First Camping Trip

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First Camping Tripy family consists of my mother (Samantha or Sam 5′ 3″, 36D, 23, 35 and very good looking), my dad (John, 6′, and 200lbs), my sisters (identical twins, Jenny and Terri, 5′ 2″, 34D, 20, 32) and myself (Bobby, 5′ 11′, 180 lbs). My sisters are a year younger than me and I’m 19 and just starting college. I guess after twins neither my mom nor my dad would consider more k**s. Anyway, my dad is the kind of guy that likes to do things himself. If something needed fixing then he would grab his tools and take care of it. He was pretty good at it too. He really liked the outdoors. He has also had been after my mom to take us camping for years. My mother’s idea of roughing it was a suite at a resort. You know the type, the resort that didn’t have room service 24/7. I guess after years of begging mom finally relented and said yes on one condition, no tents. A cabin with running water and electricity was a necessity but she would forgo the cable and maid service. Dad had a different idea but was glad to get as far as he did. He spent weeks searching the internet to find just the right place. Finally he found what appeared to be the perfect retreat. A secluded cabin next to a lake with everything included. Mom agreed and set a date. My sisters and I though we were too big to be dragged along on this outing but mom and dad would not hear of it. Dad had waited too long for us to back out now.The day finally arrived and we were off in our suburban. All loaded down towing the boat and everything we would need for 2 weeks in the wilderness. After 6 hours on the road it began to get dark and turn chilly outside. Dad didn’t realize that it would be so far up in the mountains and the weather would be that much colder than at home. After a couple of wrong turns we finally found the cabin. It wasn’t quite like the website but it was nice. We started to unload the gear as mom went in to inspect the place. About 2 seconds after she entered the cabin she came right back out.”John, this place only has one bath and one bedroom and on top of that there are hardly any lights in the place.””Yea, I know. We’ll take the bedroom and the k**s can camp out in the living room. Don’t worry about the lights there are plenty of candles so we’ll make out.””But John, there is only one bath.””That’s OK, we’ll share. Now let’s get this thing unloaded. I’m exhausted.”In short order we got the truck unloaded and dad started a fire in the fireplace while mom fixed her a stiff drink and put her things away. It began to warm up quickly when mom reappeared from the bedroom.”John, did you notice something odd about the bedroom?””No dear, what is it?””There is no door. Also there is no door on the bathroom either. How do we have any privacy if there is no door?””Don’t worry honey, everything will be fine. We’ll just have to work it out. The k**s are almost grown any way. I’m sure they will understand.”I looked at my sisters and they were trying not to laugh. Both of them have been trying to peek in on mom and dad having sex for the past 2 years. Mom makes a lot of noise when she is cumming and dad isn’t that quiet either. But what thrilled me is that I have been spying on both of them and my mother since I was 14. I couldn’t wait for this week to begin.”OK John, I guess a week of family togetherness won’t do any harm. Besides your right, the k**s are grown and we are family.””Alright then, lets get everything put away and get this vacation started.”My sisters and I picked looked for a good spot to put our sleeping bags. Just as we were talking about it dad pointed out that one of the sofas was a queen size pull out and the other was big enough for one of us. I said I would sleep on the sofa and they could have the pullout in front of the fireplace. Dad then opened a large bottle of wine and started pouring 5 glasses when mom walked in. “John, what are you doing?””Celebrating, this is the first time we have been alone as a family and I think it calls for a toast.””But the k**s.” Mom asked.”Don’t worry, a single glass won’t hurt them and like you said, they are grown. Let them have some fun too.””OK but I want to get into something more comfortable first.”Mom disappeared, or as much as she could with no door. She had lit some candles in the bedroom that gave off a glow. I could see from the couch her reflection in the mirror as she slipped out of her cloths and into a slinky short nightgown. As she walked back into the living room the candle