Finally out of the Friend Zone

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*Both parties involved in this work are over 18 and fully consented to the actions*

Christine and I have known each other for over 25 years so this was something that has been building for over 2 decades. It was definitely worth the wait, for both of us. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Our history.

Christine and I had been best friends since Junior High. We met through a mutual friend and hit it off but we never went beyond “just friends”. I always wanted more and had been in love with her from the first time I looked into her big brown eyes. She had decided to put me firmly into the friend zone and that’s where I stayed for the next 25 years.

As we grew and matured we were in and out of our own relationships. She had a knack for finding the guys that treated her wrong and I always seemed to attract the super clingy and jealous type. We used to talk and bitch about our exes and how the next one was going to be the “right one”.

Now, we fast forward to us in our early forties. After two kids Christine is a semi-thick woman with curves in all the right places. Her ass is beautiful and perfect for spanking and I’ve fantasized about burying my cock between her 36DD tits many times. I’ve often told her how I want to fuck her tits and cum on them.

I’m an average built guy with a decent enough cock. I have a shaved head and a long, well groomed beard. I don’t have a six pack or bulging muscles all over but I still get looks and enough attention from late 20 somethings that I feel good about myself. We’ve seen each other naked over the years and she tells me I have a nice enough cock.

Over the years we talked about the “what if’s?” but never got together. We openly talked about sex and what we like. We even talked about having sex and admitted fantasizing about each other. We’d occasionally have some dirty talk and the next day tell how we got off afterwards while thinking about it. This is how I knew that she liked it a little rough.

One day I even gave her an “adult gift pack” and she was quick to tell me what pieces she enjoys and that she wants to show me sometime. I always dismissed it as our normal teasing.

Our current state today. She’s three times divorced, all three exes were mentally or physically abusive, she has 2 teenage kids and is back at home with her parents. She’s living in the “Mother In Law suite” below them. It’s a nice enough place except for the door that leads up to the living room. Her ex takes the kids every weekend which she takes advantage of to work doubles. Because of this there really isn’t much time for her to have for herself or for us to see each other.

I’m on my second wife, no kids, work hard and get no gratification at home and that’s our lives in a nutshell. We still chat on messenger and bitch about our lackluster lives which includes me complaining about my wife and her bitching about her ex or current failed relationship. Through the bitching we still have semi-weekly dirty talk that always gets us hot and the next day we admit how we masturbate thinking about it.

How we finally got together…

One night we were chatting on messenger, I was going through some rough family news and needed her to be there to listen. After talking for a bit I was feeling better and thanked her for listening. From there the conversation went to just chatting about our day and other redundant things. During our conversation she had mentioned that she was relaxing in the bathtub since she finally had a day off and no kids. I told her to “prove it”, a standard running joke with us, knowing that she has never sent a nude pic to anyone, ever.

Needless to say that I was surprised when I got a photo of her full body laying back in the tub with one of her favorite vibrators on the ledge.

“Holy Shit!” I typed “I didn’t think you’d actually show me.”

“Do you like it”? She asked.

“Yes, of course. I just have one question. What’s the dildo for? ;-)”

“I haven’t used it yet. I was going to now.” She types.

I decide to try my luck and type “Show me”.

I was surprised at her reply of “OK”.

Next came a series of images of her laying in a shallow bath and doing fun things with the dildo. She sent pics of her holding it between her massive 36DD tits while sucking the head, then some pics of running it over her pussy. There were some photos with the dildo at various lengths of insertion.

After about 20 minutes and 10 or so photos it was over, so I thought. My phone buzzes and it starts a “video download”. She sends a 5 minute video which she starts by saying “I can’t work on getting off when I’m trying to get good pics for you so here you go”. She then stands her phone on the floor and lays back on a towel, carefully placed on the bathroom floor. She lays back tucking her feet so they’re almost touching her ass and spreads her legs with her knees high in the air.

She then proceeds to insert the vibrator into her already wet pussy. After she had almanbahis yeni giriş it in all the way she used her hand to turn it on, a muffled “bzzz” coming from it while buried in her. She immediately starts moaning and then slowly fucks herself with long, slow, deliberate strokes. Working the fake cock in and out of her dripping slit. She starts to move faster while her moans get louder, her juices dripping down her ass crack and pooling on the towel.

