimmed to a narrow vertical bar, was within inches of his eyes, her clit jutted out between her spread legs. The musky scent of her pussy wafted towards him as if fanned by the wings of a butterfly. He grasped her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy over his face.

She was trembling as she whispered, “Taste me babe.”

He flicked his tongue at the clit, once, twice and then stretching his tongue out to the bottom of her slit, buried it between her pussy lips and gouged his way forward.

She cried out and leaned ahead bracing herself against the bedstead as he sated himself between her legs, licking sucking and rubbing like a starving man.

It was enough of the tease for both of them as she lifted clear of his head and quickly moved her hips downward on him to find and suck his hard shaft into her pussy. She sat straight up as she rode him before flattening out on his body, stretching her legs down between his, forcing them sideways to gain leverage as she drove her hips up and down on his shaft.

Her ass cheeks clenched and released in his hands. He buried his fingertips in the crease, pulling them apart in an attempt to sink deeper into her pussy. His first spurt of cum kicked her over the edge as she clutched him tightly, fingers digging into his shoulders as she lost awareness in a wild twisting orgasm.

They lay there spent for minutes; she glued on top of him as if their bodies were opposing magnets.

He couldn’t recall her name. It had seemed completely irrelevant. They had only known each other a few hours. Clare, that was it. It was the only exchange of personal information made by either, she hadn’t even asked him for his.

This had been their second sexual encounter in the few hours that they had been together. The first one had been over quickly, starting just as they had closed the door to the suite, a trail of clothes on the floor detailing the route to the bedroom. They had recovered after that first uncontrolled encounter to settle down with a sip of wine before re-engaging in this much more erotic and pleasurable exchange, the animal lust having been assuaged somewhat.

They had first become aware of each other two days earlier while dining at an elegant restaurant. They returned the following evening as well and had locked eyes several times. On her way out, Clare had passed by his table and smiled, “Enjoy your evening.”

Earlier tonight, they were back again for the third night in a row. He had waited at the bar until his reserved table house of the dragon izle was ready, his eyes searching the dining area to find her seated at her same table wearing a revealing shiny gold cocktail dress. She looked quite spectacular. A younger man was standing at her table and looking down at her, she smiling up at him as he made a pitch of some sort. She continued with the soft smile as she shook her head. She spotted him at the bar as the young man left, but as their eyes met, another young guy appeared at her side, apparently from the same table as the first, and apparently making the same pitch. There were three of them each wearing an identity tag of some sort, most likely as part of a convention in town.

He turned away from the sight of her being obviously pursued by others, disappointed but accepting of his fate; too damn slow on the pickup. A minute later a waiter approached him and handed him a note and whispered, “From the lady in the gold dress for you.”

His fingers shook as he opened the note, ‘save me please, join me for dinner, pretend you know me, Clare.’ He looked over to discover her alone once more and looking directly at him in a mock pleading manner. He slipped off his bar stool and joined her at her table, bending down for a light kiss as he whispered, “Do I know you enough for a peck, or do I know you better.”

She laughed softly, glancing over at the table of three young hustlers and replied, “Oh, I think we can get to know each other better.”

They were instantly comfortable with the other, talking about Maui and the hotel and the soft beauty of the island.

He was recently divorced. He had vacationed in the Hawaiian Islands for years and had returned on his own to see if he could find the peace to refocus his life. He was checked in to the same condo that had provided him many happy times in the past. He was not here for the express purpose of finding a woman, but this was Maui after all and erotic thoughts formed easily in one’s mind. This restaurant was a regular on his visits, only a short walk along the beach from his condo. However, he normally only dined once or twice each time, and certainly not three times in a row.

Clare was married and still living with her husband. The tragedy in her life was that her husband had become a paraplegic following a motorcycle crash, and it had been many years since they had been able to co-habit like normal married couples. He had offered her an uncontested divorce, even demanded it, but she had declined and insisted on staying with him.

Following several years without sex her husband had suggested that she take on lovers. She agreed but on the condition that he was to be always made aware of her assignations. She restricted her search for sex to only a few times a year, away from home and never with a recurring lover. When she did find a lover, she was totally unrestrained. All erotic positions and acts including mildly perverted ones were acceptable to her and even sought. She was using this trip to Maui to fulfill her building sexual needs and had decided on this man on the very first evening. He had a mixture of vulnerability and masculinity that appealed to her.

They ordered wine and sipped at it through the preliminaries of ordering a meal. They liked each other, his eyes only drifting away from hers to gaze at her breasts.

“That is a very beautiful dress, although I think that it is you who brings it to life,” he said softly.

