Evil Infatuation – chapter 2 “Hate/Lust”

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Evil Infatuation – chapter 2 “Hate/Lust”Carrie was adamant about me keeping my mouth shut. After our first encounter in her basement bedroom, she was horrible to me at school. If she saw me in the hallway, she’d say something in front of her friends. At first, it really hurt because I was totally captivated after seeing her amazing curvy body and having my cock inside her. I was torn up for a few days until she slipped a note into my locker. It read, ” I have to keep up my image in public. I don’t mean it, never really did. I want to see you again soon! C.” After that, I just took the insults.It would be the longest two weeks until we got together after school at her house. Carrie wasted no time, she told me to strip and lay on her floor. Carrie would remove her shorts and panties then proceed to grind herself down on my face. She enjoyed my struggle to breathe as she pinned my arms down under her legs. The view was burned into my brain. Carrie removing her top, unlatching her bra, she cupped her tits with her small hands. The way her breasts moved ….swaying over me , the look in her eyes….it was very intense and a bit frightening too. After she had made me eat her out, she’d move off my face and then play with my cock and balls. Carrie enjoyed running her fingernails up my shaft and under my tip. My cock would get so hard from this electrical shock she sent through my body. She liked being on top. She liked pressing her flesh bags down on my face. It was awesome! I licked, sucked and even bit her puffy nipples. Carrie liked offering a breast for me suck. I was always eager to take it. She pounded herself down deep onto my short thick cock. Carrie wouldn’t stop, she’d rub herself until reaching her climax. It didn’t even phase her when my body would twist and jerk as I exploded bahis siteleri inside. I’d try to hold it in but was so stimulating. My senses were in overload. I wanted to kiss her but Carrie always had to be the one to initiate it. I admit, I wanted desperately to be her boyfriend…… unfortunately, Carrie saw me another way.Over the next few months, we met about once every two weeks. Then it stopped…… Carrie started dating a guy. I was crushed. Though, she was nicer to me at school …. I felt miserable, thoughts of never being with her again poisoned my mind. I masturbated more than ever thinking of Carrie. I would rub my cock raw sometimes. It hurt to masturbate but I never stopped….until…..I’m not sure how it happened but one day in study hall a girl asked me out. Gina. She was a cute girl, long curly blonde hair, had big front teeth, she was fair skinned (like me), taller than me by four inches, she had very thick hips, legs, and calves but a very thin upper body and very small breasts. Gina had a long nose with thin lips but her eyes were huge and blue. She wore big glasses that made her eyes look even bigger. Gina sat down at the same table and just asked me if I wanted to go out to a movie. I was tongue tied for a moment and then said “sure!”I really didn’t know Gina that well, only from being in a few classes together. We had partnered up for science class and I quickly discovered she was way smarter than me. She basically did all the work for me in our labs. We met just outside the theater for our date. I bought the tickets, she bought the popcorn. We talked a little before the previews and then just watched the movie. After we finished the popcorn, she took my hand and we held on for the rest of the movie. My hand was sweaty, Gina didn’t seem to mind. I walked canlı bahis siteleri her back to her house. It didn’t take long for Carrie to notice Gina and I together. She left me a note in my locker. Carrie wanted to know how serious it was. I honestly didn’t know and replied saying ‘not sure’. Carrie was not satisfied by my response. She called me over to her house on Sunday afternoon. Her family was gone. Carrie took me into her basement bedroom and had me strip….she remainded fully clothed. She sat on the edge of the bed and had me stand in front of her. My cock was throbbing for her. She looked at me with her hands on my cock and balls, softly touching me. Carrie hit me with a barrage of questions about Gina. Every answer I gave was received by either a sudden twist and crunch on my ball sack or a sultry lick up my shaft with a short swallow of my tip with her full lips pursed around my cock. It was a painful but oddly arousing experience…..I thoroughly enjoyed it! When I thought Carrie had finished her interrogation, I asked how her boyfriend situation was going….bad call. She stood up and kneed me right into my jewels. I crashed to the floor, slumped over, trying to catch my breath. “It is none of your f’ing business!!!” I had touched a nerve…Carrie informed me of our “relationship”. I learned quickly that my oral services were still needed. Carrie had lifted her skirt and spread her legs for my mouth to partake. I was allowed to finger and pull open her flaps to insert my tongue and face into Carrie’s pink juicy center. Sadly, I would no longer gain access to her unbelievable huge chest and my cock would have to be satisfied by ‘other means’. She was very specific. I had to accept my new role….and I did. I liked to satisfy Carrie! She knew this only too well.I canlı bahis continued to see Gina and perform oral on Carrie as requested. It was an odd sensation as I kissed Gina for the first time and tasting Carrie. I honestly wondered if Gina could taste Carrie too. Soon things would heat up with Gina. I informed Carrie as instructed. Carrie didn’t take too kindly to hearing I had received a blow job in the woods just behind the middle school tennis courts one Spring day after class. Gina had tried but I couldn’t cum. All I could think about was how mad it would make Carrie. I was right but confessing that I couldn’t reach climax …it gave me extra “face time” with Carrie’s pussy. She creamed on top of my face. I told her how good she tasted….in hopes that we wouldn’t be finished. We weren’t ….. I masterbated in Carrie’s shower with her shoving a dildo up my ass vigorously. I shot so much cum out. I nearly fell over at how weak it made me feel when she pulled the entire thing out of my ass. It was so hot seeing Carrie’s tits again through her wet t-shirt that barely covered her ass. In the moment, we forgot the rules and I was given access to Carrie’s body. I was on top, our eyes locked, as I slowly pumped my shaft into her moist well. I took it nice and slow, taking full strokes in and out. I wanted to tell Carrie how I felt but didn’t because I saw something in her eyes I hadn’t seen before……..fear. I finished by pulled out and spewed my seeds all over her breasts. We might of done more but her sister had come home with friends, Carrie and I got dressed quickly. Then I climbed out through her small bedroom window. I tried to cool things down with Gina but she was heat. The more I suggested we take it slow. The more Gina wanted me. I told Carrie. Carrie took care of it. She showed Gina a picture of me … I was standing looking back at the camera naked in Carrie’s shower with a dildo in my ass with the words written on my ass cheeks “I’m gay!” Gina never spoke to me again….Carrie was satisfied.

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