Evening Client

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Evening Client

Once the class is finished, I make my way towards my brothel. I have everything I need with me. I have my two dildos, my bag of cannabis, and I have alcohol and my evening clothes in my room.

Once I reach the front entrance of the building, I make my way up the concrete steps. I see a few co-workers, and I politely nod my head and smile as they pass. When I reach the front desk to get my schedule, I realize I only have one client, Mr. Crotch-sniffer.

I’m not bothered because I realize my other two clients have rescheduled for Saturday evening. I am happy because I have Friday off, and I already have four clients booked for Saturday. I guess I’ll have to wait to dominate some pussy for another day. I’ll use the pink dildo on Saturday.

The front desk receptionist smiles as she hands me some towels, condoms, peppermints, lubrication and a black satin blindfold. I guess Crotch-sniffer wants my eyes hidden. I take my supplies, and I thank the receptionist.

While I walk towards my room, I slowly read my paper of services. Crotch-sniffer not only wants to smell my pussy, but he wants to lick my pussy too. I am excited when I read this information. This is going to be easy. I get to lie back and have my twat munched. What a perfect ending to my otherwise horny day.

As I read a little further down the paper, I see Crotch-sniffer has a question mark next to anal. When there is a question mark, this means the client is anal curious and may want their anus fondled. I relish in the thought of tantalizing an ass. I have a few new ass plugs to try, and I am excited to see if my client likes them in his anal cavity.

Once I enter the code to my room, I walk inside and take a deep whiff of the cedar and vanilla aroma that fills my room. I place my dildos and butt plugs in alcohol to sterilize them before use. I’ll make sure to dry them before I use them to play.

The time is 9:00; Crotch-sniffer will arrive at 9:30. The evening is dark, and my window shade is raised. I turn on a low light on my vanity, so the room has a warm illumination from the small lamp. I look in the mirror and appreciate my full red lips.

I take off my sweater. I watch my hair cascade down before it rests on my shoulders. As I pull off my pants, I reach behind to fluff up the small black satin bow affixed on my panties. I then walk over and lower the shade.

Before the windowpane is completely lowered, I notice three young men watching me undress. As I notice them, I sweetly wave hello and I continue to lower the window shade. If those boys want me, they know where to find me. They just have to pass a few checks, and then they can have me as kolej escort bayan many times as they would like.

As soon as I return to my vanity, I put on a long silk robe. The robe has a plunging v-line, so my bosom looks especially large and supple. Once I walk into the restroom, I place the towels in their cabinet. I then grab a lighter from the lighter dish and pull out my mini-bong from below the sink. I am happy the bong is fresh and clean, so all I need to do is place a few ice cubes in the chamber and fill it with water.

Once the cannabis is ground and placed into the bowl, I light the weed and inhale deep. The smoke is powerful, and I exhale within seconds. My mood immediately calms itself and I am relaxed. I put everything away and I go to bed.

The time is 9:15. I think about Crotch-sniffer. I think about being fucked three times today; and then I think ending my day with a snatch suck is like having a cherry on top of my otherwise horny Thursday.

I feel so mellow, but I want to get horny and hot. I walk to my vanity and pour a small shot of vodka. I swallow the alcohol, and I enjoy the warm sensation it brings to my belly. I grab an ice cube and I rub it over my pussy. A little wetness never hurts.

As I place my shot glass in to the drawer, I hear a card slide down the door. Within a moment, Crotch-sniffer enters the room.

I am a bit startled since he is nine-minutes early, but I don’t mind. I see he has a green card, so he paid for the extra time.

As he walks further into the room, my robe falls off my shoulder and my breast and nipple poke out for his viewing pleasure.

Crotch-sniffer walks up to me with a smile. He places his arm around my waist and pulls me close and he says, “Hello, beautiful.”

I admire his dark hair, and I am taken by his deep and powerful eyes. His hands are strong. I look up to greet his eyes. He removes the blindfold from my vanity, and he ties the satin around my eyes.

He starts kissing me hard. Before I can even catch my breath, he is swirling his tongue around inside my mouth. After a minute, I am fully aroused. I let out a weak moan.

Within seconds he pushes me down on the bed. He spreads my legs and he puts his face on my underwear. He breathes in deep, and then he exhales. I can feel my wetness stick to my panties. I know he feels it too.

Crotch-sniffer stays by my crotch smelling it for a few minutes. He then says, “Your pussy smells exquisite. It smells like a dirty little preacher girl.”

I have no idea what he means, but I reply, “Keep smelling it, baby. I like you breathing on my pussy.”

Within a moment, Crotch-sniffer Escort sihhiye inhaled deeply and then started licking the outside of my panties. My snatch was already soaked; I know he felt my wetness as he pushed his tongue down on my lace panties and pushed them deep into my twat.

