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first timeFor as long as I can remember, my favorite person in the whole world has been my uncle. I love my mom, my family, my best friend, but sometimes I just don’t want to be around them. That has never been the case with Uncle Benny.Uncle Benny has a way of always knowing what to say. He makes me smile when I’m grumpy. Can cheer me up when I’m sad. Makes me feel good about myself, when I’m feeling down. He even knows when to just sit and be quiet when I want him around, but don’t want to talk. He never speaks down to me. Even when I was little, he would talk to me sincerely about everything from books, to dolls, to cartoons, always giving me his full attention. At playtime tea parties, he was always a willing participant, never acting as if he would rather be doing something else.I guess I have always had a bit of a crush on him, but nothing that I ever thought would lead anywhere. It’s more of the idea, that I hoped to someday meet a guy just like him.Uncle Benny runs a construction company. He has been in construction for his whole adult life. He stands about 6’3″ tall, which makes him over a foot taller than me. He has very broad shoulders, over a powerful chest. If he carries a little extra weight around the middle, it is because he likes his beer, and loves good food. He’s not fat, just a bit of cushion. Besides with his large frame it looks good on him. It also makes his hugs all the better. All the time, girls, and even some guys, greet my uncle with a huge bear hug. They are the best!He has unruly sandy blond hair, that even when short, has a mind of it’s own. He is not traditionally handsome, but has raw, rugged good looks. Kind of a sexy cowboy/working man look about him. His quick smile and wicked sense of humor, has women giving him attention wherever we go.His best feature by far though, is his arms! Years of hard work, and heavy lifting, has given him the arms of a superhero. His biceps are huge. He has powerful forearms, and wrists, that are tan from working outside. His hands are big and work hardened. While they are strong and callused, I have also seen those hands gently hold, and bottle feed a young bunny the dogs had dragged home. When wrapped around you, those arms feel like they would keep you safe from anything. All my life I have been attracted to his big, manly arms. And trust me, I’ve seen many women glance, and even lightly touch his arm, when they are talking to him. Absolutely gorgeous!My mother works long weekend hours as a sous chef. (She is second in command of the kitchen.) So instead of staying home alone, Uncle Benny picks me up on Fridays, and I stay with him on weekends. It is the best part of my week. He makes sure I do all my homework, and I do have chores I have to do, but mostly it’s just us, having a good time.On this particular Saturday, we had gone into town on errands. We had lunch at my favorite place, and then went to a bookstore, where we both just love browsing all the used books for hours. We picked up some dinner, and Uncle Benny let me pick out the movie to rent. We got home, ate dinner, and I went to change into my P.J.’s. Well they aren’t really pajamas, just one of my Uncles big old, T-shirts, and some fuzzy socks.I put the movie in while Uncle Benny went to make himself a drink. I was all ready to go when he returned. The movie had a few laughs, but was pretty terrible. Uncle Benny got up to make a second drink, then after awhile he got up again.”Yeah, this movie isn’t very good, but we paid for it so we should at least finish it.” I told him.He agreed so I pushed play. I laid my pillow over his lap and leaned over to get comfortable. The movie didn’t get any better. I didn’t think Uncle Benny was enjoying it because he kept fidgeting around.I moved, trying to find a more comfortable position. I scooted higher up onto his lap. Normally he left his cell phone on the table by the door, I thought that he forgot and left it in his pocket.I reached under the pillow. “What’s poking my ear?” It wasn’t his phone. Not his pocket knife, or pen either. For what seemed like minutes, but couldn’t have been more than a second, I was holding my Uncles boner.Uncle Benny yelled at me, and I was sure he must be really mad. “I’m Sorry! I’m Sorry” I cried out. I was almost sure I knew what I had done but I was hoping I might be wrong. “Um, was that, what I think it was?”His face was red in what I was thought was anger. “Let’s just finish this stupid movie and forget about it.”I wanted to cry. I moved to the other side of the couch squeezing my pillow. It was an accident. I didn’t mean to. He probably thought I was an idiot. Or worse, what if he thought I did it onpurpose. I couldn’t even look at him. We finished the end of the movie, and we both just sat there.Eventually, Uncle Benny got up and stomped into the kitchen. I heard him putting ice into his glass and