Friday Night Mistress

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The swift open and close of the heavy, wooden bedroom door woke me. I stretched, lazily, yawning widely and leaned over to check the time. 10pm exactly, the same time she always came into me. I had been living with her for about 2 months, and every Friday night I paid for my room and expenses. She sauntered over to my bed, her high heels plodded softly on the shag carpet. Her tight pencil skirt showed her curves, and her white, crisp button down blouse had already been unbuttoned a little. Her long honey hair was loose around her shoulders, a stark contrast from her business attire; I assumed she had already removed all the pins holding her hair back in a professional bun. Her eye makeup was dark, smudged a little and she held a crystal wine glass, swirling the dark red liquid before bringing the last remaining mouthful to her full, moist lips.

She stood at the foot of my bed, head cocked, eyes closed, as she savored the last mouthful of wine. I awaited my instruction. She opened her eyes, and they were replaced with an intensity I only ever witnessed in this part of her home. They searched the bed, where I was still groggily laying, and she scowled a little that I didn’t have the blankets covering me. My long legs had been shaved early this morning before I went to sleep, and they were sprawled out in front of me now with only the extremities of my thighs covered. She didn’t like seeing me this naked unless she had decreed it. I blushed under her piercing gaze and tried to cover a little more.

She outstretched her manicured finger and beckoned me near. I stood, pulling down my white night dress and went to stand in front of her facing down. She was a head or so taller than me with heels on, a similar height without. I felt her forefinger and thumb bring my chin up so I could look into those calculating eyes. They were a myriad of constant judging and discerning emotion. And tonight, they were mildly disappointed with undertones of furious lust. She pushed my shoulder length blonde hair behind my ear. So softly and carefully it sent chills down my spine. Her hand lingered on my neck and then was gone. Just as quickly she slapped it across my cheek, bringing tears immediately to my eyes. It stung, I still wasn’t use to her punishments, but I was expecting it. Laying so exposed in bed was a violation of the rules she had clearly discussed the first night I spent in here.

“Bring out the rack.” She instructed.

I nodded, only briefly making eye contact before stepping out of the room. My white silk nighty was tight, barely covering the essentials, but it wasn’t arousing enough for her. She was a whole other level of kinky that I still didn’t fully understand. I walked quickly to the walk in robe where the clothes rack hung. It contained the most beautiful pieces of lingerie as well as the most formidable. I used to wear the beautifully constructed lace delicates that made me look feminine and angelic. But the raunchy, sexy, verging on sadistic outfits were creeping more and more into our Friday night soirees.

I pulled the rack back to where she stood, kneeling before her with my hands on my thighs, looking at the mahogany shag carpet. She flicked through the rack, deciphering which outfit she would get me to wear tonight. I stole a look at her perfectly pedicured toes through her black peep toe heels, I wondered if they would play a part tonight.

“Okay.” She spoke and I rose obediently.

Hanging from her index finger loosely was a hanger with a navy lingerie set. I took it and went back to the wardrobe to change. I slipped off my nighty, hanging it on the rack in the wardrobe dedicated to sleep wear, and proceeded to put on the underwear chosen for me. It was a simple outfit, navy blue bra, lacy panties and thigh high stockings. So perhaps she wasn’t in the mood for punishment tonight. The panties I pulled up my long legs were delicate enough to tear. They were French cut, flaunting my butt, hardly surprising with her fascination for my rear end. I did have to admit they were sexy. The blue bra pushed my breasts together, and was dangerously low cut. I had to make sure my nipples weren’t showing before I searched for appropriate heels to match.

I went back to the main room and she was over at the stereo she sometimes played. She flipped through a few tracks before settling for one with a smooth, thick velvet tone, with an indisputable hard beat. She went to the other side of the room, where a single chair was placed facing the bed. She sat crossing her long legs slowly, folding her arms making her perfect breasts push forward out of her buttoned shirt.

“Make the bed.” She whispered, and focused on my mostly naked body.

I walked over to the bed, very conscious of my every step. I didn’t want a reason to displease her, so I tried to be a sexy as possible. I pulled the blankets up, pushing my mostly bare ass in her direction. I heard a low appreciative tone escape from her throat. Yes, my ass was definitely her favorite body part.

