First local meet………….

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First local meet………….The day eventually arrived and the anticipation of the meet which had played havoc on my mind had dawned. Only a few hours left of work and then a meeting which in some ways was exciting and extremely fraught with trepidation. I felt as if I had worked for this liaison for a very long time and I kind of thought that I had in some way earned it.I guess he has a profile picture in which immediately takes you attention as your eyes fall upon him for the first time. The bonus is that he is also local, somewhat reducing any travelling time down to a minimum. I new in my heart that I had to have him for myself and before anybody else managed to claim him for there own.Let me quickly explain the photograph in which this gorgeous man show cased himself to us. Full length legs encased in stockings which ran from the tips of his toes to the top of his thighs. A suspender held the stockings in place and was secured around his waist. A pair of very skimpy knickers overlaid his groin area which fought a struggle to contain the obvious outline of his fully erected state.The best part in my opinion was the shoes, I am a pushover for a great pair of shoes often coming home and slipping on some sexy shoes at home whilst I relax for the evening. He was wearing a black pair of opened toed very strappy and raised heel shoes, just does it for me and my gaze spent several extra moments taking in his shoes. I must admit that since I first saw his profile some time back I have often taken this image to the privacy of my own bed to help with the exploration of my own body.As I slid in to the seat and operated the ignition switch and before actually starting the engine I decided to punch in the co-ordinates on the sat nav to guide me to his place of residence. The map appeared and shrew me the magical destination to which I am to travel. I was surprised it was only about five miles away in a small village that surrounds this main town. The engine sprang in to life and we were on our way. I hadn’t gone a few metres before a small bleep reminded me that the vehicle was low on fuel. A few moments later I found my self at the fuel forecourt filling the tank.As I was about to present my debit card for payment and a display of flowers caught my eye, I decided to buy a bunch to present to him on arrival. How would he react I wondered? After all do men give other men flowers. These thoughts raced through my mind for a few seconds as I waited for the customer in front to clear the counter.A decision was arrived at soon, and I thought it wouldn’t do me any harm to at least present them to him. I paid my bill and left the fuel station to continue my journey to our meet. I don’t remember much of the rest of the travel to his house as my mind was in a state of high excitement and trepidation, with the symptoms manifesting its self by a constant dryness to my mouth.All to soon the sat nav lead me in to a cul-de-sac and I dutifully followed the directions until I heard the announcement that I had reached my destination. I switched off the engine and waited until the sound died away. For quite a few moment I just waited in the silence of the lane. Two small boys appeared in the distance, both with skate boards and then disappeared through a opening in the hedge and on to a field to practice there art.I now gathered in some courage and decided to now go and knock on the door. Picking up the flowers from the passenger seat I alighted in to the street and looked around. I wondered if anybody was watching from any of the windows. I guess the unusual situation made me consider that everybody knew what I was in the neighbourhood to do, and it made me uneasy about my presence here. I again waited for a few minutes with my back propped up against the car door. But at this point I new I was only delaying the inevitable rendezvous and decided to meet my fears head on.I glanced at the door in front of me, a small sticker read that any door sales men would be asked for identification before being admitted to the building, I guess it made me smile a little and helped reduce the fear that I was currently experiencing. One deep breath and I found my self with my finger pressed firmly on the door bell. Some distance sound seemed to emanate inside the house and then a few moments of silence before the reception door opened.I heard his voice first “hello” he said “do come in” a voice it seems was a lot calmer than mine would have been if the roles were reversed. I offered him the flowers Oh, thank you very much! How thoughtful of you he said. I dutifully followed him inside and he lead me on in to the house and through to a lounge area. He took the flower and placed them in a vase of water and stood them in the bedroom, then returned to me. “please sit down” it almost sounded like a command, than a request. I did as I was instructed and sat down in the couch as indicated by him. Would you like a drink he asked me, and gave me a range to choose from.After selecting a choice I sat back and watched him as he began to mix the drink. He was wearing a house coat concealing to me