forced by my sister and her boyfriend

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forced by my sister and her boyfriendIt’s been a long night and I’m absolutely knackered… I’ve been babysitting for my sister so she can go out. I’m not sure why I agreed I don’t eve like k**s especially my niece and nephew. Don’t get me wrong I love them but truth is they just annoy me, I’m Sixteen I should be out having fun and yet I get sucked into watching her k**s so she can go out and get drunk with her new boyfriend…Now he’s one of the reasons I said yes, I’ve got a crush on him. I know he’s older, over ten years older. But that doesn’t matter to me. I wouldn’t mind him thrusting deep inside me lol if only he didn’t have googly eyes for Jane. I finally got the k**s in bed watching some Disney film with a Scottish princess, and decided to have a shower it’s only 11pm so it will be a while until Jane and Marc get back and hopefully I’ll be asleep by then I don’t fancy listening to them stumble about and the bed banging against the wall, it’s annoying that Jane is so loud when she cums. My name is Debbie by the way, as I said I’m sixteen and Jane is my sister. we look alike both have blonde hair and blue eyes courtesy of our mum, and long legs courtesy of our dad. Though I think my boobs are bigger. Before Jane moved out she used to like to make me feel like a silly little girl and tell me how young I was and that I would be able to understand the relationships she had it really annoyed me, coming home every night with a different man she was just a slut really, I bet she doesn’t even know if her k**s are her ex’s not that he cares he hasn’t been around since my niece was born. But I wanted to prove her wrong so one night when Jason stayed over, before my niece was born I let him catch me coming out the shower, I had seen the way Jane walked around half naked and how he could keep his eyes off her bum and boobs so when I accidently bumped into him I smiled as my towel accidently slipped and fell to the floor, it worked perfectly his eyes were all over me as I bent down to retrieve it giving him a glance of my bum”Sorry James didn’t realise you was here” I said looking down at my feet and trying not to smile too much as I moved past him and brushed myself against him, he grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall”Well well Debbie what do we have here, that was a nice little show you gave me.”I looked up at him trying to look innocent as I said it wasn’t a show and I was sorry but I hadn’t seen him. He pulled me against him and soon his lips and hands where all over me pulling the towel from my body and sliding his hand between my thighs, he asked me if I was a virgin and soon found I was as his fingers slid into me and came up against my barrier”fuck, I’m going to enjoy breaking your innocence little girl” my body was hot and my breathing was coming in fast short pants I wanted him, I wanted him to break my innocence like he said but Jane called up the stairs asking if he wanted breakfast, we heard her feet climbing the stairs and he quickly shoved me in the bathroom following me in and shutting the door behind us. He pushed me against the door and covered my mouth with one hand his other sliding between my thighs again forcing my legs open and thrusting his fingers in “I’ll be right down baby; I’m just having a leak give me five minutes” “Ok baby I love you” she repliedLooking me straight in the eyes he called out “I love you too baby” to her receding footsteps.moving his hand he kissed me deeply his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth a promise of what his cock would do, he pushed me to my knees and told me to suck his cock forcing it to the back of my throat, this wasn’t going like I wanted I didn’t like this, as he lifted me upI said “James we shouldn’t do this” tears running down my cheeks, I was scared”Oh you want this, I know you do so stop being a little bitch and shut your mouth….” “please don’t James I don’t want this your with my sister, you just said you loved her” I tried to push him away luckily Jane came up again and called him”for fuck sake that slut always gets in my way, you keep your fucking mouth shut about this little girl and I promise we will pick this up again soon, I will fuck you so hard your never forget it” he said as he moved his fingers and kissed me hard “I’m coming baby girl” he called out as he twisted my nipple and pulled the toilet chain before leaving.I made sure not to be around whenever he was after that, spending most my time with my best friend Sarah at her house, though the feel of his hand inside me woke up desires I didn’t