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Together we lay completed sated. Her youthful body moist with our sweat. Our joyful union just expired for now with anticipation of it continuing. With journalistic inquisitiveness, I tried to answer the basic questions of how, what, and when. The where, my bed was obvious. The why was obvious as well.

Ang, a petite five feet one inch 19-year-old college student smiled at me. Her dark Southeast Asian features captivated me. Her flawless skin and sculptured body had me incarcerated. Pert on her chest were tiny firm breasts capped with tiny brown nipples. Her flat stomach shown of her workout routine. Her pubic bone, pronounced as with most Asians, was neatly shaven. She was smooth from waxing as she bore no stubble around her labia. Beautiful shapely legs descended from hips that carried a firm pair of matched globes on her back side. It was no wonder that many GIs fell for Vietnamese girls during the war era.

She rolled onto her side and I beckoned her to snuggle with me as I waited out my recovery time. In contrast, I am almost 67 years old and no masterpiece of strength or fitness. I am a college professor, her professor. Let me be clear, this is not a situation in which I give her a better grade for her favors; she is an “A” student.

My finger traced a line up and down her spine. As I reached her lower lumbar, she pressed her hips into me. She was ready for another bout but I was not. I kept up the finger tracings until she began sighing softly and gasping a moan occasionally.

As her enthusiasm increased so did my hardness begin to return. I bade her to lay atop me so I could feel her. A little trickle of our first union escaped her as she spread her hips over me. Her body was tight and her small vagina was tighter.

She leaned her head to mine and out lips brushed. Ang smiled again. Her tiny breasts grazed my hairy chest, her nipples responded stiffening to the sensation. My hands gave her back a gentle massage slowing edging closer to her butt cheeks. She flinched against me as my fingers slid over each globe and down to meet her legs.

Ang sighed and pressed her hips tighter to mine feeling my renewed hardness near her soft moist nest. She tried to press herself onto my cock; however, I held her back.

“No. Not yet,” I whispered as I teased her butt by running a finger along the sensual separation of left and right. “We have plenty of time, Ang. It isn’t a race.”

As intimate as two people can be, Ang sighed, “Please Dr. Hoffer, I want it.” She struggled more to get me in her.

“Ang, this is not high school quickie sex.” I relaxed a bit to let her labia feel my cock. She rubbed against it with her clit and gave a cry.

I pulled her away leaving her wanting and desiring. Her body slid higher so I could take a nipple in my mouth to toy with, then the other. My hands continued their hold on her butt cheeks and she rocked against me.

There was a glow about her as she stared into my eyes and into my soul. Her mouth begged for a kiss. We touched lips again, this time with open mouth. Our tongues danced to a hot rhythm. Ang screamed out in orgasm though not penetrated. It was a hard cum that made her stiffen and cry.

“How was that, Ang?” I asked between cries and kisses. Her hips were still rolling to the strength of her cum.

“it… I’m… Still cumming.” I skimmed a finger along her clenched butt only to make her scream and have another cum.

“See, you don’t need a cock to cum.” I relaxed my hold letting her body slip closer to my now very hard and ready cock. “Unless you want one.”

Despite how hard she rocked on my hips, she found my cock closing on her cum soaked pussy. With each roll of her Anadolu Yakası escort hips, my cock pressed harder against her until she felt it in line. She took it slowly savoring every nudge.

Ang gained momentum and forced herself to sit upright with me being consumed totally in her depths. She worked against my cock clenching it with strong muscles. She was not over her last cum when she screamed again and pounded herself hard on me. Her cum flowed as she glared wide-eyed into space. It was clear that no one had taken her to this height.

She was lost in her cum until she fell forward in a heap of spent female flesh. Perhaps she passed out for a time.

I withdrew from her to hold her in my arms. “It’s okay, Ang. It’s okay.” Her small frame was easy to cuddle while she calmed. I hadn’t cum.

When she lifted her head, and peered into my eyes, I saw a girl turned woman. I had to kiss her, had to let her know I felt her sexual passion. She returned the kiss with still more want from her spent body.

My hands raked over her back with little massages. Her tiny frame excited me more and I knew I was going to enter her again. Ang began raising herself from body; I saw her nipples full and swollen. She rolled over on her back, legs splayed exposing her red swollen lips slick with her nectar.

