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Author’s notes.

My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later).

Nobody in this story was underage.

Hi. I’m Pete. I was on my way back to Laos after some time back in the US. When I couldn’t find Peaches, the girl I had been with on my last return from Laos, I had to find comfort some other way. I had counted on reconnecting with Peaches, but that just wasn’t meant to be.

It was early afternoon, and I went into a little bar a couple of blocks from my hotel on Fields Avenue. Fields Avenue was kind of the playground for Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. The bar wasn’t well lit, but I made my way toward the back end and sat at an empty table. A waitress came over to ask what I would like, and I ordered a coke.

While I waited, my eyes adjusted to the low light in the bar. Just when I had about decided that there was nothing here for me, three girls walked in the front door. Two were obviously experienced bar girls, and the third one was being shepherded by them. They sat at a table not too far from mine and were talking, but I couldn’t understand the language.

I decided to take a chance and introduced myself to the girls. I don’t remember the names of the two experienced girls, but the shy girl’s name was Anna. I asked if she would like to sit with me. The other two looked at each other and then prodded Anna to go with me to my table. I bought her a lady drink and we talked. Actually, I was doing most of the talking because she mostly had her head down, looking at her lap.

I found out that she was from the island of Leyte in the Visayas. By now, I knew that Leyte was down in the central Philippines and was where General MacArthur had landed when he returned. Her father was a small-time fisherman, but sometimes had a hard time supporting the family. It didn’t help that he spent money on alcohol with his friends.

Therefore, when a recruiter visited her parents, it didn’t take much convincing for her parents to send her off to find a job on Luzon. That was how she ended up in Angeles City. The recruiter had taken her into this bar, and the owner had paid the recruiter for his services. The recruiter then told Anna that she now worked for the bar owner, and that she must do whatever was asked. I had heard this story several times by now.

I called one of Anna’s escorts over to my table and asked if I could take Anna to my room. She said the mamasan wasn’t at the bar, and normally the mamasan want to talk with customers before they could take new girls out of the bar. I told her that I didn’t want to wait until that evening when the mamasan returned, and that if I couldn’t take Anna, then I would go to another bar to find a girl.

The girl said, “Fine. Take her to your room, but she is new, so treat her with respect.”

I replied, “Don’t worry. I always treat girls with respect.”

With that, Anna and I headed back to my room. When we got inside the room, I told her that I needed to take a shower. I didn’t have a TV, so the best she could do while I was in the shower was listening to the radio. My shower was quick, and I returned just wearing a towel wrapped around my waist.

I then told Anna to take a shower as well, and to just wrap a towel around herself when she was done. She should leave all of her clothes in the bathroom. As I expected, she did as instructed and returned to the bed with just a towel wrapped around her body. I pulled the sheet back and patted the bed next to me.

I had the sheet over my groin, so she wouldn’t see my cock and panic. She lay down next to me and immediately faced away from me. I quickly snuggled up to her back.

I complimented her, “Your skin is so soft and smooth, and you are very beautiful. I love you long, silky black hair.” She blushed as I kissed her neck and earlobe.

She turned a little and said, “The recruiter told me that I must do whatever I was told, so I know that I must do whatever you want, but I hope that you will be gentle with me. I have Sincan Escort never done anything with a man before.” Her towel was still tightly wrapped around her body, and her hands had a death grip on it.

I told her, “Don’t worry. I will be as gentle with you as I know how to be.” I turned her head a little more toward me and kissed her on the lips. At first, she was tentative, not knowing how to respond, but as she relaxed, she became more willing to kiss me back, she turned so she was fully on her back and allowed me to kiss her more passionately.

My tongue slipped between her teeth, and at first, I thought she would bite it off, but then her mouth opened and allowed my tongue in. After a few minutes, her tongue was responding a little to mine, and starting to dance, but she was still reticent to take any initiative.

I rolled over, so that I was leaning above her, and then I took one of her hands and wrapped it around the back of my neck. Next, I repeated this with her other hand. Soon, both of her hands were occupied and I was able to loosen her towel.

I was finally able to unwrap my present, so her breasts were available to my hands, but first, I brought my chest down to press against her nipples. I didn’t want her to panic because I moved too quickly. Instead, I confined my hands to massaging the sides of her breasts while we continued to kiss. Her hands were running through my hair as I probed her mouth with my tongue. God, was she sweet! I would never get tired of kissing Filipinas.

