Freshman Year Roommate Pt. 16

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Freshman Year Roommate, Part 16

Everyone is over 18 years of age

Want to know what tests couples? I don’t think it’s cheating, at least not usually. Money, maybe. But for us, it’s always some little annoyance where we get on each other’s nerves. Getting the mattress home was one of those times. The place I had in mind had the mattress, but carrying it home was more challenging than I expected. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking this is an exceptionally dumb thing to fight about. Well, okay, not fight, but we were getting irritated by the time we were halfway home.

We stopped briefly and put it down. I said, “John, let’s just take a minute or two and then we can start again.” So we did. I told him that I was sorry for getting upset. (Yeah, it was on me. It really was, because I got frustrated and wasn’t being my best.) And he said, “So am I.” In a way, it was a learning experience that would serve us well.

There would be other times when we wouldn’t be our best selves, but we learned to apologize and move on. There were times when we’d argue and I’d be steaming, but I’d get control of myself. One thing I learned was it was okay if I still thought he was wrong about something–no doubt, he thought the same of me sometimes–but I would say, “John, I’m sorry I got angry.” I wasn’t saying he was right, just that I should have done better. And so we grew. I know, you’ve been reading our story, and it has been pure love. Well, our love was true and deep, but even in true love, there are rough patches. This adult stuff isn’t easy!

We got the mattress up to our apartment and laid it on the floor. We didn’t take the plastic off it yet because we had to go back a few times. (If you’re wondering, sure, delivery was available. The price wasn’t even bad, but it wasn’t same-day delivery and we had no interest in spending another night on the floor.) First, we went back for the box spring, and then for a bed frame the salesman said he was “throwing in.” It was a basic bed frame, but it would keep it up off the floor. Before heading back out, I grabbed some Gatorade we had in the fridge, and we both had a big drink. We’d gotten very overheated, getting that thing home. Then we had to go back twice! The third trip wasn’t so bad. That frame was easier. Still a bit unwieldy, but it broke into pieces, so we each took part of it and that went better.

We got the bed set up, and then we realized something else that should have occurred to us sooner. We didn’t have sheets. I’d even seen some at the mattress store, which would be a time saver. Or maybe would have been, if we didn’t forget and would now need to walk back there again. So off we went. Good thing it wasn’t too far and I had the best company, which made the additional walks easier. (Yeah, once my grouchiness passed, I went right back to being the smitten puppy.)

After that, we went to the Goodwill store, and that panned out well. We got what we needed, and they even had a delivery service. It was an outside place they worked with, but it was cheap enough. We’d have to wait a couple of days for everything, but we could manage until then, as long as we had a bed! And so began life off campus.

I’d like to tell you it was nothing but sex, but there was plenty to do, in addition to studying, writing papers and all that. For one thing, when we moved off campus, we decided we’d get off the meal plan. The cafeteria’s food wasn’t exactly five-star cuisine, and it wasn’t cheap, either. So our parents liked the idea of our handling our own cooking. That meant the next stop was the Giant supermarket. (If you’re not from the area, “Giant” is the name of the chain. Where I came from, they were “Stop & Shop.” Same company.) Anyhow, we went shopping. The school had a van to help students get around town, apparently as a concession for not having enough campus housing for everyone. We took the van, and we went shopping. It actually was fun. Real couple stuff!

We weren’t sure what to buy. We’d never really stocked a kitchen before. At one point, I saw John stop and look at boxes of mac & cheese. I said, “Seriously?” He said, “What’s wrong with mac & cheese?” And I said, “Nothing if we’re in a rush–or low on money, I guess–but what happened to the Michelin-starred chef I saw at my family’s house?”

He smiled at me. He knew that smile would let him get away with lots of things with me. And then he shrugged and said, “I was showing off then.”

“Nice. Still, we can do better than that! At least, can we figure out how to boil pasta and melt cheese ourselves?”

And so it went. There would be a number of trips back to Giant, as we found ourselves standing in our kitchen, realizing we didn’t have fancy things… like salt and pepper! But we got there.

As that day ended, we were exhausted. We’d been running around for hours, and all we had to show for it so far were some groceries and a bed. Of course, more was coming, but we were drained.

As we were deciding if we really were done for the day, we stood Bodrum Escort together in the middle of our bedroom. “At least the bed is set up,” I said. John added, “And best of all, this place comes with the hottest man on the planet!”