She’s now fucking herself relentlessly with long, hard, full strokes. The buzzing getting louder as she pulls out and muffles as it gets lost in her. She begins using both hands on the tool as she thrusts it in and out. She starts yelping every time the fake balls meet her asshole.

She continues this for about 3 minutes, getting harder and faster. Her hands are a blur when she buries it in with one last hard thrust. Her legs tighten and her back arches up to meet the plastic dick to pull it deeper into her sopping wet pussy. She mumbles my name as she cums, a torrent of pussy juice seeps out of her as she spasms all the while holding it as deep as it will go into her.

After the spasms subside she sits up, turns off the vibrator and pulls it out. As she removes it from her pussy, her cum leaking down over her hand. She takes it to her mouth and wraps her lips around the head, snaking her tongue as she lowers her head all the way down to the base. She sucks it up and down a few times, cleaning up her mess off of the dildo and then licking her fingers clean. When she’s done she looks into the camera and says “I hope you liked it. We’ll chat tomorrow.”

I watched that video 3 times that night. Each time my dick got harder as I stroked off. Each time wanting to do more to her than she’d ever have done by anyone else. I wanted to fuck her as hard as she fucked herself. I wanted to make her cum more than she did in the video. I wanted to explore her body and fuck every hole.

Little did I know then, that’s exactly what she was planning for us.

The next day, while sitting down to breakfast with my wife, my phone chimed and it’s a picture message from Christine. She snapped a photo of the towel on the floor after she was finished. A distinct and massive wet spot with the outline of her lower ass cheeks and heels showing. This came along with the message “See what you made me do?” I laughed and my wife asked “What’s so funny?” I replied “A stupid meme, nothing you care about.” She just rolled her eyes and said “I don’t know why you guys send that shit to each other.” as she buried her nose in her own phone.

That was breakfast every morning. Sitting across the table with her staring at the screen while I try to have any type of conversation with her. My wife then abruptly stands up and say she’s going to get a shower before work I ask if I can join her to which she bitterly replies “NO!, you can’t. I don’t have time for this, I have to start getting ready for work.” This is how it always is. Work, home, TV, sleep. Rinse and repeat. No sex, no passion, no intimacy.

It was then that I decided that I was going to see how far Christine is willing to go.

I send a reply to her pic “Too bad that wasn’t my tongue that made you cum like that”. With Chris there’s no reason for subtlety, we talk like this frequently.

A few seconds later her reply comes “That would have been nice”.

I reply “Oh please, you don’t want to fuck me. I’ve wanted you for years but I’ve been friend-zoned.” Cast the line and wait.

A few minutes go by and “I would let you. I need some good sex and I know you do too so why not.”

“Oh really? Well then, how does Saturday sound? I’ll get us a room.”

“No need, the kids will be with their father and my parents are going to visit my brother and his kids. What time? I work until 7:30. What about your wife”

“No need to worry about her. They need her for the late shift Saturday and then the morning on Sunday. I’ll be at your place for 8. See you then.”

“OK, 8:00 then. Bring something to drink.”

Things were set into motion. Now it’s Wednesday and I actually have something to look forward to over the weekend other than the usual bullshit of menial tasks around the house. As soon as my wife comes down from the shower I tell her that since she’s working all weekend I’m going out with the guys Saturday night and will probably crash at Rick’s place since we’ll be drinking. “That’s fine” she replies as she hurries out the door.

For the rest of week I think about the upcoming weekend. I watch the video several more times and jerk off every time. Finally when Saturday arrives, I remind my wife that I’m going out that night and will be back Sunday. She yells back “I remember, see you tomorrow.” as she leaves.

It’s 5:00 so I clean up and head out to the adult toy store. I select some new dildos/vibrators and a cock ring along with some lube and other items. Along the way I pick up a six pack of blueberry cider that I know Christine almanbahis giriş likes.

I get to her house at 8:00 and text her that I’m outside. “Come in through the back, I don’t want the dog to bark” she replies. I walk in and she greets me at the door wearing her usual loose fitting fleece bottoms and a T-shirt. I don’t know what I thought she would wear but this wasn’t it. My expectations of the night went from having a good fucking to “I guess we’re just watching a movie.”