have before and a I wanted someone to do that again but this time I wanted someone who would care about me… it wasn’t long before I chose someone and that was Sarah’s twin brother, she told me he liked me and was always looking at me so I decided why not have him, he wasn’t really good looking, a little lanky and quite skinny but that was ok, so and Sarah I put a plan into action. A few weeks later her parents were going to be working late and we arranged that I would turn up for a sleep over, but she would be out with her boyfriend so I could be alone it Martin. It all went to plan and I ended up sitting on the sofa with him pretending to wait for her to come home. We got talking and I told him I thought he was really good looking and that I had liked him for years but I was scared what Sarah would think. Long story short we ended up in his bed naked, he was slow and gentle, kissing me all the time. It felt so much better than James, that night I lost my virginity and decided to keep seeing Martin after all he was nice.the next night I was laying in bed almost asleep and thinking about Martin when I suddenly felt one hand over my mouth and another rubbing my pussy, eyes flying bahis siteleri open I saw James leaning over me, the smell of drink hitting me in the face hard “About fucking time you came home little girl, was starting to think you was avoiding me” he slurred as he climbed on top of me and started to pull my top up my body and over my head”James don’t please, I don’t want this. your with Jane and I have a boyfriend now” the sudden look in his eyes scared me more than anything else in my life had, his hand flew up and slapped me so hard I cried out but his hand was coming back down and landed hard and fast over my other cheek”You let some prick get in you didn’t you” he growled “you fucking bitch you gave away what was mine to take!”crying harder now I tried to tell him it was never his to take but his hand reached up to my throat and started to squeeze, “You are mine to do what I fucking please with! You will do what I say when I say how I fucking say! you will not let any other man fucking touch you or I will slit your fucking throat after I make you watch me cut his cock from his body and stab him in the heart” he growled his faced so close his nose was touching mine “now stand up and take your shorts off” grabbing my upper arm he pulled me off the bed leaving me standing there as he sat back on, I started to pull my shorts down my thighs and over my arse as he watched smiling, I didn’t know what else to do. He pulled me down making me suck his cock, telling me what to do and how to do it, after cumin in my mouth he pulled me up threw me on the bed and thrust hard and fast into me,”shut the fuck up” he threatened at my scream “you will enjoy it or ill fuck your arse tonight too” at the thought of his big cock in my tiny arse I quickly started moaning and begging for more, I didn’t want him near me but if I made him believe I did he might be quick and leave me alone, though my moaning I heard him go on and on about how good I felt and how tight I was, inside I was crying wishing he would stop”WHAT THE FUCK” James’ head span towards the door, I looked over his shoulder to see Jane standing there her hand on her slightly showing pregnant belly, “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU FUCK BITCH” at first I thought I was saved then I realised she was talking to me, she actually believed I wanted this? “Jane I…I didn’t…he…Jam…” I gasped as I felt James nail dig into my wrist his eyes told me to shut up “DONT START CRYING YOU SLAG, YOU’RE MY sister HOW YOU COULD DO THIS… TO YOUR NEPHEW… TO ME AND MY BABY?” her eyes flew to James “AND YOU!”James climbed off me lowering his head he walked to her and told her that I had been coming on to him for years, that the other day I came out of the shower and flashed him and told him that if he didn’t fuck me I would tell her that he had, and that he had for years. My mouth dropped open surely she wouldn’t believe that but her eyes flew to me again as he continued “I know I should have come to you baby but I was scared, I love you so much and I didn’t want to lose you. she said if I let her fuck me then she would leave me alone, I…I know I should have said not but I love you so much I couldn’t lose you and my babies” Oh my god she was actually believing him he eyes softened to him and the look she gave me could have killed me on the spot, she walked round him to me and slapped me so hard you could probably hear it from a mile away.”YOU AND I ARE OVER YOU LITTLE WHORE! YOU STAY AWAY FROM ME AND MY c***dREN, ESPECAILY AWAY FROM JAMES! HE’S