Frank and Ex Step-Daughter

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Frank and Ex Step-DaughterI am Frank, 52 years young, divorced and unemployed. I always got on with my ex since the divorce so when I got a call asking me to look after Megan, (My ex-stepdaughter) for a few days I was only too pleased to help. I hadn’t seen much of her the last few years so it would be good to catch up plus I may get to sniff her dirty panties again, something I used to love doing before the divorce. The taxi pulled up and this young woman exited, Wow she had grown since I last saw her. She still had the curly hair but her figure had filled out nicely and her tight jeans showed of her perfect bubble butt. Her tee shirt hid a pair a smallish breasts and as she got nearer I could see the outline of her nipples. I rushed to the door to help with her case, “Hello Frank” she greeted me with a peck on the cheek and a big hug and oh could I feel her soft breasts rubbing against my chest. “Hello Megan, you have grown and are looking more beautiful than ever” I responded as I hugged her for longer than I should. Her jeans looked like they had been painted on they were so tight but they did show off her perfect arse and a very nice cameltoe at the front, she had certainly filled out in all the right places and I kept thinking how juicy those panties must be under them. I let her walk up the stairs first and I followed carrying her case, the sight of her arse was making a bulge appear in my shorts. “Here is your room sweetheart” I said showing her into the spare room and putting her case on the bed, “I will leave you to unpack, any dirty laundry you have just pop it into the basket in the bathroom” I said hoping to get a daily supply of worn panties. “Come down when you’re ready” I said as I walked back down to the lounge.I sat in the lounge thinking how nice it would be to have Megan stay when I heard the shower running and then my thoughts went to imagining this hot and sexy girl naked in my shower, now my cock was rising.After a while she came down stairs in her dressing gown to say she was beat and going to have an early night, we said our good-nights and off she went.I needed to pee so went up to the bathroom and after doing my business I took a quick look in the laundry basket, Bingo, inside was her tee shirt and under that was her white panties that she had worn today. My breathing got heavier as I picked them up and held them to my nose, Mmm what a lovely scent was coming from them. I took them downstairs and quickly pulled off my shorts and slowly pulled on Megan’s soiled panties, they were a tight fit and my bulge was growing as I rubbed my balls through the cotton fabric. As I got totally erect half of my cock was sticking out the top and was leaking precum as I was so turned on. This was too good an opportunity to waste so I started to rub my cock as I felt her panties close to canlı bahis my skin, it wasn’t long before I was wanking hard and soon I felt my cock pulsating in my hand as I shot hot spunk up onto my belly. I used Megan’s panties to wipe myself clean and seeing my cum on her panties was in itself a big turn on. I returned them to the laundry basket on my way to bed, seeing Megan’s door shut I turned in for the night. As I lay in bed drifting off to sleep I was thinking about Megan and her panties.I woke up just after 9am and put my boxers on and headed downstairs totally forgetting about my visitor, as I entered the kitchen I was greeted by the back of Megan standing over the cooker frying eggs, she was dressed in just a big tee shirt and her panties and I stared inventively as her tanned legs. “Good Morning Frank” she said with a smile, “Breakfast nearly ready” she turned to face me and it was then I realized I was only wearing an old pair of boxer, “Oh, still in boxers” she said grinning as I remembered I always dressed this was when she was growing up and she had seen me in boxers many times. We laughed it off and I sat down at the table while she finished off the eggs. I could feel myself getting a semi as I looked at how smooth her legs were and if I looked hard enough when she was at the right angle I could clearly see her panties under her shirt, they were pink ones this morning. “You don’t mind me in boxers?” I asked as she put the plates on the table, “Oh no, I always liked seeing you in them when we all lived together” she responded, “and seeing you again has brought back all the memories” she continued with a smile. “As long as you don’t mind seeing me in like this” she said giggling, “Oh I am sure I will get used to it” I replied winking at her.The mood was light and a good atmosphere and after breakfast Megan returned to her room to do some course work while I tidied the house and did a few chores, it was mid-summer so I decided to stay in my boxers and sat out on the patio reading the paper.I was enjoying sitting in the sun and was starting to doze off when Megan appeared and said “Can I join you Frank, but sorry I forgot to pack a bikini” well, what could I say to that so I looked her up and down, she was wearing her baggy tee shirt and the same panties she had at breakfast, “Oh I am sure it’s ok, in fact Megan you look nice” I said with a cheeky grin glad that she didn’t pack a bikini. She sat down in a chair opposite me giving me a lovely view up the insides of her thighs right up to the sweet spot of her panties, that snapshot is imprinted in my mind.We sat and talked about old times when we were a family, when she said “Do you remember Kate who was my best friend at school?” “Oh Yes” I said thinking back, “She used to come for sleep overs and always used to comment about me wearing bahis siteleri just boxers around the house”, “Yes that’s the