Foot Teased into Submission

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I was dominated in a more subtle way by an ex-girlfriend who took me to the lake. We were sunbathing on the grass amongst a mostly female crowd. She had me fetch her Cokes from the cooler, light her many cigarettes and numerous times through out the day I was told to rub suntan oil on her beautiful bikini-clad body.

She told me to rub it on the portion of her ass cheeks that were left exposed by her bikini-bottom. “And if you pinch or squeeze my ass, I will slap you HARD!” she threatened. Well, I was already hard in another place, and throbbing uncontrollably in my swim trunks. I was her slave-boy and she had teased and denied me for a couple years.

I worked my way down her soft tan legs and intentionally put too much oil on the soles of her sexy feet, so I could spend more time rubbing in the oil, and gazing closely at her coral pink toenails. She was reading a paperback and sipping her Coke. She looked back at me, tossed her pretty curly blonde her hair back and said disdainfully, “Why don’t you just SUCK them?” I obeyed, casino siteleri and sucked her toes in public, while a group of females close by giggled and snickered.

This scene has replayed in my head for years. I can remember the humiliation, my face was burning in shame, and I was enjoying the thrill of sucking both of her feet and toes, while her soft pink soles glistened in the sunlight, while I throbbed uncontrollably in my swim trunks and the females looking on laughed even harder. Afterwards, she made me peel some dead skin off her foot and chew on it. I also had to slip her Keds back on her bare feet and carry her bag, blanket and the cooler back to her car while she lead the way smoking a cigarette I had lit for her.

She had her way with me all the time. All She had to say was “Ice” and I would fetch her a cup of crushed ice. Whenever She pulled out a cigarette I would kneel and light it for Her and fetch an ashtray for Her. I would beg to take Her to lunch all the time and She would always wear skimpy outfits and strut canlı casino down the street so men passing by in cars would whistle and hoot. I was Her slaveboy and She knew I would do anything for Her. She always waited for me to open doors for Her in public and I often had to give her a foot or back massage while She sat and had a drink or a smoke. I was teased by peaks at Her exposed panties and low cut bras.

She enjoyed slapping me in public for any contrived misdemeanor. Often She would have me run an errand for Her and She would ask me in a sexy baby doll voice that was coy, knowing full well that I would have licked the dirt off Her foot if She requested me to do so. She would ask me to do these things for Her in the baby doll voice when other people were around, but when we were alone She would use stern one word commands like “Trash” for me to empty Her trash. Her twin sister and their friends knew full well that I was their slave and they even introduced me as such. I was made into a docile little wimp by Her, and I was completely kaçak casino “domesticated” by them.

They did cruel foot teases on me all the time. Her sister sat in front of me once and raised Her pretty bare foot above Her head and pointed Her toes. When my eyes followed Her foot, She laughed at me and told everyone I was a “foot freak.” When I drove them around in my car they would prop their feet on the console or the top of the seat to tease me from the back seat. They would show me holes in their socks and let me touch their soles through the holes and laugh at my resulting woody.

They had me come over and shovel their snow or wash their car and I would do it just so I could get foot teased. I was called a “wimp” and made fun of. I even bought them both expensive cigarette lighters and gifts. They would make me kneel and watch them apply make-up before they went out. They were always barefoot and wearing panties and a bra, but I was never allowed to touch them. When I took them out on “dates” it was so they could have me spend alot of money on them and be teased so badly that I would have to go home and masturbate just so I could sleep. They had mastered the art of the tease and denial and brought it to a new level and I was a willing subject.

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