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Mike was reflecting on his past photography successes. Shelley had gotten hired by that agency in L.A. She was doing commercials. He’d even seen a couple of commercials that she was in on TV. He felt good that he’d had a part in helping his friend get to pursue the career she wanted. The one thing that he was sad about was Shelly now living in L.A. But he still lived in her hometown so he knew he’d still get to see once in a while.

One who he would always remember was Beth Ann. He was happy that he had happened to come into her life when she needed someone. He helped her transform from a young girl who’d had a poor start at life into a confident, capable young lady who was now working at that camera store where she had a future in the business world. She was meeting new friends now that were more her age. They would always be best friends. They were still getting together occasionally to go enjoy a nice dinner or a massage.

He went on reminiscing about all the girls who had posed for him in the past. There had been many. Some had been just fun photo shoots to show pretty ladies that they were model material. They might never pursue modeling as a career, but it gave most of them more self-confidence than they had before doing the photo session. They had pictures to remind them of how special they actually were. Now he had to quit dreaming about the past and think about the present.

One Saturday night while I was enjoying the dancing girls in a bar I started chatting with one girl whose turn on the stage was over and she was back to serving the customers in the bar.

Four girls were taking turns, rotating, taking their 15 minutes on the small stage, while the others worked on the floor. They were not only serving drinks but performing lap dances for anyone willing to pay for one. The better dancer, with the better body, made the most money.

The girl I was talking to was DeeDee. At least that’s what she said her name was.

I was sure it was not a stage name because she was barely a B cup.

She was very pretty, her body was proportionate but just not busty like her name might have suggested. DeeDee had a sweet smile, a great, outgoing attitude and was very friendly. The bar wasn’t busy, so when she wasn’t serving drinks or giving some guy a lap dance she would stop at my table and talk. I sat there a couple of hours sipping on my beer. It wasn’t a place that had a two-drink-minimum like some of the nicer gentleman’s clubs.

Our chats continued when she had time. She kept telling me more about herself.

I was being a good listener. At some point I had mentioned that I was a freelance photographer and that I had done some model shoots.

She asked me. “Do you have any of your work you could show me?”

I replied. “If you’ll watch my table so that no one thinks I’ve left, I’ll grab an album of my work that’s in my car.”

She answered. “Great, I’d like to see what your work looks like.”

I walked out to my car, grabbed the album, took a business card out of my wallet and tucked in my shirt pocket. When I got back she was still standing by my table.

She said. “I need to go take care of a couple of customers.” And hurried away.

I thought damn she has nice legs and a cute little ass. She was back in a few minutes after taking care of other customers. I opened the album to the model section, turned it so she could see it from where she was standing.

“This is what I do. There are other types of photography in the other tabbed sections.”

She started to look at my album… after just a few photos she smiled and said.

“I get off early tonight, about 9:00, can you meet me in the parking lot when I get off.”

I was pretty surprised and told her. “I’ll walk out of here about 10 till 9. I’ll be waiting in the front row of the parking lot. I drive a red Chevy Impala. My name is Mike.”

I discreetly handed her my card from my pocket. She casually tucked my card in the little top she had on, like it was a tip. I watched some of the other girls, just passing time. She would stop at my table like she was just checking on a customer, but not stopping to talk. At 10 till 9 I finished my beer, picked up my album that she had closed and left on my table. I just tucked the album under my arm and walked out. It was about 10 after 9 when she startled me.

She had left the bar via the back door, and walked thru the cars in the parking lot where I was parked. She leaned down at the open passenger window and asked. “May I get in?”

I replied. “Absolutely.”

She quickly hopped in and said. “Let’s get out of the parking lot before anyone sees me. It’s against bar rules to leave with a customer.”

I started the Impala and drove out onto the street. I said. “How about I drive at least a few blocks, turn a couple of corners, and then find a café where we can have coffee and talk.”

She smiled and said. “I like your style, protecting me.”

I told her. “I’ve been at this for a while and have learned to be safe in the Dikmen Escort city.”