She left no doubt, “Fuck me, Dr. Hoffer.”

I raised my body over hers, felt her hands grab my cock to draw me into her. She trembled and cried. “I’m so sore. Oh! Fuck! Hurt me!”

I locked my arms behind her knees pulling her legs up close to her shoulders. She wanted to be fucked, she wanted me to hurt her, I began pounding my cock into her young well. Each thrust was met by a wince and a cry. I think I was pounding into her cervix.

Ang thrashed her head as she cried. “More, hurt me more!” Her small frame squirmed as only her legs were visible not covered by my large frame. “Cum in me hard!” I drove as deep as I could and held myself deep until my cum spilled into her arching pussy. Wet tears streamed from Ang’s eyes where I saw a mix of real pain and something else.

What was the something else, I couldn’t find the words. I didn’t care at this moment I was turned on by her need to feel used. That was it, she wanted to feel used. Though my cock was giving up its hardness and slipping from her, I held her legs high.

“Are you okay, Ang?” The pain was not registering in her eyes as much as before and her need to feel used gave way to joy of know she received her desired outcome.

Ang was still breathless and my weight on her wasn’t helping. I let her legs relax and she rewarded me with a loud sigh of relief. Raising myself to a seated position, I pulled her up to me holding her gently. I asked again if she was okay.

Her head rested on my shoulder, she kissed my neck, brought her lips to me ear and whispered. “I’m okay, Dr. Hoffer.” Ang regained more of her composure coming down from her sexual high. “I’m so sore and feel so used.”

I tried to tell her I was sorry for hurting her but she cut me off. “We are not done yet, Dr. Hoffer.”

Ang was smiling in a deep and content way; her breathing becoming more regular. “I wanted to know a man, needed to know a man. I knew I wanted you the first day of class when you smiled at me. You made me wet.”

My cradling arm rubbed the side of her chest as she reached her arm over mine. “Explain to me, Ang, why do you feel used? I think of used like abused.”

“I know how to stop abuse.” I took her at her word based on some of the things I heard her say about women protecting themselves. “I’ve never had the feeling you’ve given me. I like how you made Anadolu Yakası escort bayan me feel. I don’t know how many times I’ve cum. All I know is you used my body and made me feel so… I don’t know… Good… Used.”

I drew her closer giving her little kisses on the top of her head. Her hand reached for my limp cock and encircled it. Was I ready for another round? Could I even go another round? This little 19-year-old Vietnamese girl was a treasure of tricks. I knew I wanted more, too.

“Dr. Hoffer,” Ang whispered. “Would it be okay if I have a warm bath to soak some of this soreness away?”

“I don’t have any bath oils, Ang; this is a man’s house.”

Ang swiveled her lithe body astride mine. Her sore pussy making contact over me. She gasped slightly from the feeling and it was a gasp of soreness not stimulation. “I planned for that.”

I showed her to the bathroom and made sure she had clean towels. Without embarrassment, Ang sat on the toilet and breathed what I could only believe was contented relief.

“Shall I stay to wash your back?” I wanted her to invite me to bathe with her; I got my wish.

Ang’s face was still aglow with sexual fulfillment when she asked me to join her. I began drawing the warm water making sure it was comfortably hot but not too hot to cause pain or injury.

Ang handed me a bottle of bath oil with an aloe base. “This will sooth the soreness. Be liberal with it.”

As the water swirled and the oils mixed, Ang stepped into the bath. “Oh, that’s nice,” came words of relaxation and relief.

I took my place at the toilet and had my relief. Slowly, I stepped into the tub behind Ang to feel my body relax with hers. She nestled comfortably against me, my arms encircling her. It was multiple parts of relaxing, restful, sensual, and sexual as we cupped water over the other’s body. The water cooled after many long minutes making us ready to exit.

We dried together purposely keeping contact. Ang used her body to tease me; what was I to do? I returned her teasing and we were both stimulated.

I couldn’t help but see the extent of Ang’s physical beauty. Beyond that, though, was a want to make love with her. No, not fuck her; we’d already fucked. I wanted slow and meaningful sex with this young woman.

“It might be a good idea if we refueled our bodies with a little nourishment, Ang. We can order out or find something in the refrigerator.”

Ang smiled, her answer didn’t surprise me. “I may be Vietnamese, but I could really go for a supreme pizza.”

