Finding Their Kinks Ch. 01

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Age Play

Subtlety wasn’t Jack’s specialty. As hard as he tried, Stacy either had no clue what he was talking about or he was so coarse that it almost ruined the moments. Luckily, she loved him and enjoyed most of what he asked for. And when she didn’t particularly enjoy what he liked, she didn’t hate it. She was open to almost anything and at least enjoyed watching him get off on whatever it was he was into at that moment. And sometimes, she was surprised by what she was into when they did some things.

Tonight was a pretty normal night for them. They were both exhausted from the week’s work but managed enough energy to exchange some quick oral sex. The taste of Jack’s cum was still present on her tongue. He had been away for a week on business and tonight was long overdue. She loved giving him head. She was one of those rare girls who not only doesn’t mind doing it but actually enjoys it. And lucky for her, Jack enjoys returning the favor. He was already asleep. She lied there and watched as his stomach moved up and down rhythmically as he slept. She smiled, kissed him softly as he slept and then rolled over and was quickly asleep as well.

Jack was up first the next morning. He usually was on Saturdays. She could hear the TV in the other room as he watched the morning sports highlight shows. She was still naked from last night’s activities. She stretched, sat up, and put on her glasses that were on the night stand. She pulled the blankets off revealing her naked body to no one but the mirror next to the bed. She looked at her reflection and smiled. She had just turned thirty-six. He straight blond hair fell just above her shoulders in layers. She was a regular at their local gym and that was pretty obvious. Her 36D breasts were still firm and her stomach was flatter than it was when she was twenty-six. Jack and her agreed before they got married that they would continue to take care of their bodies – for each other but also for themselves.

She reached down and picked up her pajama shorts from the floor. She slipped them on and grabbed a t shirt from her closet. She walked down the hallway and into the living room.

Jack looked up and smiled. “Good morning, sweetie. How are you?” He loved the way she looked when she woke up. She stood there. Her hair was still tossled and she had still not quite awake eyes. He quietly admired her breasts under her thin t-shirt. He loved seeing her nipples poking through the fabric.

She replied, “Coffee?”

“Yep. It’s made. I pulled out your mug. It’s all ready for you on the counter.”

She watched the sports highlights on the couch with Jack as she sipped her coffee. She probably liked sports as much or even more as your average American male. She used to be a little embarrassed about it but Jack never made it seem odd at all. It actually worked quite well in their relationship. She laughed to herself as she recalled the time Jack got off on her favorite jersey during an impromptu celebration blow job after a walk off Yankees win. He was so worried but she assured him at the time it would wash out, and it did.

Jack stood up from the couch. “I’m gonna take a shower. Think about what you want to do today,” he said as he walked down the hallway.

“I will. If nothing else, we should get outside. It’s supposed to be really nice weather.” She watched him as he walked away down the hallway and to the shower. She sometimes couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have married him. And she knew he felt the same way about her. It was a pretty good way to feel.

Stacy heard the water turn on in the shower. She finished her coffee and put her mug in the sink and rinsed it with some water. She walked down the hallway and into the bathroom where Jack was still showering. Kartal Escort She watched him through the fogged up glass shower doors as he washed his chest and arms. He smiled when he saw her. “Feeling better after your coffee?”

She laughed a little and put toothpaste on her brush. “Always.”

“Did you think about what you wanted to do today?” he asked.

“Actually, yes. Let’s get brunch outside somewhere but stay in for dinner. I feel like cooking but not right now.”

“Perfect,” he replied as he rinsed the soap from his body.

Cooking was something that Stacy got into when she started dating Jack a few years ago. He was more into it than she was at first but now it was something that they both really enjoyed. Exploring cooking and restaurants had become a big part of their relationship. There was something sexy about a man who cooked well and there was something even sexier about cooking together.

As she rinsed the toothpaste from her freshly brushed mouth, she heard Jack turn the shower off. She grabbed his towel for him as he opened the shower door. She handed it to him and looked at his naked wet body. He looked good naked. Some guys look silly sans clothes. But not Jack. She admired him as he dried his hair and face. He was average height at about five foot ten inches or about three inches taller than she was. He was thin but well muscled.

