Filipina Wife Goes Rogue

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Filipina Wife Goes RogueOne time when Annie and I were at the supermarket, a group of young guys in their late teens spotted us. Annie was wearing a pair of butt baring short shorts, sandals with 2 inch heels, and a skimpy halter top. She loved to dress provocatively, and I encouraged it. One of the young guys called my wife a whore right in front of me! And I wasn’t man enough to do a THING about it! Annie got hired immediately at the black owned bikini bar in Oakland. That wasn’t really in doubt because she is a sexy knock out Asian, not to mention, the reference from JJ. A guy told me once, after I gave him a blowjob, “Nobody sucks cock like a fag! And when the fag looks like a broad, like you do, its even better.” He looked down at me and laughed as he zipped up his pants. He handed me the dunkin donuts napin he’d used to wipe off his cock and said here, wipe that cum off your face, bitch. That’s what that Filipino guy Art told Annie after she sucked him off in his office. He handed her a paper towel and told her to wipe his cum off her face. Then he handed he 50 bucks and sent her home. Shes a prostitute.My Filipina wife Annie has a hot blowjob face! I’d love to give a guy a nude blowjob when she’s watching. Mmmm, cock tastes good! I love cock. I wanna kiss a big hardon! Press it against my cheek! Shower a naked cock with hawt kisses from my pouty lipsticked mouth – all while my wife Annie is watching! I want to PROVE to her what a hungry faggot her husband is! YES! Sorry to say, girl, but you married a cock sucking FAGGOT! A feminine little queer boy, who ADORES big black musclemen even more than you do! I love running my fruity little hands all over a black man’s big strong arms!My wife is a PUTA! “Look at the camera while his black cock is near your mouth, honey. Bold looks, Annie – give him hawt looks! Look how big his cock is!” The director told Annie to look up at the black muscleman and give him “hawt looks”! He was a big black male with a shave head, tattoos, and just OODLES of hard, nude muscles and all he had on were a pair of silk boxer shorts.”Go ahead, mama! Let him play wit dem knockas, mama!” Annie obeyed, getting down on her knees on the hard concrete floor at the big Bull’s feet. He reached down with his big hands and felt of her bare knockers, her soft little whimpers of pain as his strong fingers pinching hard on her soft nude flesh, her pretty little hands fluttering all over his big black muscle bound haunches. Filipina Danniela got hired to model. Her punk cuck Caucasian husband (ME!) brought her to the “audition” at a warehouse in Oakland, and they had her undress to just her high heels and pose nude for some still shots. They told her it was only going to be a sexy nude shoot. So she signed the binding contract and her pathetic excuse for a husband (ME!) drove her to the studio the next day. The “studio” was in the same rundown warehouse, located in a really ghetto area in Oakland. They had Annie undress and put on a black silk Frederick’s of Hollywood shortie robe, and some black high heels. There was a Filipina hairdresser and beautician on set, and Annie had her hair styled and teased up really high, with LOTS of hairspray, and her makeup done before being led out on the set. A lot of men use my wife for sex. She’s real pretty and sexy, and she is known as a slut. Men don’t care at ALL that she’s married – in fact they hit on her right in front of me! They know I’m a pole smoker – that’s MY reputation (GIGGLE!).When she went out on the set there were 12 big niggro men there – all naked! Beautiful black men, all heavily muscled, shave heads, goatees, LOTS of gang tattoos! HUGE hard cocks! Oh MY! The director came out on the set and said: “You niggas ready for some pussy?”Then a chorus of deep black bass voices, saying, “Yeah, man – we been wantin’ somma dat Asian pussy!”The director had Annie sitting on a high barstool, still wearing the black silk shortie robe, her silky legs crossed provocatively. “What’s your name, honey?” he asked her.”I’m Danniela – everyone calls me Annie,” she replied, smiling nervously.”And you’re here for what today, Annie?”Annie smiled, self-consciously; gaziemir escort her gaze shifting to beyond the director, “To suck some cock and be fucked, I guess,” she said, in her cute little Filipina accent..”What kind of cock?” the director pressed.Her eyes went to her left and she smiled. “Black cock.”“Is this your first time having black cock, Annie?”“Uh uh – I’ve had it before,” she smiled.”Are you married, Annie?” the director asked.This time her eyes shifted to where I was sitting. “Yes I am married,” she answered.Suddenly all eyes were on me. I shrank back and hung my head. Then I was horrified to hear the director say, “In fact, your husband is here right now, isn’t he, Annie?””Yes he is – he’s right over there,” Annie said, pointing at me. The camera swung around and a spotlight hit my face. I pulled my shirt up over my head and ran out of the warehouse to the car – where I sat for over two hours while 12 big black men fucked my wife and bukkaked her face.Danniela thought she was hot shit in the small Philippine village where she grew up. I mean, all the men were after her! Then she moved to the city and got a job in a department store. She was so sexy that the wealthy men swarmed her, and 3 weeks later she got cherried by a 50 year old man.”He fucked me and made me a whore,” she told me. I was young and he was around 50.. He was so nice until we were in the motel room. I told him even before we arrived