MINE!!! AND DONT THINK I WON’T BE TELLING MUM AND DAD AND THEN YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO GO LIVE WITH AUNTIE GRACE” “Jane baby think about it if you tell your parents who will get in trouble? I’m twenty she’s thirteen!” Jane looked at him knowing he was right.After that Jane stayed with James believing his side of things, he used to sneak in my room and make me do things I didn’t want to but luckily it didn’t last long and him and Jane split up and he didn’t come round again. Jane finally started talking to me but I don’t think she ever believed my side of what happed. Now three years later she’s getting me to babysit. The shower was refreshing after looking after those brats, I quickly dry myself off and climb into my white satin shorts and top before climbing into bed.I’m woken suddenly by a noise outside my bedroom door, fear gripping me like it does when you’re forced awake. I lay there listening wondering what it was, the clock flashes 3am in big red letters from the bedside table, must be Jane and marc getting back I think rolling over and closing my eyes determined to fall back to sleep before I hear the bed start squeaking then I suddenly hear Jane giggle and whisper “Seriously Marc, she would love it the little bitch was fucking my ex for years behind my back!” Oh my god was she really telling Marc that I slept with James? But why was she saying I’d like it? Like what? I thought trying to listen harder “You want me to go in your little barely legal sister’s room and fuck her?” he laughed”What the fuck” I whispered”Marc like I said she will love it I seen the way she looks at you she wants your cock and I want to watch the little bitch get what she deserves for shitting on me in the past” Tears well in my eyes, she’s clearly never believed me and now she wants….? What does she want? How would Marc fucking me get back at me?”Jane your serious? Why?” he laughs again but this time you can tell it’s forced “what will you get out of this?”Cause I know what your little fantasy is and I’m giving you a chance to play it out without any comebacks”I try to listen but Marc doesn’t reply”Come on babe you get what you want and I get what I want, and if she tries to tell anyone canlı bahis you ****d her I will tell everyone she’s lying”I freeze my breath catching in my chest, his…his fantasy? Oh my god he wants to **** someone? And my own sister is giving him permission to **** me? No… I can’t let this happen again, sure I like Marc but I don’t want him like this! I jump out of bed and swing the door open”ARE YOU FUCKING k**DING ME JANE? YOU’RE ASKING YOUR BOYFRIEND TO **** ME?” Marc looks shocked to see me standing there but Jane’s smiling”Well, well, well… looks who’s awake hoping to hear us fucking again was you? You are such a slut” her smile changes slightly into a sneer the smell of drink wafting to my nose”YOU KNOW WHAT, FUCK YOU JANE! YOU DONT BELIEVE JAMES ****D ME I CANT CHANGE THAT YOU CHOOSE A WORTHLESS PEICE OF SHIT OVER YOUR OWN FLESH AND blood THAT SAYS MORE ABOUT YOU THAN IT DOES ME! BUT I WILL NOT LET YOU PUT ME DOWN ANY MORE! IM GOING HOME!” I scream slamming the door and grabbing my clothes I need to get out of here, suddenly the door swings open and Jane walks in holding Marcs hand she walks up to me and slaps me hard “You think you can talk to me like that? You owe me!””OWE YOU? FOR WHAT LETTING YOUR EX **** ME FOR MONTHS CAUSE YOU WOULDNT FUCK HIM WHILE PREGNANT? FOR LETTING HIM CHOKE ME AND HIT ME? NO JANE YOU OWE ME! YOU OWE ME YOUR LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING! YOU OWE ME RESPECT AND MOST OF ALL YOU OWE ME THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT””I can’t believe your still spinning that lie, James didn’t **** you, you begged him and threatened him” she slapped me again this time harder my head swung to the side my hand moving to my cheek warm tears making track marks over them “and now you’re going to repay me, and you’re going to love it” Jane grabbed my hair hard in her fist and dragged me over to Marc who stood there watching the whole thing but not saying anything a ghost of a smile playing on his sexy lips and in that moment the sexy man I had a crush on disappeared and things became crystal clear Jane clearly had a thing for evil men, men that liked and fantasied about hurting and forcing women to do what they wanted, men that didn’t care about those women only about breaking them into total submission and looking at him I couldn’t see a trace of the man I liked all I could see was James standing there… “now….” lifting me to her Jane whispered in my ear ” do as your told or I will punch you next