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“Yeah. This looks right,” Seth said to himself as he examined the dark underwater entrance. Davian, the water sports manager at the resort Seth was staying, had told him where to look for the entrance to a small cave that was hidden from the tourists and sailboats. “This has to be it,” he thought.

He swam past the arch being careful not to bang his scuba gear into the jagged rocks. The filtered light from the sun quickly receded into darkness, and he hoped he wasn’t getting himself into trouble. Then, just ahead, he saw a glimmer of light reach into the clear, aqua water. As he swam closer, he saw a farm of brightly colored fish part for him and dart away. He looked up at the round hole and shot up, grabbing the edge and pulling himself out of the water.

“Wow!” he said aloud as he pulled off his mask and snorkel. The cave ran several feet into the sandstone. Looking toward the sea, he saw an oval opening that seemed to lead to a cliff overlooking to water. He finished taking off all his gear and walked toward the opening.

As he got nearer, he noticed a tan foot coming into view, then a tan, shapely leg. As he got to the entrance, he stopped dead in his tracks. An amazingly beautiful girl was asleep and sunning herself on a blanket spread out on the ledge.

She has long, straight light brown hair that was just about the same color as her bronze skin. She has long, dark eyelashes and a slender nose perched above soft, light pink lips. They were slightly plump and parted as she breathed deeply in her slumber.

His eyes followed the golden slope of her body down to her breasts. She had thin, soft curves, not like a trained athlete, but slender and smooth. Her breasts rose and fell, and her nipples matched the light rose color of her lips. He was entranced watching her modest cups rise and fall with the rhythm of her breathing. Her nipples were glistening from sweat in the hot tropical sun.

She didn’t have the slightest trace of a tan line anywhere. As he quietly stepped closer, his eyes followed her flat brown belly down to her rose-colored vaginal cleft. She has completely shaved and obviously spent considerable time on this task because she was free of even a slight hint of stubble. The skin looked smooth and silky. Her labia were parted slightly, almost like facial lips getting ready for a kiss. Her clit seemed to be stretching just a bit in the sun’s warmth. As he bent down for a closer look, he saw a bud of moisture forming at the base of her sex.

He stood and took in the curve of her thighs. They looked strong from swimming and climbing. Her calves led down to thin, perfect ankles. She was a goddess.

As he looked down, he saw how think and rigid his dick had become. It made a wide ridge in his Speedos, and his head was poked out beyond the waistband. The sound of a soft sigh brought his attention back to the girl. She had awoken and let out a small surprised gasp as she raised herself on her elbows.

“I’m sorry,” he blurted out. “I didn’t think anyone would be here. The Adana Escort guy at the hotel told me no one knows about this place, so I didn’t expect to see — well — anyone, certainly anyone like you here. I’m sorry I was staring. You’re just so beautiful I couldn’t help myself.”

She smiled. “You startled me a bit too, but I guess there’s no harm done. As you can see, I usually don’t wear a bathing suit, so being naked doesn’t bother me.”

He smiled in relief. “Hi,” he said extending his hand. “I’m Seth.”

“I’m Darina. Staying at Cormorant Bay?”


“Well, Seth. I don’t mind company, but you might as well take those off ’cause they’re not doing a whole lot anyway,” she said as she grinned up at him and at his erupting penis.

“Okay.” Seth shimmied out of his trunks and tossed them inside the cave.

“You know, you really have a gorgeous dick. Do you mind if I touch it?”

“Does it look like I mind?”

Darina moved beside him and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. She loved the way it felt in her hand … smooth, soft skin and a sleek straight shaft. She also loved the color. It was more brown than pink or red, and head rested atop of his shaft like a hat with a small brim.

“And, you shave,” she squealed. “Do you know how sexy it is to see a gorgeous man with no pubic hair? I mean, guys like shaved pussies, right?” Seth nodded agreement as he stared at her beautiful pussy. “So, what makes them think that girls like all that hair down there?”

“You’ve got a great body, Seth. Are you an athlete?”

“Yeah. I start college in the fall on a track scholarship.”

“It shows. I just can’t get enough of this dick.” Darina put a little oil on her hands and started massaging his eight inch shaft. “I love your balls too. Mmmm … I’ve got to taste this.”

She took Seth’s cock in her mouth and started licking. She curved her tongue around his shaft and moved up and down while she sucked him in.

“Oh, God,” Seth managed to blurt out between pants. She smiled and started gently massaging his balls while she took him into her throat. Then, she began sucking harder and attacked the underside of his penis with her tongue.

She felt him start to get tense and felt his balls draw into his body as he shouted, “Jesus!” The first explosion hit the back of her throat, followed by a river of cum. She was able to swallow one big load before the next hit. Soon, he relaxed, and the blasts became trickles. He opened his eyes in time to see her swirl his cum like fine wine and swallow the remainder.

“You taste better than I expected,” she remarked. “Your cum is creamy and mild, not too salty. Mmmmm.”

“Holy fuck that amazing!”

“Glad you liked it.”

“Liked it? Jesus, I’ve never felt anything like that before. And, after staring at your pussy all afternoon, I can’t wait to taste you.”

Darina lay back on the blanket. Seth saw a towel and folded it into a pillow and put it under her head. Then, he kissed her long Adıyaman Escort and hard. He tasted bits of his cum mixed with her saliva and decided he liked the taste of pussy a whole lot more.

