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Fertility clinicNo k**s so far. It did not seem to help with anything, still you could not get pregnant. So you and your husband decided it was time to see an expert. You had talked to two of your female friends who had gone for treatment and now had k**s.They both had gone to the same doctor. They told you that he had used a different method to get a woman pregnant and that you would enjoy his treatments.You signed up with Dr. Smith the next day. He had an appointment the next Wednesday. First appointment would be for your hubby. The following day it would be your turn. When your hubby came home on Wednesday evening after the appointment he seemed to have liked the doctor and thought after what the doctor had explained it was a good chance you would get pregnant if we followed his instructions.Your hubby had to leave a sperm sample so they could make sure that his sperm was good enough. Your hubby was a little embarrassed to tell you, but he did. The doctor had told your hubby he needed to leave a sample today. Dr. Smith had said he would send in a nurse next and then the appointment would be over after he left his sample. OK, so the nurse would come in to give him a bottle to masturbate into. That’s what he thought and then the nurse came in, your hubby still in the paper gown and nothing else. The nurse was an attractive young woman with nice big boobs. She told your hubby to lie down on the table. He did not question why, but thought she must know what she is doing.The nurse grabbed a little plastic container, set it next to the table and walked up to your hubby. She lifted the gown and took his penis in her hand. She started slowly stroke his cock and it felt great so he grew quickly. The nurse asked if it was any particular way that he liked to be stroked. You told her that you thought you were going to do this on your own, she smiled while still stroking his cock and told him that the doctor wanted to make sure the specimen did not get contaminated so she would make him cum in the cup. Your hubby is always making jokes and said he would like to play with her breast while she touched his cock. She looked at him and said OK, she let go off his cock and took of her top. She had big perky tits. She moved closer so that he could touch them while she was trying to get him to cum. Your hubby did not tell you much more than that he had cum quickly after that.When the nurse had collected the sample in the bottle she said that he should refrain from cuming for a week and then he needed to come back for another sample test. She smiled and told him to book a time with her again!You felt funny when you arrived at the office the next day. You looked around and saw only attractive young men and women working in tuzla escort the office.The doctor was prompt and saw you right at the scheduled time. Dr. Smith was a young doctor in his mid-30s. He was an attractive guy and you felt comfortable with him from the start. Dr Smith explained that his method was different that most other doctors. His research had shown that his method had a very high success rate.He told me that he needed to examine me, so I got up on the table and put my legs in the holders on sides. You had always felt funny spreading your legs wide and exposing your pussy to a doctor like that. Dr Smith said that he always used a screen, so he could concentrate on his task and not get distracted by his patient. He said that his method could make women feel uncomfortable if they thought he was watching them, so a screen would be good to help with that. Dr Smith said it was important that you walked away with the most possible feeling of satisfaction after each appointment and that when he ordered you to go home and have sex with your hubby, then you had to do it right away.Doctor started his exam, he felt on your tummy, examined your breast, even pulled a bit on your nipples. It felt good and you could not help getting a little bit excited. Dr Smith said that everything so far seemed normal. He said that he next step would be very different that you most likely had ever experienced in a doctor’s office before.You felt his warm hands on your inner thighs, and then it felt like a hot breath hit your pussy. Dr Smith said that he would now exam how much you could lubricate. You felt something touching your clit very softly. It felt warm and soft, much like when your hubby would lick you. It was amazing and you started to get really excited. It was hard to lay still, but your legs were strapped in so you could not move them. This exam lasted maybe five minutes and you were soaking wet when the Doctor stopped. You felt his finger enter you and he slowly finger fucked you. He was talking calmly to you as he pushed his finger in and out of your wet pussy. It was good that he could not see your face, because you really enjoyed this. Doctor asked if this was a normal reaction to stimulation. You said yes in a husky voice. You thought that if kept this up you might just cum over his fingers. He put his fingers deep and started to put pressure inside. Dr Smith said that some women had a well-developed G-spot and he would try to find yours. He worked his finger so good in your pussy, that after a minute of this pressure in your pussy you could not hold back. Your pussy started to get spastic and you felt an orgasm cuming on quickly. You grabbed something to hold onto with your hands and tried not ataşehir escort to make any sound. You started to cum very strong and could not help but moaning loudly. Dr