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Big Tits

Most women don’t pay attention to it until she (or her partner) need(s) to insert something into her vagina.
Insertion can feel like a sharp knife cutting into her — burning, stinging, as if her skin is being torn in two and she is about to bleed. Even if her hymen has already been torn, the tightness is painful. There is different reasons for the pain caused by penetration. But whatever the cause, it is painful to touch or insert things around the opening. Once something (like a tampon) gets inside the vagina, it no longer hurts. It just hurts when the object is sliding through the entrance. Many women lose their relationships because of this problem. Average size penis sometimes have problems penetrating. Over sized penis usual can’t penetrate a tight vagina without the woman crying out in pain. Sometimes a guy just can’t it in because the entrance is to tight. After several attempts a penis may not slip in. Women with this problem also find it difficult to find sex toys slender enough to fit.

I didn’t go back to the party, I walked through the same door as Vlada following her upstairs. I reach the landing as Vlada exited the bathroom. ” Oh!” she gasps as I caught her by surprise. I stood in her way. ” It’s later,” I whipsered, the lust clearly evident in my eyes, ” I’m not waiting any longer.” Before Vlada can react or say anything I grab her, pulling her roughly to me, crushing her breasts against my chest and kiss her hard on the lips. ” Come with me,” I commanded after breaking the kiss. I roughly took hold of her wrist and walked quickly down the dimly lit corridor, dragging a shocked Vlada skittering after me in her 6″ heels. ” John, what are you doing…where are you taking me…please let me go,” Vlada pleaded as she tugged back. My tight grip on her wrist is hurting. She feels her heart rate rise and she suddenly feels scared. ” Please John…please let me go…” I responded by pulling her harder. As we reached the far end of the corridor I came to a door which I flung open. I spun Vlada round me into the room slamming her up against the wall. I kicked the door shut behind me and leaning in, kissing her hard again. My hands came up grabbing her breasts squeezing them roughly.

Initially shocked, Vlada tries to fight me off. I’m rough. I hadn’t shaved and my bristles are making her chin sore as I mash my mouth to hers. I kiss her hard as I continue to grope her. There Is no finesse in my actions. I want her bad now and I’m determined to have her. She struggles against me but it is a losing battle. I’m bigger and stronger than she is. ” No…no…no…no…” She repeats over and over, ” this can’t be happening…please John…let me go…please…” I continue to maul her breasts, squeezing them hard through her top and bra until I’m suddenly aware that she is no longer fighting me. I step back half a pace to look at her. Her eyes are tightly closed and her chest is rising and falling as she breaths deep. My rough groping turns to softer fondling as I feel her body respond to my lighter touch. I lean in and kiss her again. This time more gently, my lips barely touching hers. I flick my tongue out and ran it over her bottom lip before pushing a bit more firmly into her mouth. Vlada parted her lips as I slipped it effortlessly inside to meet her tongue. As the kiss deepens, Vlada moans. The initial shock of my assault has worn off and Vlada is responding to my rough groping of her body.

From behind the young beauty, I smile as I stood behind the frightened young beauty, whose shoulders showed her çapa escort panting in both fear and anticipation. I love the way this petite beauty has dressed, like a sophisticated young lady. Vlada has dressed in a crisp white blouse, yellow skirt, and white heels. Her creamy white skin, without nylons, made her trim legs even sexier. I stood nearly a foot and half taller than this beautiful little bitch, who has fallen to the mystique of the need to see if the myth about me is really true. I look down at the lovely beauty shaking in fear and anticipation of my touch. My light caressing of her arms sent an obvious shiver through her body. I hear her gasp as my large hands move onto her trim hips. Then a soft moan rose as my hands move up to encompass the small but nicely proportioned breasts of this beauty. My rough fingering and grasping turns the once crisp white blouse into a wrinkled mess. But my manipulations did serve to find the hardening little buds under the thin blouse and lacy bra.