She started. “My husband always drops me off at work and picks me up when I get off. The bar is not in the best neighborhood! I was supposed to get off at 11:00 but it was slow at the bar tonight, and I asked my boss if I could get off early. He said it was fine. I called my husband and told him what I was doing, and he said to call him if I needed a ride home later. I hope you can drop me off at home later. Can you do that?”

My answer. “No problem.”

We found a quiet little café that would be open till midnight. We found a table in a corner and sat down in two chairs that were on both sides of a corner. The waitress came over and I ordered. “Just two coffees for now.” I had brought the album in with me.

DeeDee started looking thru the album, starting at the front, not just the model section. Our coffee came, which we set to the side so as not to spill anything on the album. She was looking really closely at my work.

After about 10 minutes of looking, with neither of us saying anything, she spoke quietly. “You are good! I like your work.”

I answered. “Thanks, so why did you want to see me when you got off work?”

DeeDee went on. “My husband had an accident a while back and can’t work, because of the heavy lifting. He can still drive and do little things around the house but he can’t work. I don’t make that much at the bar, but if I could move up to one the nicer gentleman’s clubs or pick up some modeling work, things would be a lot better. I don’t know if I can afford your rates, but maybe we can work something out, payments or something?”

I replied. “I’m sure we can discuss it later after I know what you have in mind.”

She went on. “I need to put together a portfolio to show my various costumes and maybe a few nude photos so when club owners want to see what I look like naked… perverts… I can just show them photos instead of having to undress for them.”

I chuckled. “I know, it’s a tough world, especially when you’re just getting started.”

She went on. “After George, my husband, had his accident we had to do something. The job at the bar was the first thing I could find. I had a few sexy things I could use, and added some more after a couple of weeks working. I enjoy the work and George doesn’t mind, actually he suggested I should think about going professional. We don’t have kids or pets, so weird hours are no big deal. The only one at the house besides us is my niece, Sherri. She just graduated from high school back in Boonville. That’s a small town in Missouri with no future for her there. She came out to stay with us where she can maybe find a job.”

Always looking to further my photography I asked. “Is she pretty model material like her aunt?”

She smiled and sighed. “She could be… 5 foot 3 and double D!”

“Sometimes I wish I had bigger breasts.”

I quickly re-assured her. “From what I saw of you at the bar your body is just fine!”

She responded. “Thank you, but I still sometimes wish they were bigger.”

We talked for a while, enjoying our coffee. I understood what she wanted.

I said. “It’s late. I should get you home before your husband starts worrying about you. Where do you live?” She told me where she lived. It was about 20 miles but I didn’t care, I might get two model shoots. I paid the bill plus a tip because all we’d had was coffee, but did occupy a table for an hour.

We walked out to my car where I unlocked the passenger door and opened it for her to get in.

She slid in. “I wish my husband would do that once in a while. Thank you.”

I was trying to make a good impression. It didn’t take long until she was telling me where to turn and which house was hers.

When I stopped I said. “Just wait.” I went around and opened her door.

She was quick to say. “You are a gentleman, what were you doing in a sleazy bar?”

My response. “I was just killing time, but maybe it wasn’t wasted time.”

DeeDee said. “Please come in and meet my husband and Sherri.”

I answered. “I’d like to.” We went up the walk.

George had seen us drive up and opened the door.

“Come on in.” He said.

We went in and into the living room where Sherri was sitting. Everyone was introduced, and we talked about what was going on.

Sherri was definitely DD!

George wrote the address and their phone number down on a piece of paper so I could call in the next couple of days to arrange a plan.

(This was back before there were cell phones or digital cameras.)

I said. “Nice to have met all of you. I’ll be calling in a couple of days.

Is it better to call during the day when maybe DeeDee would not be at work?”

DeeDee answered. “That will be fine.”

We all said good bye and I walked out to my car. As I drove away I wondered what I had stumbled into. Maybe my evening would lead to two model shoots. I headed for home.

I Eryaman Escort ran all the different scenarios in my head as to how this could work out. Finally, I had a plan. I went home for lunch on Monday so I could call DeeDee. I very rarely made personal calls from my desk at work.

DeeDee answered the phone. “Hello.”

