Fire and Filth Ch. 04

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“Seema Anand?” asked Karishma with narrowed and curious eyes, googling her friend’s claim in her phone.

“Yeah, Seema Anand.” repeated Malika, side glancing at me from a couple of feet away.

I had managed to get a seat on the bus and the duo was standing as usual.

“She looks so much like her, doesn’t she?” Malika continued to ask.

“You are right bitch! Professor Suchi and her have an uncanny resemblance.” replied her friend with wide and shocked eyes.

While Karishma still gazed at the screen lingering at the discovery, her friend whispered something notoriously in her ear with a soft smile on her face. Both of them looked at me with even more notorious smiles. I looked away to prevent them from noticing my defenseless stalking. I knew they were up to something and that made my heart beat faster.

As the bus halted in a stop, a bunch of passengers got down leaving a big space between me and the alluring duo. They occupied the empty seats next to me. The bus had three columns of seats on each side of the aisle. I was on the window seat. Next to me sat Malika and her friend took the leftmost seat. Unlike our first encounter, both of them had all of their buttons closed and wore a tie neatly knotted around their necks. I was a little disappointed to not have a sight of Malika’s gorgeous cleavage. She didn’t need much ventilation as the day was cloudy, though extremely humid.

“You should let the air pass.” said Malika leaning forward, extending herself to slide the already open window. She bent intently, stretching her arms forward to expose her armpit laterally. A sweaty and salty aroma, with plenty of female exhaustion from the day mixed in it, filled my nostrils. Her soft and melony bust heaved down on my hands. She continued her tease by turning her boobs to my face and lifting her right arm to tuck the damp hair stuck to her neck behind her ear. That left the whole of her armpit fully exposed at my face. It had a huge sweat stain that had no help drying off from the humid weather. Her sweat scented pheromones, warmer and more intense this time, made a bulge in my pants. Making sure I had had enough of her body odour and a good view of her protruding tits, Malika sat back at her seat after “opening the windows”.

“Isn’t the air beautiful?” she asked, punning her words.

“It really seems that way.” giggled Karishma, noticing my cheeks turn red and my face getting sweaty.

“PITS?” asked Malika, leaving me clueless. “Punaar Institute of Technology and Sciences.” she clarified reading my ID card. “You must know Professor Suchi then?”

“Yes. She teaches us English and Communication.” I spoke my first words.

“I see. Incredible that woman. She came to our school to judge our English debate today.” she added.

“Yeah sure, incredible!” said Karisham, emphasising ‘incredible’.

“What?!” exclaimed Malika with her eyes wide open and a smile.

“You are so crushing on her!” said Karishma with confidence in her voice.

“I mean.. Yeah. I guess?” confessed Malika, “She is so hot. I haven’t seen someone so aged and so fucking sexy. She gives me proper GILF vibes.”

“Really? She is like sixty if I am not wrong?” judged her friend.

“Exactly! Look at her so stunning at sixty!” she said looking at her screen which was split into two windows- one with google images of Seema Anand and the other with pictures of Professor Suchi from her public instagram posts. They really have uncanny resemblance, I said to no one.

“For some reason her silver hair on that super mature face makes me soooo horny.” said Malika zooming in on my Professor’s picture, without any concern of my presence.

I thought to myself how right she was. Professor Suchi was probably the most sultry woman I had seen of her age. Her figure was well maintained that made her body look much lesser than the years it had spent. She had shapely breasts much like her plump ass.She had beautiful toned arms. Her silver hair was partially dyed black. She had an aphrodisiac aura that would induce lust in anyone who went near her. Many students would pass disguised slutty comments on her between classes. On many occasions, the boards were filled with amature erotic illustrations of her before she entered the class. Uncountable pages were made on social media where erotic photoshopped graphics of her were posted. The most recent one was an illustration of her getting gangbanged by five people with dicks in her mouth, vagina, asshole and two armpits. One was also made where she was sucking a dick bent forward so her ass could show the message written on it- “FILL MY LOOSE HOLES ”. She would take all of it with a knowing and gentle smile, unaffected by it all. She rather seemed to enjoy the attention she got at her age from the youth.