She leads the way into the living room where I hand her the bag of “toys” and the six pack. She looks in the bag and giggles as we make our way to the couch. We sit on the couch for a while and just talk, joke and drink. Talking turns into some grabbing, rubbing and some light kisses.

Suddenly, she stands up and says “I’ll be right back.” A few minutes later she comes back in wearing the same thing so I decide to make a bold move. I don’t let her sit, instead I get up and grab her, pushing her against the wall and pulling her close to me. Our lips find each others and we begin to kiss passionately, our tongues exploring each others mouths. Our hands being to wander. I grab her round ass, not feeling any panties, and she puts her arms around my neck pulling me in to kiss me deeper. I break our embrace and lead her to her bedroom.

As we walk in I see that she has some candles lit, the new toys on the nightstand and a towel laid out on the bed. “So this is what you were doing?” I ask. She smiles and nods as she slides off the loose sweats and removes her t-shirt. After she strips she says “Now you”.

I’ve never stripped faster in my life.

After my clothes are off I throw her on to the bed and we both giggle. We roll around a bit and then we continue kissing and exploring each others body. I work my way down her neck and nibble as I pull her hair to move her head to the side she moans. I continue to kiss and nibble her collar bone area as I work down to her huge tits. I start kissing and rubbing but only got a mild response. I decided to be a little rougher.

I bite, suck and squeeze hard. She immediately moans loudly as she pushes my head into her tits. I lift my head and ask “So, you want to play rough?” She breathlessly pants out “Yes, I want you to be rough. I want everything you can give me”.

As she’s getting the last of the words out I bite down on her tit, just to the side of her hard nipple. She moans out “YES! Bite it hard”. I oblige her by pulling her hair as I kiss her hard. Biting her lip as she sucks on my tongue.

I start to lick my way down her body. Her hands guiding my head to her pussy. I work past her moist lips and work to her inner things where I bite in and suck. She moans loudly and shakes, she is already on the verge of cumming. I work my way up to her pussy, the towel beneath her already wet. I start to lick her from her asshole up to her clit with a long slow, deliberate stroke. I work my way up and down teasing her, tasting the sweet nectar oozing from her.

She’s writhing around, holding on to my head as she moans and pants like a dog in heat. I slide two fingers into her pussy, gliding them in and out. She lets go of my head to grab the sheets. Her thighs squeeze my head tightly as a “yesss” hisses from her mouth.

I push a finger into her ass to the knuckle in one stroke while I begin biting and sucking her clit, this pushes her over the edge. She bucks like a wild woman, possessed by her orgasm. She grunts and yells, “OH FUCK!” as she floods my face with a torrent of her sweet, musky juices. Her legs squeeze tight around my head, crushing me and holding me in place.

Her orgasm begins to subside when I stop sucking on her clit. I give her a moment to catch her breath and start again with more fervor. She announces that she’s going to cum again.

I slide a second finger into her ass. Her mouth opens wide but no sound emerges as her eyes roll back into her head. She floods my face and the towel as she begins to shake, gasping for breath.

As her second, more intense orgasm subsides I put my wet fingers to her lips. Between breaths she licks her juices from my fingers and she pants out “Oh, fuck. Oh my God. Fuck, fuck, fuck that was amazing.” She reaches down and pulls my face to hers and kisses me hard and passionately, licking her cum off of my lips and sucking my tongue. She then abruptly pushes me off and flips me onto my back, straddles me and looks at me and says “your turn”.

Christine continues to kiss me and taste her cum. After she’s sure I’m clean she begins by kissing my neck and continues to work down my chest and over my belly. She begins kissing all around my pubic area careful to stay away from my now throbbing cock. She works down to my scrotum, carefully sucking on one ball while swirling it with her tongue and then moving to the other.

After what seems like an eternity she runs her tongue down, over my balls and taint and begins to lick my asshole. I groan in satisfaction while almanbahis adres she swirls her tongue around my puckered hole. She licks up and down and moves the tip of her tongue around it, much like I did for her cunt. She grabs hold of my cock and begins stroking slowly, matching the strokes of her hand with the lapping of her tongue.