then, slam the freezer door. I didn’t think it was my fault, but part of me wondered. Did I do it because I was curious?He came back in and sat down. ” I’m sorry Uncle Benny. I am SOOO sorry.” He looked at me like he didn’t understand a word I was saying.”What? Kaylee, you did nothing wrong! It was all my fault. Why are you apologizing?””Because I touched your… thing, and now you are mad at me.” I was really starting to get confused. He wasn’t mad at me?”Oh Sweetie! That was not your fault and I’m not mad at you. I was mad at me and ashamed at myself.”Now I really didn’t understand. “Why?” I asked him. He looked upset and turned away from me.”Because of the… condition I was in.”I tried to figure out what he meant. Condition? Did he mean drunk? I knew he had had a few, but he always handled his drinks well. He didn’t appear drunk to me. I was so confused.Then it occurred to me. “Why was it hard?” I blurted out without thinking.He started to give me a talk about reproduction, I was so embarrassed. “Not That!!!” I was trying to piece things together here. I was so puzzled, my head was spinning. “I mean, why was YOURS hard? We were watching a lame k**s movie!”Uncle Benny looked like he was about to crawl inside the couch. He said something about seeing my legs. How my shirt had pulled up, and he saw my panties, and even my butt. I was mortified, but also excited. He was looking at me? Like that?I realized he had finished talking. “You mean you were looking at me when that happened?” I felt a warmth inside, a sense of pride that sort of made me tingle. “It was like that because of me?”He started to apologize, said it would never happen again. He said he would never do anything like this again.I didn’t understand. He didn’t do anything. I was self-conscious about him seeing my underwear, but if he liked it? I didn’t know what I felt. If seeing me made him excited, what did that mean? Was I attractive to him? Did he think I was pretty? I started to feel a tingle between my legs. I could feel my nipples pinch in tight. My cheeks flushed. I suddenly wanted him to see me, look at me, like a woman, not some little girl.”You can look at me some more” I whispered. “If you want to.”I was so nervous. What if he said no? Was I being stupid. What if he thought it was funny? Why would he want to look at a skinny little girl? Oh my god! What if he said yes? Could I do it?”Why would you say that?” He asked.”Well when you said that you got a… well, you izmir escort know, because of looking at me, it made me feel kind of special. Pretty I guess. It felt good to know you liked seeing me that way.”He said. “Honey, you don’t have to let me look at you like an old pervert for me to tell you how pretty you are.””But you have never looked at me that way before you saw my panties… I want you to look at me and see what you think.””Kaylee! You don’t have to do this. I think you are a very pretty girl.””I know I don’t HAVE to do this. You would never MAKE me do something like this. I trust you Uncle Benny. I want to do this.” I knew right then I wanted him to look at me, I wanted him to like what he saw. I realized that if looking at my body made him excited, I wanted him to see all of me. “Do you want to look at me?”I stood up, in front of him. He looked at me, I saw the debate going on in his head. Then he slightly nodded his head.I grabbed the bottom of my shirt, took a deep breath, and pulled it over my head. I was standing in front of a full grown man, wearing nothing but my bra, and panties. My hands were shaking. I slowly turned a full circle. Uncle Benny was sitting there, without a sound, just looking at me.I could feel my cheeks burning, but there was nothing that was going to stop me now. I reached behind me, unclasped my bra and slid the straps off. I could feel my heart pounding. Nobody had ever seen my boobs since they started to grow, NO ONE. I knew they were small, but when I looked at them in the mirror, they seemed to be shaped okay. What if they looked like a little girls? I almost decided to stop right there. No! I removed my bra and let it drop.I stood there for a moment. I was more embarrassed than I have ever been. At the same time, I felt little butterflies. They started between my legs and flew in every direction. Leaving little tingles from my head to my toes.I reached for my underwear. For some reason, this didn’t seem to bother me as much. I do a lot of running, and think that I am in pretty good shape. I guess I am proud of my legs and butt. I waited a second, then stepped out of my panties. When I stood up, I could feel the air against the wetness between my legs. I couldn’t believe myself. I was like a horny little slut! Was this really happening?I turned around a few more times, then stopped and waited. I stood there just staring at my feet. Did he like what he saw? He was so quiet. I slowly looked up into his face. I couldn’t read his expression. He was just