She looked at his soft member surrounded by closely cropped hair. He kept it short and made sure his balls were always smooth. He had a great member too. Fully erect, he was a little over six inches with just the right girth. And it was not only a great size for her, but it just looked nice too. She had seen some weird dicks in her life and remembers the first time she saw Jack’s erection pop out of his boxer briefs when they first had sex. She was pretty sure she liked him a lot before that day. She knew it, however, the moment she saw him standing at attention for the first time. She remembers like it was yesterday the moment he penetrated her for the first time. It was great then and it had been great every time since.

She smiled but was startled out of her day dream by Jack. “Hey! Were you looking at my dick? I thought I had satisfied you last night? He laughed and she was a little embarrassed.

“I’m allowed to look once in a while. Forgive me for liking to look at you naked once in a while,” she joked. “I promise to never do it again. But ONLY if you promise to never stare at my boobs or butt when I’m getting ready for work every morning.”

“Sorry. Don’t think I can do that,” Jack replied. There was no way he could ever promise to do that. It’s what got him out of bed some days when he really didn’t feel like going to the office. After all these years, he still enjoyed sneaking a peek at her breasts just before she covered them with one of her bras. “Well let’s get dressed and get some food in us.”


The thing about brunch is that it’s basically breakfast but with booze. Jack and Stacy had already finished up their meals but decided to order dessert – on more accurately – a cocktail from the brunch menu.

“What’s another drink when you’ve already had two bloody Mary’s?” Jack chuckled.

“Stacy replied, “I don’t know about you but I feel fantastic! What time is it? Almost noon. Perfect.”

The cocktails arrived at the table and they both took their first sips. Stacy was starting to feel a little tipsy and she just started giggling. “What’s so funny?” Jack shot at her with a smile and a laugh of his own.

“Oh, nothing. I was just thinking of what you were telling me last weekend. How you bought yourself the vibrating prostate toy and how you experimented with Tuzla Escort it when I went to get my hair cut,” she smiled as she finished her sentence.

Jack immediately felt his face flush with a bit of embarrassment. He did experiment and he did quite enjoy the experiment. He wasn’t necessarily embarrassed that he did or even that he told her about it. It’s just a funny topic to bring up at noon at a restaurant.

“Well, uh, yeah. I did. And I’ll do it again and look forward to it too,” he joked. “And I keep telling you, you gotta get over your hang up and learn to love things shoved up your butt too.”

“I know! I’ve tried…we’ve tried,” Stacy laughed. “But that’s for another day. Today – as in like let’s get our check and go back home – today let’s go home and play.”


Stacy and Jack finished their drinks, paid the bill and headed back home. By this point, Stacy was really nice and tipsy and frisky as well. She teased Jack, “I have to pee so bad. Does that turn you on?”

Early on in their relationship, Jack had been pretty open to Stacy that he was into a lot of things. And admittedly, he told her that he hadn’t necessarily tried all that many of his so call “kinks” but he wanted to. And she loved him even more for being so honest. It actually made her quite happy that he was so open to her. And in turn, she was open with him too. It assured them both that they could be open and honest with each other and never feel judged or shamed.

“Yes, it does turn me on. But you know that,” Jack replied with a grin. “Walk faster so we can get home and you can relieve yourself.”

They had another block or so to walk until they got to their front door. Jack fumbled for his keys as they got to the front gate. “Hurry up! I really have to pee!!” Stacy whispered.

Jack unlocked the gate and they climbed the stairs to their front door. Jack unlocked that door and let Stacy in first before he stepped inside and locked the door behind him. He watch Stacy scurry off up the stairs to pee in their master bedroom. He felt his pants tighten as he thought of her up there.

“Are you coming?!? Hurry up! I can’t hold it much longer!” Jack heard Stacy shouting down to him from upstairs. He hadn’t known he was being invited for this one. He shot off immediately up the stairs and into their bathroom.

As he entered, he saw Stacy was completely naked. And she was standing in the bathtub. “Don’t just stand there and stare at me. Get your clothes off and get in here,” Stacy urged.

Jack did was he was told and got into the tub with her. He knew what to do. He knelt down in front of Stacy and looked up at her pink lips surrounded by a dark mound of pubic hair. He saw the first drips of her clear yellow piss come trickling out. He was now rock hard with the anticipation of what was happening. Stacy then sighed with relief as she released a hard heavy stream of piss and watched as it splashed against Jack’s chest and neck.

