Fender bender #2

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Fender bender #2I screamed please !!!!!NO!!!!!but we need the cops out here to file a report for the insurance companies ,you do have insurance don’t you???That is when he recognized the car.Hey this is Curt car I seen him working on it from time to time ,They are out on vacation. No wonder you do not want the police, you are driving a stolen car..I did not steal it I borrowed it . Please can I just go home ? “Where do you live young lady?? Without thinking I gave him my address,that is when he shone a flash light into my face. He stopped dead as he realized who I was. By now his is wife came back to see what was taking so long.Mr. James opened the door and ordered me to get out. I did not move ,he reached in and took my arm pulling me from the car . His wife asked him why he was so rough. Why was he being mean to a girl who was obviously scared.he started laughing as he told his wife that I was no girl then told her who I really was, She did not believe him. “That is not a boy let her go “ she said Mr. James was still holding my arm, the guys at the police station are going to love you . You better hope they put in a cell all by yourself.”Please no,can’t we work this out ourselves? I promise I will pay to get your car fixed ,just don’t call the police He had quit laughing and was looking me up and down “I think güvenilir bahis my car is the last of your problems , I smell alcohol on your breath. Plus I have feelings Curt will go ballistic if the police calls him and tells him you have wrecked his mustang while driving drunk .”Oh god I was not even thinking of Curt.” Please Mr. James I will do anything’s, let’s just work it out without the police ””You will do anything? I nodded without thinking, “ yes anything just don’t tell Curt of call the police”Smiling Mr. James told his wife to get into the mustang and follow us home . She asked him what he was up to but he ordered her to just do as she was told .He led me to the passenger side of the SUV and opened the door and told me to get in . He went around and got behind the wheel . Mr. James reached over and pulled the seatbelt down, buckling me in as he did he put a hand on my thigh, he slowly worked it up until he felt the edge of my panties..“”i was hoping you were wearing stockings, but pantyhose can be sexy also “”””i was still shaking in fear in fear because I had no idea what I was going to have to do to get out of this , His comment sent another shiver up my spine and made me blush .It was just a few minutes until we pulled into the driveway at the James home , it was a huge very expensive home with a four türkçe bahis car garage. After he had parked the car he got out and motioned for his wife to pull the car into the spot beside the SUV.He told his wife to take me inside and that he would be inside in a minute .Mrs. James took me by the arm and said “come on honey””Mrs. James is very pretty older women . They are both in their 40’s . She looked to be around 5’5” she was not fat but had nice curves and 36 D breast , and had long brown hair , she was wearing a very sexy expensive dress. It was green and the hem cane to mid thigh.Mr.James was taller over 6’ and in decent shape , he had black hair but it was started to turn gray around the temples . And he was very intimidating when he joined us in their living room. He was Wearing a tuxedo .He started by asking me “now Robert , you want to work this out between ourselves do you ????? I was still shaking but I managed to whisper “ yes Sir “”Mr.James smiled at me and asked “ well what do you think you can do for me tomake me forget what happened to my SUV ????”Uh I could do any odd jobs you need me to do around the yard and house . I can get a job and pay you back a little at the time .“Do you really think a little hard work get you out of this ????? And how are you going to hide the damage you did to Curt güvenilir bahis siteleri mustang ?!?!” Oh god I never tough about that . I stated crying again , what am I going to do ??????Mrs. James put her hand on my arm “ it’s ok sweetie don’t cry I think mark has some ideas don’t you Mark ????i looked at him expectantly , “you do ???Mark was smiling.” Stand up Robert ,let me look at you . Wait , I can’t call you Robert , do you have a feminine name you go by ????i got to my feet and and whispered, it’s…… I like jazmine “”””Well Jazmine you are a pretty girl and if you were serious about doing anything, I am sure we can work something out that will benefit Both or us “Mark took off his jacked and sat on the couch beside his wife . “ now Jazmine i want you to walk back and forth for us”i walked from the couch to the fire place and back .Mrs. James spoke up , “ now do it again , but take smaller steps put a little sway into your hips .i did as I was told “ much better , now tell us sweetie,how long have you been dressing up ?????Uh just a couple of years , I m not hurting anyone .Mark reached out and put his hands on my arm .”no one said you were doing anything wrong. Does Jazmine have a boyfriend????I blushed a deep red , “ no sir you toe are the first people to ever see me dressed . No one knows until now “”His wife told me , “ Well you did a good job on your makeup and you make a convincing girl Jazmine “Then she laughed and reached over to squeeze Mark cock trough his pants . “ Here is your proof right here “”(((( continues #3 ))))))))

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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