“I think that would be you!” He shook his head, “Not how I see it.”

I smiled. “We’ll agree to disagree.”

“I think it’s time to test out that bed.”

I yawned. “Yeah, I am pretty tired.” With that, he scooped me up in his arms. He held me like that for a moment, and then he leaned in to kiss me.

I said, “I love you, but put me down, you big gorilla.”

He gently laid me on the bed, and then he got on next to me. I said, “so far, so good. It didn’t even creak.”

Then we started making out. He was such a good kisser, alternating between his soft lips pressing to mine and then deep, probing kisses that I felt in my crotch. The passion and intensity was amazing!

After a while just making out, without even getting naked yet, he got up and headed towards the bathroom, saying he’d be back soon. I asked where he was going, and he came back to the bed, got on it, poised over me, then leaned in and kissed me deeply one more time.

“I’m going to go get ready, so I can enjoy your thick cock balls-deep in my tight hole. How’s that?”

My dick nearly tore out of my pants when he said that. I was so turned on, I just nodded at him. So he smiled and headed back towards the bathroom.

When he came back, he was completely naked, and my breath caught in my throat. That may sound silly, since we’d been together 9 or 10 months by then, but he never stopped taking my breath away. I quickly stripped off what clothes I hadn’t already kicked off, as he got in bed with me. We kissed again, and I told him to lie still. I might be tired, but I wanted to take my time for the first time in our new bed. He looked amused and curious. I told him, “I just don’t want to rush it.”

We kissed again, and I started working my way down. I was licking a nipple when I noticed… “Is someone getting some hair between his lovely pecs? A little late for puberty… Hmm, maybe it’s a sign of old age! I hope it’s not all gray next week.”

He gave me a playful smack on the head and admitted, “Well, it has been there before, but I may have waxed it in my more serious swimming days and it takes forever to grow back enough to be noticeable. But as for it getting gray, maybe not next week, but I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with that, since I plan to still be with you when I’m old and gray.”

“Sounds like the perfect plan to me! And I bet you’ll even be sexy when you’re 90!” and I sucked hard on his nipple to get us back on track. Then I moved down to his dick. I held it in my hand but said, “I don’t know if I should even play with this right now. I think we need to explore internal stimulation of John tonight.”

With that, I kissed along his left thigh and then his right. I looked up at him. “These are some very sexy legs, you know? But how about you get them out of my way?” He looked confused for a moment and then his face registered understanding. He lifted his legs towards his chest and grabbed them, giving me great access, so I could…

“Oh, fuck, Jess! Yes! Oh my god, that feels amazing! Yes, baby, keep doing that!”

Nothing made me happier than giving him pleasure, and I was in heaven right then. I was tonguing his tight hole, licking up and down it, and then probing with my tongue. I felt like I might sprain my tongue (could that happen?), I was pushing so hard into him. He was making all kinds of noises, from moans to whimpers to calling my name. I knew my man was fully versatile by now, but I didn’t always rim him. So being reminded of how much I could drive him wild like this was wonderful!

I stopped and kissed–and even sank my teeth into–his hot cheeks, reveling in that amazing ass, even from this angle (and don’t get me started on the view of this ass in tight jeans!). Then I went back to lapping at his hole, then probed it more, as he was panting and moaning, his whole body squirming. This big stud was under my control as he moaned my name and writhed around, and my doing this to the man I loved was the most amazing thing! Well, second most. The most amazing thing came when, with uneven breaths, he said, “Jess, please fuck me! I need that thick cock in me! Make me feel you in me!”

Oh, damn. If I weren’t already ragingly hard, that would have done it!

In a flash, I got up from where I was eating that amazing ass, got to my knees, grabbed those beautiful legs, so they were on my shoulders, and had my dick lubed and pushing at his hole. I pushed forward a little, and he moaned. The rimming had done the trick. It felt easier than some other times, as I probed a bit more, and my head slipped into him. He moaned more and said, “fuck, Jess, you belong in me! Yes, baby!” And I pushed my hips forward, sliding further into him. I turned my head and kissed his leg, then licked along his calf.

As Bodrum Escort Bayan my shaft continued to push in, I was stretching his tight sphincter wider. Our raw flesh was joined, and I felt, as much as ever, that we were meant to be like this. This was our best existence.

I said, “I love you more than I ever knew I could love anyone!”

“Oh, yes, my love! I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have you. You’re so wonderful!”