“What do you think about her?” Malika inturrpted my contemplation, looking carefully at the altındağ escort shape of her nails after biting them.

“I think she is attractive.” I tried not to sound too obvious.

“You know you can just bang her and dump your load inside her anyday without worrying if she will get pregnant.” she said, looking at me with an evil grin.

I was shocked by the openness of the conversation. I gulped and remained quiet.

“Come on! Don’t you ever stroke your cock thinking about banging that classy thing.” she said syllable-by-syllable, gesturing the stroking of a cock with her hand and biting her lower lip.

“I so badly want to see what’s behind her saree. Do you think her pussy hair is white too? Cuz that would be so damn hot!” she said to her friend, sinking her head into her seat with her eyes closed, fantasising her unholy words.

“Ew. You are so gay!” said Karisham, disgusted by her friend’s ongoing mental porn.

“Oh you are the one to talk! Ms. Fuck-me-without-consent.” said Malika, making a comeback at her.

Karishma was quick to shut her friend’s mouth with her hand. “Bitch if you say that out loud once more in public, I am going to fucking rape you!” she stormed, emphasising ‘I’.

“Aw, but you don’t have a dick.” said Malika, with her muffled voice. “But I know someone who does…” she said, slipping her hand under my bag. “…and it’s very hard after listening to your slutty fetsih from what I feel.” she continued with her hand on my aching boner. I could only thank the crowd and rush of the bus for hiding away the erotic act between us from the people.

“I think it’s because of the stench from her dirty underarms.” said Karishma, ignoring everything and tying her open hair into a bun.

“Is it?” Malika asked me, unzipping my pants under the cover of my bag.

My body started to tighten and sunk deep into the seat with my hands fisting tightly to my sides. She put her slender fingers inside and started rubbing my dick with only a single layer of garment on it now.

“You love filthy things, don’t you?” She started as if she was telling a bedtime story to a five year old. Her hand gripped my growing boner. “I know how badly you want to fulfil my friend’s fetish. I can see the good boy dilemma in you conflicting between the desire to commit a sin or to restrain from it.” she said seductively as she started almost stroking me. “You have nothing to be afraid of. Many women want to feel men forcing them, overpowering them, raping them. Just like my friend.” she added as she started rubbing my tip with my oozing precum. “I want you to know, you don’t need any consent to touch her or fuck her.” she said, whispering in my ear. “Make her struggle and make her cry, she will love it.” she added before licking my ear with the tip of her tongue.

My eyes went straight to Karishma who was blushing and looking away to avoid eye contact. She was clearly not denying anything that was being said nor did she protest the fact that her friend wanted me to do it all. I found myself having great difficulty breathing. Unsure of what to do, I looked outside the window avoiding everything.

“You are cute.” said Malika, squeezing my boner notoriously hard before she retracted her hand.

I looked back at her as she licked her fingers tantalisingly.

“Humid day.” she said scratching her sweaty armpit just to make sure she had her soaked sweat on her fingers. She made sure to prolong the process with her lips parted and eyes rolled up.

The bus halted at our stop. As everyone started to head out, she took the opportunity to put her sweat coated finger with long nails yet again inside my mouth and started whispering into my ear. Karishma made sure that she barricaded everything from the sight of people. “I was masturbating at school and I think that’s my pussy cream in my nails. Hope you don’t mind.” whispered Malika, making an innocent face completely out of satire. I could taste her salty sweat from her underarms and a hint of tanginess. As much as the taste pleased me, the real ecstasy was in her words which made my body go into auto-pilot. Without any conscious involvement I clutched her thigh under her skirt to destress the sexual tension overflowing within me. Her slender thighs were moist, warm and slippery. “That’s right. Touch me.” she said, lifting my arm even higher under her skirt with the help of her free hand. I could now feel her moist underwear which I squeezed harder. The pressure made Malika close her eyes and give out a brief sigh. She slowly slid her finger out and leaned in to kiss me softly on my lips carefully removing my hand from her groin making sure I didn’t feel unwelcome. Her passionate kiss lasted long before she leaned back picking up her bag. She tucked the strands of loose hair behind her ear, looking at me wantonly.

“Why don’t we ankara anal yapan escort get down at the next stop?” asked Karishma, holding her friend by her elbow.

