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It was pretty warm that morning in August, but Dorry thought it would be okay for her to walk across town to meet Susie for lunch. Susie was three years older than Dorry, but was one of Dorry’s best friends. She worked for her father in the summer, taking orders for the signs they supplied to local businesses. Her father’s shop was on the far west side of town, and Dorry’s house was in a neighborhood of ranch style houses on the east side. It was about 3 miles across town, but Dorry had walked it before.

Dorry pulled up a pair of hip-hugger, bell-bottom jeans over her bikini panties. She fed a wide black leather belt through the loops of the pants and buckled the large brass buckle. Then she put on her favorite bra and a blue mid-riff knit top that showed her flat stomach to advantage. She looked down at her belly-button, glad that it was not an “outy” and was nice enough to show above the belted jeans. She sat down and slipped her feet into the leather sandals that lay by the side of her bed.

She went over to the mirror and carefully applied makeup to her eyes, outlining them in dark liner, applying blue eye shadow to the lids and then black mascara to the lashes. She applied dark pink lipstick to her lips and rubbed her lips together to distribute the lip color evenly before she dabbed her lips with a tissue to remove any excess color.

She took her brush and brushed her long, brown hair. It fell softly in waves down her back and over her shoulders onto her chest just above her breasts. She swung her head and watched her hair float around her head and land softly on her back and chest.

Dorry put down the brush and picked up three dollar bills from her dresser. She folded them in half and slid them into the front pocket of her jeans. She walked out to the living room, went out the front door, and shut the door behind her. She didn’t lock it even though no one was home. Her family never locked the door; she and her sister didn’t even have keys.

She cut through the neighbors’ yards to get to the alley that ran behind the Shields’ big three story brick house. Eddie lived there; he was her age but they weren’t really friends, just knew each other from grade school.

Dorry followed the driveway to the highway that ran in front of the house. Highway 67 ran through the town east to west; it was called Broadway in town.

Dorry crossed the highway and leisurely strolled along Broadway, singing songs in her mind, making good time. However, by the time she reached 18th Street, she was feeling pretty warm. “I sure wish I had my own car,” she thought as she wiped the sweat from her brow with the side of her hand.

She noticed a car slowing down just a head of her. The driver pulled the car over to the side of the road and stopped. The window went down on the passenger side, an automatic window, and a man dressed in a white shirt and tie leaned over and spoke to her.

“Which way do I go to get to the airport?” he asked.

Dorry pointed straight ahead, “That way, it’s on the west side of town.”

“Thanks sweetheart. I thought I’d made a mistake.” As he looked her over, he noticed the beads of perspiration on her forehead. He smiled at her and said “It’s pretty hot today. Can I give you a lift? My car is air conditioned.”

Dorry felt the cool air blowing out the window of the car. She thought, “Why not?” and said “Sure.”

The man unlatched the door and pushed it open; as she got in, he gathered the papers that were strewn across the seat into a pile and moved them to the back seat of the car. The back seat was littered with more papers. A brief case lay open on the seat, and a box of tissues lay on top of the papers in the briefcase. His suit jacket hung across the back window on the driver’s side.

Dorry got in and pulled the car door towards her. She could hear the latch click as the heavy door closed. He rolled the window up with a button on his side of the car. It was a nice car; the leather seats felt very comfortable and cool on her skin when she sat down. The cool air Dikmen Escort blowing from the dash felt good, blowing across her, drying the perspiration.

“I’m going to the airport to pick up a business associate. I just drove down from Flora to pick him up at the Brownsburg Airport,” he explained.

“I see,” Dorry replied, while looking around the car.

“Where are you headed?” he asked.

“I’m meeting my friend for lunch. She works for her dad on the other side of town. You can let me out at Chestnut Street”

The man looked at her body up and down, from her sandal covered feet, up her long legs to the exposed midriff, to her tight blue top, to her shy smile, to her brown eyes, to her long brown hair; he smiled as his gaze met her eyes. He pulled back onto the highway and drove slowly into the downtown area. He looked at her frequently as he drove.

After a minute or two of silence, he said matter-of-factly, “There’s a game I like to play; I’ll bet you that I can guess your bra size.”

Dorry was startled; she didn’t know what to say in response. She looked at him as he sized her up with his eyes, then she looked out the front window again, embarrassed. She thought he would look at her and then say a bra size, like 34A or 32B.

“Okay,” she said quietly.

