Family Vacation Pt. 03

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First things first: I advice you to read part 01 and part 02 first. They are on Literotica too. Enjoy your read.

The second day of our vacation took off with a bang. A big bang. When I woke up, sis was cuddling next to me. Wait, she was basically sleeping on top of me. Covering up my morning wood. Fuck, I was horny when I woke up.

Mom and dad were already up. They finished their morning routine and were on their way out, when they realized that I was awake too. Mom jokingly said: “Look at those two lovebirds. They were cuddling all night. They probably need some alone time. To fuck each others brains out.”

Mom and dad laughed out loud. Then they left to get some breakfast. The clearly had no clue what was going between their kids. Or maybe they had, but pretended to have not. Who cares anyways. Sis woke up too. Before mom made her joke. She pretended to be asleep. While listening in.

Now, after our parents were gone, no need to hold anything back. Sis and I were alone for at least an hour, maybe two. Her hand was already jerking off my morning wood. It felt awesome. But she was only teasing me. She wanted something else: “Come with me. Shower time. Fuck me like you fucked mom yesterday.”

We went in the bathroom. Turned on the shower. Waited until the water was warm. And I grabbed some lube. The same one mom got out the day before: “Wait, you fucked her up the ass?”

“Yes, sis I fucked mom up her ass yesterday. Now I am going to fuck you up the ass.”

Sis had a very unhappy expression on her face. She clearly wasn’t fond of the idea of me fucking her up her ass: “This is not going to happen. I don’t take anything up my ass. Nothing.”

I accepted her no. Because if she says no, you just accept it. But my dick still wanted her. Wanted to fuck her. And she still wanted me. So we jumped in the shower together. We soaped up each others bodies. Being very careful to not miss any spot. After the soap was washed off, my tongue landed between her legs.

Sis loves it when I eat out her delicious pussy. I love the taste of her pussy on my tongue. I was teasing her clit for some time before I brought in some fingers. This time I was nice, I let her cum. It didn’t took hiltonbet yeni giriş long until some intense, loud moans left her mouth. Until her body trembled a little bit. Until she had an orgasm. An orgasm to relax her.

After she came for the first time, it was time to cure my morning wood. I bent her over, I took her from behind. Like I fucked mom the day before. But sis got it in her dripping wet pussy. She let out a very satisfied moan after I slid my dick inside her. Her pussy felt great. I fucked her gentle first. Then she got it hard. Hard and balls deep. She got it the way she wanted me to fuck her the day before.

Fucking her felt nothing but awesome. I came closer, and closer to an orgasm. Every thrust brought me closer. Her moaning made me cum even faster. She constantly asked me to fuck her harder. I was at my limit. But I tried. I tried to destroy her pussy. Fuck, it felt great. Too great: Boom. A huge orgasm. My balls emptied themselves inside her. Sis came with me. She had a huge smile on her face after we were done.

Then we showered again. I was finished first, I put on some clothes and waited for sis to get dressed. Then we went to grab some breakfast. We ran into our parents. We ask them if they are okay, when we join them in. They told us to sit down. Then we ordered some coffee and something to eat. No one was talking, until dad opened his mouth: “Darling, look at them. I think they have fucked each other.”

Mom put on a smile: “Yes, I think you are right.”

Sis and I were just sitting there. Not knowing what to do. Not knowing what to say. Fuck, we got caught. We tried to overplay our anxiety. We tried to change the topic. We tried to behave as normal as anyhow possible. Then mom and dad laughed out loud.

They still were joking. They had a blast. But they had some serious message for us too: “We were talking with the receptionist. They still have no second, empty suite or room for us. So we are stuck with each other for at least one other day.”

Sis and I told them that it was okay. Sharing a bed wasn’t that bad at all. Well, it was bearable, or maybe even a little bit better. Mom and dad were glad to hear that. Then they came hiltonbet giriş up with another great idea: “How about a mother daughter and a dad son day?”