Malika smiled at the suggestion and sat back on her seat. She slowly lifted up my bag that hardly had anything in it and put it between us making sure the narrow gap between our seats was covered. Karishma leaned forward making her elbows rested on the seats in front, completely fortifying me from the crowd.

“Let’s play a game.” said Malika, loosening her tie.

My heart started to beat faster than before and I could feel more blood gushing downwards. Malika removed her tie and folded it neatly.

“The rules are simple. I am going to stroke you while you stare at the ladies in the bus.” she said, tucking the folded tie inside her school bag. “Every girl you resist yourself from cumming, makes me undo a button on my shirt.” she said, pulling out her shirt tucked inside her skirt.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.” She counted her buttons one-by-one, running her fingers across them without hurry. “Seven buttons and plenty of girls on the bus.” she added mischievously.

Karishma started smiling and looked straight into my eyes. “You better make this whore topless before she leaves the bus.” she said almost whispering.

Malika stacked her backpack on mine to make sure she walled me completely from the people in the bus. She then unzipped my pants and started pulling aside my underwear. Slowly, she pulled out my cock that was fully erect and leaned against my shoulder to have a peek at it.

“Wow. You exceed my expectations.” she said, complimenting the erection in her hand.

She put her fist deep into her throat which made her eyes water and turn red. She then pulled her hand out with a thick string of saliva forming between her hand and lips. She spat on her palm massaging my dick with her thick, white phlegm. The aphrodisiac stink from it turned me on even more.

“Round one. Let’s see.” she said as she started stroking my sloppy dick.

Her eyes scanned the crowd full of lady passengers who were all sweating with few exceptions.

“Tall woman on the right, near the fourth seat.” she said locking her eyes on our first target.

It was a tall and lithe woman dressed in a red salwar kameez. Her long sharp nose had a tiny nose ring on it. She had tiny perky breasts. Her hair was curly and tied messily into a bun that enabled a view of the back of her sweat wet neck. It was long and covered in sweat, glistening from it. Her red salwar had dark patches of sweat near her armpits, neck and back.

“Look at her.” said Malika, stroking my dick faster. “She is so sweaty. Her armpits are fucking drenched. She was probably outside the whole day. Imagine how soaked her undies are. Look at her messy hair. She seems to have been opening and tying it again and again all day.” she kept saying while stroking my dick expertly. “Oh my god, her neck.” she added, “you see the amount of sweat on it? I don’t think any amount of perfume would prevent her from stinking now.” she slowed down feeling my body trembling.

Karishma laughed and enjoyed what she was seeing.

“Good job, you have passed round one.” she said as she stopped stroking. “Which button do you want me to open?” she asked with excitement.

“The top one.” I said bravely.

“Alright! Look who is coming around.” said Karishma, almost jumping in her seat after seeing my transition.

“As you command, Milord.” said Malika, unbuttoning her top button. She then pulled her shirt down making sure I could see her bare neck and a portion of her chest.

“Time for round two.” she proceeded as her eyes hunted for the next victim. “Ah! Girl in uniform near the door.”

I looked to find a girl who looked one grade younger than these two. She was dressed in the same school uniform, so drenched that it stuck to her thin and tight figure. Her hair was tied into a bun as well and the first two buttons were undone to allow ventilation. She had earphones on and was on her phone.

“That’s Payal. She is from our school.” started Malika as she continued stroking me. “She spent a lot of time in the playground today practising tennis. Look at her shirt, it’s soaked. You can squeeze it up and it will pour out more sweat than your mouth can hold.” “Look at her tits.” she commanded “Those tiny things are deceptive. The boys who have fucked her told me that she has nipples as big as grapes hidden under.”

I could have very easily cum at the moment but I endured it.

“If you suck those nipples from over her shirt, you can feel them, you know. Imagine sucking those grapes and her sweat gushing into your mouth.” she added cruelly.

My body started to tremble yet again. Malika squeezed my dick and pressed the tip with her thumb almost ankara escort driving my cum back in.

“Not so soon mister, I have too many buttons on.” she said, as she retracted her hand indicating that round two was passed.