Up and down, up and down with long firm strokes. Up and down, up and down her tongue goes over my ass to the base of my balls and back down to my exposed bottom in unison with her hand.

Finally she licks up my balls and shaft until her mouth is hovering over my enraged dickhead. She lowers her lips and begins the same tongue swirling on my head as she gently sucks her way down to the base, moving her hand off as she goes. She now has both hands on either side of my hips and starts a long and slow up and down all the while moving her tongue around the shaft.

I’m in pure ecstasy as she bobs up and down on me. She begins sucking harder but doesn’t increase speed yet. As she sucks harder I begin moaning louder. After a few minutes I begin running my fingers through her hair. This seems to her cue to start picking up speed. She starts going faster while sucking harder. It feels like she’s trying to suck a thick milkshake through a thin straw.

I wrap a leg around her head and start thrusting my cock into her mouth, she sucks even harder. I didn’t think it was possible to get that much suction on my dick. At this point I swear she’s trying to suck the soul out of my body. As much as I’m enjoying fucking her face and watching her head bob up and down faster and faster I want to feel her pussy.

I remove my leg, grab a handful of her hair and pull her head off. She gasps and sighs. “What are you doing?” she asks with slight confusion.

“I want to fuck you” I reply.

“Oh, you will but I want to taste you first.” She smiles as she slides up to place my soaked cock between her tits and starts sucking on the head as it lays between her huge melons. She starts sliding up and down while looking up at me. I begin moaning again and see her smile. I look down and tell her to grab a toy. “For what?” she asks.

“I want you to fuck yourself while you suck me off.”

“Mmm, that sounds fun.” She smiles.

She grabs an 8″ rabbit with a thrusting head and inserts the it into her pussy. She clicks it “ON” and immediately begins moaning as she kneels just long enough to bury it in her to the hilt. She slides her ankle up to hold it in place while she takes me back between her tits. She continues to slide up and down on me while sucking my head and forcing the rabbit to thrust deep into her. “Fuck she’s talented.” I think to myself as I smile and moan in appreciation.

After a few minutes I decide that I want my cock back in her mouth. I pull her by her hair and push her head back onto me. She immediately starts sucking me off again, slobbering all over my hard dick to the point where her spit is running over my balls and down my ass crack. Little did I know this is exactly what she wanted.

The next thing I feel is her inserting a finger into my tight hole. I feel her push in past the hole and right up to my prostate. I groan in satisfaction and she moans around my cock. She pushes her finger in and out a few times and then I feel what seems like a second finger. I spread my legs so she knows that it’s OK. I let out a grunt as the second finger spreads my hole a bit wider.

She pulls her mouth off my cock and replaces it with her hand so she can ride the fake dick buried in her. She’s moving her fingers in and out of me while jerking me off. It feels so amazing until she suddenly stops. She removes her fingers from my ass and her hand from my cock, I groan in disappointment until I realize it’s because she was riding to her own orgasm. She lets out a loud moan that turns into a scream as I watch her shake and cum.

She pulls the rabbit from her pussy and while looking directly into my eyes she says “Lay back and spread your legs for me.” She says in a soft, breathless voice. “You liked my fingers, let’s see how this feels.” holding up the rabbit that’s dripping with her own lubrication. I oblige her as she takes me in her mouth and slowly inserts the rabbit into my ass. I moan out as I feel her pushing it in, the head spreading my asshole.

The pressure is intense. When she has all 8 inches in me she turns it on and sucks me hard again. I feel the vibrations deep in me and and the bunny ears under my balls. The thrusting head knocking on my prostate sending shocks throughout my entire body but concentrating in the head of my dick.

“HOLY FUCK!” I yell out as she takes me in her mouth with the plastic cock buried in me. She sucks hard and begins fucking my ass. It’s a weird feeling felling it pulling out while the head thrusts in. I’m writhing on the bed, loving the sensations. She doesn’t fuck me fast or hard but I feel the entire eight inches sliding in and out of me.

It feels like forever when suddenly, all at once she buries the vibrator in me to the bottom. She grabs my balls tight as if she were trying pop a balloon and sucks my head so hard I though she was going to suck my balls through the head. That was all I needed as I unleashed all of my pent up cum into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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