Finding out my new girlfriend was a public gangban

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Finding out my new girlfriend was a public gangbanUnlike many of the stories on this site this one is absolutely and 100% true.It took place a number of years ago and involved my new girlfriend of less than 2 weeks. We had known each other for a number of years previously and had shared some kinky fantasies and stories but had up till that point always dated others. Recently however both of us had simultaneously found ourselves single and an intense sexual relationship had blossomed.We were a bit of an odd couple to be honest. I am a shortish guy of approx 5’6″ with unremarkable looks whereas she was a 32 year old 6′ tall blond in her bare feet (much taller in heels) with extraordinary 36″ legs a slim waist, an athletes abs and large pert tits. Guys used to look at us in amazement wondering how a guy like me pulled someone as stunning as this. I had, as she knew, had a few swinging experiences in my past and it was clear that although she came from a very conservative background she was deeply curious. We had been lying in bed one Saturday afternoon when she started asking me about dogging. I had already mentioned to her that a previous girlfriend and I had done some. As I explained to her that couples would drive to a public park popular with doggers and strip inside the car and perform a live sex show for the doggers/voyeurs. Her eyes were wide with astonishment as she listened. She kept asking more and more questions and then to my utter astonishment asked if I would take her that night.On the absolute understanding that it was ONLY a live show with no touching she advised.That evening she put on some heels, some hold up stockings and a very short red woolen dress and of we went in the car. No idea at that point who was the most nervous.On arrival at a site I knew from an experience with my previous girlfriend we parked up the car in the dark surrounded by tress and bushes. Not sure what my girlfriend expected but she seemed disappointed karaman escort that there was no sign in dark of any other living soul.I had to explain to her there were likely guys nearby but the protocol was that if couples were comfortable to be watched they turned the cars interior light on. We started kissing and touching anyway but I was pretty sure that this well brought up girlfriend would lose her nerve before anything significant took place.Testing her I pulled her red wooled dress over her head which she accepted without protest leaving her naked bar the heels and hold up stockings. The kissing and touching became more intense inside the pitch dark dark car. My fingers slid between her thighs to an amazingly wet pussy. Turning things up another notch I reached up and turned the cars interior light on. Even altough this left us both totally exposed inside the car in the surrounding darkness there was still no protest. Instead she seemed even more animated. Turning and kneeling in the passanger seat she removed my stiff cock from my trousers and started giving me a glorious suck.Being totally lost in the stunning sensations of her lips and tongue on my cock I didnt actually notice for a moment that that a guy had emerged from the bushes and was standing about 3′ from the passanger window enjoying the sight of my girlfriends naked ass and shaved pussy pushed against the glass. On mentioning this it elicited no obvious reaction from her. She simply continued licking my cock head.A few minutes later there were 3 guys watching. All had their cocks out as they watched. At this point my girlfriend deigned to look and acknowledge there presence. Looking to test the boundaries once more I told her that I was going to lower the window to let the guys touch her. Half expecting a protest I lowered the window whilst her mouth was full of my cock. The moment the electric window opened one of kastamonu escort the guys stepped forward and instantly leaned down and started tonguing her bum hole and pussy. The others were sliding hands in to touch well anything really. Astonishingly her response was only little moans of arousal!!.By this time I reckon maybe 5 doggers had appeared and so I found myself in the amazing position of having my brand new girlfriend giving me a blinding cock suck whilst 5 total strangers were sticking fingers and tongues into her pussy and bum hole. After a bit she turned around to face them opening her legs wide to let them see her play with her clit. She arched her back so her lips were at my ear and whispered a question”What will happen if I get out of the car naked?”My chin hit the ground! “They will all fuck you” I desperately warned. Before I could figure out what was happening she opened the car door and stepped out. Opening the drivers door I quickly followed busy pulling up my trousers as I rushed around the car to join herIt was only a moment but by then she was bent over with this guys cock in her mouth whilst the others pulled at her tits, slammed fingers into her and rubbed bare cocks on whatever part of her naked body they could reach.”Make sure they all use condoms” was the last thing she said to me for the next hour or so. To be honest I think at this point I was sickened by the sight of these guys all using my new girlfriend. In spite of my ambiguous feelings I moved the car angle slightly to turn the headlights on as the guys started fucking her doggy fashion on the bare ground. They were swapping their cocks from her mouth to her pussy and back again.To my horror more guys started to drift out of the darkness to join in. Whilst I was definitely horrified I was also undeniably hugely turned on as well. With my cock in one hand and my camera in the other I watched as this kayseri escort depraved melee played out in front of me. As one guy emptied his sack and wandered back into the darknes he was in turn replaced between her thighs by one or two others. No names were exchanged and no permission sought.Eventually after what must have been an hour or so the last stranger zipped his cock back into his trousers and without saying a word disappeared into the night.In the sudden quietness this left me staring down at the naked ruined sight of my girlfriend. In the cool night air her body was soaking wet and steaming. Some was clearly cum whilst some was sweat. Lots of both.She was lying on her back on the bare ground with her legs still sluttily spread and her forearm covering her face. Grass and dirt were stuck all over the dampness to her skin. Gently and affectionately I helped her to her feet and back into the car. The only thing I had to clean and dry the cum and dirt from her body was the red woolen dress she had arrived in but it meant she had to sit naked in the passanger seat for the drive home.I cannot in truth explain the mood. Too much had happened and we drove in silence. Both lost in our thoughts.On arriving at my flat I realised that she has nothing to wear to cross the busy city centre street to the front door. I suggested she wait till I came back with someting clean and dry. However not for the first time that evening she astonished me by slipping out of the car and crossing through the busy traffic wearing nothing but heels and her hold ups. I couldnt help being in awe of this tall beautifull elegent woman walking nonchalently naked between the late night taxis. On getting inside however the burst into a flood of tears. She was distraught as she had behaved like a total slut letting a whole heap of strangers fuck her in front of her boyfriend.We were engaged within the month and have just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.Ps she only confessed recently that she let most of the guys fuck her bareback and in the darkness and the crowd I never noticed. She reckons she fucked 12 or so guys with maybe 8 or so spunking in her pussy. Even more spilled their cum in her mouth, her face, her tits etc.Only the first of many in our married life.100% true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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