First Injections Pt. 01

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**This is a story about Injection fetish. If you’ve never read those two words in that sequence and don’t know what it is, this is going to be boring for you. You’ve been warned.**

+This is my first story ever so pardon the noob for his mistakes.

+Constructive criticism and feedback is much appreciated.

+All characters are above 18 years of age.

+And that’s about it. Yeah.



“All set.”

I read her text and I felt the dopamine release in my brain.

“Happy Journey, see you soon.”

I replied with a big smile on my face

“Super excited.” Her.

“Can’t wait.” Me.

“So this is it.” I thought to myself as I closed my eyes. In a couple of days one of my long awaited fantasies was going to become a reality.

Exactly two months ago on a lazy Sunday I was browsing a boring medfet community. It was boring to me because everything there was about dental and enema things which I’m not really into. Then a message popped into my inbox which read –

“Are you into injections?”


I had replied excitedly, thanking my profile picture (a macro shot of vintage glass syringe) in my mind.

We started talking, and kept talking for hours. This was a like a dream. We were perfect partners. She told me she’s 20, “I’m 22!” was my quick and excited response, I’m into giving injections, she loves receiving them. We found out we were from the same state, just 150 kilometres separating our cities. We shared experiences and fantasies and became decent friends that Sunday.

For the last two months we’ve talked and role played almost every week, shared pictures and just lived the dream. But a week ago we realised that there was another level to this dream. A week ago she told me she was going to come to Bombay (that’s where I live) for five days. Something about a internship thing. My brain made so much dopamine that day.

“So are we doing it?” She asked.

“I want to, so bad. But do you?” I replied.

“Me too, but I’m kinda nervous.”

“We don’t have to.”

“No..I want to. It’s just that I haven’t received any in years. But I know I want to.”

“Well it’s your decision.”

“Okay let’s do it!!”

For the next hour we planned every little detail.

Next day she went to her doctor and complained about fatigue. And asked the doctor to do a blood test, for “security”. Her blood work had showed a little bit of Vitamin B12 deficiency, (As expected in lifelong vegans) not serious at all but enough to get a prescription for B12 injections. She sent me the pictures of the prescription with a massive “GOT ITTTTTT…!”

In a week she was going to be here. And I had a lot of preparations to do. She faxed me the prescription and I brought the little red B12 viles the next day. Brought a set of different needles and syringes off the internet. And “some” more. I already knew how to administer intramuscular injections thanks to the amount of time I had spent in my uncles clinic as a teen. And also the amount of YouTube videos I had watched on the topic and a very good guide book for nurses that I found in a book sale. I was a bit nervous but confident. I knew what I was gonna do.

Every night of last week we planned tiny details and went over the plan again and again, and satisfied ourselves with mental images of the oncoming events. We even discussed the possibility of sex, but decided to leave it to the impulses of the hour. Had to go buy condoms the next day, again for “security”.(ik ik)

This was it. Exactly 24 hrs later çankaya escort I was going to be in her hotel room. We were going to live our fantasies.


“Fucking shit.” I whispered to no one as I slammed the off button on my alarm. Then I remembered the day and my eyes lit up.

“Let’s start.” I said to myself with a smile.

I spent that day planning everything once again. We had 5 days. Three 30 mgc doses. 6 injections.

“This is going to be an amazing week.”

The clock struck 10PM.

“Be there in a while.” I texted her.

“Okay :)” she replied in a millisecond.

I knew she was waiting for that text.

I picked my little pouch and shoved it into my backpack. In a couple of minutes I was out of my apartment and in my car, on the road to her hotel.

10.25PM I knocked on the door of Room No. 27.

With a tiny click the door opened and a beautiful smile greeted me.

“Hi” she said with a mixed look on her face.

“Hi” I said it back.

“Nice to finally see you in reality.” Her.

“You too. And you look more beautiful than in the pictures.” Me.

I get a smile in return.

“I’m sorry come in!” She said urgently as she realised that we were still there standing in the door.

