First Time with a Man Ch. 03

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I could not believe how lucky I was. My dreams of being with Sarah again were about to become a reality.

Few things have occupied my thoughts more recently than the thought of making love to her, touching her, satisfying her, feeling the joy of bringing her to orgasm, experiencing her enjoying wave after wave of intense pleasure again.

Fuck this was going to be mind blowing.

“Hey Sarah.”

I could see the look on her face was something very similar to mine, we are very sexually comparable and I really think she was looking forward to this as much as I was.

” I am going to make you cum so hard, on my face, in my mouth, on my cock. You are gonna fucking love what we are going to do to you.”

” Oh really, that’s a big call Tony, I hope you can deliver on that promise. I’m so fucking wet for you.”

Sarah grabbed my hand and pushed it between her legs so I could feel her dripping wet cunt, it was everything I remembered and everything I desired, she really is my dream woman.

Everything about her brings me alive and my desire for her is unstoppable.

“Andy wait here a minute while I get something for you.”

Andy looked confused but equally wary about the next phase of this crazy night.

What was he going to have to do next, what could he do.

I know he wanted to help me fulfil my desires and wanted to continue exploring his sexuality with a man, but I knew he was like a ‘dear caught in the headlights’ thinking what he might need to do with Sarah.

“Don’t worry Andy, I have a cunning plan, and you are gonna love it!”

” OK Tony, I trust you.”

Sarah just looked like WTF! is he up to.

I nearly ran to the bedroom in search of the overnight gift bag from the long haul flight yesterday morning and was so happy when I found what I was looking for.

“Hey Andy, Put this on and prepare to have the night of your life!”

With that I threw Andy the sleeping mask I was given on my Virgin Atlantic flight, first time I have ever had a use for it.

Andy’s eyes lit up with delight, so he also liked things a little kinky, this really was going to be fun.

“Well played Tony, very nicely done.”

Little did Sarah know that one of the main ways I had held back my orgasm earlier was trying to solve the puzzle of getting Andy to believe it was me not her who was going to be the main one responsible for his pleasure and how I could make that work when being with a woman was just not what he wanted.

“My imagination and creativity flourishes Sarah when given the right incentives.”

“Andy, come and stand next to me here in front of the bed, Sarah please take of all your underwear and come and sit on the end of the bed in front of us.”

I feel my victory over the challenge Sarah set me gives me the right to start taking control and it looks like it’s being accepted without question as I watch Sarah slowly strip of her sexy lingerie, the sight of her now fully naked body makes me draw a deep breath, she is so beautiful, I want her so much.

Andy and I are standing together our cocks almost touching with Sarah’s face just inches away at the perfect level.

“Andy, I want Sarah to watch me suck you off now. I’m going to get on my knees and give Cebeci Escort you the best blowjob you have ever had, you are turning me on so much.”

Andy’s mouth drops open as I say these words, he is dumb struck. Well I have to be convincing, he needs to believe its me not her.

I reach out and start to rub the shaft of his cock bringing it closer and closer to Sarah’s mouth. My own cock is hard again and Sarah instinctively reaches out to mimic my movements.

“Andy, put on your blindfold and listen to my voice.”

” I can’t believe how much I want you, want to fill my mouth again with your hard, fat cock.”

” This is going to be the best night of your life, I’m going to suck, lick, kiss, wank your cock and drain the cum out of your balls. I want you to fuck my mouth the way I fucked you, over and over again.”

Andy is now rock hard, I’m stroking his shaft onto Sarah’s mouth as I’m saying all this and she is also rubbing her lips over the swollen end of my cock.

Andy and I have practically become one as her lips and tongue are darting between us both enjoying so much her first experience of having two cocks at once to enjoy.

The feeling and the sight is incredible, watching Sarah pulling my cock into her mouth and pulling back to quickly replace it with Andy’s and then hold us together as she runs her tongue over us at the same time.

“Andy, I’m going to get on my knees now so I can really go down on you so hard and so deep.”

I pull Sarah of the bed kissing her passionately tasting the salty taste of our pre-cum.

I position her with her legs apart on her knees in front of Andy. I grab Andy’s now rock hard member and push Sarah’s head slowly onto it as far as she can go, I feel her start to gag so pull her head back and then push it down again.

Sarah grabs Andy’s backside so she can get as deep as she can onto his cock. With the setup now complete and the mirage of me sucking Andy not Sarah maintained I can move onto what I have been looking forward to all nite.

I laydown behind Sarah and wriggly my head under her so she is now sitting on my face her pussy grinding into my mouth.

Her taste and feel as I slowly eat her out was always my favourite sexual experience with her, when she cums she would literally spurt into my mouth powerful jets of nectar I would gulp down and clean up every drop.

Her cunt smell and taste is as incredible as I remembered and she is rubbing it wildly back and forth against my face and tongue.

I hold out my long tongue like a tiny stiff cock for her to fuck and within seconds I feel the familiar flood of her first orgasm as she sends pulse after pulse of her delicious creamy fluid into my mouth.

She is shacking uncontrollably under the power of her first of the nite, now doubt pent up by all the earlier fun.

I have to have her now while she is still enjoying these convulsions so I quickly move from under her and sink my cock into her puffy cunt as deep as I can.

She screams out and I fear the illusion for Andy will be broken but he is in his own world of ecstasy.

As I fuck Sarah slow and deep I feel her cum again ad I put my hand between her legs to Çıtır Escort rub her clit as I fuck her.

She holds her mouth as far down onto Andy’s cock as she can while she cums enjoying the feeling of both holes being completely filled with cock.

Sarah finally pulls her Head off Andy’s cock and throws her head back screaming as she floods me again with her juice.

