First Touch Ch. 03

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Continued from First Touch Chapter 2.

“About done, are you two?” Jessica’s voice echoed through the tent. Sam and I both froze. Panic and fear gripped my mind and body like a giant vise. Neither of us could think of anything to say in reply.

“I’ll wait inside for you.” Jessica said, with far more calm than I thought possible. We heard her footsteps receding back toward the house. Sam sat up and though I couldn’t see it and she made no sound, I could tell she was crying.

“Oh my god.” Sam said repeatedly, rocking back and forth. I reached out and wrapped my arms around her. “Shhh…” I said, caressing her back. “We’ll figure this out.” I added, though I’m sure I didn’t sound convincing. I wasn’t sure how we could possibly figure it out.

We dressed in silence, and climbed out of the tent into the cool night air. Sam and I hugged briefly, and she locked her hand in mine as we made our way back toward the house. Jessica had turned on the back porch light and the kitchen light was on inside too. We entered the house, but Jessica wasn’t in the kitchen.

Together we searched for her, eventually finding her in Sam’s room, sitting on her bed flipping through a photo album. She looked up as we entered the room, but neither of us could meet her eye. Jessica was wearing a maroon silk robe I’d gotten her for Christmas a couple years prior.

With a sigh, Jessica closed the album and regarded us for a while.

“How long?” She asked, her voice trembling slightly but with an obvious forced calm.

“It was the first time.” I replied without looking up. I had decided it didn’t make sense to play stupid or deny anything.

“Why?” She asked.

“It’s my fault.” Sam said before I could answer.

“No, Sam it bursa escort isn’t…” I began.

“I’ve been trying to seduce you for months.” Sam admitted in a tiny voice.

“Months?” Jessica asked, a small laugh escaping her lips at the sight of my bewildered face.

“Yeah, wearing tight clothes or no bra or bending down so he could see down my shirt. I tried sitting on dad’s lap and getting him to rub my back or legs so he could see or feel my tits.”

“And why did you want to seduce him?”

Sam replied, but her voice was so close to a mumble that all I heard was “Bekanniludiu”

“Speak up Samantha.” Jessica said sternly.

“Because I love him.” Sam repeated. “He’s always taken care of me like I was his own daughter. He’s always loved me. Even when I wasn’t nice to him, he was always great to me.” She added. The words seemed to be flowing out of her now. “I know that it isn’t normal or whatever, but I love him and I wanted to show him that. I wanted him to feel how much love I had for him too.”

Jessica’s eyes had become misty at her daughter’s words and tears had formed in the corners.

“And you?” Jessica asked me.

“I love her. I’ve always loved her.” I replied, my eyes locked on Jessica’s. “Since the day I met her I’ve wanted nothing more than to take care of her, to hold her, to keep her safe and love her.”

Jessica let out a big sigh, but did not speak, she seemed to be considering everything.

“What did I do wrong?” Jessica asked suddenly, tears beginning to stream down her face.

“Nothing Jess!” I insisted. “You are wonderful, I love you more than life itself.” I continued, rushing over to the bed and wrapping my arms around her as I sat beside my wife. “I’m so bursa escort bayan sorry, we never meant to hurt you.”

Sam moved over and sat down on the other side of Jessica, wrapping her arms around her. “I love you mom. I’m… I’m sorry.”

Sam had tears in her eyes as well, and Jessica pulled her close into a hug. She kissed Sam’s forehead and cheek. As Jessica went to kiss Sam’s cheek again, Sam turned to face her and their lips met. Sam’s hand reached around to hold her mother’s head and stop her from pulling away. Jessica’s eyes went wide, but she did not immediately try to pull away.

Sam parted her lips and pushed her tongue against her mother’s lips. With a sigh, Jessica’s lips parted and they kissed intimately. It took me a few seconds before I realized what was happening. By the time I had, Sam’s other hand found the tie on Jessica’s robe and pulled it open slowly.

Sam pushed the robe off her mother’s shoulders, and the silky fabric slid down across her already hard nipples. The silk clung to her nipples briefly and then slid off, eliciting a gasp from Jessica as her C-cup breasts were exposed. Jessica’s eyes closed as Sam bent down and began to lick and suck on her breasts.

Jessica seemed to have gone into a trance.

“You do that one.” She said to me, lust in her voice.

I bent down and began to lick and suck her other breast. Jessica’s breathing was already coming much faster and shallower. Sam pressed her hands against her mother’s shoulders, pushing her back to lay on the bed. Jessica didn’t resist.

Sam’s hand trailed its way down to her mother’s pussy, tracing circles around the neatly trimmed bush on her pussy. As Sam pressed two of her fingers görükle escort bayan inside her pussy Jessica gasped. Sam climbed up to straddle her mother’s face and dipped her own down into her mother’s pussy, her tongue darting in between her puffy pussy lips. Instantly, Jessica shuddered with a powerful orgasm and her pussy flushed with juices. Sam attacked her mother’s pussy with renewed vigor and then suddenly she gasped, and threw her head back. Jessica had reached her head up and dove into Sam’s pussy as well.

Sam spread her mother’s legs wider, and looked at me with a sly grin. I positioned myself between my wife’s thighs and Sam grabbed my cock to line it up with the entrance. Sam grabbed my ass and pulled me forward, with a single thrust I was buried to the hilt and Jessica groaned loudly. The vibrations caused Sam to moan louder. I pumped in and out of Jessica, Sam constantly urging me to go faster and harder.

I could feel my release building, my balls beginning to draw up.

“I’m going to cum!” I yelled, and Sam grabbed my hips driving me into my wife deeply as I erupted inside her. I sent shot after shot of cum deep inside her. As I finished, I withdrew my cock from my wife, and Sam took it into her mouth, sucking me dry.

I sat back against the headboard of Sam’s bed to catch my breath. Sam looked down at my wife’s dripping pussy, seeing my cum oozing out of her. She dove in again, burying her face in her mother’s pussy. Both women attacked each other and sent each other through two more orgasms before they collapsed against me. We lay together tightly snuggled against each other in Sam’s small double bed.

I had one arm wrapped around my wife, and one around my daughter. Both lay sleeping upon my chest as I marveled about the sudden turn our lives had taken. Over the next few months, we made love regularly, which only slowed somewhat when both my wife and my daughter began to develop large baby bellies. It was a little harder to handle two pregnant, but voracious women safely – but we managed.

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