Friday Night – Saturday Morning

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Daddy, don’t spare me I want what you have to give.

This is the follow on of, ‘Mummy has left us Daddy, don’t cry!’

It was daylight when I opened my eyes so it must be a new day. I stretched and remembered where I was.

‘Good morning Daughter, I would love a cup of tea, a feel first. You smell lovely and horny!’

‘Daddy! Don’t finger me there I have not been to the loo yet!’

‘Well, you will park this delicious bum against my morning erection.’

‘I am still sore there from the fucking you gave me last night. You will have to take it easy with me today if you want me to do it for your friends.’

Patti my Lovely Daughter, you take after your Mum for liking the cock and you certainly love my cock up your bum.’

‘It feels nasty, dirty some times. I try to empty my bowels, but it is not enough. I read in a sexy magazine that a woman washed her asshole out every time she was expecting to get it up her ass. Where can I get one? I think it is called a douche, Daddy.’

‘Your Mum had one she kept in a shoe box in the airing cupboard, she might have taken it with her though. Go and see if it’s still there. Wash out and come back to bed otherwise I’m going to trip myself up getting out of bed, Patti.’

I was surprised to see that the box was still there. I had found it before but did not have a clue what it was for. There was also a note in the box from my Mum.

‘Patti Love. Use this, you will find it a must for what you have ahead of you. Just fit it to the taps and sit on the loo and put it down between your legs before turning on the taps. Hot first then cold and adjust to suit yourself. Fill up you bum or pussy and then let the water go. Keep doing it until you are clean. There is Vaseline in the medicine cabinet to replace the natural lubrication. You will need it with your Dad and the Friday night crowd. Good luck, Darling. God Bless and have fun, even if you have to pretend. Beware of the bondage situation! Mum.’

What was she on about? The bondage situation? I used the douche and found it not only exciting but refreshing too. I made up my mind to be a douche addict.

‘Oh! There you are Sweetheart, I was going to start without you. Did you find the douche?’

‘Yes, Daddy.’

‘Use it alright?’

‘Yes, thanks. What is the bondage situation?’

‘How come you know about that?’

I handed him the note. ‘Mummy left me this note.’

He read it and smiled condescendingly at me. I was now in bed with him and wrapped in his warm arms. His strong hands gripping my taut buttocks and his hard cock trapped between our bodies. ‘When the card school started, Patti, your Mum was apprehensive in joining in the capers that the boys and myself had planned for her. We had to forcibly strip her and tie her to this bed..’

‘You raped her?’

‘Yes, you could say we did that to her. We all had her pussy then turned her over so that we each could bugger her.’

‘If I say no tonight is that what you will do to me? Tie me to this bed and rape me? You will all take my clothes off and manhandle me? Maul me? Assault my body? That’s a gang-bang! Isn’t it?’

‘Give me your hand.’

I gave it to him and he leaned over me and forced my hand over near the bedpost. He put his hand underneath the pillow and pulled out a noosed rope which he quickly looped my wrist and pulled it tight. Then he got off the bed taking my other wrist with him so he could noose that one to the other post. I trembled and felt my pussy juicing. Next he went under the mattress and pulled out some more rope with a webbed stirrup on it and he bent my leg and pulled it up and back and he put my foot through it until it was holding my ankle up . He did the same to my other leg until I was naked and trussed up like a chicken. Problem was I was already plucked.

‘Oh Daddy! Don’t be rough with me, remember tonight!’

‘You talk too much.’ He reached under the pillow and came out with a pair of knickers I knew were not mine.’

‘They are not mine, Daddy!’

‘No they are a pair your Mum left in the bed the day she left here.’

He forced them into my mouth.

‘Think Betturkey I will leave you here all day and let the lads find you like this tonight, Patti. Serve you right if I did. I have a good mind to phone them up, all ten of the group and invite them to take part in your initiation.’

I shook my head violently from side to side. He laughed and left me and went down stairs. I heard the extension bell ring on the bedside phone and immediately went into panic mode. I wrestled with my bonds but all I did was tighten them. My mouth was filling with saliva and the taste of Mummy’s knickers was getting overwhelming. If this was a foretaste of what was to happen to me later, no wonder my Mummy left home. She had left me here, tasting her pussy juices in my mouth, knowing full well what was going to happen to me. Had she left her knickers in the bed on purpose? She must have known what Daddy would do with them! She had been tied to this bed too. How many times? How many times did Daddy intend to tie me down to it. I closed my eyes and saw a row of hard cocks standing in a queue at my bedside. Would they hurt me? Whip me? ………….. He’s coming back up the stairs.

‘Its okay, Love! I was phoning the Dairy. The milkman didn’t leave us any milk this morning. They will bring it round later. I managed to get a pint from Janet next door. She’s nice, definitely up for it. I can see me slipping her a length of my you-can’t-bend-it one of these fine days. She asked where you was and I said that you were tied up at the moment.’