I finished making the bed, levent escort and as she had given me no further instruction, I started to dance with the slow, hard beat. She beckoned me near, just like she had before striking me. However the slight curl in her lips were playful, not upset.

She was ready.

She stood to meet me, bringing her soft hands to rest high on my hips. She was warm, but her fingers sent chills through me as her long fingers splayed on my naked midsection.

“Dance” She breathed, and stepped closer so her firm breasts were lightly brushing mine.

I moved slowly, swaying my hips under her hands. She moved a little in response, but it was clear she was in control of this dance. She turned me around, pulling my waist in so my butt was rubbing against her crotch. She controlled the rhythm and speed, making an odd circle. Once she was sure I had learned the way she wanted me to grind her, she moved her hands up to cup my breasts. She played with them softly, and pressed her lips to my neck. Her tongue was delicate and precise in its movement, deliberately hitting the sweet spot just under my ear.

* * * *

Her breasts where soft, like mine used to be when I was 21, and I continued to caress them carefully through the thin lace material that held them in place. She continued to dance into me like I showed her. She was fairly obedient and learned quickly, but it was her enthusiasm for every task I gave her that made her my favorite submissive I had had in a while.

Her neck was smooth, and I traced my tongue just below her ear where I earned an appreciative moan from deep in her throat. Usually I didn’t like when my girls were too vocal without my permission, but she was different. Her deep sigh was natural, not forced like some girls thought I wanted to hear, and to know that I could pleasure her, get her wet, made me ready to fuck.

“Go to the bed.” I breathed into her ear, she shivered but obliged.

“On all fours” I instructed further, and she carefully placed herself in the center of the bed on her hands and knees.

She deliberately pushed her perfectly formed ass in my direction, arching her back so her breasts stooped low, and her glorious rear end was all mine. She was careful in her movements and I liked that about her. She wanted to please me. And she did.

I went over to the bed, unbuttoning my shirt in the process, pulling it from my high waist skirt and discarding in on the floor. My white lace bra was hardly appropriate for work, but much more conservative than I wore on the weekends. The course lace rubbed my nipples whenever I moved and made my insides ache as I thought about tonight. So I risked the inappropriate undergarments in the workplace. I paused at the clasp at the back and decided to leave it on; I would make her take it off later. I crawled up onto the bed, and pulled her ass into my sensitive areas.

It was so full and soft, she was the epitome of youthful beauty. I pushed my legs between hers, and used my thighs to spread her legs to their extremities, I gently pushed her shoulders down, so she could rest her face on the bed, just the perfect height for her nipples to graze the bedspread. Her breathing was heavy, curious and careful, I could feel a subtle shiver rock through her body in anticipation, and her slight apprehension made me excited. She was mine. And I intended to use her as I wished.

* * * *

My legs were spread nearly till they hurt, and her fingers grazed over my lower back, pausing at the top of my lace underwear. She moved her hips slightly, enough to lightly gyrate her body into my most delicate areas, sending a wave of pleasure through my body. She put on hand on my lower back, hooking her thumb under my delicates and pressed firmly to hold me in place. She used her other hand, giving my ass a solid squeeze on the way down, to slide between my legs and rest high between my thighs.

She was good with her hands. She knew exactly what she wanted from me and how to get it. Usually I pleasured her, but the rare occasions that she pleasured me made my entire existence worthwhile. Yes, she was good with her hands.

She placed two fingers roughly where my clit was through the underwear, the extra friction made me groan. In slow circular motions she rubbed me. She was firm, much firmer than if I didn’t have underwear, but it didn’t hurt like it so easily can if you don’t have the right spot to stimulate. The hand on my lower back splayed, pushing my pelvis down so she could have more control over my clit.

She simultaneously, I think subconsciously, pushed my ass into her crotch, and used the same rhythm she was using on my clit to rub against her. I burned. The ache inside me was rare, but I welcomed it. Intense heat and aching was something she knew how to deliver best.

And I knew she got off on it.