what he was wearing beneath kağıthane escort the garment, but I was aware he was dressed to impress me when it was revealed. The only thing I could see was his nylon clad legs exposed beneath the short house coat. Indeed a stirring sight and I immediately knew this was to be more than a getting to know you meeting.As I watched from the couch I was beginning to realise that my nervousness was being replace by a desire to unveil what ever he was hiding from my sight. and was reinforced by my now obvious arousal, manifesting itself quite clearly in the front of my trousers. And I didn’t attempt to cover up my physical state either. He turned back towards me and brought two glasses of drinks back to the couch, handed me one and then sat down in the seat next to me in our intimate zone. He certainly didn’t seem in the least shy or awkward about what was soon possibly to happen to the both of us.We engaged in what I could describe as pleasant conversation about anything other than sex, or our current situation, and talked like this for sometime. Eventually we put down our empty glasses on the table. The alcohol in the drink now acted as a relaxant and all nerves for me were gone at this point.The next move I didn’t expect as he took hold of my hand and squeezed it firmly, but also with great gentleness as well. As looked up towards him, his mouth now closed in on mine. That moment when his lips made contact with mine was incredible. I could taste the alcohol on his lips, and my mind for a moment or two fought with my idea of our actions being culturally wrong. Some how he seemed to sense my hesitation and pressed in a little more firmly to stop me from backing away. I could now feel his tongue sweeping along the length of my lips and trying to invade my inner mouth.At that point I gave way and relaxed my muscles, he took the cue and fully penetrated me with his tongue. OMG!! I thought I am bloody well enjoying this amazing sensation. that this guy was bestowing on me. He clearly wanted me! and I wanted him so much as well. The stickiness of his lipstick and its sensation on my mouth nearly drove me mad with delight. My lower regions were also in a state of extreme pleasure and aching to put in a appearance as soon as possible.I guess he must have sensed my urgency as he took full control of the actions of my mouth and emanated what I hoped he would later do to my now bursting cock. His hands were stroking up and down my face and following every contour of my shape, one moment gently caressing me and another moment pulling me in so our mouths clashed more firmly together. He started to relaxed a little from the kiss and drew slightly away. “are you enjoying what we are doing” I just nodded my head to confirm. My mouth was to dry with desire to answer him properly. My cock at this point had uncomfortably forced its way through the restriction imposed on its by tight underpants. And the tip was now occupying the space between the pants and my trousers. I could sense that I was leaking lubrication as my glans was sticking to the material. I really needed to be freed from my encumbered predicament but didn’t want to do it myself as I might have appeared too pushy. “Honey” I said in a low voice, seemed a strange thing to say to a man whom I have just met. But it just seemed the right thing to call him. After all we were being very intimate. He seemed to sense what the problem was and decided to release me from the discomfort. He took one last kiss as he drew away from my mouth. “stand up please” it came across gentle spoken but with a aire of authority about him.I rose to my feet and the uncomfortableness became worse as the now stretched material tried to drag my erected condition in a downward direction. I stood there fully raised before him,but it was obvious that I was in a much aroused state. The front of me was bulging outwards and away from me and the little moist sticky patch on the front of my trousers was clear for all to see. He also stood up as well and faced me with a little smile on his face. With a flick of his wrist he had undone the tie on his housecoat and with a wiggle of the shoulders the garment slid to a crumpled heap on the floor.I trembled at him as the sight that greeted my eyes was a Basque, red in colour with black piping and panels to match. Suspended beneath was the minky stockings held in place by the black suspender strap. Slender legs ending with black open toed strappy high heeled shoes. And As the coat fell away from him, I noticed a smell of expensive French perfume although I couldn’t identify it by name you can always tell when its expensive. His look was typically sexy, but for our first meeting he was very delightfully dressed for the occasion.He dropped to his knee’s so his face lined up with my groin area. His hands now held my waist and slowly slid them around to the front. The belt buckle was contracted and then skilfully slid undone, the tension was momentarily released and I knew it would only be moments before I was to be exposed. I pulled my tummy bakırköy escort in a little bit as my trouser hook yielded no resistance to him at all. His hands firmly pulled in a downward