“Andy, I want you to fuck my mouth now exactly like I fucked you.”

“Let me get in position for you on the bed so you can slide into me at just the right position, I’m going to get Sarah to 69 me at the same time so she can feel your hard cock as it slides into my open wet mouth.”

I hope Andy did not realise this position will give me the best chance of completing the deception of him really fucking Sarah’s pussy.

As I lay down with my head hanging of the end of the bed I urge Andy to take of his blind fold so he can position himself just in front of my waiting mouth.

“Look at my mouth Andy, I can’t wait to feel you fucking me. I want Sarah on top of me sucking me off at the same time so you can imagine as you fuck me I’m also having my cock sucked on.”

“This is going to be so fucking hot, put on your mask and wait for me to grab onto your shaft and swallow you down.”

I get Sarah to lay on top of me and start to 69 her, again having my throbbing cock in her mouth and pussy on my face is sending me into such a feeling of ecstasy I don’t know how long it will be until my own orgasm can be held back, fuck she tastes incredible.

I grab Andy’s cock and bring it at the lips of Sarah’s dripping wet cunt.

“Fuck my mouth Andy!”

I shout as I hold his shaft steering it into Sarah’s hungry pussy.

Andy gasps out loud as he sinks his cock into her pulling out and ramming into her again and again.

He certainly isn’t having any issues with the feeling as the moans he makes are becoming more and more intense.

I’m in the perfect position. My cock filling Sarah’s mouth and tongue on her clit licking her amazing pussy and Andy’s shaft as it slides in and out of her.

Sarah is coming again and I know Andy is not far behind.

I grab Andy’s cock as it is bursting to cum and pull it out of Sarah’s cunt and start furiously wanking him.

“Andy, I want you to cum over both of us, take of your mask and look at me now.”

Andy literally rips of his mask and looks down at my face and Sarah’s open wet cunt with my tongue deep into it.

Within seconds I feel Andy’s spunk flying onto us covering Sarah’s beautiful backside and running onto me.

Sarah cums again ad she feels Andy’s hot spunk splashing onto her.

Andy stumbles back and stands behind us both, surveying the scene in front of him.

“Fucking hell, that was incredible. Mind blowing awesome. Fucking you in the mouth Tony was the best sex I have ever had, so fucking hot.”

A smile came over my face.

” Why thank you Andy, it was my pleasure.”

“Now if you would excuse me, Sarah and I have a little unfinished business, right Sarah?”

” Hmm, yeah I think you earned it Tony, very fucking nice work, so creative.”

“You know what I want Sarah?”

“Haha Demetevler Escort yes I think so, you want to fuck me with you big hard cock while I tell you exactly what I want and how it feels.”

Sarah really did understand me so well.

She positions herself on her back and opens her legs wide for me holding her labia open with her hands under her legs.

“Come and get it big boy, fuck my tight little pussy now.”

“I want you so much Tony, I’m so horny and wet for you. Come on fuck me deep and hard.”

Holy shit! She was so good at this, I love hearing her talk like this, drives me wild.

I eased the swollen head of my penis into Sarah’s cunt, she was so tight around me. Her multiple orgasms really had made her pussy muscles swell up so much.

As I slowly pushed the entire length of my 10 inch cock into her she let out a low sexy moan and started to finger her own clit enjoying also feeling my hard shaft as it sunk into her.

“Oh Tony, it’s so deep, so big, so good. Fuck me faster, come on fuck me, pound my cunt with your massive cock.”

” Oh my God, that’s so fucking good, how do you do that, my tight little pussy is on fire for you, its so good, I’ve missed having you inside me so much.”

” I want you to fill my cunt with your cum, cum in my pussy, please I need you to cum now.”

I was in a frenzy, her dirty talk was taking me beyond any control I had left, I wanted to shoot my spunk as deep into her as I could but wanted to feel her orgasm around my cock as I did.

I pulled out of her and started to masturbate rubbing the head of my ragging turgid cock all over her throbbing clit, this always made her cum within seconds. With my other hand I sunk two fingers deep inside her rubbing her g-spot, a secret place I always found so easily with her.

“Fucking hell, that’s so good, keep doing that, right there, fuck, how can you do that. I’m fucking going to cum again!”

As I feel the first tell-tale signs of her orgasm I sink my cock deep into her and hold it as deep as I can while I feel the walls of her cunt literally sucking around my shaft.

I can’t hold back any longer and I start powerful thrusts into her almost completely pulling out and sinking back in as far as I can go.

“Fuck Sarah I’m going to cum.”

“Cum in me, cum in my pussy Tony, fill my little pussy with your spunk, cum for me.”

I have one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had, I can feel wave after wave, spurt after spurt of hot cum surge up the ridged shaft of my rock hard cock and flood Sarah’s pussy.

“Holy shit Tony, so much fucking cum, you drenched my pussy.”

As I pull out from Sarah’s glorious vagina I watch the white thick deposit I made deep within her slowly get pushed out as her pussy twitches with convulsions.

What an amazingly hot sight, what an amazing experience I just had, we just had.

I collapse on the bed next to Sarah and hold her in my arms as I kiss her passionately and lovingly, enjoying so much just being able to hold her again.

“That was amazing Tony, mind blowing, incredible, soooooo goooood. Thanks so much.”

“Your welcome Sarah.”

Our familiar saying to each other makes us both laugh, and we just lay there sated and at perfect peace in each others arms.

In the control room on the 20th floor Fiona takes Jonathan’s cum drained cock out of her mouth, and wipes her lips with the back of her hand.

“Please tell me we recorded all that?”

Jonathan just smiles back at her.

” We got it, we are going to have so much fun with these three!”

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