The room was cozy and nice. A ambient yellow table lamp showered light on a neat bed with white sheets. A solid wooden table and a chair stood in front of the bed. I spotted a closed door in a corner (“bathroom” I thought to myself for no reason).

She closed the door and gestured me to the bed. “Have a seat”.

“I’ll get you some water.” She said as she went to the table to get some water. That’s when I noticed her outfit. She was wearing a white bathrobe. Her mid length hair floating on her back. Her calves naked and soft slippers in her feet.

She gave me the glass if water and sat besides me in the bed. The tension in the room was about to rise. We both were shy and had agreed upon not trying weird small talk techniques. Though I could sense her nervousness and felt like I need to relax her a bit. I made some bad jokes about Bombay traffic, which she found hilarious. Her laughter told me how nervous she was. I put the glass on the table and joined her on the bed. There was a awkward silence.

“Are you nervous?” I asked her as I took her hand in my hands.

“A bit.” She answered truthfully.

“Don’t be, let’s talk for a while.” I responded.

Then we talked for an hour about work and academics and other stupid shit that we find interesting. After 15 minutes or so the word “Injection” entered the conversation. Then her stolen looks to my bag told me we were clear to proceed further.

“11.10PM” the digital clock on the wall displayed in red letters.

Our eyes locked with a silence following.

“Let’s start then?” I asked her.

“Yes please.” Her smile told me that the nervousness and shyness between us was gone.


I stood up with her.

“Let me help you with that thing you’re wearing.” I offered.

She nodded. Slowly I untied the knots of her soft white bathrobe. And took it off her body. She wore nothing but a lacy black bra and matching panties. Her almond skin looked beautiful in the yellow golden light. Her fit body was complemented perfectly with mid size breasts and a cute butt.

“You thought this through, didn’t you?” I asked her with a smile when I noticed the lacy lingerie.

“And you didn’t?” She replied with another smile.

I looked stupid in my T-shirt çankırı escort and shorts in front of this goddess.

“So we’ll do it on the table today, okay?” I asked.

“As you wish, ????????????.” She said.

I couldn’t help but admire her cheeky smile.

I took her to the table and moved the chair aside.

“So, I want you bent on this table.”

“Um. Okay.” slight nervousness returning to her voice.

I fetched the pouch out of my bag and a stainless steel tray. I placed the items on the table and settled in the chair.

“Okay you can bend down now.” I told her.

She leaned and placed her hands and breasts on the table. Her buttocks in the air.

“I’m going to take off your panties now, okay?”

“Okay.” Nervousness mixed with excitement in her voice.

I moved my hands to the fabric of her panties and slowly pulled them down to her knees. Her clean shaved vagina was exposed to me. I was gonna remember this beautiful site forever. I settled back in the chair near the table. And i started emptying the contents of the pouch in the steel tray. Her eyes following my every single move. Anticipation in her eyes.

“So, today I’m going to give two injections, in the butt obviously. Vitamin B12 shots of course. A 30mgc dose split in two injections for more effectiveness. Okay?” Me.

“Yes. O…Okay.” Her.

“I’m going to use regular clear plastic syringes and 1 inch needles, 22 gauge. Since it’s your first time in years, let’s start small okay. And also it’s my first time and we don’t wanna hurt you more than just necessary.” I smiled as I gave her the information.

“Um. Hmm.” Her.

I started preparing the injections in front of her. I took the vial out of its protective plastic packaging. Took a couple of clear syringes out of their packs. And a pair of needles with their caps on them. And finally 6 tiny packs of alcohol wipes. All in the steel tray. Her eyes watching the tray carefully. I broke the vial and sucked approximately half of the tiny amount of red liquid in the first syringe. And the second syringe occupied the rest. I took the needles and attached them to the syringes on their hubs. Two injections ready in the steel tray. I unpacked 4 of the six alcohol wipes and placed them in the tray.

“A bit cold down there?” I asked her to break the silence, gesturing towards her butt and exposed vagina.

“Not at all. Not at all.” She replied in a low voice.

I moved the tray, towards her. She looked at it. Anticipation in her eyes. Nervousness. Fear?.