looking at me. All of me. I lowered my gaze, and what I saw made me giggle. His shorts were tented up in front, with what I can only imagine was a hard-on. His eyes cleared a bit and he looked at me questioningly. “What is it?”I pointed at his lap. “It looks like it happened again.” He must think I look good I thought. I don’t think that happens, just because. I felt a little shiver that had nothing to do with the temperature.”Well? Do you think I’m pretty?” I asked.”Oh my God Kaylee! You are so far beyond pretty I’m not sure there is a word for it!” I felt like screaming! He did like me! “You are damn near perfect!”I felt so excited! “Oh Uncle Benny, do you really think so?”He stood up from the couch. “Have you ever known me to lie?”I ran and threw my arms around him. I was so happy. All of a sudden, it occurred to me that I was butt naked! My arms wrapped around a man! I felt the bulge in his shorts pressing against my tummy. An electric shock ran through my whole body, and I was again aware of the moistness of my crotch. I couldn’t believe it. I was really turned on!His head leaned down, and I could feel his warm breath in my ear as he whispered. “Thank you for letting me see all your beautiful secrets. Now I think you better get upstairs and get ready for bed before things get even more awkward.” Then he almost made me jump by giving my butt a mischievous slap!My body broke out in goosebumps. I gave him what I hoped was a sexy wink. “MMMMMM!”I picked up my clothes and forced myself not to run for the stairs. I turned at the bottom and said. “I’ll call when I’m ready for bed.” I’m pretty sure that he had been watching me the whole time.”Just go you little exhibitionist!” He chuckled.I turned and gave my best little fanny wiggle. Then ran up the stairs.I rushed into my room and threw my clothes on the bed. I felt like I was walking on air. I stood in front of my mirror, looking at myself from every angle. I tried my best to see myself as he did. I didn’t hate my body, but like all girls, I have plenty of insecurities. I smiled to myself. “Well, even if I don’t see it, he seemed to like what he saw.”I used the bathroom, then got ready for bed. I yelled downstairs, and jumped into my bed. I couldn’t stop smiling.When he walked into the room, my heart started beating faster. “Thanks for making me feel so special tonight””It was my pleasure Sweetie! But you know we probably shouldn’t have done that, and we definitely better keep that secret to ourselves.””I know that Uncle Benny, but I still enjoyed it.” I was thinking furiously. I didn’t want him to go. I felt so amazing, I had to think of some way to keep him here with me. He must have seen something in my face.”Is something on your mind?” He asked me.I knew what I wanted but was scared to ask. “Uncle Benny… Would you get mad if I asked you for something?””Of course not!” But that doesn’t mean you will get what you ask for.”I was so embarrassed that I could feel the heat in my cheeks. “Would you teach me how to kiss?””You have never kissed a boy? Not at school, or summer camp, or on the track bus?”Honestly, the farthest I had ever gone was holding a boys hand in the fourth grade. I don’t really know why, but boys my age never really attracted me. The athletic boys, always seemed kind of dumb. The smart boys didn’t seem to have a clue on how to talk to a girl. I know I sound a little stuck up, and I don’t mean to be. I just always wanted to wait for just the right kind of guy. Someone who was strong, sexy, smart. Someone just like my Uncle Benny.”Nope.” I answered. “Most of my friends have. Sometimes they make fun of me because I never have. They call me prude. But I think that you would be a good guy to show me how.”He looked hesitant, but didn’t say no right away. “Honey, I’m not sure that is such a good idea. I’m your uncle, and that’s not proper. Plus I’m older than your own mother! Wouldn’t you rather do that with a boy your own age?””No. I want it to be with someone who I trust and won’t make fun of me if I do something wrong. Even though you are my uncle, you are also my best friend. Besides, we weren’t being very proper earlier were we?” I smiled thinking about standing naked in front of him.”Are you sure?” He asked “I would hate for you to do something and then feel bad about it later”Right then I don’t think I ever wanted something more. “I’m sure!”My heart was going a mile a minute. I wasn’t sure if this was really going to happen.He looked at me, then reluctantly agreed. “Okay, sit up. First thing is to just be comfortable. Put your arms around my neck and I will put mine on your waist. Don’t over think what you are doing just let your body do what feels right. Now I’m going to lean in and kiss you, just feel the moment and relax. When our tongue’s meet just slowly explore each other izmir escort bayan and go with it. Most of all enjoy it. Kissing can sometimes be the most passionate part of a