That was a decision made right along with the telephone order. “I can’t answer the door like this; I’ll have to get some shorts on. You can take one of my T-shirts if you want.”

The pizza arrived and the open box billowed with the scent of a freshly baked pizza. I went for a beer and asked Ang what she wanted to drink.

She hesitated with her answer and finally said, “Can I have a beer, too?”

I knew she was not leaving tonight and I had already done everything to violate teach-student ethics, “Sure. You can have a beer. Ang, perhaps you should also drop the Dr. Hoffer. We are much further from the type of relationship where you need to use doctor.”

Ang bowed her head slightly. “You know, it is an Asian thing to respect superiors, Dr. Hoffer.” Then she raised her head, eyes bright, and added, “And, you’ve been superior.”

There was no mixed meaning in her words. We sat down to eat pizza and drink beer.

Our conversation was nothing about school, classes, or grades. However, I had to know why Ang thought she wanted me from the first day of class.

“I told you, the way escort bayan you smiled at me. You made it feel special.”

“I smiled at each as I called names and made that first eye contact.”

“You looked at me in a different way. I felt a shock run through me. I think you saw me, not just a student.”

I had to admit to myself that I had seen her with sexual want not just teacher-student. The cute smile she had as she said hi to those she knew, her attractive way of dressing, even the slight hint of young woman body hidden under her clothing. “You did shine during that first class. You were so animated, bouncy, and fresh.”

“And, you thought of me in a sexual way?”

“Shame on me,” I smiled. “I had an immediate fantasy.”

“You want to make love to me, don’t you?”

It was a matter of fact question that I could not deny. “Yes. Slow, sensual, time consuming.”

Ang took a deep breath, “That’s what I want too.”

There were a few more bites of pizza and another beer before we settled on the sofa. Ang nestled into me as I drew her in with an arm over her shoulder. We sat quietly just enjoying the togetherness. It wasn’t long till Ang’s breathing became deep and regular. She had fallen asleep. Two beers, a lot of hard sex, and several orgasms took their toll.

I was in a difficult position to move, yet carefully got myself to a standing position. Ang was light in weight allowing me to scoop her up in my arms and take her to the bedroom where we both could lay down to rest and sleep. I fell asleep also.

The room was dark when I returned to wakefulness. A small hand had a grip on my hard cock urging me to full alertness.

“I think we forgot to make love, Dr. Hoffer.”

“I remember you fell asleep on the sofa and I carried you to bed.”

Once again, we drew into a comfortable snuggle she was easy to cuddle. I realized she had taken off my T-shirt and had gotten me out of my shorts.

Ang slowly stroked my cock, “I’m not really sore any longer and I really do want to make love, Dr. Hoffer.”

I twisted to my side to spoon into her. She reacted quickly to turn on her side with her back to me. We rubbed against each other until we knew it was time to link. Our union began with slow shallow pokes, long pauses between movements.

My age gave me intuitions that Ang wasn’t aware of. I could tell that she hadn’t been with too many guys and those she had just fucked her. Maybe they didn’t even care for her feelings. With my free arm, I encircled her around the waist, just held her letting her control what happened.

Ang moaned softly for a moment then jerked against me. “Did you cum, little girl?”

“It was… I can’t explain it… Soft. I like making love.”

“Ang, no one has made love with you before, right?”

Rolling onto my back, we disconnected. Ang straddled me as she had before but now it was for tender loving. “I like feeling you in me, Dr. Hoffer.”

With only a slightly faster pace, Ang sawed her body against mine. Little moans and sighs her mouth between the kisses she lavished on me. Again, she brought herself to another high with only a loud gasp followed by several swift movements against my cock.

My own cum was building and my hips moved to match Ang’s. She sensed that I was hitting my peak and settled herself hard on me. I couldn’t hold back the lust I had built up. “Now, Ang!” I spewed a third load into her willing and wanting pussy.

It was finished. Ang gave me the best sex I can remember having. She admitted she had never been satisfied this way before.

Morning arrived and my house guest left before neighbors could see a young teen girl leaving. Neither of us were sure about having another liaison, both sharing “perhaps.”

We did not share any email messages, phone calls, or any form of communication. Things were back to normal as the fall semester began until Ang came by my office, stuck her head through the half open door, “Hi, Dr. Hoffer. I’m pregnant.”

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