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Exciting Sex…conclusionI braced myself as he placed one hand in the small of my back and than his gigantic cock head as it nudge my anus. With a powerful push his cock head popped into my anus, I cried out softly as this monster of a cock entered my anus and my assailant assaulted my butt hole.He worked slowly and purposely at first sinking as much of his dick as he could into my anal cavity till he had seated all of his ten inches of dick into my butt. Placing both his hands on my butt cheeks, this brute fucked my ass thoroughly and shot his load of spunk up in my butt.Once he had filled my anus with his fluid he still grind into my butt hole. Just then a voice called out ‘just what are you two faggots doing.’ I looked up and standing there in the shower room door was one of the school janitors.There was nothing I could do, I tried to pull away from my attacker but he just gripped my hips and grind harder into my butt. The janitor looked around and stepped out of sight.I reached back and grabbed my attacker’s penis and pulled it from my butt hole. He cursed ‘bitch, you ain’t through yet,’; and slapped me violently across my buttocks.The janitor reappeared naked too, his old cock getting hard ‘that’s right boy you tell that bitch the truth, he ain’t through yet. Not till I get some of that young boi pussy.’My assailant jerked my ankles causing me to flop belly first to the wet shower floor. The old janitor stepped over me and kicked my legs apart, kneeling asyabahis yeni giriş quickly between my out stretched leg he rammed his old dick unto my sperm lubed ass and nailed me right there on the shower floor.I cried out in anguish as the old fart plowed deep into my aching anal cavity, with each and every stroke I could here my butt, filled with the sperm of my young attacker, make wet squishing sounds. My cries echoed across the shower.The janitor told me ‘that’s right bitch, yell all you want. Ain’t no body here but us and me and young blood gonna have us some fun.’ tears ran down my face as the old man savagely assaulted my tender butt. I tried to bridge my self so that I wasn’t battering the floor, this seemed to excite the old man to fuck harder.For ten minutes he sexed my butt than I felt him flooding my bung hole with his old spunk. He grunted like some wild a****l as he filled my butt hole with his spunk. He stood up and smiled at me and told my first attacker ‘hit it again young blood, I’ll be ready again in few…’My butt was on fire and I didn’t want to have another fuck tool in me. I begged as I tried to scoot away ‘look you already done bust my ass, let that be enough. I want tell, honest I won’t!!!.’I know you want tell cause we gonna fuck you till you can’t talk,’ both of the bastards laugh like silly teenagers. The young assailant took my wrist and pulled me to the center of the shower room and mounted my butt again.I asyabahis giriş tried to keep my legs close, crossing my ankles and clinching my buttocks tight. He straddled my thighs and I could feel his huge dick head probing my tight butt crack. The sperm that the two of them had injected into my anus was now being forced out from the weigh of his body and mine as I lay on my stomach.’That’s right, this pussy getting all wet for me now,’ he was poised right above my anal opening and pushed hard. His big dick heap slipped almost effortless into my ruptured butt hole.I cried out for mercy as he savagely ravaged my defenseless butt.(I didn’t know that crossing my legs only enhanced the tightness of my ass hole.) Young blood was bouncing in me so fast and deep that I could feel his dick head as it struck the floor beneath us.I was now cry hysterically as my young fucker was enjoying him self. It wasn’t long before he shot another load of baby making fluid into my anal orifice. I could feel the excess of all their spunk being pumped out of my butt hole with each plunge of his huge meat piston.Young blood didn’t get up from my prostrate body this time and the old janitor just stood there stroking his flaccid cock urging him on ‘that’s the way you fuck pussy boy, hit that bitch again.’I could feel the young thick cock in my anus getting firm again, I uncrossed my legs and cried out in despair as he once again started to sex my butt ‘please stop, asyabahis güvenilirmi let me go please. I don’t want you to do that stop.’ They paid me no mind, when my young attacker flooded my butt once again the old man took his place.By now I was to tired to put up a decent fight, my butt was feeling like it had been invaded by baseball bat. I knew from looking at young bloods cock that my anal cavity was ruptured and bleeding, I just didn’t know how bad.The old man had no mercy, he found a towel and wiped between my buttocks and than stuck his unbending cock back into my very tender butt hole. As his huge old dick head entered it felt like he was ripping my anus apart.Tears and mucus flowed from my face and was puddling below my face, below my midsection was a pool of slippery substance that had us sliding across the wet floor with each angry lunge the old bastard made.Soon my head was near the trough below the shower heads, I had to reach my hands out to push against the shower wall to keep me from bumping it with each of his madding thrust.Finally the old fart rammed hard into me and I felt the throb of his old dick as he pumped another load of his spunk in me. He grind on top of me for a minute or two, than he pulled from my butt hole.He looked over at young blood and he was already under a shower ‘you ain’t gonna hit this ass again,’ the old man asked. ‘Naw I through with the bitch, you can have it.’ The old man looked at me as I laid there in a fetal position and said ‘I think I done fuck all I could get out of this bitch, hell she won’t even come.’They both showered and left me there on the floor weeping from their handy work, the old man dressed and looked back around the corner ‘get your ass up and get out of here.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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