While stopped at a traffic light, he leaned towards her. He put his arm around her and held her by her breast on the right side of her body. He pulled her a little closer to him, but not all the way over to his side of the seat. She didn’t know what to do. He kept holding her breast and squeezing it. She felt that tingling feeling between her legs. His hand moved down to her midriff, feeling her smooth stomach muscles and his fingers slid under the belt a little, then they moved back across her midriff and slid under the knit top. He squeezed her breast through the bra, under the shirt.

The light changed to green and he started driving again as he continued to squeeze Dorry’s breast through the bra. Then he slipped his fingers under the bra and slid the bra up over her breast. His hand was now directly on her breast touching her skin; the skin was sensitive over the small breast. He squeezed her nipple, and then held her breast with his palm open; her nipple rubbed against his palm as he moved his hand round and round.

The motion of his hand on her breast stimulated Dorry; she liked that feeling, but she was frightened of the man. He seemed nice, but she didn’t know him; he didn’t know her or her family; no one knew she was in his car; he was from Flora; she didn’t know any one from Flora.

A feeling of panic rushed over her. Dorry felt that she had made a huge mistake. She looked at him, and he was smiling. A popular song played on the radio. The palm of his hand was rubbing against her nipple, sending tingles down her spine to her crotch.

The man didn’t say anything; he just kept driving with his hand on her breast. Dorry stared straight ahead as he drove. He drove past Chestnut Street where she needed to get out to walk the rest of the way to Susie’s dad’s shop, which was about three blocks north of Broadway.

“I need to get out here,” she told him.

“Oh what’s your hurry sweetheart? You’ve got plenty of time before lunch.” It was 10:30 she could see by the clock on his dash. “My guy’s plane doesn’t get in for an hour. Let’s take a little drive.”

“I don’t think so,” she said. “I really need to get out.”

He ignored her remark and continued touching her breast, now squeezing the nipple between his thumb and fingers. He drove out of town, towards the airport. Dorry didn’t say anything, although her heart was beating faster and faster. She felt anxious but continued to look straight ahead, not acknowledging his hand on her breast.

He drove past the airport, several miles out of town, and turned off onto a side road. After driving a short way down the road, he pulled the car over to the side. The road ran between two huge corn fields, Eryaman Escort no houses, no one around for miles.

The man slid over closer to Dorry. She could smell his aftershave lotion; his body was warm as he pressed it against her. His left hand went straight to her crotch, and he started rubbing her through her tight jeans.

“Oh baby, you are so sweet,” he said. She just sat there and let him touch her. She looked straight ahead, not at the man who had his hands all over her body.

“Have you ever had sex, sweetheart?” he asked.

“No,” she answered quietly.

“Well I won’t fuck you then, you don’t have to worry about that.”

He pushed her top up and pushed the bra up over both of her breasts, exposing them to the sunlight streaming in the front window of the car. He leaned over and sucked on the nipple of her left breast; his right hand resumed touching her right breast, squeezing the nipple; his left hand went back to rubbing her crotch through her jeans.

She was very excited and wasn’t as afraid of him now. He wasn’t going to fuck her. But what was he going to do? she wondered, feeling flushed, feeling the sexual excitement growing in her.

“You’re really going to like fucking when you get around to it; I can tell. I bet you’re wet right now. You’re getting really excited by my touching you aren’t you?”

She didn’t answer him.

He stopped rubbing her crotch and undid her belt buckle and unbuttoned her jeans. He unzipped the jeans in one motion and slid his hand under the bikini panties she was wearing. He slid his fingers to her genitals and felt the moisture between her legs.

“Oh, yeah, you are wet. You are so sweet.” He took his hand out exposing the glistening moisture on his fingers. He smelled his fingers. “Sweet,” he said and licked the moist fingers to taste her wetness.

“I want to get a better look down there.” He pulled her panties and jeans down. She lifted herself up so he could get them over her bottom. He pulled them down around her ankles and pushed her knees far apart, exposing her genitals to the sunlight. He did this swiftly, with the assurance of a man who has pulled down the pants of many girls before.

He looked at her genitals admiringly. “Oh you are sweet, so sweet. Wish I could fuck you, but I don’t want to be the first. That should be someone special, not a guy who picks you up on the street.”

He touched her clitoris through the foreskin; holding it firmly, he rubbed it between his finger and thumb. She moaned silently, not wanting to make a sound, but unable to stop the feeling he was giving her.

“It’s okay, sweetheart; it’s okay to feel like this. It’s supposed to feel good. I know you like it.”

He kept rubbing her clitoris, moving faster and faster, squeezing her nipple with his other hand as he masturbated her.