I could feel myself getting wetter and I was certain if the underwear weren’t still on, I would have been dripping over her fingers. beyoğlu escort

She continued until I was sure I would burn up. The intensity without climax drove me wild. It made me mad with desire, and I wanted her fingers inside me, hard inside me. Stretching me. Hurting me. I wanted to feel the pain that my body deserved, craved and would surely explode without.

* * * *

I could tell she was ready. Her breathing was deeper, more erratic and her actions were entirely subconscious. She was pushing her ass harder into me now, desperately wanting more than what I was giving. And her underwear was dripping. I stopped rubbing her clit. This would surely drive her mad. Just how I wanted her when she fucked me. I peeled off her underwear, it clung to the sticky wetness seeping from her pussy’s swollen lips. I took hold of her ass, more than a handful in each palm and pushed her down so she was laying on the bed. I spanked her hard, only once. Myself growing wetter as her ass sprung back to shape, the form of my hand creeping out in crimson on her skin.

I couldn’t resist. I spanked her again. That ass was perfect. The red shape of my hand on it more perfect. She flinched a little but I knew I didn’t hurt her too much. Besides, when you are aroused to the point of spontaneous combustion, your pain threshold is increased exponentially.

I spanked her again, and again, each time her ass springing back and forth under my hand. A slight gasp escaped her lips as my hand hit her significantly harder this time, and I practically felt myself have a mini orgasm in response. So young. So perfectly unaware of just how much seeing the crimson spread over her skin made me want to fuck her.

I grabbed her hips, pulling them up slightly so her pussy was more accessible. Usually I would have made her make me come before I gave her satisfaction, but what I had in store for her tonight, she deserved some pleasure first.

* * * *

My ass burned where she had spanked me. Each time she did a soft moan of pleasure escaped her lips, so it didn’t bother me too much about the pain, I knew she was getting her kicks. After the final, hard blow to my butt she grabbed my hips pulling them up, angling them to her. I hoped, prayed that she would enter me. My insides where on fire and once ignited, the only way to stop the flames was to fuck. I needed those fingers in me.

And my wish came true. She removed her hands from my hips, I held them where they were, and she slid her hands up the inside of my thighs. I shuddered. She continued with one hand and cupped my burning aching pussy, pushing on my clit through my lips. I groaned, deep and guttural. I needed this. Then, she slipped one finger inside my lips, parting me.

I immediately felt my wetness encompass her fingers, and she too moaned in satisfaction at how she could please me. She carefully, painfully slowly, pushed one finger inside me. I instantly felt some release, but I needed more. Just as slowly she removed her finger, then arose from the bed. A pang of annoyance spread through me, but I stayed in place. I wanted her to fuck me, and if I was disobedient, my chances of that were reduced.

She returned, after stepping out of her pencil skirt, and once again, her hand was cupping my pussy. One finger parted my lips, and slowly, something much, much bigger entered. She had the dildo from the bedside table, and she just pushed the head inside my lips. She stroked me with it, toying with me, and making it take on all my lovely juices. She positioned it just outside, awaiting to be pushed into me, and put her other hand on my ass.

She squeezed, and thrusted at the same time. I was totally unprepared for the huge foreign object to be forced into me with such speed. It hurt. I could barely accommodate it, but it was fucking satisfying all the same. She pulled it out, slowly, allowing me to recover. Then continued in her pattern of clenching my ass and pushing the big dildo far, far inside me.

* * * *

I knew I was probably hurting her, but I didn’t care. It was hard to get that big cock so far inside her, I had to push hard, but holding onto her ass made it easier. That perfect delicious ass. I continued to squeeze and thrust. She winced each time. That strangled sound of pain and pleasure making me wetter by the second.

Her tight little pussy deserved to be fucked hard like this. She needed to feel the pain to fully understand the pleasure. And her wince each time I pushed the dildo further inside her made her understand.

I finally pulled out the cock from her dripping little pussy, but didn’t give her the satisfaction of an orgasm. I would make her do that later by herself as I watched. I put the dildo back in its place, and left her exposed on the bed as I fetched the next toy. Her ass needed more attention than I could ever give her, but I could come close. I returned with spreader bars and the cat o nine tails whip.

* * * *

“Stand” She ordered and kağıthane escort I did so.