light from behind her silhouetted sahabet güvenilirmi her form and make it appear like she had nothing on. “Damn honey, you look hot.” Dad commented.”I’m sorry k**s but this is all I brought.” Mom said. “I didn’t know that we would be this open.””Don’t worry mom, Jenny and I didn’t bring much either.” Terri replied.”Yea, that’s OK. I’m sure dad and I can make out.””I’m sure you can.” Mom stated. “Now for that wine, I feel like I could drink the entire bottle by myself.”I put on some music and we all got a glass of wine and sat in the living room. We all get along well with each other even with our normal family misunderstandings. We each finished the first glass and mom suggested a second round. “OK k**s, just for this week dad and I will let you have some wine or beer but once we get home its back on the wagon for you.””That’s’ OK mom, we understand.” Jenny said.After a second and then a third glass all of us were feeling good and my sisters started to complain that it was getting hot in the cabin so the each went in the bathroom with no door and changed into even skimpier nightgowns than mom had on. I could also tell that mom was feeling it too. I caught her staring at my crotch then looking away. The more she stared the more she drank and then the more she would stare. About then my sisters appeared from the bathroom and they really got dad’s attention and mine too! You could see his eyes glazed over as they strutted themselves in front of us.”John, see anything that interest you?” mom asked.Dad got that deer in the headlights look because he knew he had been caught.”No of course not.” Dad said as he tried to divert his stair. “They are my daughters.”Mom wasn’t buying it. “So what your still a man and they have grown up to be beautiful women. Why wouldn’t you and Bobby like to look?””I don’t mind saying that I like to look. s*s both of you are damn hot! I can’t believe how beautiful you are.” I responded.”Thanks, but aren’t you and dad hot in here?” Terri asked.”I know I am but I don’t wear PJ’s.” Dad said.”Oh go ahead John. I’m sure the girls won’t mind. You too Bobby, get comfortable. The way you have been looking at us I can assure you that you won’t show as much as we already have.””OK then, if you insist.” Dad said as he started to strip. “I am hot and would love to get out of these cloths.””Me too.” I told mom.So off came our cloths, right down to our underwear. When we dropped our pants you could hear a pin drop in the room. All three women were looking from my crotch to dad’s crotch then back again. I don’t know if it was the wine or the sexy women in the room but both dad and I were sporting near hardons. Not as big and hard as they could get but enough to get everyone’s attention.”Damn mom, it looks like you are going to have some fun tonight.” Jenny said as she stared at dad’s crotch.”Jenny what are you talking about.” Jenny stared to laugh as she looked over at mom. “Mom don’t play shy with us. Terri and I can hear you and dad every night from our room. We’re not virgins you know and you and dad sound like you have a lot of fun!””You…You can hear us? I’m sorry honey. I didn’t realize we make that much noise.””Noise? Mom, sometimes you and dad make enough noise when you cum so I can hear you at the other end of the house.” I interjected.”Oh shit, I didn’t realize.” Mom said as she looked surprised.”Don’t worry honey.” Dad said. “I’m sure they know all about sex and love.””Yea and we know about fucking too!” Terri blurted out.Mom’s mouth dropped open. “Terri!””Oh don’t be so old fashion mom.’ Jenny said. “Terri and I have been having sex together for almost 3 years now. Haven’t you ever wondered why we get along so well together?””Sex? With each other or with other people?” mom asked.”Both!” Jenny responded.Mom buried her face in her hands and shook her head. I think she already knew but didn’t want to admit it. “Well I guess it’s too late to be mad now. I guess we’re lucky you take precautions and get along so well.”Dad sat back down “Well I guess this is not just going to be a vacation but a learning experience too.”The room was quiet for a while. We all could feel the sexual tension starting to fill the room. The wine, beautiful women and rising cocks I guess is all it takes sometimes.For several minutes all of us just looked at each other. Terri and Jenny seemed to be fixed on dad’s hardening cock and I couldn’t get enough of mom’s tits. Finally someone had to sahabet yeni giriş make a move and I decided it was going to be me. I got up and moved over to the end