My Dad is real funny at times. The bed was getting wet underneath me. When I’m turned on my pussy secretes gallons of my body fluids. My knickers are always wet and smelly. I was really steamy and hot, just now. His cock had gone soft and I was a wee bit crestfallen I wanted it hard and in me.

He freed me and we went downstairs for breakfast, sitting naked at the breakfast table. We talked about everyday things, just like normal families do. There was a knock at the front door and my dad slipped into his shorts and went to the door bare footed. I panicked when he let the gasman into read the meter. I just sat there naked and mortified as the guy read the meter in the pantry. He winked at me as he left. The front of his trousers bulging as if he was packing a spare meter. (or two)

My Dad came back in minus his pants with a fantastic hard-on. He pulled me up from the table, turned me to face the sink and he skewered my pussy with a fierce hard thrust which almost rattled my teeth. I fucked him back! I was that hot!

‘Oh Daddy! Yes! Now I am living! This is what I want! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good! Right up me…Oh! Yes – Yes – Yes!’

‘That gasman was a bit of an entertainer! He asked me how I trained my wife to behave like you do? What was my secret?’ By this time he was behind me with his hands cupping my breasts. I craned my neck over to allow him to kiss my ear and my neck. I shivered when his tongue entered my ear. I was defenceless, he made me so randy, so quickly! I had started to wash the breakfast dishes, but now I was lost within my Daddy. He was now the Master of my soul.

I was surprised when he suddenly said, ‘I have to go out and leave you home alone. I have some business to attend to and may not be back until the back of six this evening. Have a mooch around, things you will find will amuse you. Have a bath about five and have a good soak and get yourself loosened up for later. Do not dress, Stay as you are just now. I will bring in drinks and snacks for you to serve to our guests. Change the bed linen and place the ropes on top of the pillows so our guests will know they are there to use on you and to remind you to be submissive.’

‘Yes Daddy. I will do all that. I won’t let you down.’

‘You had better not!’

The threat in his voice made me tremble and a bubble of juice to leak from my vagina. It trickled down my thigh as he walked out of the kitchen and upstairs to dress. I absently put my fingers down there to check the obvious and back to my mouth to taste myself. Closing my eyes I could still feel him inside me.

I went for a shower and checked Betturkey Giriş my body for bruising in the full length mirror. There were love bites on my breasts and around my pussy and anus. I used a moisturising cream, massaging my tits and of course turning myself on again. ‘Mooch around.’ He had said. I started in Daddy’s bedroom. There were four drawers in the divan. They were brim full with books, magazines, bondage equipment, dildos, two strap-on cocks. Even flavoured lubricants. There must have been twenty porn videos in one drawer plus several CDs, mostly anal. Some BDSM. Just the pictures on the jackets were enough to frighten me to death.

At lunchtime I drove into town and treated myself to a slap up meal, The last Supper, as it were. My mind was constantly on the evening. I left a wet seat for someone else to sit on. I got some groceries and some KY Jelly from the supermarket. The cashier gave me a wicked eye when she checked through eight tubes of it. When I got home I made up the bed the way Daddy wanted it and placed two tubes and the knickers I was wearing under the pillow with the ropes neatly coiled on top of the pillows. I was already naked and excited and there was still three hours to go. I lay on the bed and fell into an exhausted sleep. Daddy had not let me sleep to well during the night.

I woke up with a start! There was someone leaning over me. A penis inches from my mouth. It miffed like a cheddar cheese store. It wasn’t my Daddy My wrist was being tied to the bed. The cock pressed against my lips and I gasped and it rolled into my mouth over my tongue and I gulped as it hit my throat. He stayed on me while some one else secured my other wrist. More ankles were lifting my legs. Fingers brushed my pussy. I must have slept for four hours! I had no idea how many men were in the room. I could smell cigarette smoke and another smell mixing with it which I could not recognise. I guessed some kind of an opiate. The cock was fucking my mouth and my saliva glands were working full time as each thrust was forcing its way deeper into my throat. I wanted to be sick, but fear of drowning kept it down.

‘Peter, my daughters cunt is vacant unless you fancy Vic’s asshole more.’

‘You have to admit he does have a nice ass, Sammy.’

It was strange to hear someone using my Dad’s Christian name. There was more weight on the bed and fingers in my pussy. And a thick cock-head pressuring its way into my vagina. I moaned around the mouthful of cock as my spine was jarred with the inward ramming prick into my ready wet cunt. My thighs were being gripped painfully tight. I hate to be bruised there, it makes it that obvious that I have been fucked. One guy told me, ‘I knew you were a cert fuck because of the finger marks on your legs.’