I said. “It’s Mike, I have an idea. Let me explain it to you. You and George have had some bad luck lately. If you sign a model release allowing me full use of your photos, maybe promoting myself like you saw in my album, or possibly sell a few, I’ll do a short shoot for you. That’s usually 2 rolls of 36 instead of a full shoot with 4 or 5 rolls. We would end up with 72 photos of you. You will get to choose your favorite 20 prints plus 6 special ones for enlargements in either 5×7 or 8×10. We’ll get together a few days after the shoot so you can decide which ones you want copies of and which ones you’d like enlargements of. I’ll make your favorite prints in 4×6 and the enlargements and deliver them to you a few days later.

No charge to you, but you’ll have to put your portfolio together in an album.”

She excitedly answered back. “You can’t do that!”

I said. “Sure I can. I remember when I was just getting started in photography. I’m just giving back.”

There was a short pause, she said. “I’m not passing this deal up. When can we do the shoot?”

I explained. “Since you work every weekend it would need to be on a week day. I work days at my job, but I have this coming Wednesday off. The company I work for gives the employees their birthday off. Mine is Wednesday. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy my birthday than doing a photo shoot with you. If 10:00AM Wednesday works for you, we’re on.”

She quickly replied. “I’ll be ready, thank you!”

I got up early on Wednesday, made sure everything was in my camera case; camera, strobe light , extra batteries, spare bulbs for the two portable lights I was taking and plenty of extra film. I left the house giving myself plenty of time to arrive at her house on time. I like to be prompt. Traffic was light so my timing worked out well.

I parked in front of her house, grabbed my camera case and the two lights, and headed up the walk.

George opened the door. “Come on in.” We walked into the living room where I sat my equipment down next to the couch where Sherri was sitting again. George said. “DeeDee will be right out.”

When DeeDee made her entrance, wearing a really sexy outfit I hadn’t seen before, she announced. “I’m ready!”

George said. “So that we don’t disturb you two while you’re taking pictures, Sherri and I are going to take off for a couple of hours. I understand that you and DeeDee plan to go down by the river to take some outdoors. We’ll probably be here when you get back.”

Sherri broke into the conversation. “Hi Mike. Maybe you could take some pictures of me later?”

I smiled. “Sure!”

George and Sherri left.

I looked at DeeDee with a puzzled expression on my face. “Have you and Sherri been talking?”

She smiled. “Sherri thinks she would like to be a model. She certainly has the body for it. And she’s pretty. I told her that if you were willing to do a photo shoot with her, she could use any of my costumes or clothes that she can make work for her. I told her you were taking some nude ones of me. I watched to see her reaction. She just smiled and said I’m proud of my body, so it’s fine.

Mike, maybe you can figure out some way to fasten the back of some of them with a temporary extension. The back won’t show in most of the photos anyway. She will definitely spill out of some of them! Some of them she can just leave unfastened in front, gapping open. She says she has some of her own clothes that would work. She’s excited.”

I was pleasantly surprised. I had hoped that this might happen.

“I would love to do a photo shoot with her.”

DeeDee replied. “Sherri asked if George and I would leave for a couple of hours, so she wouldn’t be as nervous as she would be if we were here. I told her I understood. That it was fine, we’d be happy to do that for her.”

We spent a little over an hour with her changing outfits and me suggesting poses and taking photos. She was a natural at posing and quick at changing from her work at the bar. Then I took several with her nude, in different poses. She changed into a bikini and sandals. I only needed the camera for outdoor work and left my lights setting by the couch. We got in my car and drove down to the river. She posed several ways, some in the bikini, and since there was no one else down by the river some nude. We drove back to her house. George and Sherri were back so we just walked in and into the living room.

I should explain that this photo shoot was done on a very professional level,

I wasn’t about to do anything dumb and upset her.

George was a big burly guy! He asked. “How’d it go?”

DeeDee spoke Esat Escort up. “Oh, everything went great. I think Mike got some really good shots today that will be just what I wanted.”

Sherri asked excitedly. “Do I really get a photo shoot?”