that I was a cherry girl, and that I wouldn’t have sex with him. We had pulled over in a secluded area and had been making out. That’s what I did in those days – I’d make out with a guy and get him really horny – then I’d cut it short. They would beg and plead, but I never gave in – even though my panties were soaked. Truth is, I was chicken.But this guy was different. First of all, he wasn’t young, like most of the guys I dated. This was a mature man with a wife and family. He wasn’t the type you lead on. But I was so young and had a lot to learn. Once we were in the room he kissed me and told me to get undressed. He quickly took all of his clothes off. I was scared now. He was really handsome, and he had a gorgeous body – but. I tried to refuse – that’s when he slapped me – hard! Tears came to my eyes and I ran for the door. He grabbed me and began tearing my short-shorts off, ripping the zipper. He was like a b**st! He stripped me naked and threw me on the bed, forcing my knees apart. I could feel the head of his rigid penis poking at my vagina, then his powerful arms lifting my bare legs up over his shoulders, pinning me to the bed my legs spread, my pussy totally unprotected. He was kissing and biting my ears and neck, his rough face like sandpaper on my bare tits. Then I felt his hard cock thrust into me and the pain was so bad I screamed. He was like a wild savage b**st on top of me as he thrust his hips, driving every inch of his bone hard cock deep into my clenching cunt!”Then she met Jun, a handsome guy in his mid twenties. Annie didn’t know it but Jun was a recruiter for a brothel. Annie fell for him – hard – and when Jun told her he was breaking up with her she was distraught. He told her he’d stay, but she had to quit her job and that he would find her another job. He kept his word: Within a month Annie was in a sweltering brothel, locked in a cubicle, servicing as many as 30 men a night. Jun had delivered her to the brothel and had convinced her to sign the legal documents committing her to the brothel. She didn’t read the papers, but by signing them, Annie had acknowledged that she owed the brothel a debt of 20,000 pesos, and signed a contract to work there until the debt was paid off. She never saw Jun again – he received his commission for recruiting her – and disappeared. The brothel security staff strip searched Annie and took all of her clothes. She was issued a short shift, the kind prison inmates wear, and they brought her to a open barracks. There was a Security guard at the door and he had to unlock it to let her inside. There were rows of bunk beds and at least 50 women in there. It was a hot, sweltering loud place. The gaziemir escort bayan guard showed Annie to her bunk and locker. He told her to be ready for tonight’s shift – which ran from 3 pm to morning. One of the women approached Annie and explained to her the rules of the brothel. When Annie realized that she was a prisoner, an inmate, she cried for a long time. “You will pay your debt.” the woman told her. And when Annie assured her she had no debt, the woman laughed harshly; “That’s what we all said!”At 1:30 p.m. the guard came in and told the girls to line up to march to the brothel wing, where the beauty shop and medical unit were located. Annie had her hair and make up done and was taken by the arm by a big guard and brought to a door. The door buzzed loudly and opened. The guard pushed her into a very dark corridor, lined with booths – or cubicles. Each booth had a bench and a video screen showing pornography. He brought Annie to one of the booths and pulled back the curtain. He made her strip naked, and hand him her shift and sandals. Then he handed her a pair of high heels, telling her to wear them at all times, unless a customer told her otherwise. If a customer complains about the way you service him, the pimp warned, you will get a beating – understand?” Annie bowed her head meekly and nodded. She could hear noises of men and women having sex. Suddenly she was startled by a loud knock and the sound of keys. The door opened and the guard was there with a man. The man entered and the guard closed the door, locking it. The man had a hardon, she could see it tenting his pants. He reached out and pinched her tits. “Get the fuck down on yo knees an’ take down my draws, bitch!” the black man commanded. Annie obeyed pulling the strange mans undershorts down. She had never seen a cock that big before. She had a small, tight vagina that had only been fucked a few times.Annie had just started to work in the blowjob bar. She was only 18 years old. She was forced to do many demeaning things; she was only allowed to wear black string bikini panties and very high heeled shoes. Her tits were bare. When she sat with a customer, the mamasan had told her she must sit with her legs apart and allow the customer to finger her hole, or whatever he wanted to do! One black man did not even talk to her when she sat down. He just started to play with her as though she was a piece of meat. The strange thing was, she started to cum as the man played her cunt. What had she become! Her own body was giving in to the pleasure, the orgasm made her shudder. Then the Bull pulled his finger and told her to lick it clean. She obeyed him. He motioned the mamasan over. He said “I’ll have this puta tonight.”