“Come for me sweetheart,” he says in a low, sexy voice. “Come on, let it go, you can do it. Just let it come.”

She felt it coming in side of her, that wave of sexual sensation. It rose up and over whelmed her; she moaned out loud as she reached orgasm.

At the peak of her orgasm, he stopped rubbing her clitoris and plunged a finger between her wet lips. He moved the finger in and out, her genitals opening up, wet with her orgasm.

He slid another finger in, fucking her with two fingers until Dorry reached another orgasm, moaning loudly, letting herself feel the full force of the orgasm without any inhibitions.

After her orgasm passed through her, he stopped fingering her and took her hand and put it on her genitals. “You do it; I want to watch you make yourself come.”

She did as he said, masturbated herself.

He stopped touching her and moved back a little. He undid his belt buckle, unzipped his pants, lifted up his white shirt, and took his erect penis out of his under pants. He got up on his knee on the car seat and leaned over her. He masturbated himself until he came, shooting his semen onto her naked Esat Escort belly.

“God damn!” he exclaimed as he shot the semen onto her. “God damn! God damn!”

Dorry felt another orgasm explode inside her as his hot semen hit the skin on her belly. She felt so naughty, very naughty; she loved the orgasms he had caused her to have, loved the way it felt. “Ohhhhhhhhh,” she moaned as she came.

He sat down. “Whew! Oh baby! That was so good! Only thing better would have been to have my cock inside that sweet pussy, but you were so good baby! You did good!”

He reached over the seat for the box of tissues. He took several from the box and wiped the semen off of her skin. He carefully wiped off the semen that hit the door and the seat of his car and tossed the tissues into the back seat.

Dorry just sat there, her pants around her ankles, her knees far apart, her bra and top up over her breasts; her hand slowly stroking her swollen genitals.

He put his penis back in his underwear, tucked in his shirt, zipped up his pants, and buckled his belt. He sat next to her, put his arm around her started touching her genitals again; he slowly slid his fingers in and out of her wet genitals. She pushed her pelvis against his hand as he slid two fingers deep inside her. She felt so wicked and naughty, sitting next to him with her pants around her ankles and her top and bra up over her breasts. She let her knees far apart as he plunged his fingers in and out of her wet cunt, deep inside her, his fingers inside her up to his knuckles inside her pussy.

“Oh, little lady, you are very, very sweet. I loved touching you this way and making you come.” She moaned loudly as he continued to finger her cunt until she reached an orgrasm one more time, this time even more powerfully than before.

“Sweetheart, that was so wonderful. But we better get you back to town.” He pulled his wet fingers out of her cunt and licked them. Then he reached down and pulled up her pants. She raised her buttocks so he could pull her panties and jeans over her bottom and hips. He zipped up her pants, buttoned her fly, and buckled her belt. He pulled the bra back into place and pulled her top down over the bra. She enjoyed the feeling of letting him dress her after he had undressed her and touched her like that, giving her orgasms like she had never had before.

“Damn, that was good, sweetheart.” He looked at her admiringly. She felt a warm blush growing inside her as she smoothed out her clothing and rearranged the bra, sitting up straight and tall in the seat. She didn’t know what to say, so she just smiled at him, her eyes cast down.

He drove to a place where the farmers drive there tractors into the field, pulled the car in, and backed out so he could drive back to the highway.

“You are really special sweetheart.” He reached over and put his hand between her legs, stroking her through her jeans as he drove back to town. She didn’t say anything; she just sat there and enjoyed the tingling feeling he gave her between her legs. She found herself wishing that he would take her back out to the country and touch her like that some more. But he didn’t; he drove her to the street where she needed to get out and pulled the car over to the side of the road.

“Thanks a million sweetheart,” he said smiling. As she opened the car door, he reached in his pocket and pulled out a dollar bill. “Here,” he said as he laid the bill in her hand. “34B.”

“That’s close. 34A,” she said taking the dollar.

She stood up straight and closed the door of the car. She felt so weird. The whole thing had taken less than twenty minutes. She could still feel the sensation of his fingers moving in and out of her wet pussy. She never knew it would feel like that to be touched inside.

She folded the bill in half and slid it in her front pocket with her other three dollars. She turned and walked the three blocks up Chestnut Street to Johnson’s Sign Company.

She didn’t mention the incident to Susie. She never really thought about it again, except late at night when she was in bed alone. Thinking of that ride made her orgasms quick and strong when she touched herself alone at night. But she never thought about it at all during the day, never told another person about what she had done with that strange man that day, never even mentioned she had taken a ride with a stranger.

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