relationship.”I wanted to scream WAIT! I need more information. I don’t know what I’m doing! Then his lips were on mine, and all thought went out the window.His kisses were soft, and slow. I could feel his rough stubble, against my cheek. His warm breath against my lips. My head was spinning. His mouth started to open, so I followed his movements. His tongue met mine and I felt my body tremble. I could taste the sharp bite of whiskey on his breath. I could smell his manly smell. A mixture of sweat, wood, and soap. It was the best smells ever. I did as he said, and just let my mouth do what felt right.My tongue slowly danced with his. My lips pressing against him. His mouth started to close and I was afraid he would end the kiss. I put one hand against his head, the other rubbing his neck, keeping him pulled against me. He pulled me tighter against me. His hands caressing my sides. He pulled at my lip, and sucked it into his mouth. The feeling was incredible.Then to my amazement, his hand reached over and cupped my breast! I almost jumped out of my skin. My boobs are very sensitive. His strong hand squeezed me gently, and I felt my nipple pressing into his palm. “YES!” I moaned, I couldn’t help it. The feeling was so intense.I took his lip into my mouth and nibbled on it like he had done to me. I felt his thumb moving circles around my hard nipple. I was nearly panting against his kisses. How far was this going to go? I didn’t know, and frankly at that moment I didn’t care. If he wanted to throw me back and take me right then, I would have gladly taken him.He started to pull away. NO! I leaned with him till he lovingly pushed against me. I whined like a puppy being pulled away from his mommy. My breath was ragged. My heart pounding out of my chest.He smiled at me. “Wow! Really Wow!”I took a deep breath, then smiled back. “That was awesome! If I had known it was that much fun I’d have been begging boys to kiss me for years. Does it always feel so good?”He chuckled. “I told you a kiss could be passionate.”Did that mean he liked it too? I looked down at his shorts. Sure enough they were bulging out in front. I was proud of myself that I could get that reaction from him. I laughed. “Looks like I’m three for three.” Before I could think about what I was saying, I blurted out. “Can I see it? I’ve never seen one before” As soon as I said it I was mortified.He didn’t seem shocked, he just asked. “Never? You live in the internet age!?! You have never seen a penis?”I’d seen my friends baby brother, the horses my Uncle owned, some statues in books, but never seen a man in person.”Kaylee. You are a really young girl. I don’t think you should be seeing your uncle’s penis.””Should my uncle be looking at me naked?” He looked guilty. I didn’t mean it to come out sounding so bad. I smiled and he seemed to relax.”You got me on that one. So is this considered extortion or blackmail?””Why don’t we just say a favor returned?” He stood up. He was going to do it! I sat up and practically stared a hole into him.He slid his shorts to the ground and stepped out of them. I was in shock. His member was standing straight and proud. Slightly curved back towards his body. I was amazed.My first thought was, I’m so small. How is that ever going to fit inside of me? This made me wonder. Who said anything about that? Were we going to have sex? Did I want to? I had heard that if a girl teased a boy enough, that he had to have sex. Was that true? Is that what I was doing? I really didn’t think I was ready to go there. I was scared for a moment.I thought back to when we were kissing, and relaxed. I didn’t know if Uncle Benny was going to have sex with me, but I knew how he made me feel. I trusted him more than anyone else. If he wanted my virginity, it was his for the asking. I knew he would never, ever hurt me.”It’s so big!” Was all I could say.He gave a small chuckle. I didn’t feel like he was making fun of me, but I blushed anyway.”So how long will it stay like that?” I asked without looking away.”Probably till I can go to my room and masturbate.” He laughed.I tried to think of a way that I could keep him from leaving. “Okay, but not until you kiss me just one more time. You know just to make sure I got it.” I knew he wasn’t buying that excuse, but he sat down on the bed.”Okay, but just one kiss.”He leaned over and I immediately put my hands around his neck. Greedily pulling his lips to mine. It was so passionate. I was melting in his arms. His tongue against mine was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. His hand went back to my breast, squeezing, and rubbing, causing me to gasp. I ran my hand down his back and placed it on his thigh. I wanted to feel his manhood, but was too scared to try.He started to pull away, and I panicked. “No! It’s Okay!” I panted against him. I didn’t want him to stop. Not ever!He looked at me with a fire in his eyes. He gently lowered me onto my back, my