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Subject: Finding Max Chapter 1 DISLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and any similarity to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. Comments and suggestions as to the story? Please ail Donate to Nifty. Finding Max 1 Max glanced at the digital clock hanging just above the classroom door. He still had a solid eight minutes until 2 P.M. Eight minutes until freedom and his favorite part of the day. From experience, he knew that this would be a long few minutes. But life seemed to be funny that way. If you were playing video games and having fun, minutes turned to seconds and the time shot by you at hyper-speed. But your teacher goes over the order-of-operations for long division for the umpteenth time while watching the clock; he might as well be swimming through mud. Unable to stand the suspense, Max timed Mrs. Joan’s gaze and tentatively raised his hand. Pausing, the teacher looked at him and then to the clock. “You can go Max.” She said, transition right back into how remainders must be converted into fractions on the test. Without wasting any time, Max slid his trapper-keeper off the desk into his arm as he stood up. Painfully aware that at least half of his class were boring a hole through the back of his head, he quickly grabbed his plain green backpack from the cubical and slipped out the door. It took a great deal of control not to run down the empty hallway. Instead, he picked up to what his mother would call a power-walk as he pushed through the doors separating building C from B. Walking in the hallway without a teacher escort always made him a little bolder. He thought about how next year he’d be a sixth-grader and in middle school. Where everyone threw caution to the side and shag-assed when the bell rang. None of this walking in neatly formed lines kid stuff. Round the second corner of building B, Max came to room 266. He listened for a moment before pushing the heavy door inward. He stepped into the room and tossed his backpack onto one of the three-circle tables and glanced toward the small tinted teacher’s office near the back. He took a few steps toward the office door before it ümitköy escort opened and Mr. Smear stepped out. The man stopped at the sight of him, tilting his head sideways and grinning. “Good job Max. You beat the others here.” Mr. Smear said, holding his arms out. Max smiled and stepped forward. “I know I was so nervous that Mrs. Joan wouldn’t let me leave early enough.” Max wrapped his arms around the man in an embrace, letting himself melt into his solid protector. He closed his eyes, allowing himself to relax, trusting this Mr. Smear would break their embrace should the heavy door start to open. Like so many times before, he felt the mans big hands trace down his back, lifting the edge of his tea shirt. Max focused on controlling his breathing as the man slipped the tips of his fingers just inside the waistband of his jeans, feeling back and forth and gently pressing in what he called a bubble butt. “You remembered our deal right?” Mr. Smear whispered down above his head. Max pulled back a little to look up. “Why do you think I came early.” Smear slid his hands free of Max’s jeans and smiled. “Good boy. Wait here.” The man turned and entered the office, leaving the door open just a crack. Excited about the man’s gift but still extremely nervous about another student walking in, Max turned and check the digital clock above the door. Just one minute until 2 P.M. The others would be arriving at any moment. He started to hop slightly when Smear came out of the office with a small brown bag. The man held the bag out for Max but held firmly. “Remember. You agreed to this Max. You have to follow through or I’ll know I can’t trust you.” Smear said firmly. Max bounced in place. “I know. Hurry before someone comes.” Smear handed him the brown paper bag. Max grabbed the container and started toward the bathroom. “Take your backpack.” Smear said. Quickly, Max grabbed the bag off the table and headed into the bathroom. As he closed the door, he heard the outer door open and two familiar voices chatting away about some teacher. Once inside the bathroom, Max flipped the light on and double-checked avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort the door was locked. He took a deep breath as he planned his next few moves. He couldn’t be in here long or the others will think he’s pooping and start in with the jokes. Walking over to the toilet Max lowered the lid and placed the bag centered on top. He pulled out a small cell-phone and examined it briefly before placing it snuggly inside a zipper pouch to the outside of his backpack. The only other item inside the brown paper bag was a pair of white briefs. Max held them up as his heart fluttered in fear. This whole thing started when Mr. Smear discovered that Max didn’t wear underwear. One day during a routine hug, the man slipped his fingers under his waistband, leading to a string of several questions. Max had explained that he just didn’t see the point in the added extra step during the morning. That he figured a lot of eleven-year-olds skipped the whole underwear process. In reality, Max’s parents refused to buy him boxers. They claimed only black people wore boxers so they could hang their ass out. This left Max with only his tighty-whities. His parents didn’t understand that the fifth grade was not forgiving to someone caught in baby underwear. This was especially true for him as he wasn’t exactly the most popular kid. Max turned the white briefs in his hand and sighed. He agreed to this and was running out of time. Deciding that he would simply follow through with this game now and reevaluate later, Max laid the pair of underwear on the sink. He pulled each shoe off with the opposite heel and pushed them forward. Then he still his hand under the waistband of his jeans, popping the front button and sliding them down to his ankles. Stepping out of the crumpled pair of pants, Max was naked from the waist down. A sudden thrill of excitement washed over him as he stood there in a school bathroom without his pants, his bottom and penis catching a cool chill. But then the sounds of more voices outside the door hurried him urfa escort along. With measured care, Max grabbed the underwear and slid each leg inside. Pulling them up he had to wiggle slightly to get them snug. Within a few moments, he had both his pants and shoes on. He grabbed the brown bag and crunched it into a ball before shoving it into the garbage. Max took a deep breath, unlocked the door, and stepped back into his classroom. “Hey Max. I didn’t know you were here already.” Kevin called from the far table. “Yeah, I got here a few minutes ago.” Max answered. Johnny turned to face Max from the next table over. “Got here earlier to drop a deuce huh?” the boy asked. Max meets his ridiculous smile with a half-smirk. “Why don’t you go in and take a big whiff and tell me.” Max retorted. The boy started to laugh. “I’ll pass.” Max walked to the nearest table and took a seat. At 2:35 P.M. the final bell sounded and everyone went into a frenzy grabbing their stuff. Max grabbed his backpack, remembering the cell-phone in the side pocket, and pulled it over his shoulder. He hadn’t moved from the seat since exiting the bathroom and even now let the pack sag slightly to cover his butt. He’d seen underwear lines through the fabric of other boys’ pants and felt sick at the thought of someone calling him out. Mr. Smear stood at the door seeing everyone off. Max held back to be the last one out. “How you feeling Max?” Smear asked as Max approached. Slight pressure and warmth pushed around his ears and Max looked down. “Good I guess. I just didn’t know…” A moment later the man’s arms were around him, pulling him closer and dipping his fingers in the backside of his pants. Mr. Smear spoke in a whisper. “I know. They aren’t the cool underwear. But trust me, Max, this is leading to something. I promise this will work out for the better.” Max nodded into his chest, now forgetting about the tight briefs hugging his bottom and boy bits, and instead focusing on holding tears back. “You remember the rules right?” Smear asked. Again Max nodded, afraid that speaking would break the dam holding back his tears. “Good. Just remember. Front AND back. And be extra careful that NO ONE knows what you’re doing.” Smear said. Max nodded. With one final squeeze, smear dipped one hand deeper into the back area of Max’s pants. The large hand firmly rubbed the briefs that clad his bottom. “Get going or you’ll miss the bus.” Max nodded, broke away from the embrace, then stepped out the door.

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