of the couch where mom was sitting. Jenny and Terri started to move from their spots on the floor to dad’s feet. Mom moved over just a little so I could sit next to her. I had never seen the look in her eyes that I was seeing now. She licked her lips then leaned over to me and kissed me on my lips. It startled me but I started kissing her back with as much passion as I knew how. I glanced over to where my sisters and dad were sitting and could see Jenny kissing dad as Terri pulled his cock out of his shorts. She started stroking dad’s 9 inch dick with both hands as she smiled. Mom slid her right hand down my chest slowly until it rested on top of my hard dick. She started to stroke it outside my shorts. My cock is just over 9 inches and I could tell mom liked what she was feeling. I started to play with mom’s tits; pinching the nipples and feeling them harden. Mom then sat back on the couch and pulled my head to her chest.Mom looked over at dad as he smiled and whispered “OK”. I leaned over and started sucking on mom’s hard nipples.”Yes baby, suck my tits.” Mom said. “I love my tits to be sucked. Suck your mother’s tits baby. I’ve always loved my c***dren sucking my tits. You use to make me cum that way. Ahhhh… that feels so good son!”I opened her gown and started sucking one nipple then the other. The harder I sucked the more she wanted me to suck them.”Oh yes Bobby, I’ve waited so long for you to suck my breasts. Oh god this is so good. Suck mama’s big tits baby.” Mom whispered as she cradled my head to her breasts. “Keep sucking your mama’s titties. Suck them hard baby!! Yes, that’s how mama likes it!!”I was sucking mom’s right tit when I felt someone next to me. I glanced over and saw Jenny bending down and taking mom’s left nipple into her mouth. I quickly looked the other direction just in time to see Terri sucking all of dad’s big cock into her mouth as dad laid his head back on the couch. As soon as mom felt both her tits being sucked her eyes opened wide. Then she grabbed both our heads and pulled them into her giant breast and let out a moan.Mom started to moan as both her breasts were being sucked. “Oh fuck yes; I’ve wanted this for so long for this. I use to cum when both my breast were being milked by my girls. Now I can cum again and again. Oh yes, keep sucking my tits, keep sucking my big fucking tits. Damn your good k**s! Oh keep sucking me!! Ohhhhh….your making your mama so horny! Ahhhh…. that feels so fucking good!!! Suck my tits!!! Make mama cum!!!”Jenny and I kept sucking mom’s tits. We looked over at each other and Jenny smiled at me with mama’s nipple in her mouth. I reached down between my mom’s thighs with my right hand and moved my hand up to her pussy. She didn’t wear any panties and I was surprised to find her pussy was shaved. I slid my middle finger into her wet snatch as she moaned with pleasure while she held my head to her breast. I could feel Jenny’s hand next to mine as I finger fucked mom. Mom slid down to the edge of the chair to give me better access to her dripping snatch. Jenny slid one of her fingers beside mine and mom almost went off. “Oh god yes, fuck me with your finger. I love to have someone play with my pussy and sucking my big tits. Ohhhhh….Yes….Yes…..keep fucking me!!! I’M CUMMMMMING!!! AHHHHH!!! YOU’RE MAKING YOUR MAMA CUM!!!!”I could feel Jenny slide her finger out of mom’s pussy and down to her asshole. It wasn’t long before I could feel Jenny’s finger buried in mom’s ass while mine was fucking her cunt.I buried my finger as deep into mom as I could. I was sucking her tit and looked over to where dad and Terri were I could see Terri moving up on dad’s lap. She sat astride his cock and I could see her ease her pussy down on to his hard cock. “Oh Dad, I haven’t had a cock this big before. Just take it slow and let me get use to this big fucker. Ahhhh….yea1 Oh daddy that’s good. Just stay still and let me move on that big fucking cock of yours! Uh…Uh….Uh…. Damn dad you have a big cock! It feels so fucking good in my cunt!!! Ohhh fuck me dad…..FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL!!!””OK sweetie, just take your time.” Dad said as he helped ease Terri down on his cock. “Just ease that tight little pussy of yours on your dad’s cock. Oh yes…you have such a tight little cunt darling.”Mom opened her sahabet giriş eyes and looked over at dad and Terri and smiled. “That’s it John, fuck her! Yea…fuck your little girl John. You’ve wanted to fuck them for so long. Now’s your chance! Stick it to her John!! Stick that big cock