motion sliding my trousers all the way to my ankles. Again his fingers returned and followed up with the removal of my pants in the same manor. I stepped out of my trousers and undergarments and decided it would seem silly to continue to wear my shoes and shirt. So I discarded all of my clothing and opted for nakedness.My pent up discomfort was now free from its concealment and causing several bead of lubricant to flick through the air and land on his hand, his mouth cleaned up the droplets that I had just made, and I felt humbled that he orally ingested my pre-cum with such enthusiasm. I was aware now of the coldness of the air, as my moisture soaked penis evaporated heat in to the atmosphere. not that I was trying to think scientifically at all, and I doubt he was either. He then broke off our engagement and stood up and turned away from me. I was disappointed and not to mention very frustrated at this unexpected action.“What’s the matter?” I exclaimed in a small voice, “don’t worry yourself,” came the reply, its alright. I watched him go to a small clutch bag on the table and remove a lipstick from it, he proceeded to re-apply colouring to his lips and a gloss to seal in the effect. Then he returned to his original position. My cock hadn’t lost any of its desire for him even throughout the short break, and was still seeping clear lubricant from its business end.The next movement was a shock to my system, suddenly and without warning his newly glossed mouth slid over my erected shaft and I watched in utter amazement as I began to disappear inside his red and glossed halo of pure pleasure. The sensation was almost to much to bare and I clasped the side of his ears and shouted out with absolute pleasure at what he was subjecting me to. I felt His tongue sweep across the glans and the muscles squeezing down on my shaft attempting to milk my very being.I could feel my heart beating like a steam train increasing the pressure and causing my cock to grow and expand in his oral cavity. and as his tongue spiralled its way down my erect member I was aware of a uncontrollable leak of pre-seminal fluid mixing with his own saliva and causing a slippery sliding tube of intense pleasure. The warmth that I experienced when being enclosed by his mouth mirrored the coolness when he disengaged and allowed the air to again chill me through evaporation process.The aroma of the expensive French perfume and the visual view of the black on red under garments were now seriously over whelming my ability to think straight and all I knew that within a very short time I was going to be very intimate in this man’s mouth. Between the waves of pleasure I decided somehow I would warn him that a full climax between those glossed lips was going to be a distinct possibility. I don’t think my word’s carried much intelligibility as I certainly didn’t understand my blubberings my self, even after I said them to him. He either didn’t hear or chose to ignore the warning about his imminent fate and continued the onslaught on my blood engorged tool. The room continued to swim around as I continued to take in the scene.I was watching my cock being devoured before my own eyes, disappearing and reappearing as his glossed red lips steadfastly pistoned up and down my shaft. Saliva continually mixed with natural lubricant which was evident every time his withdrawal was complete. The beautiful red Basque and stockings complete with the shoes were creating a heady mix inside my mind, not to mention what the perfume was doing as well. All these things set the conditions for what was about to become a explosion of lust inside me at any moment.When I think about it now, I remembered just cupping his head in my hands and pulling him towards me, and him connecting on to my shaft and holding him there. I had warned him and he chose to ignore it! I guess he was now mine to do what I liked with. My balls were aching with fullness and almost boiling with my pent up seed, ready for an immediate delivery. Just over a week of abstinence was about to enter his face and spill into his throat, I had at this point lost all concern for his predicament and egotistically sought to satisfy the craving I now felt in my groin.The first contraction almost hurt me as my muscles went in to spasm, forcing my sperm tracts to expand to accommodate the astronomical amount of semen that was now cascading down to the point of transferral. Instantaneous large amounts of endorphins flooded in to my brain and overwhelming my every day sensors, blanking out reality. My body found its self in the clutches of a overpowering orgasm in which the like of I don’t think I have ever experienced before. I started to scream at him “YOU SLUT,YOU FUCKIN SLUT”…..My breathing was ragged and uncontrolled and my voice was still screaming obscenities at him in words I didn’t even realise I knew. I don’t think he was aware of şişli escort half I said as he was to busy dealing with the high volume of cum that my cock was exhausting in to his mouth. That initial shot must have entered the back of his throat, and yet I could see he was trying to deal with my warm fluid forcing its self past his lips, but within