After several minutes of heavy licking, he pulled my panties to the side and started going down on my pussy. I spread my legs wide; he really put his whole face on my snatch. I face fucked him like I hadn’t fucked all week. He stayed on my twat sucking my clit and licking my pussy walls like a champ.

After several long minutes, Crotch-sniffer climbed on top of me and put his balls in my face. While his tongue fucked my twat, he was letting me know he wanted his ass fondled. I removed my blindfold so I could see.

With his cock hitting my chin, I decided to give his dick a little suck. I like to keep my customers happy.

As soon as I licked Crotch-sniffer, he moaned loud. I can only imagine what he’ll do when I place my little butt beads up his ass. I reached my hand up towards his rectum. I gave his cock several long and deep sucks. It didn’t take much before Crotch-sniffer started gently fucking my face. He moved his cock up and down in my mouth as he sucked my clit.

I spread my legs a little wider and Crotch-sniffer went a little deeper, both in my mouth and with his tongue. As he moaned uncontrollably, I reached for the lube close to the bed. With his cock going in and out of my mouth, he didn’t even know what was coming his way.

I lubed up my finger and I placed my index finger on his asshole. Crotch-sniffer let out a small whine.

I wasted no time. I circled his anus with my finger, and I felt he was relaxed. I pushed my index finger into his ass, and I could feel a little squeeze. I worked my finger slowly in and out of his ass; he moaned louder. He liked it; he liked it a lot.

I was feeling hot. I was glad I hung my anal beads on the bedpost. As I fingered Crotch-sniffer with my index finger, I slowly entered my middle finger too. He now had two fingers up his ass. He moaned loud.

He ate my pussy sloppy. His tongue was everywhere, and I loved it. I rocked my pus on his face. I wanted his entire face wet, so I finger fucked his ass faster. He started fucking me back. He was moving his ass back and forth on my hand.

I heard him say, “I can take more. Put more inside me and fill me up tonight.”

I pulled my fingers out of his ass. I took both of my hands and I spread his ass cheeks. I wanted to stretch his anus.

I reached for the anal beads. I held them in my hand. I squeezed some sincan escort more lube on my fingers and I slid my thumb into his ass. He was getting loose. I held my thumb in his ass. He rocked up and down on my thumb.

I then took the first butt bead and I placed it into his rectum. He immediately said, “Oh, fuck yes.”

I didn’t waste any time. The next butt bead was bigger. I then pushed the second bead up his ass.

He said, “Oh, yeah. That’s what I want. Fill me up.”

As he started smacking down on my snatch, he then said, “Damn your pussy is good.” He started sucking my clit hard. I couldn’t help but fuck his face.

I moved my hips faster to his sucking. I was feeling an orgasm. I was so horny. I then pushed two more beads into his ass. Crotch-sniffer slightly bit my pussy lip and said, “Oh fuck, yes. That last ass bead is big. Fuck yeah, stretch me good. Fuck me, baby.”

There was one ass bead left. The bead swung at the bottom of the silicone chain. The round bead and loose chain rubbed against his ass while he fucked my mouth. I started to pull the cord a little, so he could feel the sensation of the butt plugs.

As I pulled and created tension, one plug came out and I quickly pushed it back in his rectum. I pulled it out again, and quickly pushed the bead back up his ass. I did this repetitively. He fucked my face so fast.

He thrust his hips down on my face. I sucked his cock hard; he started to finger fuck my pussy while he sucked my clit. The faster I gyrated up towards his face, the faster I pulled the anal beads out of his ass and then pushed them back inside.

As I was coming to a climax, I reached down and grabbed the last bead on the chain and slowly pushed it into Crotch-sniffer’s ass. It took me a second, but I got the last bead up his ass. He said, “Fuck yeah. Oh, yea, baby.”

He started fucking my mouth fast. I started fucking his mouth fast until I reached a climax. Within a minute of my orgasm, I felt his semen slide down my throat. He gave me a few powerful thrusts to the mouth and said, “Oh, yes.”

After a few seconds, I gently pulled the beads out of his ass. He let out a small laugh. I said, “That was a good fuck.”

Crotch-sniffer agreed and said, “I love the beads.”

I smiled. I love the beads too.

As he got dressed, he walked over and gave me a kiss on my cheek. He left a sizable tip on my vanity. I really do like my clients. They are all good fucks in their own way.

As I wash before I leave, I am excited about going home and relaxing in a hot bath. I am going to make it a bubble bath because I have the day off tomorrow.

Friday is my day. I can go for a jog, I can read, I can work on a paper, and I can think about my Saturday night fucks. After all, I do love getting paid to fuck. It’s a very guilty pleasure I have no plans of abandoning.



Thank you for reading.

V. Vaugn

#Ebook Erotic author

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