She looked at him without guile and responded, “Thank you, I had hoped that wearing it might encourage you to meet me tonight.” She reached over and covered his hand with hers.

He rolled his hand over and their fingers intertwined as their hot palms pressed together. He replied, “The dress is gorgeous but it was you that interested me the first night I saw you. I just lacked the courage to say hello.”

Things were a little awkward now, what does one do or say in public after confessing erotic interest in each other. He continued in an attempt to add some humor, “Although it did attract more than me, did it not? I can’t say that I blame those young studs for their interest.”

She laughed outright, “They are only young men out on their own without their spouses and showing off for each other. I am sure that they just wanted to meet me for a closer look at the dress,” she lied still smiling.

“You are too gracious,” he said, “I am pretty sure they wanted to do more than just meet you.” He almost bit his tongue at being too forward in his comment.

But she took it well, “Probably. But I had another interest.” She pressed her palm tight to his. “How about you? Did you want to do more than just meet me?” She had been down this road before, knowing full well that a direct approach usually sped things up, she had no thoughts of stretching out the seduction, she wanted him and preferably tonight.

His response was indirect, how i caught my killer izle acting as though he had not caught her innuendo. “Have you stayed in this resort before? It is one of my favorite inns although I have never booked here. It is pretty dated but is one of the few remaining resort hotels that front right on the beach. That is no longer allowed, a relict of the past. I walk past here daily on my beach walk, looking up at people on their balconies. It must be great to be able to get up in the early morning to the sound of the ocean, the sight of whales rolling and twisting in the swell and the smell of the sea. For some reason I never think to book it.”

She replied, “I am not staying here now and never have. But I have enjoyed this restaurant several times over the years. The food and service are always excellent. But I do admit to a curiosity about the hotel itself, it seems old style but elegant.”

A pause, still holding hands he said nervously, “Would you like to stay here tonight?” He held his breath as her eyes bored into his. ‘Ah God, too fast’ he thought.

“I would love to,” she said, “give me a minute.” She rose from the table pulling her cell phone from her purse and stepping into an alcove to one side of the table. He gazed at her as she stood turned away from him, a full figured woman, the dress displaying her generous curves to perfection. Black heels and stockings only added to her allure. A few short words and she turned back to him smiling coquettishly.

“Do you think that you can arrange it on such short notice?”

“Well I damn hope so now,” he said, “Took all of my courage to ask you. There are usually cancellations or openings at every hotel. If not, there are other places I am sure.” After all, her agreement had been to have sex with him and not just to spend a night with him in a particular hotel!

He signaled the waiter, murmured a few words and the waiter left tucking a $50 bill into his vest pocket.

“He’ll check, but he says he is quite sure he can get us something.”

They sat back a little as the first course arrived. Their knees met under the table, he pushing his gently forward between her spreading legs, until she closed hers tightly on his.

She smiled, “Do we have to eat first? I’m dying to see the suite. Just to look out over the ocean of course.” They clutched hands more tightly, sliding their interlocked fingers back and forth in mock sex.

He was nervous, this was his first pickup in many years and he was by no means confident in his next move. “We’ll know soon enough.” They touched glass rims, eyes drinking in the excitement they saw and felt in each other. There can be no stronger aphrodisiac in this world than the recognition that someone desires you.

The waiter returned holding an envelope on a plate. He said, “Ocean view. Same credit card Mr. Long? Just sign the slip please.”

He removed the registration form, signed it and thanked the waiter. He showed Clare the card key inside the envelope. “Mission accomplished,” he smiled.

She looked hungrily at him, “Now I really want to see that suite.”

They were both very aroused. He wished that he had sat beside her instead of across the table. He wanted to be close to her body, even just to rub on her or caress her knee under that gold skirt. He had an erection and was dying to feel some part of her body come in contact with it.

Her nipples were hard even as her loins weakened, anticipating the feeling of him between her legs. She wanted to be naked with him in a bed.

They were barely able to contain themselves, rushing through their meal and nervously waiting out the process of paying their bill. She clutched his arm as they managed to refrain from running to the elevator. Their bodies clamped together as they enjoyed their first tongue swirling kiss just as the elevator arrived at their floor.

He barely managed to find the slot for the key card, fumbling in his haste to be alone with her. She giggled at his frustration, still clinging to his arm, rubbing a hard nipple on his bicep. They did not take the time to explore the suite or to take in the view of the ocean. They ripped off each other’s clothes and fumbled their way to the bedroom and fucked each other.

As they lay sweating and heaving after the sex she said, “That was the first time that I’ve been laid still wearing garter belt and stockings. Good thing that I didn’t wear panties tonight.”

