Filling Babygirl in a New Way Again

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I tend to hyperfixate on things. Relationships, work, cars, and of course all things related to sex. Add on that an addictive personality and you have the recipe for disaster. Except, I have Babygirl and she gets it. And she gets me. So she knows if we try something and like it I’m not going to just want to do it once. Or twice. And I’m going to want to learn how to do it better for both of us. In past relationships this tended to be a problem, especially when it came to sex. I wanted to have sex while preparing to have sex and for the icing on the cake have sex again. To say I am insatiable is quite the understatement when I’m in a Mood as Babygirl calls it. It’s not uncommon for me to meet newly discovered shared kinks with a similar level of enthusiasm. Especially activities that promote bonding in our dynamic. This one proved to be no different. Some people might be content with the experience I detailed in the first part of this story and put it away for a future scene.

Not me. I wanted more! The sooner the better.

But, in the real world we can’t just lay around all day fulfilling our carnal desires. We have to do normal mundane things like cook, and clean, and shop at Target. And so the next day went, with a few small changes. I was staying more hydrated over the day, trying not to just flood myself as I had the day before. And before I started storing, when I needed to go, Babygirl went with me, starting first by holding me in her soft warm hand while I went, content with just aiming, then playing a little, stopping the flow by keeping me in alternating states of horny-and- just-a-little-too-hard and steady stream. It felt amazing. As the weekend progressed, I had her taking it out on her own while I nuzzled her neck and whispered to her all of the things I was feeling in these moments. And her amazingly perfect hand would alternate betweenness’s for a while and squeezing, tugging, and caressing to just directing the stream. Bathroom breaks took longer but I began to wonder how I had ever done this on my own. At one point I mentioned that this would likely become an expected service when she was easily able to provide it though my mind instantly went to less convenient circumstances.

I should stop the fun bits to emphasize that point. Actually that whole snippet of a scene. Affirmations, soft touches, and servitude. You see, our own preconceived notions had led us to believe prior to this journey that activities dealing with such bodily functions had to be treated as degrading. And while that has a time and bursa escort place even within our dynamic that is not who we are or how we play on a regular basis. Even our own discussions on the subject of watersports have ended in the conclusion that it is all about degradation and yet here we are and this is anything but. In the tiny snippets of time allowed with the other life obligations going on around us I read more personal stories on the subject and I researched the subject more.

And I drank water. Lots of water.

In the early afternoon, after a few delightful bathroom breaks with Babygirl dutifully by my side, I started to ignore my bladder. At first it was easy, but I hadn’t accounted for the non-expelled water already circulating in my system. After a few more hours I realized I would not make it until playtime. So again, Babygirl by my side I answered the cry of my bladder, a little steam at a time, her keeping perfect aim, teasing and releasing. She’s such a quick learner.

But you see, I’d made a horrible mistake. I’d broken the seal. NEVER BREAK THE SEAL. Anyone who’s ever gone out for a night of drinking knows; once you break the seal you’ll be going all night. And so it was. Anything I tried To put in brought about an instant protest from my bladder. And as the night went on Neither of us was in the mood or had the energy to explore this more. So honestly it was just as well.

As usual, that night we nursed and then fell asleep in each other’s arms. I know it sounds like a fairy tale but it’s the one constant for us, pretty much no matter where life takes us in a day, we end it with nursing and in each other’s arms.

The next morning arrived with a protesting bladder and subsequent partial morning wood. You see, when you’re a penis bearer, you have morning wood accompanied by pre-cum if you’ve been having a spicy dream or snuggled up with something or someone in just the right way before waking up, you have the full bladder morning wood where it hurts and you probably should have gotten up 2 hours ago, and you have the half chubby, makes you look impressive soft, full-but-not-too-full-bladder stiffie. That’s what I had. We head to the bathroom, this time again stepping into the shower. Learning from the last time I just push her against the wall and go for it, filling her a couple of times but not quite like the first time. My timing is off so a lot gets lost, splashing both of us hotly, running down our legs and feet, pooling around our toes before beginning of he sloping descent bursa escort bayan towards the drain. It still felt amazing, no doubt, still hot, tight, and the pleasurable pressure from constricting the flow over and over, and this time I came inside her already overflowing pussy. But that was the problem. I was too horny and we hadn’t done the prep work. My bladder had been full but not as full as it could have been. And I was too focused on cumming to make this the experience we wanted.