Vlada closed her eyes, her lips parting as she gasps for breath, shaking as she feels tremors of pleasure going through her body as her breasts are fondled for the first time in a long time. She sighs and leans back into my big body behind her, her body shivering from the flicking of her sensitive nipples. She groans loudly as her blouse is pulled from her skirt. Suddenly, large coarse hands are on her bare skin, moving up her belly, a finger sneaking under her lacy white bra. She gasps and groans as her bra is pushed up over her breasts, replaced by large hot hands. Thick thumbs begin flicking her tender nipples again. ” Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Vlada moans when her blouse is ripped open by my hands. Her bra is grasped and easily snapped in two. Vlada groans as she looks down at my hands upon her creamy white skin, my thumbs flicking her brownish/pink nipples. She gasps as a slithering wet tongue probes her earlobe. Then the humiliating taunting begins and tears stream down her face in shame.

I knew I had this bitch now, wanting to humiliate her by taunting her. I knew the sexual cravings stirring in her body would not allow her to leave without experiencing the sexual pleasures she has dreamed of. ” Gonna make you a woman tonight, my little Vlada! Gonna make you my woman! Gonna take that precious tight pussy and cherry that you’ve been saving. You want me to pluck your precious cherry, Vlada?” I taunted. I laughed as I see tears running down onto her breasts. A hard pull and the button of her skirt snapped off, the force of the yank succeeded in pulling down the zipper, allowing the skirt to fall to the floor. The lacy white panties are slowly pulled down over her hips to join her skirt on the floor, now leaving her pussy exposed to my eyes for the very first time. ” Oh, please, I-I… must leave! I don’t know what made me come here! Please don’t touch me anymore! I must leave now! Ohhh GOD!” Vlada gasped as my thick finger thrusts into her very tight moist slit. Leaning against my body behind her, she continues to moan and thrust her hips forward, fucking herself onto the pleasure giving finger. ” OH GOD! OH GOD!” she groans loudly, body convulsing in a mind shattering orgasm as the exploring finger made contact with her sensitive clit.

I lift the shivering petite beauty up into my arms, her lovely body naked except for her trim white heels and lacy white panties dangling uselessly from her right heel. I carried her into my well-lit bedroom and laid this young beauty in the middle of my king size bed. escort şişli Stripping off my clothes, I stroke my long thick shaft that will soon have the honor of deflowering the young beauty. I wonder how she’d ever explain away the loss of her virginity that a future husband would expect to find from this little beauty. I knew she’d be hooked on my monster cock once she got a sample of it and would never be satisfied by some little cock. Hearing the sound of the pants being unzipped, Vlada opens her eyes and reality set in. ‘Oh, God! What have I done? Why did I come here, accepting a invitation to this man’s house?’ she thought fearful, gulping when she saw the menacing instrument that is intent on plucking the jewel from her pussy, a jewel she has always intended to preserve till her future wedding night. ” Oh, please, I must leave… please let me go!” she pleads as I knelt onto the bed, grasping her hand and bringing it to the pulsing thick cock.

Vlada trembling as her hand is pulled down to my hard cock. She hesitates and tries to pull away ” Oh, no, I can’t — please, don’t, please… I’m afraid!” I force her hand over my cock, which drooled slimy pre-cum juice onto small dainty fingers. She cringed and pleaded ” No, no – please!” but her fist begins to move up and down on the hard shaft. A moment later, Her pumping begins to speed up as slimy pre-cum lubricates her palm. ” Oh, no – please!” She moans but continues her strokes on my pulsing cock. Looking at her beautiful lips, I force her hand off my cock and slide up her body, dragging my wet cock over each of her beautiful breasts, up to her chin to smear it with thick slime. Her beautiful round eyes are now wide open with fear as she realizes my intentions. ” No, please, no!” ” Take it away! It’s too dirty!” She clenched her lips tight together, shaking her head and whipping her silky dark hair from side to side. Her movements causes her lips to brush against the wet cock head that now glossed her lips. I move up further until the wet tip of my cock is now at the tip of her nose, providing her with the rich aroma of my sexual weapon.