There was now another guy in the room sitting naked and playing with a very thick cock. I was trying to remember his name. He was a favourite of my Mums. She had him in her bedroom when Daddy was away, the way I heard her moaning and swearing at him, it seemed he knew how to use the thing he was now waving at me when he saw me eye-balling him. Vic’s cock was long, thin with a thick mushroom head which was starting to gush sperm into my mouth which made me go for it with deep throated suctioning to drain his bollocks dry. He tried to pull away, but I gripped his cock with my teeth and he yelped and slapped my head hard enough for me to see stars.

‘You bitch! I will take a whip to you for that!’ I laughed at him and pretended to bite his cock off. He got off me so I was able to fill my lings with air. Lionel got off his chair and came across to me. I recalled his name as he got up. That cock of his looked huge now!

‘You are so like your Mother. I hope you can suck cock like she can. I will miss her. Great ass fuck too! Think yourself highly honoured we have not turned a card yet. You are some Honey, no mistake.’

He turned away from me and spoke to my Daddy., ‘Is it not time we gave your girl the triple, Sam? We may get a game of cards then.’

‘Don’t tell me, you want her asshole, yes?’

Daddy started to release my bonds. Betturkey Güncel Giriş I massaged my wrists to get the blood to circulate as soon as I was free.

They pulled me off the bed and all four men started to handle me, fingering and probing me all over and then they started to push me backwards and forwards between them. As each one captured me. They either slapped my ass or my pussy or my tits, usually fingering one of my holes. They all tongue kissed me, which I was not fussy for, but I knew better not risking a protest. Vic was very fierce with slapping my ass, aiming continually at my anal button. My juices were running from me because I was getting off on the pain.

Vic broke away and went and lay across the bed laying back and holding his long cock up wards.

‘Get astride Vic and impale your cunt with his cock. Do it! Now!’ It was Daddy barking at me as if he was mad at me. My bladder started to leak, just a spurt. I wanted to go to the loo. It had been about five hours since I had been to the loo last. I straddled Vic and took his cock into my hand and guided it into my self and as I dropped down onto its long length I squirted some more pee, this time onto his loins. I was expecting him to scream at me. Just the opposite happened he rammed his dick fully up me and I moaned with passion as he wrapped his long arms around me and pulled my breasts tightly down to his hairy chest.

He kissed me and sucked my tongue to the root into his mouth. His prick was longer than my Dads. He hit a spot inside me which made me cum, a feeling which scared me stiff. My bladder was in a lot of danger now. I knew Lionel’s thick cock would take up a lot of space inside me and leave less room for my bladder. Some one was lubricating my asshole. I looked round quickly to see it was my Daddy I smiled at him, but he still seemed angry with me. Did he know I was peeing myself? He had told me to have a bath and prepare for this evening and I hadn’t. I had not obeyed him. My bladder would have been empty otherwise.

Daddy moved away and I felt Lionel’s thick egg shaped knob start to bludgeon my arse hole. The pressure steadily built up until it became painful and I screamed into Vic’s mouth as the big knob suddenly ripped into my ass. I rammed my own body forward trying to get away, but Vic held me tighter. Lionel’s fingers tightened on my hips and he mercilessly forced his cock all the way into my rectum. Vic moaned too. He must have felt Lionel’s prick in along side his own. The lunge caused me to micturate some more. Vic must be laying in a pool of my urine by now. I had put on a rubber sheet when I had made the bed so it would pool and not escape. I had forgotten about Peter until he suddenly mounted the bed and offered his stubby fat cock to my mouth. It was shaped like a butt plug! I had seen tow in the drawers below us. There were advertising pictures of them in the magazines otherwise I did not know where they were. I was going to insert one before the guys came.

Gradually the two guys started to fuck me un unison and I had to open my mouth real wide to take Pete’s cock. I managed and the feelings started. The heat inside me and the belly tremors. My nipples were that hard, they hurt! My hips felt as if they were developing uncontrollable kick fever. There was no way I could control my bladder now, so I let it go and it triggered off Vic’s ejaculation because he suddenly screamed out he was cumming and that I was pissing on him! And he whooped and he hollered as if he had never cum before in his whole life. I cant describe my feeling as my head was spinning and I felt faint. Lionel started to fuck me faster with Vic out of the game and he must have been hitting a chain reaction onto my G-spot because something exploded within me and I must have passed out. Poor Peter, I don’t know if he came or not.

I came to sitting in a chair on my own. The bed had been stripped and I heard the men playing cards and talking down stairs. I managed to make the bathroom and I ran the bath and settled down into the lovely hot water. My thoughts you know where. All in all it had been an unforgettable experience. Would I do it again, I know with the situation I was in I had no choice. But if I did have, I would. I would have no fear. Physically I was no worse off. I would probably feel sore Saturday morning. I think all women should try it just once as it is a fantasy and it’s nice when it comes true. So nice!


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