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My wife loves a party, especially a surprise party. Her best friend was celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary. They decided to leave the snow and cold of Ohio and visit us in warm, sunny Florida. It might seem like the typical winter trip to get away from the mid-west winter, but this trip had a sexual twist to it.

My wife’s best friend Zoey had visited us some time ago and the trip ended up in a three-way that was very enjoyable. During that trip Zoey discovered that my wife and I both love wearing panties during sex. She couldn’t control her excitement. She went home with a new attitude and found out her husband had secretly wanted to wear panties. Now both her husband Harold and Zoey have a renewed sex life wearing panties.

Zoey invited me to Ohio specifically for a weekend three-way. The sexual escapades of the weekend quickly added my wife for our first couple’s weekend of sex. Now Zoey and Harold were coming to Florida and sex had to part of the weekend.

My wife, Jessie, and I went out to dinner shortly after we found out about our visitors. As usual we were both wearing panties. After dinner was served, my wife Jessie said, “I feel like putting my Ben Wa balls in right now. I’ll be right back. I’m going to the restroom.”

She returned with a big smile on her face. I said, “I can’t wait to get home and put those Ben Wa balls in my mouth to taste your nectar.”

She said, “You will have a massive cum load tonight, I promise, but let’s talk about Zoey’s visit. I have an idea.”

Our friends from Ohio were arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday afternoon. Jessie went on to detail how she wanted to invite two girls over for a party with the four of us on Saturday night. Jessie said the Physical Therapist who has joined my wife and me several times for sex has a friend who is eager to come along. We could have those two girls focus on the anniversary couple with us and let the good times roll.

Jessie added that she was setting a few rules for the weekend. The main rule was no one was permitted to wear clothes in our house all weekend. The other rule was everyone had to wear silk or lace panties all of the time. Stockings, garters and bras were OK, but nothing else. She added that she had everyone’s size and was planning to go to VS to buy everyone matching panties for Saturday night. I said, “You have to let me go with you to buy the matching panties.”

I added, “I’m going to use a Magic Pill (Viagra) on Saturday and I’ll have one for Harold, too. This is a new adventure for us. It will be so much pleasure for everyone. What an anniversary gift!”

We picked Zoey and Harold up at the airport. The first thing they said was, “We got off the plane and headed straight to the restroom. We changed into matching silk leopard şahinbey escort panties with black lace trim. We are so excited for this weekend.” Little did they know what would happen on Saturday.

We got home around 3PM and explained the rules. Zoey and Harold seemed to be excited and immediately undressed. Harold was hard when he undressed. Zoey seemed on fire. She said, “Come on you guys. You set the rules. Let’s see your panties. Jason, I want to see that thick cock of yours in panties.”

Jessie and I undressed. After Zoey’s comment I got hard. I said, “Let’s play for a little, but save the real pleasure for tonight. I want to be real hard tonight. I’m fucking Zoey in the ass tonight and I need to be rock hard for that pleasure.”

Zoey said, “I can’t wait. Eat my pussy right now.”

Jessie said, “Jason, you get her real wet so I can lick her juices, too. I want to taste everyone. Come here Harold. Let me feel that cock in your panties. You look like you want to fuck my mouth.”

In a few minutes we were on the floor in a circle with each guy eating a pussy and each girl sucking a cock.

Then Jessie said, “I want some of Zoey’s juice.” She crawled over to Zoey and ate her pussy. Harold and I watched as we stroked out cocks.

Finally, I said, “Let’s go to a light dinner and come back for some good cum.”

Zoey wore tight jeans and a see through white blouse with a lace bra underneath. It was very sexy. Jessie wore a short red skirt with a black camisole top. They were so hot looking. Harold and I enjoyed the stares as we walked to the restaurant.

The entire meal was conversation about sex. We were sharing ideas, enjoying the conversation and wine.

Eventually, we headed to Victoria Secret before we drove home. Jessie got a new pair of thigh high lace top stockings. Zoey bought a new pink bra and matching panties. Harold and I picked out black silk panties with no lace at all. I love silk panties so much.

We arrived home and clothes were being thrown everywhere. In seconds Zoey had me on the couch licking and sucking my nipples while she stroked my cock. Jessie was doing the exact same thing to Harold. Things were moving much too fast for me. My nipples are very sensitive. The

way to get me to cum is to lick and suck my nipples. I wanted to save my cum for hours later, so I said to Zoey, let me work on you for a while. We switched.

I walked her to the bedroom and started licking her pussy. I stayed away from her clit until she begged me to lick it. After a few licks I got her clit between my lips and sucked slowly back and forth. Zoey went wild, screaming. Both Harold and Jessie walked in to see what was happening. I said, “She’s ready for all three of us. Jessie you work her nipples. Let’s pull her to the edge of the bed. Harold you get on top of her and fuck her pussy. I’ll stand at the edge of the bed and fuck her ass hole. This girl is ready for two cocks.”