Finally, I lifted my body enough that my hands could access her nipples. This caused her to suck in air as my touch sent chills through her body. “Do you like the feelings I am giving you so far?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “So far, you have been very gentle and everything you have done feels wonderful.”

“Good,” I said, “Then I will continue.”

I lowered my lips to her nipples, sucking one in, and then switching to the other. This was accompanied by more moans from Anna. As I suckled her breasts, my hands were wandering down to her crotch. When I touched her vulva, she stiffened and her right hand came down to hold my wrist.

“I’ve never been touched there before. I’m not sure if I can control myself if you go too far,” she whispered.

“Then, let me take you to paradise, and you won’t be responsible for whatever happens,” I said. With that, I moved her hand back up to my hair as I sucked her nipple back into my mouth.

“Arrrrgh,” she cried. “That feels too good.”

That was before I really went to work on her pussy. My mouth was occupied with her breasts while my hands started rubbing her labia, touching her clit and exploring her vaginal entrance. She was, indeed, a virgin, with an intact hymen mostly covering her entrance.

It would take some time to relax her enough to allow my cock entry into paradise, but I had time. I continued to suck and rub, and soon her pussy was soaking wet and vibrating. Finally, when my fingers were just about ready to quit, she had a mind-blowing orgasm. That was my cue.

I slid in between her legs until my cock was lined up with, and seated in, her vaginal entrance, and then I thrust my cock up through her hymen and into her pussy. Anna screamed in pain, but I was sure that the pain wouldn’t last long. Once my cock was well-seated in her pussy, I paused and kissed away the tears on her cheeks. I kissed her eyes and her mouth, and she kissed me back.

My cock was only halfway in her, but I knew that she couldn’t take more just then, so I just let my cock soak in her juices for a while. It wasn’t long before the pain was mostly gone, and she was able to wiggle around underneath me again. I slid my cock out a little and then back in, each thrust giving me a bit more depth. She was still moaning, but I think it was from the ache of her broken hymen being rubbed by my cock and not from pleasure or pain. The pleasure was still to come and the pain was mostly over.

When I bottomed out in her vagina, I still had about an inch of cock outside. I started increasing my rhythm and depth until my Etlik Escort cock was pressing into her cervix on every thrust. Luckily, Anna wasn’t one of those women who find deep penetration painful, and soon she was lifting her hips to meet my thrusts. Several minutes of that was all I could stand, and my cock erupted hot sperm through her cervix and into her womb.

It was lucky that Anna had climaxed during foreplay because she didn’t have an orgasm during intercourse. I guess that the initial penetration had just been too painful for her. She certainly didn’t enjoy herself while I was breaking her hymen. Nevertheless, she said that she enjoyed it after her hymen was broken.

There was blood, but it was all on the towel she was laying on. Therefore, it was easy to clean up, and we weren’t left with a mess in the bed. I had learned from past experiences to order extra towels for my room. That way, we could still shower and dry off after we had already messed up towels.

I told Anna, “Let’s go get a shower together.” She was hesitant, but finally gave in to my wishes. She was making sure that I was happy and doing what she was told, which has always been what made Filipinas so desirable as wives or girlfriends. Their focus is on their man, even if it is a temporary arrangement.

We entered the shower together, and I adjusted the water temperature. Filipinas have always typically washed themselves using a bucket of cold water and what they call a tabo, which is a handled one-liter container that they use to pour the water over their head and body, Then, they would soap up and use the tabo again to rinse the soap off after they washed. It used very little water, which was important if they had to carry the water in buckets to where they would bathe. This is still common today in poor areas of the Philippines.

Few Filipinas had any experience with real showers unless they were already experienced bar girls. For that reason, it was always a good idea to adjust the water temperature for them. Otherwise you ended up getting scalded or frozen, neither of which I found really appealing.

Once we were both clean and dry, and all of the towels had been cleaned and hung to dry in the bathroom, we went back into the bedroom. I asked if she would like to go with me to a café for dinner and then we could go back to the room. She answered without hesitation, “Yes.”

We got dressed and walked to a nearby café, where I ordered simple dinners for both of us. Anna was more talkative now, and she asked me lots of questions about me and where I came from. The only question I couldn’t answer truthfully was about my job in the Air Force. That was classified.

I also got to know a lot more about Anna during dinner. She was from a small fishing village on the east coast of Leyte about twenty-five miles south of Tacloban. There were maybe 150 people living there, and most were very poor. Wealthy landowners took advantage of their poverty, so they had to do whatever they could to earn a living. That explained why Anna was here in Angeles City.