time and if you still try to fight ill let Marc do what he likes to you” she said pushing me hard to my knees in front of Marc, “No” I whispered “I won’t do this I…” cut off I felt Jane hand grip my hair and her mouth my ear “You will do this! Marc is going to **** you and there is NOTHING you can do about it” I looked up at Marc and saw him smiling, Jane stood up behind me and moved to his side “she’s all yours baby, enjoy but leave me some” she winked as she kissed him hard on the mouth. What did she mean by leave her some? Was she planning on fucking him after he ****d me? As she swayed out the door Marc grabbed my arm and pulled me up to his chest“well, let’s get to it bitch” he said pushing me back down, opening his jeans and grabbing my head pushing me towards his now exposed fully hard cock “and know if you bite, I will hurt you more than your sister ever could”No I won’t be forced to do this again! I think to myself as I push him away and stand up “No Marc, I won’t do this, this isn’t a fantasy this is real if you do this it WILL be **** not just something you dream of doing!”“I don’t fucking care” he growls getting in my face “tonight you are mine! And Jane’s” he laughs confusion sweeps over my face, what does he mean and Jane’s? Laughing louder he says ”you really don’t know do you? Guess Jane’s been better at hiding her fantasy better than I did” he throws me on the bed and climbs onto my chest forcing his cock deep into my mouth face fucking me hard and fast making me gag and tears stream down my cheeks again. I can feel every thrust go deeper and it’s not long before his cock expands in my mouth and warm salty cum shoots down the back of my throat,“Fuck I knew you was good at that but not that good” and confusion sweeps over me how could he possibly know if I was good or not? Why would he even say it?“Sit up and suck me hard I want in that tight pussy” shaking my head I try to figure out what’s going on? Why does he seem to know more than he should about me? Suddenly all thoughts leave my mind and a flash of white hot pain shoots through me, realising he has punched me in the jaw “DO IT YOU FUCKING TEASE” he screams in my face before grabbing my throat and pulling me into a sitting position, he kneels in front of me and I take his cock into my hand stroking his shaft and swirling my tongue round the head “that’s it you little slut” he purrs as his cock starts to harden “now open those legs for me little girl”I gasp as everything falls into place, oh my god, that’s what James used to call me. He used to say it was his nick name for me I was his little girl. But how could Marc possibly know that?“J…James…” Marc goes stiff for a second before forcing my legs open and thrusting hard into me every inch of his hard fat 9” cock forced ball deep into my pussy I scream, no he can’t be James he’s too young and a lot bigger, his hand covers my mouth as he looks at me grinning wide like the Cheshire cat in Alice in wonderland,“Is my brother” he says my eyes full of shock how? Did Jane know? Why? How?“That little slut sister of yours doesn’t have a clue does she? What James did to you? He told me every night how good you was, how he would force his cock into you and no matter how hard he pounded you was always as tight as the first time, he still goes on güvenilir bahis about it when we saw your sister in the club that night he begged me to go talk to her she never met me cause I lived with my mum, he wanted me to get close to you, get you away from her so I could bring you to him. All those supple hints about **** fantasies it took Jane forever to click on but I thought I would get her to let me **** her then when she was tied up I could take you to him. I think this is even better and Jane really wants it” he says pulling almost all the way out and thrusting back in hard causing me to grunt and squeeze my eyes shut in pain”you know she’s always wanted to fuck a girl?” my eyes fly open surely not? Please don’t say what I think he’s saying “she’s always wanted you!” every hope and every bit of fight leaves my body “and you’re not going to say a word about who I am” he leans over me and pulls the pillow case from the pillow tearing it and gagging me so I can’t talk just as Jane walks back in the room wearing a see through white lace nighty.