milliseconds my pulsating cock again spat its venom into the hot receptacle of his mouth and started to escape past the glossed seal and dribble in to view as he attempted to control the leakage.I had some sympathy for his dilemma as my own experience has showed me that swallowing Cum takes time, as the thick liquid sticks to your throat and several attempts are usually required to complete the process. So being overloaded with my creamy milk I thought he was doing well. The third ejaculation almost made him give up as he released my still spurting shaft from his grip, and as it broke free, ejaculate landed on his cheeks in strings and hung there. My mind at this point was in another world as the endorphins swirling around my head and stimulating every pleasure nerve point of my being was now taking its toll.I found my energy reserves low, it seems that to experience such a crashing orgasm and maintain a fully standing position didn’t go hand in hand. Or at least for me it didn’t! So much energy was being used by my lower hip muscles to operate the machinery down there that fuel was draining from my calf muscles to cope with the demand. I found I could no longer stand and started to buckle at the knees and fell as gently as I could to the carpeted floor. He seemed to sense what was happening and moved to give me some space as I descended to his level. After I arrived at my destination unharmed I found myself face to face with him on the floor. I was still in the throes of orgasm although at this point in the cycle I was on the downward spiral but not yet returned to full faculties and still craving his touch.As I gazed at his face I could still see spent seed on his lips although the glossing had all but been erased by our previous action together, some seminal fluid was still was on his cheeks, locating were the recent abundant overspill had occurred. I pulled him tight to me and held him in, just feeling and seeing what he was wearing was extending the post orgasmic feeling that I was still experiencing. My fingers traced a mark across his face making the Cum part as I drew a line through it. And then I gave him an almost to gentle a kiss on his mouth, tasting for myself what my lover had to endure for me in those few precious moments of passion we experienced together.As we lay there on the floor sharing the closeness and the warmth of each others bodies, he raised his left leg and placed it over my hips to encompass me intimately within him. This caused a space to open up around his groin area and I found my own cock now fell naturally in towards his stocking topped thighs. My orgasm at this point had entered the relaxed stage and was bottoming out making me feel sleepy. but not before the dying pulses of my spentout member had dribbled the last droplets of clear sticky milk on to the front of his Basque’s suspender straps.He was a kind man and afforded me some time to recover on the floor. He stayed with me for a while as I climbed down from our activity’s together. Then he got up and left me to enter the kitchen area. I heard the sound of the fridge being opened and a drink being poured. He reappeared and stood in the doorway unaware I could see him as he thought I was asleep. He drunk from a large glass of orange juice and I smiled to myself as I realised that he was cleansing his mouth from the onslaught that my seminal attack had left his mouth in.He did a bit of browsing on the mobile phone and continued with a second glass of juice but left off these activities to reapply the lipstick and gloss to his lips. He set down the drinking glass and came over to were I was recovering. He could see I was smiling at him and held out my hand for him to assist me up. I was now aware now of my male nakedness against his feminine appearance but dutifully followed him as he led me to his bedroom, I watched as he slowly peeled off his female attire and placed the them in the washing basket to allow the detergent do battle to restore his garments to there former glory by removing any traces of the seminal onrush I carried out on him earlier,We turned and faced each other and held hands. He leaned forward and again kissed me on the lips for a few moments and then drew away again. I could feel the stickiness of his mouth as the gloss parted company with my own as disengagement was complete. Those hands again encircled my hips and drew me bodily towards him and made me aware of his obvious hardness as he pressed his member in to my own. I myself had become flaccid following my own sexual contentment of that previous encounter. But of course he had not in a physical way had his own needs attended to and was now pressing me to fulfil that desire. As I began to curl my fingers around his now fully expanded cock, he stopped me for a second and pointed to the en’suite shower in the corner on the bedroom. “I think we both need to shower” he was right of course as the dry chalkie marks on his body was evidence enough to prove that my encounter with him was in all senses of the word, Erotic! As we entered he turned on the valve and we plunged under the warm inviting water.

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