And I knew he meant more than the sex.

I started moving deep inside him, first slowly, like we sometimes enjoyed, but then I felt like I was driven to be an aggressive top, despite my earlier fatigue. I soon was slamming his ass, and he was loving it. I got into fast, hard thrusts until I was covered in a sheen of sweat, and John was reduced to unintelligible noises, punctuated with things like, fuck, fuck, fuck, and Oh, Jess, yes, baby.

Physically, there’s nothing that compares to fucking raw, but this was even better. Sex with my DL high school friend was one thing, but making love to the man I love is extraordinary!

I kept thrusting and leaned all the way in to kiss him as we fucked. It wasn’t quite as easy for me as it is for him when he tops this way, since the angle is easier when I’m on my knees, and my dick just isn’t as long as his, but I managed to stay mostly inside him and keep thrusting as we kissed. His moans as we kissed and kept making love took me to another level. If I could stay there forever, that’s where I’d be for the rest of my days!

As we broke the kiss, John pulled away from me. He flipped over and got to his hands and knees. “Take me, stud! Fuck my ass and breed me! Put your babies in me!”

It still boggled my mind that the straight boy I moved in with almost a year ago got into this greedy bottom mode. But I sure wasn’t complaining!

As I marveled at the muscles of his back, those broad shoulders, and certainly the muscles of his ass, I grabbed his hips and quickly thrust myself back into him. He let go with a loud, “Oh, fuck, yes!” and we were slamming hard, as I felt the new bed shaking. John was in complete ecstasy. “Fuck, yes, babe, give me that dick! Fill my ass!”

I was going like a piston engine, fucking faster and faster, my hips slapping his ass. I felt like I would be shooting in him before too long. And then I heard a deep, guttural moan, and I could feel those rhythmic contractions on my dick. We’d done it again, this amazing stud was cumming hands-free. (So much for clean, new sheets! Not that I really minded!) But no simultaneous orgasm this time. I wasn’t quite there yet.

He continued groaning as I went right on fucking that tight ass. My stamina had built a lot after all the times we’d made love, and I was able to keep going through his orgasm. What may have been the most amazing thing was the incoherent mess he was by then. This poster boy for masculine beauty was barely even forming words by then, as I kept massaging his prostate with my dick, long after he’d shot his load.

A few minutes later, with my hands continuing the vise grip on his beautiful hips, I finally felt my balls pulling tight as I got ready to unload in him. I said I was going to cum soon. He panted out, “Yes, my love, give it to me! Make those babies!”

Another ten seconds, and I was there, crying out as a massive orgasm washed over me, the kind you feel in every inch of your body, and I shot a huge load in him. I felt each long pulse of semen shooting into John’s hot ass. At the same time, he said, “Oh, fuck, that’s amazing! I can feel each spurt shooting in me! Yes, baby! Paint my guts with your seed!”

Good thing these old walls were thick, because we were loud, but not really by choice. It all was so intense that being any quieter would have been a challenge. I kept moving in him, and we both kept moaning, even after my dick stopped spurting and was just sort of gently pulsing. I wished I had the stamina for another round, because I was in heaven, but I was spent and think John was, too. Not that I really was complaining. So I did what delighted me when he fucked me this way, which is just collapse on his back. But superman didn’t then drop to the bed. No, holding me on him was fine by him. So I wrapped my arms around him as I kissed his neck and across those beautiful, broad shoulders.

I was taking my time, but then I reached down and wrapped my right hand around that dick of his. He moaned, and I started to stroke. He said, “Take it easy. This amazing stud just fucked the daylights out of me, and it’s a bit sensitive.” I laughed and just said, “I love you so much.”

Then I asked if he wasn’t going to lie down? I said I was turned on by his strength, but he must be worn out.

“Well, this bed is a bit of a mess.”

I laughed some more and said, “We haven’t even gotten to sleep on it for one night… but I don’t think I care. It will dry eventually. For now, I need to check it out.”

I jumped off him, and quickly got under him. Yes, he’d shot a Escort Bodrum big load all over our new sheets, but I didn’t care. I said, “I think I see the problem. I think the mess came from this thing!” and I quickly sucked his length into my mouth. Then he almost collapsed to the bed, right on top of me! “Stop, stop, stop!”

I let him out of my mouth and chuckled. “What’s wrong, big man?”

“You doofus! I just said I was sensitive and you go put that amazing mouth on me!”