But it was still hot. And left us exhausted and breathless to start the day. We are great at quickies. We have several a week, sometimes a few in a day. But this definitely added something to it. We cleaned off and went on with the day, not as much opportunity for servitude but still with me researching what little information exists out there on this facet of the subject, also finding a few videos that were helpful for ideas and positions. And we talked about it, a little here and a little there.

And I drank water. More carefully today, I think I’m learning the proper pace.

And on this day I worked more on encouraging her to go for me. This is going to take time but we progressed to me being able to be in the room after she starts. I praise her when she does well because it truly does please me. We discuss at one point a story I read on here and how it pertains to our limits and she states again not in her hair or on her face. We discuss the feeling of ownership that comes when I fill her up in our new way. Even though I may use harsh language in the moment and refer to what we are doing in very colorful ways, I love her and I am proud of her for again joining me as step outside of our comfort zone and learn new ways to please each other and grow our bond.

Misjudged again. Timing never was my strong suit.

Remember when I mentioned less than convenient circumstances? Well, this was one. Here I was with an extremely full bladder about an hour from goal after feeling the pressure build over the last 2 hours of Netflix and Snuggle, winding down from a long weekend. I stand up and pace a little, hoping the pressure will subside. Babygirl looks up at me from the bed, “What’s up?” and I look back at her, clearly pained. “You have to pee don’t you?” I nod, afraid that my timing will cause another opportunity to pass. She follows me into the bathroom and starts taking off her socks. My heart soared. I was afraid I’d be too hard to make it happen, I was so excited to be doing this again, armed with new escort bursa knowledge both from talking with her about the previous time and from more research.

I directed her to step into the tub, admiring her cute feet as she does. Sharing a shower is one of the few times I get to see them unless I take matters and them into my own hands (or mouth). I have her face the back and bend at the waist, holding onto the sides of the tub as I start to slide into her. She is soaked already, no denying that she loves the idea of being filled again. And I’m more than happy to oblige. My hands alternating between holding her hips, her ass, her shoulders, I continue to slide in and out of her tight wet pussy. I start to consider cumming first before filling her and I begin to urge her on towards her own orgasm.

Unfortunately my bladder was not happy from all of the movement or the added pressure each time I slammed into her. My bladder won over after a short pause and I asked her if she was ready for daddy to fill her up again. Her words of encouragement were all I needed. With me above her, my cock at the perfect angle, only about half hard and half inside her, I let go. And there was a lot more this time.

Stroke, spray, stroke, hold, repeat. Over and over. At one point I started to wonder where it was all going because very little was coming back out and yet I felt like I hadn’t pissed all day.

Then I slipped out. I quickly learned where it had all gone as it ended up all over our legs and feet. I slid back inside.

Stroke, spray, stroke, hold, repeat.

I don’t think my bladder had ever been so full, and if I’m honest, when there was nothing left I was really sad it was over. Well, that part was over. With Babygirl still filled to the brim I raced to the finish, grunting, grabbing, clawing at whatever skin I could. Pounding down into her, reminding her who owns it and every part of her, both with what was coming out of my mouth, what had already come out of my cock, and what was about to.

And I came. Hard. Thrusting as deeply as I could go, more of me spraying back out on us as I displaced it with my swelling cock and even with my cum as I released it into her again and again. I. Own. That. Pussy. And over the course of the weekend I had learned a new way to show Babygirl that I own every part of her, inside and out. And I will never tire of finding new ways to use her body to bring me pleasure, her pleasure, and bring us closer together. While I may call her every name in the book in the moment, this isn’t about degrading her, this is about servitude and reminding her who owns her.

Who would have thought some clear hot liquid could have such an effect on us?

I hope you enjoyed our little weekend journey. I’m sure we are not done exploring this.


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