He reached up with both hands and spread her pink lips apart to expose a steady stream of piss. He moved his mouth into place and opened it. The salty fluid shot against his tongue and he swallowed as much as he could. Jack moaned with pleasure. He loved to drink Stacy’s pee straight from the source. He was covered in her warm golden nectar as it was too much to swallow it all. Her stream began to slow and eventually stopped. Jack pushed out his tongue and licked the drops that clung to Stacy’s pink lips and from her inner thighs. He was covered in her peee and they were both standing in a puddle of clear yellow warm nectar.

“I want you so bad right now,” Jack breathed as he stood up from his position beneath Stacy.

Jack grabbed a Anadolu Yakası Escort towel next to the tub and they quickly dried themselves off. Stacy grabbed Jack’s hand and led him out of the bathroom and straight into their bedroom. She lied down on the bed and spread her legs. Jack knew what to do.

He stood on the side of the bed and put his hands underneath Stacy’s ass. He lifted her up and dragged her to the side of the bed where he was standing. He began by rubbing her 36D breasts softly and circled her erect nipples. Stacy moaned with pleasure and anticipation. Jack leaned down and circled his tongue around her left nipple as he continued to massage her left breast with his right hand and her right breast with his left. He switched over to her right nipple and Stacy moaned with the change in sensations. Jack felt as Stacy lifted up her hips as her body begged to be touched.

Jack obliged and reached down with his right hand and gently began to rub Stacy’s now very wet pussy. He continued to lick and suck her right breast and nipple and he teased her down below. Stacy was now fully turned on and her breathing was short and deep. Jack slipped a finger inside of her lips and pressed gently upwards to stimulate her g-spot.

“Ooooooh,” was all Stacy could manage to elicit from her lips as the pleasure enveloped her body.

Jack sensed now was the time and released his mouth from her nipple and kissed her body down her chest to her stomach and down to her pubic hair as he knelt down on the floor between her legs. Stacy moaned with anticipation and Jack did not disappoint. He began to softly lick her wet pink lips while gently using his fingers to separate those same lips and expose her pink clitoris.

By this time, Jack looked up from his position between Stacy’s thighs and saw she had taken over the duties of rubbing her own breasts and nipples. That was always a sure sign to Jack that he was doing all the right things. He turned his attention back to her sweet wet pussy and slowly licked her clit. She moaned louder and her breathing raced. But he kept his tempo slow and smooth. Occasionally he changed up the slow licking to suck her clit into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it as he sucked her in.

That did it. Stacy was now at the point of no return. “Oh god don’t stop. Keep doing that,” Stacy moaned as she rubbed her breasts harder now as her orgasm built deep inside of her.

Jack’s face was now soaking wet with Stacy’s juices. He was completely turned on by her taste and sounds. Jack reached down and started to stroke his cock as he continued to lick Stacy’s clit. And like that, Stacy’s hips rose up and he thighs squeezed together against the sides of Jack’s head. He did his best to keep licking and sucking for her. Stacy moaned and her hips bounced up and down as she felt the pulses of her orgasm all over her body.

“Stop stop,” Stacy whispered as she gently pushed Jack away from her post orgasm clit. He obliged and smiled up at her. Her eyes were closed as she was coming down from her euphoric high. He gave her right inner thigh a soft kiss and stood up. Stacy opened her eyes and looked up at Jack as he stood there. “Thank you,” was all she could manage to say.

“Thank you,” Jack said and meant it. He began to get dressed when Stacy interrupted him.

“But it’s your turn,” she whispered.

“I’m fine. Plus, it’s early. We have the rest of the day and night for some more fun.” Jack continued to get dressed and bent down and gave Stacy a soft kiss on her forehead. “I love you. See you downstairs in a few minutes.”

“Love you too.” Stacy watched as he walked through the doorway to head downstairs. Her body was flush and fulfilled from what had been an incredibly intense orgasm. She smiled but laughed a little too. The room – and her for that matter – smelled like sex with a little fresh urine mixed in for good measures. She thought to herself, if that man keeps making her cum like that, he can take her golden shower whenever he wants.

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