Fantasy of the Mind

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Fantasy of the MindThe room was quiet and cool…the hum of the air conditioner buzzed in the corner. A typical small inexpensive hotel room. The bed had the pillows in a ’T’ shape. Also some of the covers folded to create and complete the ’T’ shape with a slight gap in it, the other bed almost bare except for a sheet. Something shiny sit on the counter beside the bed along with a cup of what looked to be ice water. Multiple ropes was on the bed also.He instructed her to disrobe. Not strip, but to disrobe. Quietly, she did as instructed. He approached her from behind…placing a blind fold on her…it was soft…almost like a gelatin feel to it…making her tired eyes more feel relaxed.Gently…he ran his hands thru her hair…smoothing beneath the strap of the eye mask. Then he took a moment to kiss the back of her neck…careful not to make body contact other then his hands running down each arm. Next, he took a rope and secured a rope to each wrist. Then, he had her cross her arms behind her back. The rope on her left hand was looped just above her right elbow…then the other rope was looped above the other elbow. Next..the ropes was brought around the front of her body, and d****d up and over, crossing and creating an X between her breasts. Then, the ropes was secured to behind her back, wrapping each arm securely. Next, he guided her to the bed with the letter T on it and gently positioned her on the bed…her crossed arms in the small gap he had left. She could feel the soft ropes on her ankles, as he secured a rope to each ankle. Then, he first bent the left leg just a bit, almost like a squatting position. The rope was wrapped around her upper thigh. Another rope around her waist kept the ropes on her thighs from slipping up. Next he proceeded with the right leg, securing it in a squat type position. Then, the ropes was d****d over each edge of the bed. Quietly, he connected each rope..first the two ankle ropes, pulling them till van rus escort they gently spread apart her feet as far as possible. Once secured, he looped another rope up and around each knee, forcing her legs to be spread open and wide. Next, he tightened and secured the ropes from her shoulders to opposite corners of the bed.She went to move. A twist to her left pulled her right side. A twist to her right pulled her left side. She was virtually immobile. Helpless and exposed to whatever his desires might be.The next thing she felt was earphones placed over her ears. Soft music played, just loud enough to eliminate all the room noise. Soon, she felt a cool breeze across her body. The fan had been turned on. She had no idea where he was. Or if he was alone. The music eliminated the vibrations of any walking. The fan kept her senses confused to what could be coming near her.Suddenly, an icy cold drop of water fell upon her left nipple. Then something cold and vibrating begin to tease her right nipple. A hot tongue slowly traced a small circle around the outer edge of the areola of her left nipple. Slow, deliberate circles, getting smaller with each circle until her left hardened nipple was sucked between his lips. His teeth lightly bit down as he sucked hard on her nipple. His rough tongue rubbed back and forth across the tip of her nipple. The vibrator on her right nipple was buzzing hard. Then as quickly as it begun, it ended.She felt the bed move a bit. But not being able to see, all she could do was just imagine. She jumped at first when warm lips touched her inner left thigh. The lips kissed a slow path towards the center of her spread legs. Then lightly kissed a warm path around her sweet lower lips. The kisses continued it’s steady path to her right inner thigh. Then again, it ended.Gently, he teasingly traced a finger nail from the top edge of her soft moist lips downwards. Just van rus escort bayan barely touching. His fingernail just so carefully scrapping the very tips of the soft flesh. Then he gently spread open the soft folds, like flower petals being spread open. He softly blew across her wetness. With a dry fingers, he slow started at the top and begin to drag his dry rough finger tips along the inside of each soft fold. Teasing a slow path downwards. Then he pressed his face closer. His tongue extended, he lightly begin to tease the tip of her clit. Then, without any warning. He sucked her clit hard into his mouth. As the warmth of his lips surrounded her clit. A sudden chill went thru her as the ice and soda in his mouth was suddenly pressed against her clit. As he felt her body begin to quiver, he just stopped.She felt the bed move some more. Frustrated with the teasing, but completely helpless to do anything about it. She started to beg him to go on, but he merely inserted a vibrator into her open mouth for her to suck. He had positioned himself so that he was sitting up. His legs crossed, with complete and easy access to her sweet body. His left finger tips gently spread her moist lips open. Exposing her tender clit. Without warning, he placed the icy cold vibrating tip on her clit. Then, he took the vibrator from her mouth. He positioned it such that the very tip of the vibrator was just barely beginning to enter her ass. The base was set so it would not move away. Then he turned it on. He watched in fascination as her body writhed and shook as he held the vibrator hard on her clit. And with each twist of her body, the other vibrator continued a slow deliberate penetration into her ass. He begin to help the other vibrator continue it’s slow penetration. It was set at a medium speed. Once a portion of the tip had entered her, he set the speed to the maximum vibration. Her hips arched rus escort van up and then down again, driving the vibrator half-way into her. He positioned his right foot such that it pressed at the base and continued pressure so it would continue it’s path into her ass.Now he turned the vibrator on her clit to full power. As she continued to arch her hips the best the ropes would let her, he took another vibrator and slipped it into her pussy. It had been sitting in the ice and was extremely cold. The sudden shock was more then she could take and she begin with her first orgasm. As it begin to subside, he turned the third vibrator on to full speed. He shoved the vibrator deep into her. His hand hitting the outside and then would withdraw all of it but the tip and would shove it hard into her again. Her orgasms begin to drench his hands. Her juices was dripping every where. She begin panting and whimpering. Wanting to rest and yet not wanting to stop.The vibrator that had entered her ass was completely inside of her. He stopped with the vaginal vibrator for a moment and begin to slide the anal vibrator in and out of her. Then he removed the anal vibrator. She felt his legs slip under her legs. His lower body came closer to hers. He had applied KY to himself and now he guided the head of his hard cock towards her ass. Once he had positioned himself just right, the head of his cock almost entering her ass. He resumed with the vibrator on her clit. When her body arched up, he wiggled in just a bit closer, keep close contact. As her body came down, the head of his cock slid deep into her ass. Her body continued to arch up and down. He slid completely to her so that each down stroke of her body would plant him deep inside of her tight ass.It wasn’t before he finally exploded in her ass. Satisfied, he withdrew himself. He got up, went over to the sink and cleaned himself up. Then, took a hand cloth, wet with hot water. He went to her and begin to gently massage her and clean her lower body. Then, he removed the head phones and asked her. “Are you ready for us to begin my dear?” In the background, she could hear what sounded like several men shuffling about. A small cough here, a sniffle there.Just imagine….what could be next…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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