head on my pillows. His head came down and he kissed me even more passionately than before. His hand was now playing with both of my breasts. Little sounds kept escaping my lips. He started to kiss my jaw, then my neck. I felt like I was about to explode. There was a heat between my legs that was growing almost unbearable.His hand was softly running across my tummy. I wanted so bad for him to go farther. It was like having an itch on your back. If you don’t reach it soon you are going to go insane. I reached down and took his wrist. I tried to move his hand. His strong arm flexed and stopped me.I leaned my head down and found his ear. I playfully bit the lobe, then whispered just one word. “Please.” I would have begged right then. I didn’t care, I had no shame. I just knew that I wanted to feel his touch.He picked his head up, looked me in the eye and then attacked me with kisses. His hand lowered down and pressed firmly against me. Without his lips against mine, I would have screamed out loud. His fingers started to move around on top of my cotton panties. Feeling and probing my sensitive areas.I had never really masturbated before. I have touched myself a time or two, gotten turned on, but stopped soon after. Never anything like this! His finger ran from top to bottom, tracing the outline of my lips through my underwear. I was practically dripping wet. Then his finger found the magic spot just at the top, and made a circular ring around it. “Oh God! That feels so good!”I was going crazy. He was giving me feelings that I didn’t even know I could feel. I wanted him to feel the same. I reached down between us and touched his hard, dick.This is so embarrassing, but I feel I need to tell the truth. I had NO idea what to do. I squeezed it once. Then I ran my fingers over it. I think for a minute I even pet it like you would a cat. Yeah, I was young, what can I say?I lost all thought about then. I was breathing like I had just run a fast race. I felt all of my muscles start to tighten. The feel of his finger rubbing against my spot, was going all through me. I felt a wave of pleasure run out from between my legs. I wanted to say how good it felt, when lighting struck.Gibberish came flying out of my mouth, as my whole body escort izmir contracted in a spasm. It felt like I couldn’t breath. Wave after wave of energy came pulsing out of my center, causing my muscles to tighten and relax, with no control. I gasped in a huge breath of air just to yell out. “OH YES!”Uncle Benny’s hand was the cause of all of this. His finger kept pressing me, causing me to jerk again and again. I wanted him to stop, I wanted him to keep going, I wasn’t sure what I wanted. On his own, It seemed he knew what to do. His hand slowed down, and he pressed it firmly against me, causing one last wave to crash against me. I yelled out. “KISS ME!”He leaned up, and gave me a sweet, sexy kiss. I felt warmth all over, and my dizziness slowly passed. My breathing was still rapid, but was slowly coming back into my control.”What was that?” I gasped. I really had no idea what had happened.Uncle Benny just smiled down at me. “Congratulations baby girl. I’m pretty sure that you just had your first orgasm.”That’s what that was? “Well, I’m gonna want a whole bunch more of those!” I cried. I had no idea it was supposed to feel like that! Why did people ever leave the house? I could see staying in all day and doing that for hours!I grabbed Uncle Benny forcefully by the head. I kissed him all over. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I knew that if I could show him a fraction of what he just made me feel, I would. I rolled him onto his back.I reached down and lightly took his manhood in my hands. “I don’t know what to do you have to show me.” I have never wanted anything more than to please him at that moment.”It’s okay you don’t have to…” I put my fingers across his lips. To think, I was worried he might have sex with me before I was ready. Yet here he was telling me I didn’t have to do this. It was right then that I truly started to fall in love with My Uncle Benny.I looked into his eyes, more determined than ever. “Don’t even try to stop me!”He had me grab my lotion, then he took my fingers in his hand. “Just do this.” he squeezed my fingers rhythmically, and I thought I got the idea.I got a little lotion and took him in my hand. It was awesome. He was so hard, yet it was soft also. The thick shaft, warm and almost pulsing against my hand. The tip, mushrooming out, a little darker color than the rest. He took in a deep breath as I started. My hand moving up and down, squeezing him softly. “Oh god Kaylee! Just like that!”I loved the way he was twitching in my hand. His eyes had closed and his breathing was accelerating. I tried different ways, I could tell by his movements, that he liked it when I squeezed harder near the top. Also when I twisted my wrist as I stroked. I was trying my hardest