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Subject: 40 year old virgin Part 3 Copyright: All rights to the story belong to the author and must not be republished for use without the author’s permission. This story involves sex among consenting adults, if it is not legal to read this type of material where you are located that proceed at your own risk. My goal is to provide you some sort of sexual contact in every chapter, some will be masturbation, but mostly, it will involve two people who either love each other very much or are on their way to falling in love. The story of Broken Hearts Boys came to when I was riding my bike through a collection of mountain bike trails and seen a clearing and thought, what a great place to have sex. Please remember to donate to Nifty. Nifty provides a platform for people to post stories and for readers to get a chance to read some hot sex scenes and great plots for free and rely’s on donations to continue their excellent work. http://donate./donate.html ********************************* Hello, my name is Rodney. I am now forty years old today, and as dreadful as it sounds, I was born with a tiny dick. This is the story of how I lost my virginity. When I reached the age of eighteen and was entirely through puberty, my cock was only once inch long. Because of this, I have always been embarrassed to be seen naked. I have seen others naked, but only when I pay for it. Due to the size of my dick, my parents sheltered me from sports and even public school so that I would not be made fun of. Some think what my parents did was a good idea, and others believe it makes me the unsocial and strange person I am today. When I turned twenty-one, I started paying to see Naked girls at local strip clubs. It was nice to see girls in sexual positions, but it never really got me going. I mean, I love to watch some girls titties bounce around while she shimmies up and down a pole leaving behind a snail trail of her juices. This never got me going as much as thinking about all the hard dicks that were getting rock hard by the acts she was performing. I lived with my one-inch dick for thirty-nine years until a doctor came to me and told me he could fix my penis. My mother felt my one-inch penis was ruining my life, so she looked for years for a doctor who could fix it, and she finally found this dude. I met Dr. Marvin Meryl at his office on fourteenth street for a consultation. The doctor’s office was not like any other medical facility I had ever seen. The waiting room was empty, except for me, and there were papers piled all the way up to the ceiling on one side of the room. To top things off, there was no receptionist, Dr. Meryl was waiting on my mother and me when we arrived. Dr. Meryl weighed me, took my blood pressure, temp, and several other things that he needed before checking me in. After getting my vitals, the Dr. Led me to a room and then said, “the Doctor will be with you shortly.” and giggled. I just brushed it off as he is a crazy ankara escort bayan old doctor. Dr. Meryl is a very educated doctor who has practiced medicine all over the world and holds several medical degrees. Dr. Meryl specializes in rare disorders of the human reproductive area. Dr. Meryl came back into the room and asked for me to remove my clothing and then pointed for me to have a seat on the exam table. Dr. Meryl touched my one-inch penis and took it between his fingers and squeezed it. His gloved fingers were cold and made me shiver when he touched me. While the doctor was examining my dick, he made these strange noises like hmmmm, mmmmm, uhuhhhhhhh. He was a strange little man. After examining my penis for nearly an hour by pushing and pulling on it. Dr. Meryl stood up and said, “the problem is not you, it’s your dick, son.” of course, I thought damn, this fucker is a genius. The doctor continued by stating that he does not see an apparent reason that my penis never developed, but he knows he can fix it. For the mere price of $599, the doctor sent me home with a cream that I have to rub on my penis five times a day for the next month. God, I hope this works, I want to have sex before my fortieth birthday. I left the doctor’s office and started my regimen of applying the cream to my cock. The first time I used the cream, my dick turned bright blue and was glowing. The color change and glow had me a little nervous, but after two applications, when I woke up the next morning, my cock was half an inch longer. After two weeks of applying the cream to my cock it had grown to be six inches longer, thus making it now a whopping seven inches long. Every day since starting my regimen of applying the cream, I would stand naked and admire my new length in the bathroom mirror. I was so proud of my new penis. I would walk around the house naked, no matter who was home. My mother, father, and even little brother all made comments about how great my new penis looked. My goal was to have my cock sucked by anyone and be able to fuck someone before I turned forty years old, who wants to be a virgin at forty. I should have mentioned my younger brother is twenty-two years old. We all live under the same roof because, in our family, it is tradition to live in the family home until you get married. My sister got married a few years ago and moved out of the house and into a lovely three bedroom with her new husband. The night before my fortieth birthday, I told my brother of my wishes, and he offered to help since I was too shy to go out and look for anyone. I am straight, and so is he, but we all make sacrifices for each other, right? I agreed with my brother that if he would do this for me, then I would suck his cock in return. That night after dinner, I rushed to my room and stripped down so I could hop into the shower. I was certain my brother Harry wouldn’t want to be a dirty cocksucker. I also hoped he showered and cleaned eryaman escort his ass out because the last thing I want is his shit on my new dick. When I went into the shower, I