of yours deep in her horny little pussy. Oh fuck yea! That’s it Jenny keep fucking your mama’s asshole honey. That’s so good baby. Where did you learn to do that?”Mom let go of my head and looked at me straight in the eye. “Son, I want your cock. I need it. I need you to fuck me! I NEED TO BE FUCKED BABY!!”Mom moved her ass over the edge of the couch and pulled her gown up around her waist. I stood and pulled my shorts off and stood in front of mom with my dick ready to go. Jenny stopped sucking mom’s tit long enough to look at me and smile. She motioned me to move closer and as I did she slid her finger out of mom’s asshole and took my cock in her hand and started sucking the head of my dick into her mouth. After a few seconds mom interrupted us and told Jenny that she could be next but she needed to get fucked right now. “Jenny baby you can suck your brother off later. I need you to stick his cock in me now! Come on baby. Get back up here and suck mama’s tits!”I knelt down between mom’s legs as Jenny took my cock in the hand and started moving it up and down between mom’s pussy lips. Mom started to buck up against my cock trying to get me to go into her pussy. Finally Jenny aimed my cock at mom’s dripping cunt and I pushed about half of my cock into her. Mom let out a loud moan as Jenny moved back to sucking mom’s tits. I pulled out of mom’s tight cunt and shoved my cock back into her hot pussy. I stated to fuck her in long deep strokes as she started fucking me. Jen kept sucking on one tit then the other while mom was holding her head as she moved back and forth between mom’s huge tits.I looked over at Terri and she had turned around on dad so she was facing away from him. She was bouncing up and down on the entire length of his cock as her pussy juice was dripping down his balls. Dad was holding her by the hips and moaning as Terri kept up the assault on his prick. “Oh, fuck daddy!!!” Terrie yelled. “Yes….Yes….. I’ve never been fucked like this before. I love fucking your big hard prick. Keep fucking me daddy, I want that big prick to cum in me. You’re going to make me cum!! Oh fuck me daddy! YOUR MAKING YOUR LITTLE GIRL CUM ON YOUR FUCKING COCK!!! AHHHH!! I’M CUMMING!!!!”Terri’s orgasm started and dad kept pumping his cock into her quivering pussy. After Terri’s orgasm subsided she slowly moved over to the couch between mom and dad. Jenny jumped up and moved over to where dad was sitting and knelt down between Terri’s dripping cunt. She motioned dad to move in behind her as she started licking Terri’s wet pussy. Dad moved behind Jenny on his knees and knelt down to lick Jenny’s tight little pussy. He then moved his cock up to Jenny’s cunt and started to slowly fuck her. I kept fucking mom’s hot box as she started cumming.”Oh fuck, yes! Keep fucking me son! I’m going to cum…keep fucking me….fuck me harder son….fuck me!! Oh fuck yes!! Oh fuck yes!! I’m fucking cumming on my baby’s prick!!! I love your fucking prick….keep fucking me with that big fucking cock…. Oh yes….Oh shit…I’m gonna cum!! Oh fuck me!! I’m cumming!!!”As soon as mom stated cumming and I felt the spasm of her pussy start I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pumped her cunt for all I was worth and started spraying my seed deep into her waiting cunt. “Oh fuck mom….your pussy is so fucking good.’ I moaned. “I’m fucking cumming deep in your cunt!! Oh fuck!! Yes!!! Fuck!!!!”I unloaded a huge load into mom’s cunt as her orgasm overtook her. We both collapsed on the couch. By the time we had regained our senses we could hear Jenny and Terri screaming.”Keep fucking me dad.” Jenny moaned. “I’m cumming!! Oh fuck yea! YOUR MAKING ME CUM!!!!.””Jen, don’t stop eating my pussy.” Terri moaned as she pulled on her hard nipples with one hand while holding her sister’s head to her cunt with the other. “I’m cumming!! I need to cum again! Keep licking my pussy! Don’t stop eating me Jen! Ahhhhh!!!””Damn you girls are tight.” Dad groaned as he continued to pound Jenny’s tight little pussy from behind. “Jenny you had better cum soon because I can’t hold off any longer. Your tight cunt is going to make me cum!”All three started to cum about the same time. Just as their orgasms started I felt mom between my legs with the mouth on my already hard cock. She began sucking on my cock taking it deep into her mouth. As Jen, Terri and Dad relaxed mom looked over at them and smiled. “If I knew camping was this much fun I would have been willing to go a long time ago.”

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