to please him, as he had pleased me.He moaned, and said something I didn’t understand. Come where? Where did he want to go?Then any questions I had were surprised right out of me. His back arched, his legs tensed, and a long low moan came from his mouth. Right then, a huge amount of white creamy fluid erupted from his dick. I was shocked, I wasn’t expecting that, as I leaned over to look, more came flying out! He was bucking up and down, remembering my own orgasm, I smiled. Now I understood the things I learned in health class. I knew what this was, but I didn’t know there would be so much!More fluid came out, I had it all over my shirt, my arm, even on my face. It didn’t bother me, in fact I was proud that I could do this for him. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I kept stroking him as hard as ever.He grabbed my hand. “OH DAMN! That’s enough! Oh hell!” He was panting but smiling too.”Whoa! That was awesome! I know what semen is, but I had no idea it came out like that! Look at my shirt! Some even got on my cheek! I better get this off!” I was laughing and excited. I had not only done it, but it appeared I had done it right too. I pulled off my shirt, quickly realizing that I was showing my bare breasts to my Uncle again. This gave me a quick little shiver. I wiped myself off, and curled up into his arms.We talked for a few more minutes, and I found that after all the excitement, I was suddenly exhausted. I asked him to wait while I changed my clothes. I laughed when I remembered that he had already seen every part of me. I got out of bed, grabbed a clean shirt, and a new, much drier pair of undies, and changed my clothes. I saw that he was watching me, and I really liked that.”Why Uncle Benny! Are you watching me naked?” I asked with mock outrage.”Yup! As a matter of fact I am!” He replied without shame.Maybe I’m a bit of an exhibitionist after all, cause his response led to a tingle through my muffin. “Good! I like it when you do!”He kissed me goodnight, tucked me in, and I was almost instantly asleep. I remember having the best dreams of my life!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The next morning my mom called. She wanted to take me shopping before she had to go to work. I quickly jumped out of bed, gathered my things and walked out of my room. I crept into my uncles room. Never have I been able to sneak in without waking him, but this morning he was snoring like a bear. I quietly walked up, and kissed him gently on the lips. He barley moved. I smiled down at my sexy uncle and whispered as soft as I could “I love you!”My mom showed up soon, so I wrote him a short note. Smiling as I wrote the small hidden message that I was sure he would get.After shopping, Mom dropped me off at my best friend, Brittni’s. I walked in and said hello to her parents, and talked a bit. I was dying to get Brittni alone to give her my news, I was about to burst.We eventually went upstairs to Brittni’s room. Just as soon as the door closed I excitedly blurted out. “Uncle Benny saw me naked last night!”Brittni, apparently misunderstanding, looked at me with pity. “OH! How embarrassing! That had to suck!”I laughed. “No! I mean on purpose! I let him!” I knew I shouldn’t be telling anyone this, but I knew that Brittni would die before ever betraying my trust. “I stripped for him… Then we kissed!”Brittni’s eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped. She looked to see if I was making a joke, then slapped me on the arm. “YOU SLUT!” She quickly grabbed my hand and we sat on her bed. “Tell me everything! And don’t you dare leave anything out!”I told her everything. Even the parts that made me look stupid. She listened, totally intent on every word.I will always love Brittni! She didn’t judge me. Never once brought up the age difference. The question of i****t never crossed her lips. All she did was punch me in the arm. “You dirty whore! That is my man you are stealing!” She has had a crush on Uncle Benny forever. She smiled at me, never one to hold a grudge. “I’m so happy for you! At least I’m loosing him to my best friend.” We hugged.”So what next?” She asked. “Are you going to see him before next weekend? Are you guys, like a couple now? Does he want to have sex?”All the questions were overwhelming. “Stop!” I took a breath. “I don’t know. We haven’t talked. I fell asleep, and I didn’t get to see him this morning.””Well do you want it to happen again?” She asked.I had a huge smile. “YES!”She looked me in the eye. “Are you going to have sex with him?”Was I? I thought back to my feelings the night before. I was stupid to think he would have done something I didn’t want. I knew that he would never force, or even pressure me into anything. Then I remembered the way I felt in his arms.”Yes, I think so.” I thought about it for a second, and smiled. “I hope so. Oh man! I really hope so!

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