Smith felt your pussy over his fingers and intensified his work. He asked if it hurt. You told him -No, it feels so fucking good.When your orgasm subsided, Dr Smith removed his fingers and told you he needed to check if you vagina stretch to a normal level. He said it would use a tool instead of his fingers. You felt something pressing at the opening of your pussy and then your lips started to open up and let the tool inside. It felt so good to be filled with this tool, it felt like a big dildo or something similar. You moaned again and the doctor asked if you were ok. You told him it felt real good and not to stop.You could not believe that you just told your doctor to keep giving you pleasure by pushing something into your wet pussy. It felt so forbidden and at the same time you were extremely turned on.Soon it felt like someone hit the back of your legs and your ass, almost like when a guy would fuck you. You suddenly felt a vibrator on your clit and forgot all about everything else. The tool was thrusting in and out of you while you clit got strong stimulation. You felt that you were about to cum again and told the doctor that this felt so good. He told you to give in to your feelings and it would make it easier to get pregnant. Dr Smith sounded a little strained when he talked and ended the sentence with a grunting noise as you felt the tool expand and get harder then pushed in a little bit extra deep. It felt very much like a big cock had just deposited a load in you. You started to cum too when the tool got bigger, it was an intense orgasm and you almost cried from the pleasure. Dr Smith pulled out the tool and started to wipe your vagina. You were very sensitive to the touch, it felt like an electric shock each time he wiped over your clit. Dr Smith said you should calm down a bit before you moved. He came around the screen and asked what you thought about the treatment so far. You smiled and said it felt very much like sex, but you had enjoyed very much. Dr Smith asked if you had reached climax during his exam. You told him that you had cum multiple times. Dr Smith asked if he could check how your vagina was after you had reached orgasm. It felt like cum was leaking out of you, so you told him it would be ok. You asked what the liquid was and Dr Smith said it was to simulate sperm to see how your body reacted. You looked at Dr Smith’s groin and it looked like he had an erection. Dr Smith told you to wait a minute; he wanted an intern to have a look at your vagina as well. He wondered if this intern could try the tool on maltepe escort you as well, since you had a very positive reaction to the treatment, Dr Smith thought it would be good for the intern to experience a positive reaction from a patient.You had felt so good during the simulated sex that you agreed to it.Dr Smith left and came back with the intern. It was another young male and he introduced himself as Dr. Wright. Both doctors went behind the screen and they started to exam you again. Dr Smith told you that he was going to insert his fingers to show Dr Wright how he does an exam. It felt great when he started to rub your g-spot again. You pussy reacted like before and you started to get very wet. Dr Smith pulled out his fingers and instructed Dr Wright to try now. He started with rubbing around your pussy, touching your clit in a tender yet forceful way. You started to moan. This was the most intense exam you had ever had.Soon Dr Wright had his fingers inside and was working on your g-spot as well. It did not even take a minute before you reached orgasm again. You had never cum so many times in such a short time before….When you started to cum down, his fingers were pulled out and Dr Smith informed you that Dr Wright was going to try his tool now. Again it felt like a big cock was getting pushed inside of you. This time it stretched you even more. It felt so good to experience this simulated fuck. Before you could cum again, you felt the tool grow and you heard someone grunt and felt some hands on your thighs and it was like someone pulled themself closer to you as your pussy was filled with warmth.The thrusting continued a little bit, then Dr Smith said that he would like to use the first tool again to see if there was any difference this time. You moaned that you were ready.Dr Smith tool felt fantastic when he started to thrust it into you again. This was enough for you to start cuming one more time. You did not think you could cum anymore today….As the thrusting continued with your orgasm, Dr Wright came around the screen and asked how you were feeling. You face was flushed, your pussy on fire, and you were cuming in a strong orgasm, so it was difficult to talk.Dr Wright told you that he would enjoy assist you in getting pregnant. It was hard to concentrate on what he was saying. This time, the tool was working hard on you and your whole body moved with each thrust. You moaned and grunted as the orgasm lasted a long time. You felt the tool getting harder like last time and then thrust hard and deep in your pussy and held in place. You felt how your pussy got filled with warmth again. It was a very intense treatment. Dr Wright asked if you could come back tomorrow for another treatment? He said you should put two to three hours aside, so they could make sure that each exam was successful.You smiled and said that if each treatment meant that you would get this many orgasms, then you could spend the whole day at the clinic…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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