My pussy still recovering from its assault. I spotted the cat o nine tails in her hand and cringed internally as I knew this meant pain. It was one of the cruelest devices she owned, especially because she knew how to use it just the right way to bring me to the point of crying. She didn’t like to upset me, but I knew she had just enough sadist in her to enjoy watching me tear up.

She got on her knees and spread my legs, cuffing my ankles to the spreader bars. I stood, legs spread in front of her, unable to bring my thighs together if I tried. She inspected me then looked over every inch of my long legs before resting her gaze on my privates. She had a lazy grin plastered on her face, and reached up between my thighs. I was still wet from her quick finger work on my clit, so she didn’t have to pry too hard for my lips to open for her. She pushed her fingers inside me, not to give me pleasure, but to get her fingers wet. She then rubbed my juices all over my pussy until I was covered in the warm wetness.

She grabbed my hips, and turned me around. I heard her rise and then one hand was on my back pushing me forward to lay over the bed. I did so, remaining with my feet on the ground, legs spread and face pushed into the sheets. She picked up the whip and walked behind me, resting one hand on my lower back, making sure I would remain still.

* * * *

Seeing her glistening juices all over her pussy, and that perfect ass exposed for me really was a wonderful sight. There is few sights better than a bitch bent before you, and fuck it was a power trip. Now she just needed to feel the sting of the whip for the picture to be complete.

I ran the leather straps through my hand, and pulled it tight. Not a second later, the whip slapped her across that ass, bringing out crimson almost immediately. Not a sound escaped her lips, so I continued.

She started to wince after the thirds blow or so and I guessed she would be in some pain now. I rubbed my hands over her burning ass and kissed her gently until the crimson subsided, but I needed to see some welts to be happy.

I continued whipping her lovely bum, thighs, and occasionally pussy, increasing frequency and severity.

The whip was cruel, but nothing turned me on more than her writhing in pain. She knew what she was getting into the first night she stayed with me, so I knew on some level it turned her on to be beaten. Every now and then a few of the leather tips would bite against her clit, and she would jolt back, squealing out like the little whore she was.

I smirked, knowing I could hurt her like this, make her tiny clit sting,and she just lay bent over for me taking it. Fuck it was sexy watching her flinch, watching her skin, now a soft pink, begin to welt where I whipped against her.

But I knew I needed to stop. she started sniffling, choking back her tears so I had to remove myself to save from really tearing apart her ass.

I went to fetch another toy I rarely used in the play room but felt it appropriate for tonight.

* * * *

“Welcome to the playroom hun. She does as she is told for me. Now I will do as I’m told for you.”

She whispered to her husband before kissing him, shoving her tongue down his throat. She had already stripped him naked, taken his cock in her mouth to make him hard, and now he was to have me. I only interacted with him in a housemate relationship, and he had never been part of our previous sexual agreement. I didn’t want a relationship to develop with him, if at all, and especially under these circumstances. I still lay over the bed, spreader bars keeping my legs apart, my eyes itchy with tears, and my ass feeling like it had been branded.

I was so nervous about having her husband in the play room with us. He had never been in here with me, and I didn’t like him seeing me so exposed and open to him. I felt dirty, reduced to my most basic purpose. Fucked for pleasure and used for pain. But I supposed that was the point, and I knew I fucking loved it.

He was a little cautious about being in here at first, but after his wife’s strip tease and handy mouth work on his cock, he was ready to join us.

“I see you already got her pussy juices flowing. Mmm, now rub her pretty little arse.”

He pleaded with his wife. She came over and did as her husband requested. There was a tangible shift of power in the room, but ultimately I knew she called the shots in their relationship, and he was only in here under her strict instruction. She was gentle. Much more gentle than when she touched me under her own direction, and this somehow felt much more intimate than anything I had experienced before. Not between me and her exactly, more between her and her husband.

“Lick her cunt baby.” He begged and started to stroke himself. She dropped to her knees and pulled my cheeks apart so she could access my pussy. Again, she was oddly gentle.

“Show me how you make her come. I know your good with those hands, now put them on her.” Her fingers where on my clit. Slow, long and precise movements eventually comforted me with the idea that her husband was going to watch us. My clit still burned from the whip, but the massage was releasing my mind from the reminder.

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