She had no idea that she would end up working in a bar, and growing up, she had no idea that such places even existed. She had finished tenth grade, and then she helped her mother full time with the younger children and her mother’s small fish business. She was actually excited to go to Luzon to work because she thought it would take her away from the poverty she had known her whole life.

We walked back to my room, and after we entered, I asked Anna if she knew how to give a massage. She didn’t even know what that was, but after I explained, she said, “Oh, like a back rub.”

“Yes,” I replied, “but all over the body and not just the back.”

“OK,” she said. “I think I could do that.” She had sometimes given her father back rubs after he came home from fishing out at sea, so she knew a little. I told her that I would like her to give me a massage, but that I wanted us to get completely naked first. She was again hesitant, but she agreed to my request. We both started stripping, and I lay down face first on the bed. I Çankaya Escort had bought some lotion at the BX, so I had her rub that into my skin.

Anna knelt on the bed beside me and started rubbing lotion into my shoulders. I felt so good and was so relaxing. I never had a massage before Peaches gave me one, and it was good to know that other Filipinas could also do this. I was melting under Anna’s hands as she rubbed my back and shoulders. After a while, I asked her to move the massage to all of my body, and not just my upper back. That was when the massage got even better.

She massaged down my back until she was working on my glutes. It felt so good to have my butt massaged. She was also massaging my thigh muscles. I spread my legs to give her better access. Of course, that also gave her a view of my cock and balls, which she couldn’t resist touching. It wasn’t long before my cock was stiff and uncomfortable in the position I was in.

It surprised her a little when I rolled over on my back. At first, she thought the massage was over, but I asked her to continue on my front. She complied. She started with my shoulders and pecs, and then started moving down my body. When she got to my cock, she asked, “Do you want it massaged too?”

“Of course,” I said.

I am amazed that I didn’t cum while she was ‘massaging’ my cock, but she finally moved on to the front of my thighs. She didn’t forget about my cock, though, and after she had massaged my thighs, she straddled my hips to slide her pussy over my cock. Every time she slid up, her vaginal entrance would bounce over my cockhead until, at last, it slipped in.

I was so excited by that time, that I didn’t think I would last any time at all, but after she completely sheathed my cock, she paused. I guess her pussy was still sore because she didn’t want to move for a minute. That was good, since it allowed my cock to calm down a bit. By the time she started moving on my cock again, I was ready for a full session of fucking.

I haven’t described Anna, have I? She was pretty, but not stunning. She stood about five-foot two-inches tall and weighed maybe 95 pounds. She had long black hair that came half-way down her thighs and would cover us both in a shroud when she was on top. Her skin was caramel colored and her nipples and areola were brown. Anna was not well-educated but smart enough to learn many things. She leaned toward practical applications and away from academic endeavors. Her main interests were in getting married and having babies someday. In short, she was a typical Filipina.

As we fucked with her on top, she soon tired. I rolled us over. But then decided to take her doggy-style. She resisted at first because she thought I was going to fuck her ass, but she settled down once she realized that I was just going back into her pussy. I got even deeper in this position, and she was pushing back against me with every thrust. It didn’t take too long before my sperm was spurting over and over again through her cervix and into her womb.

After I had filled her with as much sperm as I could, I rolled onto my back. Anna got off the bed, went into the bathroom and brought back a wet hand towel to wipe us both down. Even though it was still early, I was tired, so we got under the sheet and spooned, her facing away from me and me with my hand on her breast. I figured that was just about as close to paradise as a guy could get.

During the night, Anna felt my erect cock and reached between her legs to aim it to her pussy and start sliding down on it. I woke to the sensation of my cock being swallowed up by her pussy. That round only lasted five minutes or so, and I was once again filling her womb with my sperm.

I fell asleep again with my cock still buried in her, and she left it that way. The next time we woke, it was because of my alarm going off. I had set it early enough that we could get in one more round before I had to go to the base for my daily routine, so we decided to get into the shower together, and I slid into her pussy from behind while she faced the wall. It was a wet and wonderful experience.

We dried off and got dressed. When we left, I went to the base, and Anna went back to the room that she shared with five other girls. I didn’t see Anna again because I didn’t want to face the mamasan’s wrath by entering the bar again. There were plenty of other bars on and around Fields Avenue, so it was unlikely that I would go back to that bar any time soon.

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