They laughed softly as he sat up to unhook her stockings, roll them down her legs before releasing the garter belt. By the time he was finished, her eyes were smoky hot again and his erection was returning. Everything they said or did had an erotic element.

It was later now and they were in another soft reflective mood following the second encounter; the sex had been as beautiful as they had both imagined it would be during their fast tracked dating how we roll izle encounter in the restaurant.

“I’m all sticky,” Clare said as she rose up from the bed naked. “Join me for a shower and then we can enjoy the view of the ocean in the moonlight. I want to be kissed and caressed with the sounds of the sea in the background.”

He lay there watching her walk to the shower. Her generous butt swayed seductively grinding it’s way across the room, she turning to expose some tit as if encouraging him to join her.

There was no question that he would join her, but he laid there watching her with his hands clasped behind his head, drinking in this beautiful vision of a woman offering herself to him again. He finally rolled off of the bed and joined her as she adjusted the flow of warm water in the shower. He came up behind her, ran his hands under her arms to clasp her tits while his partially hard cock rubbed between her cheeks. She turned her head for a lingering kiss. “Slow down sailor,” she smiled, “we have all the time we need.”

He doubted that, he wanted her forever. They showered slowly and erotically. They took turns soaping each other, rubbing their slippery bodies together, kissing and feeling as time stood still. He turned her, moving behind to push his knees between her legs, spreading her as he slipped his cock in along her slit.

“No rush lover,” she moaned, “let’s just enjoy some play time. Let’s tease for a while and build up for the next one. I love to have every nerve end at high alert before making love.” She twisted around inside his grasp and jammed her tits tight against his chest and they kissed in wild abandon, her tongue searching inside his mouth between his teeth and gums before clamping her lips around his.

They took turns drying each other, bending and standing as they found every square inch of body to towel. Their eyes were hooded with lust.

He picked her up and sat her on the armoire facing him and moved between her legs, his erection rubbing along her inner thighs. They kissed and he murmured, “Who will give in first Clare?”

She grasped his hard cock and pulled it to her pussy, rubbed it in her slit and whispered, “Not me. Want to play a game of chicken?”

And then she pushed him back, “We haven’t looked at the ocean yet.” She grabbed a white hotel robe, threw him the other one and said, “Let’s go.”

It could not have been more romantic. They were on the eighth floor of the resort tower. The moon was just settling behind one of the smaller islands and emitting a glistening golden streak on the calm waters. It lit up some white surf crashing against a rocky point a mile or so distant down the beach. They stood side by side, their arms hooked behind the other’s back, hips and thighs pressed together with Clare’s tits teasing his upper arm and chest. He turned her towards him, tugging the robe tie open and finding a breast to fondle. They kissed softly and he whispered, “Tell me when you are ready.”

She shook her head, “I’m not even close yet baby, although it has been a nice start. You have beautiful hands, they feel so soft yet strong when you touch me anywhere, could let you do this all night.”

They drank in the night, just gazing out as the moon slowly disappeared and the night became pitch dark. She opened his robe and snuggled her naked body against his as they kissed and touched and rubbed before Clare took his arm and pulled him back into the condo.

Back in the bedroom, she dropped her robe to the floor and watched him follow suit. She said, “Here’s the game and the rules.”

She stood with arms akimbo, legs spread and giving her rendition of a drill sergeant. “Our mission is to tease the other to the point that he or she just has to fuck. The loser gives in first. We have a starting position just like in judo.”

He grinned, “Sounds intimidating. Have you ever lost?”

“No, I’m very good at it. Get on the bed.”

It did not take long for the military approach to fade to be replaced by a soft seductive look as she watched him take his position, his cock ramrod hard, his balls tight and his eyes burning into hers. He sat on his butt on the bed with legs stretched out in front of him, and she sat facing him, raising her legs up over his as they inched together.

“Get close first, that’s right, just brush me with it first,” Clare whispered softly, as his cock swayed between her thighs with the knob less than an inch from her gaping hole. “First we tease each other until we can’t stand it and then you push your knob into me.”

He moved ahead enough for his knob to spread her lips and pop inside, her lips tightening behind the head.

“Shut your eyes baby, try to picture what is happening, just by your senses. But you can’t push it all the way into me, unless you want to lose the game. After a while, it will be my turn to move closer to you to take a little more cock and to tease you.” She relaxed and leaned back on her arms, thinking only of the feel of the knob of his cock throbbing and twisting just inside her hungry pussy.

“My turn,” she groaned, “You hold still, let me do it.” She eased her hips forward to suck in another inch or so of cock. “Keep your eyes closed and just enjoy.” She commenced to squeeze and twist around his knob and cock back and forth but never pushing it deeper.

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