The three of us gave Zoey the best anniversary present ever. She was moaning, screaming and hollering, “Give me cock. I want cock. Oh fuck, I’m cumming again.”

I was using a condom so I could fuck Jessie, too. I wanted to give Zoey plenty of cock in her ass, but I wanted to save some for Jessie. When the screaming stopped and Harold had shot his load into Zoey I pulled out. I said, “OK Harold, you have Jessie nipples. I will fuck her pussy and Zoey you use the strapon on her ass. Let’s give Jessie some real enjoyment.”

We gave Jessie a reward for planning the weekend. I had a big cum load in her. We rested, had a glass of wine and went to bed to rest fort the big surprise event tomorrow.

The next morning everyone automatically walked out to the kitchen in panties. Harold and I were wearing our new black silk panties. It is interesting to listen to the conversation and watch what causes a hard on. Both my cock and Harold’s were hard most of the morning.

There was a little sexual teasing back and forth, but we wanted to save the wild sex for the evening. We decided to head to the beach for the afternoon. Before we left Jessie passed out the matching panties she bought for all of us. Little did Harold and Zoey know that two more matching pairs of panties were on our bed for our surprise guests. Jessie had preplanned the two girls to show up at 5PM.

We enjoyed the beach. The beautiful beach scenery is always special. There are plenty of girls showing their ass and tits to anyone who wants to see. We had lunch at a restaurant right on the edge of the sand. We walked a few shops and headed home for the evening.

We walked in to find our two young friends in their panties wearing big black strapon cocks. They said, “Everyone get in their panties. Harold and Zoey, we’ll help you undress and get your panties on.”

Zoey said, “Wow, Jessie. You’ve done it again. I love this.”

Harold simply said, “Thank you Jessie.” One of the girls was undressing him right there in the living room.

She patted his ass and said, “You have a sweet ass. I want to fuck it. Is that OK with you.”

Harold said, “Please fuck me with me wearing panties.”

Everyone was wearing their matching panties that Jessie bought. They were bright red silk with white lace trim.

The girls asked if they could focus on the anniversary wife first. Jessie said, “Sure. Jason and Harold sit on the couch with me. Jessie sat between us and told us to pull our cocks out of the leg hole of our panties. We sat and watched Zoey get taken care of while Jessie stroked our cocks, one in each hand.

Zoey was treated to very tender attention to her ass, pussy and tits like never before. It wasn’t long and she was moaning loudly. By my count she had three orgasms as the two girls took turns eating her pussy. Eventually, Zoey said, “Please give me some cock.”

The girls said, “First we get to stretch your ass and pussy with our cocks and then you can have your husband and Jason.” They propped Zoey up for double penetration. As the girls fucked Zoey I moved into position so he could put my cock in her mouth. I held the back of her head and fucked her mouth while the girls fucked her ass and pussy. Finally, Jessie took one nipple and Harold the other and sucked her tits to delight.

Zoey had five people working her sexual pleasure. Zoey needed a break so the girls said, “Harold, it’s your turn. Is that ass ready?”

Harold looked nervous, and quietly said, “OK.”

The girls were gentle with him. One girl lay on her back to allow Harold to ride her. He lowered himself on the big black cock slowly. When he took all of it her said, “Ohhh, that feel so good in my ass.”

The other girl went down on Harold and sucked his cock. Jessie went over and licked and sucked on nipple. Zoey recovered from her fucking and licked and sucked his other nipple. Then she said to Harold, “You better not cum. I want your to cum tonight all over my titties.”

With that comment the girls slowed down and let Harold slide off the cock. They looked at me and said, “Are you ready?”

I said, “How about some orgasms for you two first.”

They said, “Great idea.” I ate one of the girls while Jessie ate the other. Harold licked and sucked one girl’s tits while Zoey licked and sucked the other. It wasn’t long and moaning filled the room. Each girl had two back-to-back orgasms.

After their pleasure one of the girls said, “I really want to fuck Jason’s ass.”

I said, “Why not fuck my ass while I fuck Jessie.” Jessie got on the edge of the bed. I stood at the edge and entered Jessie. She put her legs over my shoulders. I was able to bend over enough for Christy to enter me. We had a very enjoyable chain fuck going. The massage of my prostate with the big black cock allowed me to have a massive orgasm in Jessie.

Finally, Harold said, “Now it’s my turn to cum on Zoey’s tits for all of us to lick up. Harold fucked Zoey hard. He was wild and she loved it. He pulled out of her just in time to cum a massive load on her tits. He rubbed the cum all over tits.

Finally he said, “Anyone want a taste and the entire group started licking cum off of Zoey’s tits.

We rested. Harold and I were spent and our hard on was gone. The girls played with each other for a while. Harold and I could use our tongues. The night ended and Zoey said, “Jessie and Jason we owe you big time. Thanks so much.”

We said, “Happy Anniversary.”

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