He kissed her neck and rubbed her breasts. Then, he licked her nipples and began biting them with his lips wrapped over his teeth.

“You smell like heaven,” he told her.

“That feels so good. I love the way you suck my tits.”

As if he needed any encouragement, he ran the tip of his tongue in circles around her nipples and gently pulled them. He swapped back and forth, one nipple, then the other. Finally, he kissed his way down her torso to the petals of her flower.

First, he breathed deeply. He really got off on her musk. Seth flattened his tongue and added some saliva and began licking her entire cunt. Her clitoral bud was already coming out as he ran his tongue up and down her dripping slit. Seth used his thumbs to open her labia and made his tongue pointed and rigid as he ran it up and down, as well as in and out of her sex.

He soaked his index finger in his mouth and inserted it in her pussy. Then he added the middle finger. He pushed in as far as he could and curved them both up as he pulled them out. Darina bit her lower lip as he moved across her G-spot. As his fingers continued their assault, he began kissing her anus and licking his way back up to her clit.

Seth mimicked what Darina had done with her tongue and wrapped his around her hood.

“Oh, fucking holy fuck,” she started moaning. He would pause and use the tip of his tongue to flick her clit in between tongue rubs. Darina pulled her legs up and grabbed the back of his head to pull him closer in an involuntary response to the pleasure.

Her juices were flooding out of her now. When Seth went in for one final clitoral attack, she began panting, “Ah, ah, ah, ah!” Her body bucked, and her thighs began squeezing his head. In the midst of her orgasm, he thought it was good that he was a diver and could hold his breath for a long time. After one final “Ah,” Darina went limp.

“Oh, shit, college boy. You get an A+ for that.”

“Why, thank you, ma’am.” Seth walked over to the opening where he entered the cave and dipped his face mask in water. He poured it over his face to wash off the coating of pussy juice and spit.

As he returned, Darina opened her brown eyes and squinted up at his thick erection. “Now for the grand finale!” She reached up, grabbed his hand, and pulled him down on the blanket. Then, she straddled him, bent down to kiss the top of his penis, and slowly impaled herself on his shaft.

“Mmmmm … I knew that would feel amazing!”

Seth put his hands on her hips, closed his eyes and began luxuriating in the feel of her tight, silken glove wrapped around his cock. She was so wet and so tight. He was glad he came earlier or he wouldn’t have lasted 15 seconds.

Darina moved slowly up and down, letting her pussy get accustomed to him girth. He was so long that Afyon Escort he just about touched her cervix when she went down all the way. She loved being so completely full of dick.

Then she propped herself on her hands and started pumping him in earnest. She quickly discovered that the edge of his cock head would brush her clit if she moved a certain way, and that really got her going. Seth desperately wanted to cum with her but she was gripping him so tightly that he worried about cumming too soon.

“God, this must be what it’s like to masturbate into fur,” he thought.

Seth worked on controlling his breathing and tried to concentrate on something other than the velvet grasp of her pussy.

Darina was now dripping sweat and moving up and down so fast she was a bit of as blur. Suddenly, she screamed, “Fucking Jesus!” Her pussy broke into spasms around Seth’s dick. He came with a force unlike any he had ever experienced. She felt him blast into her cervix, and she screamed even louder. The pleasure from his explosions hit him in torrents. All he could manage to do was to repeat, “Fuck — fuck — fuck” over and over again.

When they both started to relax, Seth pulled Darina to his chest and swallowed her into his arms. They both fell asleep with his dick still nestled in her well-used cunt and her head resting over his heart.

Seth woke first and could tell he was just about to fall out of her pussy, so he stayed perfectly still. When Darina started to stir, he felt his cum-soaked cock slip out onto the blanket.

“That was fucking amazing!” she exclaimed. “Your cock is like some kind of magic wand.”

“I don’t think it was my cock. I think it was my inspiration. Are you staying on the island long?”

“Through the weekend. I have to get back to school myself.”

“At least we have five more days, although my balls may explode before then!”

“That’s an interesting image,” she said as she grinned.

“Where do you go to school, by the way?” Seth asked.

“Colorado State. What about you?”

“Colorado State University?”

“Uhm, yeah. Is there another one?”

“That’s where I’m going! That’s where I’m running track!”

“Are you trying to fuck with my mind after fucking my body?” she asked with a skeptical look in her eye.

“No. I’m serious! This is really fucking weird,” he said. “Are you a freshman, too?”


“Damn,” he said. “I thought it would be cool to date an older woman.”

“Date? Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“Nope. Not at Colorado State. But, what about you?”

“No. I dated this guy some last year, be he turned out to be a dick everywhere except where it counted.”

“So … you’re free,” said Seth as he reached over stuck started rubbing her clit.

“Nothing’s free, buster.”

“But, you’re unattached.”

“Not for long,” she replied as she began stroking his dick to full attention.

She lay back down on the blanket, and Seth leaned over to give her a long, slow, deep kiss that seemed to last all night.

“What are you doing for dinner?”

“Fucking,” she answered, “but I might be able to squeeze you in after that.”

He grinned and placed his cock at her entrance to heaven. “This is going to be a great year,” he thought.

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