“Are you sure? You can still say No.” I asked her once more.

“Um. Yes I want to do this.” She said.

“Relax okay. Do you trust me?”

“Yes of course baby.” This “baby” shit killed me.

“Anything before we move ahead?”

“Just be a bit gentle okay, you know this is our first time after all.”

“I will be darling. Don’t worry.”

“Okay. Let’s do this then.”

“Good girl. Get ready then.”

I pulled the tray towards me picked up a syringe tapped it with my finger to get rid of any air in there. All happening in front of her face. Removed the cap on the needle and pushed a little on the plunger to get rid of the air a tiny drop of red liquid came out of the bevel of the needle. The needle shined in the dim lighting. The second syringe followed suit.

Still sitting in front her I told her –

“So for the first one we’re going to go the medical professional way, one quick jab and all in. Not much pain. Then we’ll talk about the rest and what we want çayyolu escort to do.”

She nodded, the tension in the room reaching new levels now.

I stood up from my chair and went to stand directly behind her. Her beautiful butt in front of me. I placed my hand on her naked lower back and told her to relax.

“It’s going to be fine. I just need you to relax your left buttcheek now.”

I moved my palm to her butt and gently ran in over her buttcheekes trying to relax her.

“Relax darling, relax.”

My fingers pinching her left buttcheek.

This is it. I thought.

I picked a alcohol wipe from the tray and gently started cleaning the top left corner of her left buttcheek.

“How does it feel?” I asked her.

“Cold.” She replied.

For nearly 15 seconds I cleaned the site of injection. As I was finishing the cleaning i grabbed the first injection with my right hand.

After I was done cleaning moved to her left a bit. And for a moment concentrated on the wet spot on her naked ass.


“Um hmm.” her answer came through her teeth.

“Relax.” I said placing my hand on her right buttcheek and positioning the needle a couple of centimeters away at 90 degrees from her skin.


Then in a single move in inserted the needle in. The needle penetrating her soft skin and the shaft of the needle went right in her muscle. As the needle went in a soft little “Ahhhhh” came from her. A little jolt too but i held her butt firm with my hand. The needle all the way inside her skin, to the white seal point of the needle hub pushing in her skin.

“Does it hurt a lot baby?” I asked.

“A bit.” Another low response.

“Relax.” My palm gently stroking her smooth skin.

I pulled the plunger a bit up to catch no sign of blood as expected. Then slowly started pushing it in. Another, slightly louder “Aaaah” followed.

“Relax baby, I’m going to be very gentle now.” My hand cressing her back and butt. Then very slowly I started pushing on the plunger mith my thumb. One micron at a time the liquid entering her heavy breathing body. For at least 30 – 40 seconds I kept the needle inside her cute little butt. Every second felt amazing. My hands on her butt, relaxing her, while my other hand kept the needle in place and pushed the B12 in her body. A few moments later the rubber of the plunger touched the base of the barrel. I gently started pulling the needle out. First the shaft came out slowly, she skin being pulled a little with it. Then the tip was out. Another little “Aaah”.

“Almost done baby.”

A tiny drop of blood appeared on the site if injection. I took a alcohol wipe and carefully placed it on her naked butt. I started slowly cressing the site of injection with the wipe. In around 15 second her body felt relaxed.

I tossed the syringe and the alcohol wipes back in the tray and went to stand in front of her.

“How was that?”

“A little bit painful. But I really liked it. Really really loved it actually.” She said as a big smile came to her face.

“Oh thank god. I thought it was too much pain for you.”

“Not at all. I actually…liked the pain.” She said almost blushing.

“Brave girl, aren’t you?” The smile returning to our faces.

I leaned forward and kisses her forehead.

“So excited for the second one?” I asked.

“Very excited. But I’m not the only one it seems.” She looked down at my shorts.

I looked down and “The Bulge” was very visible. A awkward smile came to my face.

“Let’s get started with the second injection then.” I said awkwardly grabbing the steel tray.



(Part 1?)

This is only the first story I’ve written, so constructive criticism and all kinds of feedback is hugely appreciated.

Okay. G’day.

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