“mmm now that is a sexy site, your cock buried deep inside her” she says walking over to us and stroking her hand and nails over his bare arse “but I think we need to strip her” she smiles climbing onto the bed and pulling my top over my head, “why is she gagged?” she frowns only just noticing the ripped pillowcase“She wouldn’t shut up its ok baby when you get that sweet pussy over her mouth we will remove it”Oh fuck please no, I think to myself but Jane smiles “I can’t wait” she says leaning down and flicking her tongue over my already hard nipple despite what happening my back arches pushing my chest against Marc’s as Jane’s mouth clutches onto my nipple and Marc’s cock thrusts into me and rubs against my g-spot a moan escaping from my mouth “Mm you like that baby sister? I knew you was a slut” she says as her fingers reach between Marc’s and my bodies and reaches down to run her fingers over my clit my back arches again I feel my body starting to tense and my moaning increases Marc pulls my gag away as his tongue slides into my mouth “Oh god please….” I moan“Please what Debbie?” he whispers in my ear“Please… don’t stop… fuck me harder… oh god Marc.” Jane smiles up at me leaning up to kiss me full on the mouth, her soft warm tongue slides in my mouth. Automatically I kiss her back, my hand coming up behind her head and pulling her mouth tighter to mine‘stop’ my mind screams ‘she’s your sister, she’s letting her boyfriend **** you! James’ brother to match’ but my body doesn’t care as Marc thrusts harder causing an orgasm to rip through my body so hard bright lights flash behind my eyesMarc pulls out of me and turns me over onto my chest, pull my hips back towards him as he lines his cock with my arse, eyes flying open I beg him not to but Jane climbs in front of me and spreads her legs “shut up baby sister he will use whatever part of you he wants and you will please me while he does” she says as she pulls my head to her waiting wet pussy,I’m shocked and scared James always hurt me with anal and I’ve never been with another girl I don’t know what to do but Marc’s voice distracts me “Baby tells your sister what you told me tonight, how you always imagined fucking her” he said pushing his hard cock into my bum, my whole body tensing as the pain shoots up my back “mmm yes, ever since you was ten I wanted to taste you, I remember bathing you one day and as I washed you my fingers slid through your wet pussy, you opened your legs and watched as I rubbed you, but you laughed and climbed out as mum called telling you to clean your teeth, that night as I read to you I couldn’t stop thinking about it I told you mum said to put cream on you as I knew you would you pulled the cover off you and opened your legs wide waiting, I got the cream but never put any on my fingers when I put my hand in the pot, instead I just rubbed your pussy and clit for five minutes, then as I left I sat on my bed smelling you and sucking my fingers as I fingered my pussy until I came” she confessed as she pushed me harder into her wet pussy and Marc thrust hard into my arse I scream as I feel myself tear my sister still pushing me hard into her pussy the only way to breath will be to lick her as she continues her memory“I imagined us like this! your mouth on my pussy licking my juices and sucking on my clit” I decide that’s what I should do so I lick u her wet pussy from her arse to her little hard clit causing her to stop talking and arch her back as I take her clit into my mouth and gently pull it with my teeth before sucking it into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it “OH FUCK” she screams as my mouth floods with her juices I continue to lick her as Marc starts fucking me harder “oh my god that was amazing,” Jane mumbles as we all hear a little voice calling out for “mum” “shit I’ll be right back” she says leaving the room, “That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen little girl” Marc leans over and whispers in my ear, “James still needs to see you, but for tonight your mine!” he says thrusting harder and faster, “and you won’t tell Jane anything or I will kill you, her and those little shits out there too”“B…but they are your niece and nephew” I say“so your slut of a sister says, you want them unharmed you won’t tell Jane and you won’t say no to anything I want again” he says pulling out and pushing quickly into my pussy as he cums hard deep inside me just as Jane comes back in, pulling out he turns me over and faces Jane pointing to his cock “clean it off” he tells her, she doesn’t even hesitate as she gets to her knees licking and sucking our juices off his cock before turning to me and burying her head between my thighs licking his cum from me “you taste just as I remember” she says standing up “well we better get to bed” she smiles at Marc as she pulls him from the room seconds later I hear a click in the door and realise I’m locked in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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