one, and then you persuaded us both to play in just our panties and it was a happy atmosphere, and I remember that Kate and I both wondered what was inside your shorts but you never showed us” she said with a glint in her eye, damn I thought, if only I had known. “Why didn’t you just ask?” I said laughingly, “We were too embarrassed I think” she said and I started to wonder where this was going, “Well I just called her and she is on her way over” she continued with a smile, “I hope you don’t mind” she asked, well now I had a pretty good idea where this was heading. “Of course not, it will be good to see her again” I said happily. More like I would like to see how she has developed, my mind was racing back to those early days and how nice it was having the 2 girls playing in just there panties.We sat around chatting and it wasn’t long before the doorbell rang and Kate arrived. Megan rushed off to the door and I heard a bit of giggling before Kate appeared at the patio door. My eyes lit up when I saw her, she had certainly grown and like Megan had a perfectly proportioned body. She was dressed in a tee shirt and tight shorts which although not as tight as Megan’s jeans still showed off her perfect lower regions. “Hello Kate” I said standing up to give her a hug, “Oh I see the boxers again Frank” She said laughing as we hugged, “Next you will be having me and Megan in just our panties again” she continued which made all three of us laugh. She obviously remembered that too and without thinking I just blurted out “OK, great plan” to which they both giggled and looked at me in my boxers, I had to sit down quickly as I was starting to get a semi at the fact that they were considering it.“Ok” Kate said “But we have boobs now so can we keep out tee shirts on?” Megan had been like that anyway so of course I agreed and Kate then looked at Megan and slowly removed her shorts as she looked at me in a teasing way. “I hope I look better now than back then” Kate said as she put her shorts down. “Come here, let’s have a closer look” I said jokingly not expecting her to walk over to me to within touching distance. I lifted up her tee shirt to expose her nice white panties, she had a slight bulge that was hiding her pubic hair and I could clearly see the outline of her luscious lips, I swiveled her hips round to inspect the rear and to my surprise she was in a thong and the back was firmly implanted up the crack of her fleshy arse, “Absolutely perfect” I said giving her arse cheeks a little slap. Kate sat in a chair next to Megan so they were both opposite me giving me the perfect view which I am sure was pre-planned but who was I to argue and we began talking about those early days and how bahis şirketleri they were looking at my boxers, they commented at the fact they saw me with a semi which got them wondering what was inside, Kate even agreed that they were too embarrassed to ask. “Why did you like seeing us in panties? And what would you have done if we did ask to see what was inside?” Megan said putting me on the spot. “Well, I have always liked panties, and you 2 looked great in them and it was exciting to see which is why I used to get an erection, and if you had asked I would probably have shown you” I replied putting it all out there. The girls smiled, glad of my honestly and themselves now wishing that they had asked. “And what if we asked now?” Kate said with a grin. I didn’t have to think and just said, “I will take my shorts off if you 2 take your shirts off” which I thought was a fair trade and also realizing that my cock was now rock hard.The girls looked at each other and without saying a word removed their shirts in one fail swoop. I looked at both girls in turn and complimented them on a great pair of titties that were now displayed before me.Neither girl was big but they both had pert stiff nipples. “Now your turn daddy” Megan said and she had never called me daddy before.I stood up, my erection very evident and slowly removed my shorts and casting them aside, both girls sat with statue faces as I stood before them with my cock firmly pointing north.“Wow” they both said in unison. “That is awesome” Kate said. I stood there like a statue in front of these two pantie clad girls and I was surprised I didn’t shoot my load there and then. I reached down and cupped a boob in each hand, one from each and started to rub the now erect nipples, teasing them into action and it worked, Kate reached forward and took hold of my solid rod and slowly pulled the skin back exposing the swelling head while Megan lent forward and took the head into her mouth while Kate rubbed up and down as if milking me into Megan’s mouth.It’s been a while since I experienced two girls attacking my cock and when they both had their mouths covering every inch of my meat and two veg it was hard to refrain from cumming and it was if they had a competition going to see which mouth I would cum in. I was pushing in both simultaneously as far back as I could making each girl gag as my cock hit the back of their throats. As I was watching the two heads bobbing up and down on my cock I felt a hand on my balls gently massaging them and then hands on my arse pulling me deeper into their throats, as I felt my nuts tighten my cock started to pulsate and both girls were now fighting over the streams of cum that was ejaculating from my cock, as I withdrew the last stream hit Megan in the face while Kate was busy swallowing what she had. Kate then removed her thong and started to wipe Megan’s face before handing it to me “Here Frank, here is a little memento for you to keep” I was happy for this and immediately sniffed the gusset and took in the sweet aroma of Kate’s pussy.

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