First Meet Up

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Lori’s nervous, nervous and excited. She’s reread all of the emails that were written and shared over the past couple of weeks. There are a lot of them. This is good. Now Lori’s getting more excited, less nervous.

He’s there before me and I’m supposed to text when I get there. How does one prepare to meet someone they are going to have sex with for the first time? This is new. It’s definitely been awhile and I know I don’t want to wait any longer.

Paul was a surprise. I don’t know what I really expected when I posted an ad. Paul was not what I expected. Paul has turned out to be delightful. I’ve written you/me erotic stories a few times in the past; maybe this is my fourth word lover? No one has been able to keep up with me the way Paul has. Not just in volume but in narrative and content. I’m really impressed by him. The actions he describes and scenarios he spins tales from are engaging and hot. Quite fucking hot actually which is the point of my being here.

I hope neither of us are disappointed. I know there is going to be the moment when I am naturally naked and waking around and he’s going to be looking at me. That will be uncomfortable but I’ll just have to soldier on. After a while it won’t be so bad. Maybe I can think of me walking around in a body instead of my body. Or maybe he really does dig rolling curves and wide asses. Who am I to yuck his yum?

I kind of just want to walk in there and look at him for the first time and just lean in for a kiss and let nature the offer izle take its course. I think it would be fun to roll over naked after some hot sex and say, “hi, I’m Lori.” The dude better say he’s Paul. If not, well, let’s not go there.

So I walk in. I’m licking my lips like crazy. Do I use mouthwash beforehand? Carry a mint? Brush my teeth? I don’t know. Did I wear the right thing? I want to be ok looking, easy to get in and out of, something I feel comfortable in but not overdo it. He knows I’m more earth mama. I think I’ve done a good job of setting those expectations. Again, who am I to yuck his yum?

Paul has been a sneaky rat bastard and not actually shown me what he looks like. I’m going to have to take a minute to take him in. I imagine a 55 year old married business man. Light blue eyes, light brown hair, nice hands. Six feet tall? Tall is good. So when I lean in to kiss him I’ll have to lean up and in for the kiss.

You know what is super sexy? It’s the whole hands touching face thing. The fingers caressing the cheek, the chin lift, the hands holding the head. All of that is super sexy. I wonder if I can control myself when we first meet or will I take over. I kind of want to take over just a little. Maybe before we even say anything to each other lean in for the kiss. Drop my bag or whatever else I’m carrying (water? should I bring some water?) and immediately start kissing and touching.

I really want to touch. Do people in their 50’s still undress the old man izle each other in a sexy playful way? I stop thinking about people in their 50’s and focus more on what I want. I want to touch and be touched. Ok, so we are standing there, kissing and touching and he goes to touch my boobs.

They are heavy and like to be lifted. He lifts them up and starts to cup and feel them. I work on undoing my bra and taking my shirt off. That is so much better. Having my breasts bared for him to see and feel them. For Paul to give them attention. Oh, he is putting his mouth on a nipple. Oh, now he is starting to suck and he is massaging and oooh, that was a bite. It all feels so good. We are still standing there in the entry way.

Together we manage to make our way to the couch in the room. Paul sits down and drags me towards him. He wants me on my knees so he can spend more time with my boobs. I try to get comfortable and my hand naturally finds its way to his cock. Oh, it is a nice cock. He’s sucking on my boobs and I’m rubbing on his cock just like the way we’ve written so many times before. And it’s better, so much better. He slips his fingers into my panties and feels my wetness. I think I am going to cum right then and there without even any clit play and then he’s on my clit and now he’s inside me. Inside me with his fingers. Oh, my hips start to move. This feels so good.

Paul really takes charge now. He wants me to taste his cock – just a little and I do. the passage izle It tastes and smells so good. Maybe too good. He grabs my hair and pulls me off his dick and says not now, later, maybe. He pulls a little more and tells me what he wants. I’m to be naked with my knees on the couch and my hands on the back of the seat. When I’m in position, he goes back to playing with my pussy. mmm, so good. and his fingers are inside me. mmm, that’s good too. My back bows and my head falls forward as my hips start moving and my thighs start to twitch. Oh how I want him inside me.

“Please be inside me,” I say resting my head on the back of the couch. I don’t know what he’s doing but next I feel his finger play with my ass. Mmm, that’s good too. I’m still waiting. I still want his cock inside me. And then I feel a plug start to enter me. Slowly and persistently he works on getting it in me. My breathing is heavy as I feel it enter me. He’s also been playing with my clit this whole time. I’m going fucking nuts.

“Please, please enter me. Please fuck me. Please fuck me now.” He grabs a hold of my hips and enters me from behind and he fills me and the plug fills me and I feel like I’m going to shatter and he slams into my back side every time and when he does I feel his cock and the plug wanting to dance with each other. I’m a wet pussy mess and cum so easily and I can feel him pulsing inside me.

Inside me! Oh it feels so good. He cums and lets his cock go flaccid before he pulls it out of me and he pulls the plug out at the same time. I fall into the couch. He goes to wash his hands I tag him when he comes back and soon enough we are both on the couch.

Is it silent? Is it awkward? Are we shy? I lean into him and kiss him and say, “Hi, I’m Lori. it’s nice to finally meet you.”

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