‘ And so began Annie’s slide into the seedy underworld of brothel sex slave prostitution. The big Black Bull had called her a puta, and that’s what she was now – a whore – to be used for the pleasure of the primarily black and Latino men who frequented the place. The Bull paid mamsan Annie’s barfine and took her to the back, where the booths were located. Once in the booth he took off his clothes and stripped off her string bikini panties. His rough hands were everywhere. He bent his head to her and she opened her mouth to take his tongue, mamasan’s words in her head: “No matter he ugly, his breath stink, you kiss his mouth, unnastan?”Now with the big Bull’s tongue snaking her throat Annie felt her shaved vagina begin to drip – kissing always made her wet like that. Almost instinctively her small hand went to the man’s erect black cock. She gasped – so big! And so hard! Sus! All those gnarly veins! Now Annie WANTED to fuck him. She lowered herself into a legs spread squat between his legs and engulfed his veiny cock into her mouth and began giving him a hot bareback blowjob. The man’s thighs were hairy and hard like iron. As she sucked his dick her dainty little hands were feeling the big muscley legs. His legs began to quiver and shake and suddenly he shouted out in a deep, bass voice, and Annie felt the copious amounts of warm semen filling her young mouth. Annie knew better than escort gaziemir to spit the cum out – mamasan had been clear on that issue – if a man cums in your mouth you must swallow it all. The girl savored the sweet tasting semen in her mouth before swallowing the whole load. She was disappointed as she watched the man hurriedly dress. He had made her so horny and she was expecting him to fuck her. Now she would have to wait for another customer. She put her panties back on and applied a fresh coat of lipstick. When the man left Annie went back out onto the floor, wearing nothing but high heels, her eyes darting anxiously – she was the one on the make now – for more hard black cock and – to fulfill the quota she owed to the “house” for that night.One time Annie told me a story. It was about the first time a grown man ever called her “mama”. She was young at the time and was developing. She was wearing shorts walking by some men and one of them – a guy in his 30s – whistled and said: “Lookin’ good, mama!” This happened a few weeks before her first period, and she said that him calling her mama was the first time she realized she was a woman. She told me the guy’s comment had made her pussy wet.I love it that my wife is a slut. I watched a guy slap my wife’s buttocks in front of me once. He was a black guy, and after he did it they both looked at me to see my reaction. She was wearing some really short, cutoff, denim short-shorts that showed half her ass off, and a pair of high heels. Everybody knows that my wife Annie has beautiful legs!It happened when we were shopping. We were in the parking lot and we heard some guy yelling. I didn’t know the guy, but Annie did and she started waving and running up to him. She gave him a kiss and he put his big hands on her ass, cupping her buttocks. He was holding her like that and she was looking up at him. They were talking. Occasionally I saw the guy look over at me, and when he did I shifted my eyes. Once I saw him looking at me. He said something to Annie, who turned her head to look at me too. Then she said something to him and they both laughed and looked at me. I guess that sounds pretty pathetic, but this guy was black, at least 6′ 3″, and TOTALLY gangsta looking. he was wearing a wife beater and sagging jeans. He was probably about 18 or 19, and we all knew he could kick my ass. Then he took Annie by the arm and I heard him say loudly, “Lemme take a look atchu, girl!”Annie turned around and that’s when he slapped her buttocks – hard. “Mmmm,mmm MMM!” he said. “Dat ass is FINE, girl!” In his deep bass voice. He was looking right at me when he said it. I hung my head in shame, pretending not to see or hear. Hawt Filipina beauty Annie, in boyshort panties sucking a big black cock. My wife – Annie!!! In that video!!!! She was seated with her sexy legs crossed, wearing a black bra, high heels, and black boyshort panties. A huge Bull came in and began kissing on my wife’s neck and ears. It was so fuckin’ HAWT to watch sexi Miss Annie respond eagerly to his hot kisses. I watched as the Young Bull pulled Annie’s bra off and tossed it. The camera panned out and you could see the giant bulge in the Bull’s shorts! Annie pulled down his jockey shorts, freeing his black horse cock! Filipina women LOVE hard black cock! I watched eagerly as my wife gave him a hawt bareback blowjob in front of the camera. Many nights when my Pinay wife was out with other men, I stayed home and masturbated while I watched videos of her having sex with black musclemen! Annie had a Filipino boyfriend in Daly City He was married, but his wife was a nurse and worked night shift. So sometimes she’d spend the night with him. One night he told her that he wanted her wedding ring, so she took it off and gave it to him, like it meant nothing! I asked her how big her Filipino BF’s cock was, and she said that he had an 8 inch cock and it got really hard! Bone hard! She told me that he was extremely horny and rough in bed – lots of muscles! He liked it when she would kiss and lick his buff chest and massage his naked muscles. He had her lick his toes – in between his toes and suck on them – she said he loved the idea that she was married to a white guy, and yet down on her knees on the hard floor, sucking a Filipino’s feet. It built up his ego. He loved it when Annie gave him a nice nude massage! She told me that it felt good to be with her own kind sometimes, powerful Filipino men!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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