DeeDee answered the question for me, “Mike and I discussed everything. You just need to relax and let Mike guide you. As soon as I change George and I are going to take off, giving you two at least three hours. You’re only going to be shooting here but since Sherri doesn’t have any experience and you will be trying to make my things fit her it will take a lot longer.”

Sherri had the brightest smile. I wished I had captured it. DeeDee went to the bedroom. When she came back to the living room she had changed into a pretty dress.

As she and George were leaving DeeDee said. “You two have fun, we’ll see you later.”

The fun part of my day was now ready to start. I had no idea how it was going to play out. Later I would realize that earlier I really had NO idea.

Sherri excitedly wanted to know. “Where do we start?”

I said. “First let’s go pick out what you want to wear and go from there.”

She jumped up and headed straight for her aunt’s closet. She would pull something out of the closet. We’d look at it to decide if we could make it fit. Those we thought would work she laid on the bed, some went back in the closet because there was no way to fit her DD chest in them.

Then she headed for her room. I followed, admiring the way she bounced down the hallway. This house was different from most. Instead of having a master suite with its own bathroom and then two smaller bedrooms and a bathroom in the hall this house was unique. There were two matching large suites with their own bathroom plus a guest half bath off the hallway. There was no third bedroom. Sherri started going thru her closet.

It looked nearly empty compared to DeeDee’s collection of clothes. I had to remember that she had only been there about a month.

She had a couple of things that I was sure would look great on her.

I suggested. “Let’s start with this,” picking up a really sexy outfit, “You will be more relaxed in something you know fits you well. Change and meet me at the couch.”

I went out to the living room, got my camera out and took DeeDee’s last roll out of the camera, replacing it with a new roll of 36. I turned my lights on. I hate shadows unless it’s intentional. When I turned around, standing right behind me was this gorgeous young lady with that same bright smile. I took a deep breath so I could let the sight sink in. I stepped around her and said. “Step over into the spot light and turn around facing me.” She did as I had instructed. She still had that beautiful smile, just beaming at me. CLICK! I had captured her smile.

I backed up a bit to fit all of her in the frame and not just her face. I instructed and she posed in her sexy little outfit for a few photos.

This was getting off to a good start. “Go change to the other outfit in your room and come back.”

After she had changed and was back I instructed her on how to pose on the couch. I took a few more photos, getting her to change facial expressions.

I asked her. “You doing OK?” With that same smile on her face she instantly replied. “This is fun!”

I said. “Let’s go to DeeDee’s room and get you dressed in some of her outfits.”

She jumped up and headed down the hall but turned in to her room. I went into DeeDee’s room and a few seconds later Sherri walked into the room.

What a nice surprise. She was NAKED!

I grinned. “Do you remember a song with a line about ‘you have a beautiful body’? That is a perfect description of you!”

She blushed a little. “I was going to have to undress anyway while you help me dress in Aunt DeeDee’s things. It’s fine. I’m comfortable.”

The first outfit we tried to get her into just wasn’t going to work. The next one must have been loose on DeeDee because I was able to get her tucked in even if it was tight on her. Damn, her skin was soft to the touch. Back out to the lights in the living room. Some photos were her on the couch. Some others were posing her in front of a blank wall. We went back and forth, bedroom to living room, getting her into several outfits. Yes, there were some she couldn’t close in the front but she just let them hang open. She was proudly posing. We had run out of things for her to pose in.

She said. “Can we take some in my bedroom on the bed?”

I did not hesitate! We went to her bedroom. The bedroom had overhead lighting and I had grabbed the strobe light out of my case.

She turned the covers partly down. She lay down on the bed on her tummy, propped up on her elbows. “Is this OK?” Click. She sat up and turned this way and that. Click, click, click. She turned over on her back and curled up. Click.

Suddenly she sat up, motioned for me to come closer. Of course I did. She looked into my eyes. I was just enjoying the beautiful sight in front of me.

She hesitated and then spoke in a very serious manner. “I’ve been on the pill since I was 16. I convinced my mom it would help regulate my cycle. The last year my boyfriend and I were very active sexually. I’ve been out here for a month… With NO sex. Will you join me? I need a good pounding!” She leaned back and spread her legs.

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