Sis and I might have rolled our eyes before we opened our mouths: “We’d love too.”

I knew exactly what would come next. Even before it happened. Because we did that on nearly every vacation: Mom and sis went shopping. And doing some beauty stuff together. Getting their nails done, removing body hair, getting a hair cut, the usual. Dad and I, we two ended up in the next bar. Drinking a few beers, watching some sport, talking about sport, enjoying some healthy bar snacks and checking out the girls.

Yes, dad checked out girls too. He just loves to look at beautiful women. And to talk about them. But he never touched them. He never ever cheated on his wife, my mom once. And mom didn’t cheat on him. Well, family fucking doesn’t count. We set that rule up a few days later.

Time flew by, mom and sis came to pick dad and me up. They had to pick us up, because otherwise, we wouldn’t have left the bar until someone dragged our black out drunk corpses to the next emergency room. Yes, dad and I, we tend to overdo it. We rarely ever drink, but when, we go in full speed ahead. But luckily mom and sis came back on time. And damn it, they looked awesome.

Our horny drunk brains were hooked. Mom and sis blew our minds. After one day of shopping and beauty treatment they two looked even hotter than they usually did. Dad was up on his feet, and away from the bar within a few seconds. He asked us, his kids, to stay out of our room for the next two hours. Him doing so, but a huge smile onto mom’s face. And I, I envied him. I wanted to fuck mom too. For a second time. But well, she was his wife.

So I was stuck with my sister. Or she was stuck with me. Slightly drunk me. She didn’t mind that at all. Her looks made my jaw drop to the ground. I was instant horny. With a huge bulge between my legs. I wanted her. I wanted her really bad. She took notice of it. It put a huge smile onto her face. She came closer. She whispered in my ear: “You really got the hots for your older sister. You are such a pervert. Let’s have a drink first.”

We hiltonbet güvenilirmi ordered two beers. I was slightly more than tipsy. Sis wasn’t that sober either: Mom and her had a few drinks during their beauty treatments. After our bottles were empty, sis ordered a bottle of wine, then she told me to follow her.

We went down to the beach, placed ourselves in the still warm sand, enjoyed the ocean view and shared the wine. We talked. The talk was needed. We had to set up some borders, some rules for our fucking: We came to the conclusion to only do it on vacation. And we were discussing if we should tell our parents about it. In the end, we were against it. We decided to keep it our dirty little secret.

Then we made out. We kissed. It turned into passionate kissing. A minute later she was on top of me. My dick was inside her pussy. It felt great. I love my sisters pussy. And she loves my rock hard cock.

We kept on kissing while we fucked. It was a gentle, passionate fuck. Tension build up. My dick sliding in and out of her pussy, it just is one of the best feelings out there. We both came closer. Closer to an orgasm with every second. Then boom, I nutted a huge load deep inside her pussy. The second one on that day. Sis came with me.

I pulled out. Her pussy kept on leaking for some time. We kept laying in the sand. Her head on my chest. We were watching the stars. We gave mom and dad as much alone time as possible. It was sis that came up with the idea: “Wouldn’t it be great to watch our parents fuck? Maybe joining them in?”

Hearing my sister saying something like that put a huge fucking smile on my face: “Yes, sis it would be great. It would be awesome. I could fuck mom again.”

We didn’t made any plans to seduce them. Or to catch them in the act that night. We just chilled for some time down at the beach. Before we went back to our hotel room. To go to sleep.

At the room, our parents were already asleep. Moms clothes and lingerie was scattered across the room. Dads stuff was everywhere too. It smelled like sex. Sis and I did nothing against it. We undressed. We kept our underwear on. We jumped in our bed. We cuddled next to each other and fell asleep.

We both were probably looking forward to the next day: Mom booked a guided trip to god knows where. She does that every year. Dad, sis and me, we really love her. But not for booking god damn trips. But we played along every time. Mom just loves that kind of stuff.

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