was surprised to see that Harry had beaten me in there and was actively cleansing his ass in the shower. Harry has never been one to be shy as he was born with better genes and now packs an eleven-inch cock between his smooth skinny legs. Harry invited me into the shower with him, and I obliged. Stepping into the shower was a bit strange, but at the same time, I was excited. I had never had any type of sexual contact and only had my first orgasm a week ago, so this is still all new and exciting to me. Harry handed me the sponge and asked if I would wash his back. I paid particular attention to Harry’s ass crack because I knew my cock would be venturing there soon. After I washed his back, Harry motioned for me to turn around so he could wash mine. Harry’s touch was very gentle and felt terrific. Harry has a really great body. He is twenty-two like I said, and has a good sized dick. Harry has brown long flowing hair on his head, but the rest of his body is mostly smooth. Harry has a great set of abs and a nice v shape leading down to his pubic hair. If I were gay, Harry would be a guy I would want to fuck. After finishing up our shower Harry and I decided there was no time like the present to get started on our sexual quest. Harry led me to his room because he had a queen bed, and I only had a full-size bed. Harry suggested we start with the oral stuff to make sure we could both go through with this. I lay on my back in the middle of Harry’s bed while he was on his knees, hovering over my seven-inch cock. Harry first touched it with his right hand and gave it a few strokes before finally lowering his mouth and taking my cock into his warm and slippery pie hole. Harry’s lips felt amazing around my cock, and it only took him a few quick strokes with his tongue for me to shoot jizz down his throat. Harry got a little upset and stated he didn’t intend on me coming in his mouth. I just told him I was sorry and it wouldn’t happen again. Without putting any clothing on, Harry rushed over the bathroom and got a glass of water to wash the taste out of his mouth. I apologized again, but Harry only said, “you owe me one for that.” Harry lay on his back, and I hovered my face above his cock, admiring the size of his giant pole. Harry was not having any of my stalling, so he grabbed my head and started guiding me down on his cock. I took his throbbing member into my mouth and was trying to go gently when Harry pushed down and shoved his entire cock into my mouth. Harry moaned and grabbed a handful of my hair and continued guiding my mouth up and down his shaft. Harry was very rough and not very considerate of this being the first cock I had ever sucked. I almost gagged on his massive cock several times. When Harry was ready to cum I could feel etlik escort his cock start to grow in my mouth as well as his thighs start to shake, and finally, he filled my mouth with his boy cum. Harry’s cum shot to the back of my throat, with some spilling out onto his pubic hair and getting all over my lips. After I rushed to the bathroom to wash out my mouth, I came back to the room to find Harry smiling with glee to have forcefully skull fucked his disadvantaged older brother. I guess Harry forgot the fact that I was only seconds from entering his hairless virgin asshole. Silly Harry. We talked for a minute and complemented each other on the great head while we recouped from emptying our balls in each other’s mouths. After about ten minutes, Harry said, “I am ready, are you?’ I nodded in agreement. Harry got up on all fours with his face towards the headboard and his ass in the air. I got in position behind him and started applying a small amount of lube to his tiny little pink pucker. I wondered if Harry shaved his asshole because there was no trace of any hair anywhere. After lubing Harry up, I moved a little closer, and with my right hand wrapped around my cock I pushed the head into Harry. Harry winced with pain and attempted to pull away, but I grabbed his hips to hold him in position. I stopped moving into Harry to give him a minute to adjust before pushing forward another inch. After a few minutes, I was balls deep in Harry’s hairless asshole, and I could tell he was hurting a little. I gave him a minute to rest but only because his tight ass felt like it was cutting my dick off. When I could feel that Harry had relaxed, I pulled almost entirely out of him and then rammed it back in to pay him back for the rough blowjob. Harry’s ass tightened around my cock, and I was only able to thrust into his ass about ten times before I emptied my balls into his anal cavity. When I pulled out of Harry, I sat back on my feet and noticed Harry had spewed cum all over his sheets. I had fucked Harry so hard it made him cum. Harry and I cleaned up with a towel that was lying on his bedroom floor. After cleaning up, Harry and I lay naked and talked for a little longer, and I thanked him for not allowing me to turn forty without fucking someone. Harry confessed to me that he had never fucked another guy before, but it has always been something he has been curious about. Harry then told me he was sure he was bisexual at this point because getting fucked by me felt amazing. I told Harry that because I had been shy and living with a one-inch cock my whole life, I had no prospects of a girlfriend, so if he wanted to do this regularly that I wouldn’t be opposed. Harry smiled and said, “that would be great, as long as you keep applying that cream and get up to a fifteen-inch dick for me.” ******************************** Be sure to check out my other book fty//gay/adult-friends/groom-to-be Thank you for reading my story, please provide feedback. I do not mind people being critical of my work. I would prefer someone to be honest with me about my work. I am working on a few other stories and would love some insight to my character development and the general flow of my stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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