“This one?” she asked, holding the next button and looking into my eyes.

I nodded slowly. Karishma who was enjoying the show communicated to me silently with her lips. From what I could read, she wanted me to make her friend naked. Meanwhile, Malika had unbuttoned the next button which now fully exposed her magnificent cleavage. Her huge milky white boobs were pressed together by the red push-up bra and looked like two balloons held together tightly.

“Let’s crank the notch up.” she said lifting her right leg and removing her shoe. She put her ankle on my knee and showed me her damp sock wiggling her toes. The position allowed me to see her white crotchless panties under her skirt. She then slowly peeled it off revealing her beautifully maintained foot. Her toe nails were painted black. I could smell her sweaty, damp foot and sock that pumped more desire into my dick. She carefully put the sock around my dick covering it fully in her foot filth. I could feel the warmth and dampness of the sock.

“Round three. The maid beside Karishma.” she instructed.

I turned my head around to see a working maid standing beside Karishma dressed in an orange saree with a faded red blouse underneath. The blouse had tiny holes in it. Her skin was dark brown and she had a slim figure. Her face was not the prettiest but the sheen on it made her look very attractive. She had big, sagging tits that were poorly concealed by the worn out fabric of her blouse. Her greasy hair was tied into a careful bun.

Malika grabbed the sock-condom she had put on tightly as her sweat seeped out on both sides. Her foot sweat was going to act as lube for round three.

“Look at her skin. It’s so fucking tanned and darkened. She must be labouring so hard in the sun.” she said, stroking me again slowly. “Imagine how much she must be sweating. Look at her blouse. It’s faded and has holes in them. She must be working in that for hours and days. Her stench must have been infused into the fabric so badly that no detergent can remove it. Her breasts have no bra to support them and you can see her dark and massive boobs through the disgusting blouse. She can’t afford deodorants and her body odour is the only scent she can wear. She must be going from house to house labouring day and night stinking in her own sweat and dirt. She is powerless to do anything to control that odour. She has no inners to soak her sweat. Her blouse has to take it all.” she said as she stroked me faster and harder.

“You know I have seen them lift their arms and sniff their own stink. They enjoy it. It’s the only porn they can afford.” she said, degrading her. “Do you wish to see her nasty armpit, my lord.” she asked, whispering in my ear.

“Yes.” I said instinctively.

Malika gestured Karishma with her eyes. Karishma was quick to understand and she did what was asked.

“Excuse me, aunty.” she said to the maid, getting her attention. “Do you mind holding those supports instead of my seat? I want to rest my back, it’s hurting.”

The maid smiled in agreement and lifted her arm without hesitation reaching for the supports in the ceiling of the bus. Her armpit was drenched in sweat which was now visible, it had even more holes with a variety of sizes. Her bushy, thick underarm hair that was damp from sweat poked right out of them. Her pallu could now hardly cover her chest. Her sagging tits were visible even better. The see-through fabric allowed us to see everything under her blouse. Her dark areola was as big as a coaster wrapping around her melony tits. Her huge, round and dark nipple, darker than her skin was suffocated in the undersized blouse. The position had made a bit of her under boob slip out which showed sweat collected under her hefty breasts.

“She can’t even have those armpits shaved.” continued Malika, humiliating her further. “Imagine how much hair she has under it. Can you see that huge sweat patch? It means her armpit fur is keeping her super warm and she sweats enough to soak a towel wet.”

The erotic degradation and the sweaty sock handjob generated maddening impulses in my body. I couldn’t take it anymore and spurt out a huge load into her sweaty sock. She felt that and turned to her friend smiling.

“You lose.” she said, putting her calf on my knees.

“What a shame.” added her friend, disappointed from the fact that her friend had so many buttons on.

Malika removed the sock carefully making sure she wiped off all of the thick load into it. The end of the sock heaved down from the weight of its content as she held it in front of her.

“That is a huge load!” exclaimed Karishma, looking at the cum filled sock.

Malika smiled proudly as she put the sock back on her foot before the cum could start soaking into the fabric. I could see a bit of white cream ooze.

“It’s gonna help prevent blisters while we walk back to our stop.” she said with a smile, putting the cum drenched foot back inside her shoe.

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