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Fantasy cum true twoAfter Heather found out all my fetishes and she come open with all hers we had an awesome sex life. Heather liked to be treated like a slut or a whole. And love to be tied up and fucked overand over again with my cock or toys. She love using toys in front of me or on me….well that’s my thing..lolIt was always hot to see her tight little hard body with her red hair flowing over her shoulders and sporting a nice 8 inch strapon cock, slowly coming towards me and knowing full well I get to give her head and get my ass screwed off…..just seeing her almost made me cumm. About 3 months had past since her discovery of my fetishes and we had tons of fun but Heather had alternative motives. …she had been training me for a boyfriend she was about to set me up with…..Heather introduced me to Matthew and we all got along and went to dinners and shows together and other wise hung out ….On a Saturday evening we were at Heathers apartment having a beer and watching movies . The movie had finished and Heather and Matt had a prearranged plan (as I found out later)Heather got when the movie was over she said grabbing her keys “I’m going out for more and smokes, you guys want anything? ” we both answered no and she left leaving us alone….Matt and I talked for a bit the I got up to get us a couple of beer when I realized what was happening. …Matt grabbed my ass from behind and I seen there was a full case of beer, that sneaky monkey had left us alone so I could live out my fantasy. …..she was awsome!Matt held nothing back he squeezed and rubbed my ass all the while kissing and biting my neck sending shivers up and down my body…He whispered ” Heather told me all about you…..she’s giving us a chance to get to know each other … before… ( I turned forward to face him and kiss him deep and full ) …..before she joins the two of us….we kiss again….and again. I’ve only kiss a couple of guys before and was never this turned on before, probably because çankaya escort he’s soo fucking hott…..long blonde hair chiseled hard body and as was to soo find out a big beautiful cock. Standing in the kitchen Matt slid to his knees running his hands down my body till he gets to my zipper, he unbuttoning me quickly and yanks my pants down letting my 7 inch cock pop out and jump into his face, he shoved my jeans down toyour knees and wasted no time he licked my jumping cock up and down and all around the throbbing mushroom head and I gave him my pre cum. …He swallowed my head and licked up the pre cum with a mmmmmm. Matt didn’t say a word just the sound of his moth doing a awsome job as he sucked me slowly but never let me out of his grip. I wish I could say I lasted a long time but it felt soo good and he was soo good, about 3 minutes in I yell out “I’m Cumming ….Ohhhhh Fuck baby….mmmmmm”…and that was it he swallowed every drop and sucked that extra little bit we all like…I kissed him as soon as he was done tasting cumm in his mouth was even more of a turn on…I looked down and seen his massive bulge in his pants and grabbed it firmly, then rubbed gently asking if I can suck his cumm out…I kicked my jeans off and pulled my t shirt and tossed them away as he did the same, we stood in the living room staring at each others naked bodies both with stiff hard cock I pushed him to the couch and sat him down as I got on my knees and placed my left hand on his big cock and slowly pumped the shaft up and down feeling his hardness in my hand before I sucked it I looked up at him licking my lips and with out stretched tounge I licked the tip and wrapped my lips over his mushroom head, and to my surprise he gave me his pre cumm. ..mmmm so sweet and salty….Matt groaned with pleasure as I took him into my mouth and throat, and Heathers blowjob lessons payed off I took every inch down to his full balls then back up top the tip witch I licked balgat escort with my tounge liken a beater on high speed. Matt moaned and pushed my head down forcing me to swallow his veiny shaft and held me there till I gagged then released me so I could breathe….Looking up at him and telling him he has a beautiful cock and it tastes soo good I went down on him again ad he tells me I’m gonna cumm right away honey….him calling me honey sent a warm shiver and pulse through my body and made me want to suck hard and fast to male him happy….So I did I bobbed up and down fast till he called out and his massive cock got bigger and swelled and the tip erupted shooting a full thick creamy load over my tounge letting me taste every drop and with a “mmmmmmmmmm” I swallowed and sucked his cock that little extra just as he did to me….I stood up to kiss Matt when I seen Heather standing off to the side smoking a cigarette, with that I’m so turned on watching you look on her face, she takes a big drag and slowly exhales the smoke and and says ” don’t let me stop you honey, fuck you new friend. ….your both so sexy…” Heather sat down and continued to smoke and rub her body ad sh watched us kiss and softy talk dirty to each other Matt fucked me first bending me over the couch first giving me an incredible rim job and tounge fuck, then applong lube with his gentle fingers he fucked me slowly before he teased my ass hole with the head of his big cock.Matt was slowly sliding the head in making me gasp and moan out “Ohhhhh yes. …fuck me..” when Heather added her commentary, “just push it in honey he can take it…..he’s a good little slut, right baby..” Matt did as he was told and pushed his 8 inch veiny cock deep inside me, I gasped loudly, but was used to Heathers dildo , but this felt so much better he held himself there for a moment or two the slowly started fucking me and picking up speed with each thrust till his hips were smacking my as, elvankent escort I had to brace myself on the couch so he wouldn’t push me forward. He was moaning loud I was in a constant moan and groan , just getting louder…my cock was stiff and flailing wildly between my legs. Matt stopped momentarily to catch his breathe but quickly started again and with a ” you like getting fucked honey? ….I’ll gladly fuck you’re tight ass anytbaby. ……” I moaned out ” Ohhhhh yes fuck you cock feels so good….pound me honey” and he did. We soon switched positions me on my back and he continued to fuck me hard and not showing signs of slowing down his cock was like Heathers toy…He wasn’t cumming but I was sure close I had pre cum on my belly and was doing everything I could not to cumm.I was totally lost in Matt and didn’t notice Heather come over and start running her soft hands over my sweaty body and talk in her sexy sultry voice to and Matt. She stood up and kissed Matt then me and asked ” you want to cum baby? Hmm. …why don’t you cum for Matt show him how mu have you like his big cock inside you….hmmmmm” she softly kissed me and stroked my throbbing cock and made me shoot probably the biggest load I gave ever shot. My whole body tightened and quivered I gasped and screamed out as my ass griped Matts cock tight and blasted out a third load over Heathers small hand and finger as she squeezed the tip….I was still realling from my orgasim when Matt be gain to moan and groan then push himself deep inside holding his hips tight against my hips and I could feel his cock swell and grow as he shot and filled my ass for the first time full of his warm cumm….He quickly pumped a few more times hard and fast as he finished dropping his load, out of breathe and gasping he finished his orgasim cumm kissing Heather then the two of them kissing me.Heather asked of Matt was a good choice. ..I answered by kissing him and telling him it was his turn to get fucked now…we all laughed as Heather walked outa the room to leave us alone for a while”Glad you like your new boyfriend honey….remember I get him tomorrow. …” she said as she disappeared from sight.My mouth and ass full of cumm I bent Matt over and began a rim job and tounge fuck on him before I pounded him……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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