I said, “I can’t help it! I love you! Plus, you’re an incredible stud!” and I kissed him again. “Oh, and I don’t care if the sheets are a bit of a mess. Your load? I used to dream about getting your load! Now I can be covered in it? That’s just hot!” and I laid completely under him, feeling the wetness on my back. Finally, he did slide into a flat position, laying his body on mine and kissing me over and over. He said, “I’ll never get over how I wound up with such an amazing man!”

We kissed more, and I said, “Hey, did you feel how the bed was shaking?”

“Oh, you’re bragging now, Super-Top?”

“No. Well, okay, maybe a little. But really, I intend to make love to you the best I can for the rest of my life, if you’ll have me.”

“That’s my plan, too!”

“Excellent! But we need a better bed. This one isn’t going to make it for the long run. It’s just a cheap, basic frame. I doubt it will survive a semester.”

I wasn’t even sure where to get a better bed to put the mattress on, but John agreed that we needed to.

Time for parental help! We fell asleep that night in each other’s arms, and the next morning, I called home.

Of course, mom answered, and she launched into a bunch of questions. I told her I was glad we got the bed. Sleeping on the floor wasn’t fun. “Uh huh, I’d think not.” And I told her our furniture was coming in another day. I added, “We got lots of great stuff cheap. A lightly used leather couch, a table and chairs, two desks and desk chairs. All of it for less than what you gave us. So thank you, and please tell dad, too!”

She said, “He’s right here, and I’ll tell him.” She partially covered the phone for a second and I heard, “It’s Jesse. Sounds like the boys did great with their furniture shopping.” Then she was back. “I’m so glad everything went well, honey.” (By the way, my parents often called me Jesse. More of a nickname, since my legal name is Jess, but they did.)

I said, “Well, there is one thing.”

“Oh, what’s that?”

“We need some ideas or maybe more help. The mattress came with a bedframe, but it seems a bit rickety. We slept on it last night, and we’re already worried it won’t last long.”

I then heard my mother suppressing a chuckle. She choked out, “Hang on a second.” And to dad in the background, “Apparently, their bed isn’t going to hold up.”

And I heard dad laugh loudly. “Well, I guess he should have fallen for a 90-pound weakling instead.”

Then mom was back, and I must have been turning red. “Don’t worry, honey, we’ll figure something out. For now, maybe try not to sleep so vigorously.” And with that, I really could feel the heat in my face from embarrassment. I just said, “Mom, really, um…” and I just couldn’t come up with what to say.

I could hear the amusement from both of them. They were having a good time with this.

She said, “Relax, hon. We were young once. We remember when all we wanted to do was… sleep.”

Oh my god, I was going to die of embarrassment! John mouthed, “What?!”

I didn’t even try to hide my response. “I’ll tell you when I’m done.”

She then said, “Oh, John’s there! Put him on. I want to talk to him.”

“Mom, please.”

“You want more help with the bed? Put him on!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

So I handed the phone to John. Seconds later, I wasn’t quite following their chat. “Yes. No, no. Uh huh. Oh, great!” Then he laughed. “He’s an animal! I hope I can even keep up! What did you feed him as a boy?” And he laughed louder.

I was appalled. “Oh my god! Oh my god! What are you two talking about?”

John smiled at me. “You!”

“Well, stop it! That’s my mom!”

“She understands, you know. Where do you think you came from?”

I gave up. I just sat on the edge of the bed and tried not to die of embarrassment.

Finally, he handed the phone back. I said, “I’m not sure I can talk to you anymore.”

She laughed. “I may be pushing 50, but I’m not dead, you know.”

“Mom, can we not talk about this?”

“Well, you started it!” and I heard her and dad laughing.

“Oh, boy.”

Then she said, “We actually have an idea of how to address your issue with the bed not being strong enough for you two to sleep.” They definitely were loving this. “But give us a couple of weeks, okay? Think you can avoid destroying the bed for that long?”

I sighed. “Yes, I think we can. Thank you! I love you, even if you and my boyfriend are way too chummy already!”

“He’s a sweetie, hon. I’m glad you have such good taste.”

“Love you, mom!”

“Love you, too!”

I hung up and turned to John. “You are way too close to my parents!”

He laughed. “Hey, look at all the people who have relationship problems because they don’t get along with the in-laws!” I kissed him gently and just said, “Fair.”

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