Placing the blunt tip of my cock at her lips, I force myself between her soft tender lips. Her eyes widen again as she realizes what is happening. She starts to twist and shake her head to dislodge my cock. Entwining my fingers in her long dark hair, holding her head still, I ram my cock into her sweet hot mouth. She sputters and gags as she chokes on the nine inches of solid meat. Still holding her hair tight, I now begin to fuck her mouth, teaching her how to give good head, ” When ever you get married Vlada, tell your future hubby how you first learned to suck cock. She struggles, putting her hands at my waist to push me out of her mouth. Her eyes widen with fear as I continue to fuck her face. She tries to twist and dislodge me, but to no avail. The cock in her mouth is so hot and hard. She closed her eyes to block out what is happening. Yanking her hair, I order her to open her eyes telling her, ” I want to look into your eyes when I cum in your sweet mouth!” She obeys, opening her eyes and attempted to shake her head. Seeing her fearful eyes, I couldn’t hold back any longer ” Here it cums you beautiful little bitch!” My cock twitches and shot once, twice, three times into her mouth causing her to gag. She continues to gag. Each time she tries to swallow, more cum bubbling up from her throat. She moans ” It tastes horrible!” Deep down, she knew she wanted me to defy her Russian traditional ways nişantaşı escort all in one night.

After a few minutes, I slide back down her petite body spreading her legs, positioning myself to mount her, rubbing my big thick cock head against her moist slit. ” Baby, the myth about me is so true! You’ve got the proof right here. You’ll think of my long cock every time some guy tries to please you with his little toy. I’m the one who’s going to pick your precious little cherry!” I thrust my hips forward into Vlada’s pussy, so very tight that my first thrust managed only the tip of my plum size cock head. ” Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!” Vlada gasping and screaming with pain that is intense and unbearable. I let out a grunt, grab her hips with both hands, and slam forward again forcing a mere three inches in. ” YESSSSS!” came a groan as the thick cock bumped against the tight resistance of her cherry. I lifted my face for now I want to fully hear Vlada’s scream as I busted her precious jewel. ” YES! LIKE THAT, YESS, OH GOD YES!” came the shrill pitched cry as I drew back and slammed forward again and again, brutally breaking through the prized maidenhead. Vlada’s screams and sobs turn to loud bawling as I hammer her without mercy. I knew my big cock hurt her badly as I rode her very hard, rocking her back and forth with the force of my lengthy strokes. The loud screams are music to my ears, adding to the fact that I knew the entire house is filled with the screams of the beautiful little bitch. I chuckled as I knew my friends knew my gift in luring young beauties to their destruction.

I kiss and lick her face relentlessly as I fucked her. ” Ohhhh, baby, the little innocent bitch just got `ruined’ by a monster cock,” I tormented her. She is helpless, mewling in pain and humiliation, twisting about as she desperately tries to get away from the impaling monster prong that is causing her unbearable pain. I slowly withdraw my pulsing cock till only the plum like head remains captured. I held her arms over her head as I lift up some to gaze at my cock. I smile with triumph as I see my long cock coated with her blood. With one hand behind her head, I lifted her head up so she can see my cock coated in her blood. Her precious cherry is torn. After ten minutes of being brutally fucked, Vlada feels my body tense and she knew, I’m on the verge of spurting my seed. My body suddenly jerks wildly on top of her. Fear shows in her eyes, ” No, no, please don’t – I’ll get pregnant! No, no, please, pull it out!” she pleads. With a loud moan, I came. Vlada feels the long cock jerking madly then explode inside her, pouring hot lava into her womb. I spurt again and again. My cum mixing with her juice, the mixture spilling out of her cunt and down her ass, finally pooling onto the bed between her legs.

Vlada sobbing as my heavy body lay upon her. Remorse set in and she feels so ashamed, first for losing her virginity to me and the way in which her body had responded on its own. As she was being blasted by my hot baby making goo, she is screaming while wrapping her trim arms around my shoulders and her long legs around the pumping ass. She is also arching up in response to meet the long spearing thrusts as I spurted my hot goo deep into her fertile womb. She is ashamed of herself for having responded, not believing she had let her lifelong goal of being a pure woman till marriage disappear in one weak moment, `ruined’ by me. I eased my dwindling cock out of the tight pussy, looking down and smiled as I gazed upon my long cock streaked with rivers of blood. I chuckled as I saw the pool of blood between the widespread legs and mused `Boy this little bitch sure as hell bled a lot!’ I looked at the little bitch laying on my bed out cold from her physical and mental exhaustion.

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